Hey Reddit! If you aren't sure who we are, we run an adult gaming platform with hentai and porn games. We focus on distributing free games for PC and mobile, but also have a wide selection of premium games (1-time purchase titles). With over 70 million sessions every month Nutaku is growing at fantastic rate… it’s a lot to keep up with, who knew people liked porn and gaming so much??

Here's a little pic of who you'll be chatting with today from the Nutakrew!

You can check us out if you’re interested in seeing what we’re all about: www.nutaku.net

During our last AMA we talked a lot about VR hentai and sex games and we’re happy to have released 2 VR games since then and have several more on the way! Check out Sexbot QA and Elven Love: Naughty Rituals.

We also announced yesterday our break into eSports! You can read more about that here.

Ask us anything about porn, gaming, VR games, eSports, dogs, food, working for an adult company… whatever you want!

Staff answering questions today:

Nordland: Social Media Manager / Nutaku Princess

Cyrax: Production Manager

Brandon: Product Director

Bob: Account Manager

Tom: Business Developer

Much love ♥

Edit: We're out for the day! Thanks for asking all these great questions. We've been answering most of the day... but unfortunately it's impossible to get to everyone. Have a great upcoming weekend! <3

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Trajarris4157 karma

Who's responsible for the jiggle physics?

TeamNutaku4454 karma

We don't have any idea what you're talking about ;)

deviant3242445 karma

As a force of nature, any programming tool automatically implements jiggle physics without any need for further input.

Is what you meant to say, right?

TeamNutaku2148 karma

Yes.. this

NeroRomulus3884 karma

Are there some genres/fetishes you don't support personally?

TeamNutaku7855 karma

We're not about kinkshaming, but PERSONALLY no one on the team is into scat.

the_french_army9869 karma

Yeah, you shouldn't shit on people for their preferences.

edit: My most upvoted comment ever is literally a shitpost.

TeamNutaku6534 karma

We would never want to shit on anyone, unless they were into that.

CorruptedFlame3730 karma

Who had the idea to run adverts with pewdiepie?

TeamNutaku7815 karma

Only taking credit if you think it was a good idea

Xirolt2562 karma

How do your families feel about your job?

TeamNutaku4328 karma

Cyrax: My family doesn't care at all. We're all super open... but not in that way you sicko.

TeamNutaku3345 karma

Nord: They know nothing, I don't know how to tell them lolol

TeamNutaku3794 karma

Brandon: They know. I told 'em, sorry Nord

ChrisBRosado2157 karma

Will your release of Custom Order Maid 3D2 be identical to the Japanese version, in terms of content?

TeamNutaku1444 karma

That is the plan!

Shadowcam1722 karma

Do you have any plans to expand to more games that might not be porn/hentai, but are still in the realm of fan-service?

TeamNutaku1640 karma

Yes, absolutely, we love games with fan-service, so if anyone makes a really cool game that would fit on Nutaku, get at us!

MrMCO31514 karma

how hard was it starting the company out?

TeamNutaku2202 karma

It was very difficult getting going. At the beginning developers were very hesitant to jump on board the adult gaming train as you can imagine. Once the industry started seeing that there was a large interest from the fan base, it really started to take off

MilitaryFish1016 karma

It got off eh?

TeamNutaku1823 karma

Quickly and everywhere

Katie_Pornhub1216 karma

Hi Nutaku! What was it like to be part of Anime Expo's first ever 18+ section and how did it compare to previous years?

TeamNutaku1144 karma

Hey!! It was absolutely wonderful! We were able to be ourselves for the first time at an expo and show all the anime tiddies. It was quite a small section this year, with just 4 booths, but next year it's going to incorporate any company that sells adult products, so it's going to be bigger and better and we are extremely excited. Do you have any suggestions of things we should do next year?

Katie_Pornhub1001 karma

Suggestions for next year 😏

Bring me with you and let me hang out with all of the waifus. Fear of missing out was so real 😭

TeamNutaku615 karma

on ittt!!!!

HyperExcogitator1057 karma

Have you ever faced any major backlash from parents for 'corrupting their children' or do many parents just straight up not now about you guys?

TeamNutaku1880 karma

Not really, we get the odd email of "what is this, why is my son signed up for this?" but that's really on the parents, not us. A few times we've ended up getting the parent to take over the account!

