The star of truTV’s hit show Impractical Jokers—alongside veteran sci-fi and horror writer Darren Wearmouth—delivers a chilling and wickedly fun supernatural novel in the vein of The Strain, in which a beautiful new subway line in New York City unearths an ancient dark horror that threatens the city’s utter destruction and the balance of civilization itself.

After years of waiting, New York's newest subway line is finally ready, an express train that connects the city with the burgeoning communities across the Hudson River. The shining jewel of this state-of-the-art line is a breathtaking visitors’ pavilion beneath the river. Major dignitaries, including New York City’s Mayor and the President of the United States, are in attendance for the inaugural run, as the first train slowly pulls in.

Under the station’s bright ceiling lights, the shiny silver cars gleam. But as the train comes closer into view, a far different scene becomes visible.

All the train’s cars are empty.

All the cars’ interiors are drenched in blood.

As chaos descends, all those in the pavilion scramble to get out. But the horror is only beginning. High levels of deadly methane fill the tunnels. The structure begins to flood. For those who don’t drown, choke or spark an explosion, another terrifying danger awaits—the thing that killed all those people on the train. It’s out there…and it’s coming.

There's something living beneath New York City, and it's not happy we've woken it up.

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puregambit67 karma

Hey Murr! I love Awakened!! Do you and Joe, Q, & Sal still hang out outside of filming Jokers?

AWAKENEDnovel97 karma

All the time

BrianRampage60 karma

Hey Murr - looking forward to getting/reading the book. Have you ever been so far as to even pretend to even want to go to do more like?

AWAKENEDnovel47 karma

True true

nemeu50 karma

  1. Are you guys getting recognized more frequently, while shooting impractical Jokers?

  2. What are your favourite moments on the show?

  3. What are some unexpected pros and cons of fame?

Thank you for the excellent work on impractical Jokers. I will surely check Awakened out!

AWAKENEDnovel113 karma

  1. Yes we are getting more recognized but that is a good problem to have
  2. 2 way mirrors
  3. Pro-not waiting in line at amusement parks Cons-everyone thinking I'm pranking them, everywhere I am

AWAKENEDnovel47 karma

Love you guys, I've got to head to the Staten Island Museum for the Grand Opening of the Impractical Jokers exhibit. I cannot thank you enough for buying my thriller Awakened. If you loved it, thanks for spreading the word. Brand new episodes of Jokers begin August 2!

merlin24239 karma

My friend keeps trying to tell me Impractical Jokers isn't a good show. What knowledge of the universe do I have that he doesn't?

AWAKENEDnovel72 karma

Your friend has lost his mind

vismayz38 karma

Hey Murr! How irritated do you get when someone else besides your 3 best friends refer to you as a ferret?

AWAKENEDnovel62 karma

It's who I am now!

_Unexpected_56636 karma

What punishment made you almost consider leaving the show? How did that day go before and after the punishment?

AWAKENEDnovel84 karma

Getting 2 prostate exams was kinda harsh!

PanosZ3135 karma

Hey Murr! The challenges where you are all in a waiting room and you try to make the other joker laugh is one of my favourite challenge. Do you plan on doing more challenges like that in the future?

AWAKENEDnovel29 karma

Yes, I can't wait!

great_big_moose31 karma

Hey Murr, how’s your blue blanket holding up?

AWAKENEDnovel42 karma

struggle bus

H23NTER29 karma

Hey Murr! Do you and the Impractical Jokers guys plan on bringing back the Tenderloins Podcast anytime soon?

AWAKENEDnovel29 karma

When we have time, I'd love to

makeitlookgood26 karma

Did you ever ask out the pretty black woman that the guys hired to flirt with you?

AWAKENEDnovel51 karma

I did. She never replied lol

Dutchie420x25 karma

Murr, are any of the characters in Awakened inspired by the other Jokers? It looks like they've all been very supportive of you and your novel on twitter (which I expected no less from them).

My husband, son and I watch Impractical Jokers all the time. We hope to see you in Baltimore for a book signing!

AWAKENEDnovel38 karma

Sal Kirsch is Sal. Mike is Q. Joe was a character who I rewrote into Dwight Munoz

panickattack1323 karma

Hey Murr! Can you tell us more about life before the show? Has your relationship with the guys changed over the years?

AWAKENEDnovel44 karma

We were regular guys who failed a lot and worked really hard

AskAboutMyNarcissism20 karma

James, it often seems like you're the only one with a post-IJ exit strategy. Is that accurate or are the other guys secretly planning their next steps?

AWAKENEDnovel33 karma

No secret plans, I just love thrillers

Chtorrr20 karma

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

AWAKENEDnovel53 karma

You try riding the subways at night, you'll see how easy it is to think of a horror!

taragorman20 karma

Hey Murr!! Thanks for doing this, you’re me and my sister’s favorite joker, we love ya :) QUESTION: what’s your favorite punishment that’s been done on one of the guys or yourself? Which one of your punishments was the most embarrassing?

