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It got off eh?

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From what I understand you're providing wireless internet using a 10gbps fiber line to a century link tower correct? You say you can service up to 100 clients, would that fiber line be limiting people to certain plans or everyone gets the same rate? By rate I mean price and actual speeds.

For example 100 people from a 10gbps line means like 100mbps line each right? If it's wireless are you limited by wireless speeds? Is latency a huge issue?

Thanks for your time

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This seems a lot like self promo then anything else but I'll bite. In the OP you say this:

Reddit has recently had multiple megathreads on suicide awareness, after the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, but simply being aware isn’t enough. If we want change, we have to act.

But then in a comment you say this?

Currently we want to focus on spreading awareness, eliminating stigmas, and helping affected individuals.

Kind of contradictory in my opinion.

Then when pressed about focusing on mental health as a whole by "redefining mental health" you said:

It is an issue across multiple demographics -- there's no denying that. We have to start somewhere, and I believe targeting the youth demographic is the best way to do so.

Why do you believe this to be the case? I agree starting at the root will allow others to grow up and be more accepting of their conditions but forgetting everyone else who is currently suffering seems kind of one-sided.

Just sort of seems like "fuck everyone else we only want to help children" which is honestly a fair point I guess but it seems to be ignoring the fact that, while your initiative may be cross-platform, you seem to be ignoring the fact that most adults use social media just as much or even more so and bringing these groups together in total will do you more good than just the youth of society. Seems kind of ridiculous to have it mostly be about children when mental health among children is more talked about than among adults.

I see more "movements" and "initiatives" in ads online or in schools about mental health in teenagers and young adults than I do about any adults who are still around and have been dealing with these issues for years.

What about 35 year old Dave down the street? Or 52 year old Mary at the supermarket? Society wants us to just throw pills at these people and walk away and not even think about having an initiative or group to help more adults. The stigma around adults having mental illness is much larger than children, I can tell you that right now. For example, being an adult with depression and suicidal tendencies in today's society where someone found out would more than likely make it hard to get a job, or maintain a standard of living where you can't always live with your parents or grandparents or any other relatives without being seen as a mooch or a failure.

These groups also tend to be a place where people congregate and feed off each others insecurities, especially among children. When I was in school it was the same way, they become insane echo chambers for others to feed on.

While I agree with what your trying to do, I just don't think you're doing it the right way.

Edit: now he's not answering anyone and he's getting gilded on the OP? I smell corporate shillery