Th3M4rti4n1054 karma

What would it take too work for you guys as an artist?

TeamNutaku1367 karma

You can just send your portfolio to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we'll check it out! We're always looking for new artists to work with on different things :)

th1s1smythr0w4w4y995 karma

I wanna ask it, since you are in the business...

Nowadays, in front of porn videos there is always that porn-game ad.

Is it legit?


Great AMA! :)

TeamNutaku1272 karma

If it's a Nutaku game? Yes!

If not, proceed at your own risk :)

Tintelfruit883 karma

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions!

Any interest into featuring adult content for non-porn games like mods for Skyrim/Fallout? A good example would be the mods over at Loverslab many of their mods are really high quality and they deserve some more attention IMO.

TeamNutaku863 karma

We are certainly not opposed to that idea, if we are ever approached for something like that, we'll jump on it :)

3shirts777 karma

Presumably your day to day work environment is pretty candid. Do you ever accidentally start an anecdote outside work and then realise it's totally inappropriate?

TeamNutaku1529 karma

It is pretty candid, but we do keep it very professional. We become so immune and used to looking at hentai we sometimes will be sitting on the bus just scrolling through our twitter, thinking nothing of it, until we realize OMG ANIME TIDDIES EVERYWHERE! Also in situations where one of us is rocking a "Hentai is Art" or "Fakku" t-shirt in public and someone gives your a knowing glance. This is always fun.

TeamNutaku602 karma

We created an entire art show based on this scene! CHECK IT OUT

invalid_character761 karma

What kind of educational backgrounds do each of you have?

TeamNutaku1266 karma

Nord: Applied Math and Physics

sungjew1002 karma

Aha! We finally found the guy doing the boob physics!

TeamNutaku1761 karma

*girl ;)

TeamNutaku366 karma

Tom: Diplomas in media, followed up with 15 years experience within the games industry. You're always learning.

TeamNutaku328 karma

Cyrax: I have a degree in graphic and user interface design and have completed several courses in user experience, management, and leadership.

TeamNutaku306 karma

Bob: I went to tech college for Audio Engineering. Also have completed numerous online courses for development, business, and project management.

ChrisBRosado735 karma

Are all of you non-adult gamers? Which are your favorite games?

TeamNutaku1103 karma

Cyrax: My fav non-eroge games are StarCraft 2, DOOM, and I'm stoked for Monster Hunter: World.

Nordland: Orcs Must Die, The Witcher 3

Brandon: Big fan of most sports games like NHL and FIFA.

droko5596 karma

What happened to your merch store?

TeamNutaku925 karma

We are working towards creating a new and much more improved Mech Store. The old one didn't meet our standards so we want to offer our players a better store experience. Stay tuned, you'll be able to purchase all the boob mouse pads you want soon!

*edited to correct "Mech" to "Merch" but leaving as Mech because reasons.

Cpt_Awesome_Guy523 karma

So what’s Holidays with the parents like when they ask you about work?

TeamNutaku1335 karma


TeamNutaku815 karma

Nord: I just tell them I'm in marketing...

TeamNutaku653 karma

Brandon: Gets weird when they open my gifts

barbeermann95441 karma

What has been your greatest obstacle as ya’ll have grown into your niche in the gaming marketplace?

TeamNutaku540 karma

We're always astounded by just how much demand there is for adult games. So finding players has never been an issue.

Kick starting the adult gaming industry in the west has been a challenge, but we're finally see the fruits of those labors as more and more amazing hentai and adult games are released on Nutaku. We're happy with where it is now, but there are so many amazing looking games coming soon. There are over 100 games currently in development to come onto Nutaku in the next year.

By far the biggest obstacle we have faced is working with payment processors to make them understand what our content is and how it is different from straight up porn. It's been a struggle for the last 3 years, but we've made great progress with them in regards to what they will allow us to accept payments for. We've ended up in a place we're really happy with.

ChrisBRosado419 karma

Do you have any afterthoughts about your VR setup at AX? It seems that some people enjoyed it and some found it distasteful.

TeamNutaku507 karma

We were really happy with it actually, it was awesome being in the 18+ area, so it was less shocking for most people as that is exactly the kind of stuff that belongs there. People had a lot of fun trying out the demo and interacting with the devs of Custom Order Maid 3D2.

Next year the 18+ section will be 5x bigger, so we're really looking forward to see what will show up there!

Blanks_Vandergraff417 karma

I've got a few.

-Why exactly is the plug being pulled on Osawari Island?

--How do I go about getting things like its soundtrack and character art?

-What made you guys want to keep it running after DMM shut it down on their site?

-Why do toasters have an option to burn your bread to a crisp?

TeamNutaku566 karma


Why exactly is the plug being pulled on Osawari Island?

The decision was decided by the game developers based on the revenue generated. Unfortunately Osawari Island was an expensive title for the developers, they ran at a loss for a long time trying to make it work.

How do I go about getting thing like its soundtrack and character art?

I'm not sure if the developers are allowed to give out that content, as it still belongs to the original Japenese IP holders of Osawari Island. But you could ask on their discord! https://discord.gg/Rft7rE

What made you guys want to keep it running after DMM shut it down on their site?

The live ops developer found success with it for a long time, even after the original version closed, and loved the game. The game developers were very sad that they had to move away from Osawari Island. They all loved the game and the amazing community around it.

Why do toasters have an option to burn your bread to a crisp?

Some people just like their toast a nice shade of black. WE'RE NOT GOING TO JUDGE! Though they are wrong.

ChrisBRosado386 karma

Some of your critics seem to believe that in order to put a game on your store, you demand that certain types of offensive content are removed. Is that truly the case?

TeamNutaku681 karma

Yes, we cannot sell content that is illegal in Canada or the United States or doesn't pass our payment processors compliance rules (these have been dramatically updated since we first started).

But certainly there are some things we can't distribute like underage content, snuff, gore, sex with animals, etc.

Lun06309 karma

How did you guys come up with the name?

TeamNutaku684 karma

You wouldn't believe it...

New + Otaku = Nutaku

ChrisBRosado308 karma

How did you create a business relationship with KISS for Custom Order Maid? Did they already know about you?

TeamNutaku336 karma

We have a rapidly growing team in Japan to help us out with Japanese business relationships, keep an eye out for some more big Japanese IPs coming next year.

Bushidoanime293 karma

At AX did you have any...uncomfortable/awkward moments?

TeamNutaku399 karma

Not at all! We're super comfortable and used to everyone coming up to us and talking to us about hentai, so there's not much you can throw at us to make us feel uneasy! Our fans are super cool to interact with as well.

TheForeverAloneOne283 karma

Do you have or are you planning on hiring a social media person like katie from Pornhub? /u/katie_pornhub

TeamNutaku629 karma

Nord: ouch... I gotta step up my game...

Getrektm8ter251 karma

What do You say when people ask you about your career?

TeamNutaku658 karma

Cyrax: I tell em the truth, no shame. Except when I have a little shame... then I just say a gaming company.

ChrisBRosado195 karma

What are your favorite themes in adult games?

TeamNutaku370 karma

Tiddies and booty...

Seriously though we're all waiting for the next big cyberpunk style adult game. Love it and there's not enough of them!

tomasz_exe241 karma

We all are waiting for that one cyberpunk game...

TeamNutaku164 karma

I know right... already been 5 years!

radioraheem8143 karma

What are your favorite non pornographic games? And if you could make any popular AAA game into a porn title, what would it be?

TeamNutaku119 karma

Cyrax: My fav non-eroge games are StarCraft 2, DOOM, and I'm stoked for Monster Hunter: World.

Nordland: Orcs Must Die, The Witcher 3

Brandon: Big fan of most sports games like NHL and FIFA.

st-shenanigans134 karma

I've never heard of your platform before!

How well do your games cater to those of us whose right arm is... Ah.. "indisposed?"

TeamNutaku163 karma

We love to say we're great at offering "One-handed gaming" ;)

Check it out for yourself https://www.nutaku.net/

rephy67121 karma

I just had a quick skim through of your website, I couldn't see any of men. Are there any good games that feature men for a gay male or straight female audience?

TeamNutaku198 karma

Awesome question! We don't have any right now specific to those, however we're actually in the process of working with several developers right now to bring on more games that are inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community. This is a big focus of ours in the upcoming year. We want to offer games to everyone!

PigeonMan45119 karma

How'd you get to where you are? I'm kind of in college and not sure what I should be doing with myself.

TeamNutaku329 karma

What do you love to do? Follow your passion!

Everyone here is passionate about anime boobs soooo

xxkeywork113 karma

Are you guys ever stereotyped because of your career? If so is it ever a downer?

TeamNutaku193 karma

Nord: Sometimes, by very small minded people, but IDGAF.

ChrisBRosado104 karma

Do you see any difference between Western creators and Japanese creators? (I'm not asking you to say one is better than the other)

TeamNutaku113 karma

Bob: Each dev team has their own personality and creative style. It's too broad of a question to lump all JP and Western teams together. We love working with teams from all over the world and seeing their quirks across the ever growing library of Nutaku games.

TheWykydtron102 karma

Are you guys responsible for those ads on all sorts of porn sites that show copyrighted characters like DVA and Lara Croft being fucked?

TeamNutaku249 karma

Nah that ain't us! We only advertise high quality Adult games, not... those...

MitsiBerryTeriyaki101 karma

How did you feel about Dan Bulls video/advertisement for that game which has a name I dont quite recall?

TeamNutaku96 karma

It was awesome, super creative. Our whole office enjoyed it!

ChrisBRosado100 karma

What exactly is your vision for adult game eSports? Why do you believe there's a space for this type of fierce competition in adult gaming?

TeamNutaku217 karma

One of our primary goals is to break down the stigma around "adult" games. We don't want games with adult content to be ostracized like they are now. Sex is a natural part of every persons life, you wouldn't exist without it!

The idea that sexual content is still so taboo in gaming is really a shame. I mean after all, are you more likely to have sex or kill someone, yet violence is the standard in gaming. We're by NO means anti-violence in video games, we just want sexual content to have the same treatment.

We think getting into competitive gaming is one of the best ways to shine light on this and get the question out there. We hope in a few years that competitive gaming in the adult space is not only accepted, but revered.

Right now even games like Street Fighter struggle with some of their levels and character skins in the competitive gaming scene. DOA too.

This is just the start of eSports in adult/sexual games, there's so many improvements needed to bring it close to the mainstream standard, but we're very excited for what the future holds!

Dats_Russia62 karma

I am a programmer with a college degree in computer science. My question is, how would one such as myself get into the adult gaming industry. What tools are the most important to have. How can one get these skills if they are currently in a job unrelated directly(it tangentially related due to CS) gaming, porn, or adult gaming?

Thank you and I hope to hear a response.

TeamNutaku63 karma

Bob: Depends on what you are looking to do. The Nutaku website/platform is built with a set of tools that would require a specific skill set to work on, but each game is unique in how it is built and operated. I'm sure with your degree you have a skillset that would be useful to some web or game dev teams so just keep applying.

joost0071956 karma

Do you catch one of your colleagues with a boner time to time?

TeamNutaku106 karma

Just Bob

Lord_Inquisitor_Kris52 karma

Hey guys, love the website, keep up the good work. Would you consider selling a 500 gold pack? Personally, I'd be more likely to buy gold on the spur of the momentAlso, can you share any information on what is replacing the Puzzle?

Edit: No Dames today guys?

TeamNutaku50 karma

Hey, we do currently have a 500 gold package available! :D

We're working on the puzzle replacement now, it's a bit early to reveal any details. But it'll be a player levels/achievements based idea :)

Killgarth46 karma

Favourite adult title?

TeamNutaku79 karma

You go first

titan165530 karma

Does size matter?

TeamNutaku127 karma

If you're talking about the size of your burger then you better be rocking 3 patties. #fat

Cpt_Awesome_Guy25 karma

What’s HR like in your company?

TeamNutaku52 karma

Workin overtime!

... Same as any company, we're good :)

rock360117 karma

Do you have a personal favourite when it comes to your story driven games?

TeamNutaku25 karma

Cyrax: I love the story behind Armor Blitz. It's about Valhalla, where the spirits of World War and Cold War weaponry go after they are destroyed. Tanks become cute anime girls and guns become little critters (hamsters, cats, etc). It's awesome, but I don't want to ruin it. Check it out, it's free-to-play :)

Thisguyfranko14 karma

How do you feel about Steam removing sex based games? Are you happy because it'll bring more customers your way?

TeamNutaku16 karma

Have they removed them ;)? Well we deal with certain payment processing rules due to our Adult content, which Steam does not. So we feel we should all be on a level playing field.

TeamNutaku14 karma

No, it doesn't help the adult gaming industry. The more platforms that games can be available the more revenue game developers have access to, which means it will only increase the quality of the sexy games industry. Obviously for us, like any platform, exclusivity is very important. But this town can have more than one horse :)

Steam is a competitor for sure, but competition is not a bad thing!

Raphmaster1414 karma

Are they certain eroges that you're hoping to get the right to sell on Nutaku?

TeamNutaku14 karma

We're actually a distribution platform, like steam, so we don't have licensing deals like Mangagamer. Game developer or publishers are free to put their game up on Nutaku.

We would love to have the Nekopara series though. SO CUTE.

i_dont_read_my_inbox11 karma

Why the hell can't people search for stuff on your site? Why do some games that contain certain genres, not actually show up in the genre specified (like Sexbot for sure contains anal, but doesn't show up in that genre)? It makes searching for stuff an absolute nightmare, because the genre I just mentioned has like 5 games tops, which is just mind boggling to me given how widspread it is on other adult sites.

TeamNutaku17 karma

We are still working on improving our search/filtering features, definitely some kinks to work out including a proper type-in search feature. For the example you mentioned, the game developers supply us with a list of genres and tags in their distribution package. If they forget or don't include something you can always poke us through our "suggestions and feedback" chat on the Nutaku discord server and we will check it out. Link to the discord is on the Nutaku homepage.

Anal tag has been added to Sexbot QA :)

NotAnADC8 karma

Never actually heard of you before [sorry] but what do you tell your SO's parents when they ask you what you do for a living?

TeamNutaku15 karma

Brandon: It was an easier conversation than the one I had with my SO's GRANDparents :D

TeamNutaku11 karma

Nord: My SO's parents do not speak English, so I just smile and nod. Off the hook there.

mcsquigly7 karma

Will you bw releasing more games compatible for IOS? I would appreciate being able to play more and hopefully not have them running through Safari but as an actual app I can download.

TeamNutaku16 karma

Unfortunately Apple has strict regulations for adult content so a Nutaku iOS app isn't likely. You never know though!

hopeless1der3 karma

How do you measure your audience over time? Is it simply number of clicks or can you track the time spent per game?

TeamNutaku3 karma

We have many metrics we use to measure our audience and the engagement. Time spent in the game is a big one for sure

Idealistic_Crusader3 karma

Any chance your VR games will ever make their way to ps4, or would I have to get a PC based VR system to check out your VR games. Or wait... will these run on cellphone VR rigs?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Some of them will run on cellphone rigs, some on PC. No Nutaku games will be on PS4 - they aren't interested in adult content

Aryionas3 karma

Woah, my first question in an AMA. Not sure what to ask... Does working in an adult industry desensitise towards porn? What's the process for picking the voices for game characters? Is there awkwardness when someone records moaning (I assume there's moaning in adult games?). Are some of the plots as cliche as they are in porn movies? Is there a pet in the office? Sorry if some of the questions are dumb, it's not exactly my genre 😅

TeamNutaku5 karma

Awesome questions!

I would say there is a degree of desensitization. When you see it all day, every day, it definitely becomes less shocking.

We don't have to worry about the awkwardness of voice recording, since we're just a distribution platform and don't actually produce any games in the office.

Cliche? Yes absolutely, but so much fun!

Pet in the office? No pets, but we do have a wall of pet pictures, including Cyrax's baby burrito.

fermosquera693 karma

What has been your most difficult game to program or to promote?

TeamNutaku5 karma

We have a fantastic marketing team who rarely find trouble promoting a game!

Jellypope2 karma

Have you thought of advertising with pewdiepie? He seems open to playing sponsored adult games?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Have you thought of advertising with pewdiepie? He seems open to playing sponsored adult games?

Bob: YES!


nuwhat? Wtf is this?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Bob: If you like assblasting you will find something you like on nutaku.net ( ‾ ʖ̫ ‾).