AWAKENEDnovel39 karma

Joe as a Genie

AWAKENEDnovel38 karma

Being Dracula was my favorite and Winnie Cooper was the most embarrassing.

raygilette20 karma

Hey Murr! Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Sals or 1 Sal sized duck?

AWAKENEDnovel33 karma

duck sized Sals

___Elextrix20 karma

With the increasing popularity of IJ how hard is it now compared to earlier seasons to get footage without people recognizing one of you and ruining the shoot? For instance on an episode of Inside Jokes, it was revealed there was a shoot day cancelled because someone played a saxophone whenever y’all tried to do a challenge.

AWAKENEDnovel23 karma

It is harder but thats a good problem to have

fern_ciolek15 karma

Are you going to let me take you for a cheeky nandos when you're back in the UK?

AWAKENEDnovel13 karma


juice209214 karma

Hey murr. What’s the hardest prank you ever had to do on impractical jokers?

AWAKENEDnovel23 karma

Strip High Five!

Capillow13 karma

Hey Murr, you’re my favorite joker. Do you ever feel like you’re not appreciated by the other guys. I’m sure all their wisecracks about you are in good fun, but do you ever get tired of that? They always seem to be asking, “How are we friends with you?” Sorry if this is too personal or too stupid.

AWAKENEDnovel22 karma

Of course not! I love them, they are my best friends

jenmom8411 karma

When can we expect AWAKENED to be on TV?.

AWAKENEDnovel26 karma

I pitch the TV series this summer with IDW comics

SimpsonsAddict11 karma

Hey murr. Do you ever step on Sal's shoes on purpose?

AWAKENEDnovel27 karma

I'll never tell

BuddyPSN10 karma

howdy murr. do you have a family?

also, out of all the jokers, who is your closest friend?

AWAKENEDnovel34 karma

I have my parents, sisters and lots of nieces and nephews. and my blankie

VivalaBea10 karma

Is this thing still going on?

AWAKENEDnovel12 karma


RelativeTone10 karma

So when does Joe get his tattoo?

AWAKENEDnovel23 karma

Let's say Tuesday

jenmom849 karma

Do you think awakened going to be on TV before the last book are out?

AWAKENEDnovel9 karma

Hell yeah!

KoriandrDickGrayson9 karma

Hi Murr! My husband and I are HUGE fans. (Since season 1!!) I have two questions for you: What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured? And what’s the most useless talent you have?

AWAKENEDnovel16 karma

Dodgeball punishment sent me to the hospital. I can catch 27 quarters stacked vertically on my elbow.

Schneeje9 karma

Hey Murr! Wife and I are huge fans of your show and planning on seeing you in Milwaukee on my birthday!

What do you personally think is the best look for you? Wearing Q’s hair, all the piercings, or bald without eyebrows?

AWAKENEDnovel36 karma

Q's hair gave me a confidence I haven't had in a long time

VFranQui8 karma

Hi Darren. Hey Murr, did you know Nick Kroll in college? I noticed that you both went to Georgetown.

AWAKENEDnovel15 karma

Yep, Nick and I have known each other for many years

HappyHappyUnbirthday8 karma

What was your fav moment on impractical jokers?

AWAKENEDnovel14 karma

The novocaine punishment

mikeu156 karma

Hi murr how dissapointed was your dad when he first saw your movie "damned" what did he first say?

AWAKENEDnovel16 karma

He wasnt happy lol

Xx_Hubert_xX6 karma

What was your favorite video game growing up?

AWAKENEDnovel26 karma

The Legend of Zelda

GiantGalaxyGem555 karma

Murr who is one actor who you'd like to be in an Awakened movie?

AWAKENEDnovel7 karma

Tristan Mays from CBS's MacGyver to play Sarah Bowcut

BeeptheBeeper5 karma

Do you have a favourite tv show? Author? What made you decide to write a thriller novel?

AWAKENEDnovel12 karma


Mariet9494 karma

Hiya Murr and Darren... How did you two connect that resulted in your collaboration on "Awakened"?

AWAKENEDnovel10 karma

Harper Collins recommended best selling authors to me to choose from and I fell in love with Darren.

jenmom844 karma

I wonder who be playing Mike????

AWAKENEDnovel6 karma


Coleenrosek4 karma

I love your show! Did you ever imagine it would be this big and widely adored?

AWAKENEDnovel20 karma

I never imagined it would be a family show!

shelbymanda174 karma

James, do you want children?

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

Maybe one day

emilaaayxD3 karma

Hey murr! Loving the book so far!! How far are you on your videos for people who bought the book? Trying to keep mine a secret for the fiancé but its so hard!

AWAKENEDnovel6 karma

I have a lot to go, but I am making great progress.

jenmom843 karma

How do you write Murr?. Do you need peace and quiet?.

AWAKENEDnovel6 karma

I procrastinate was much as humanly possible.

lolitsshea3 karma

Our whole family watches your show, we went to your live show in St. Augustine, FL! We would have loved to meet you but it was packed! Whats the secret in meeting you guys? Oh, and will the book be available on audible?

AWAKENEDnovel4 karma

The book is available on Audible now, and I READ THE NARRATION!

iiPhoenixAshes3 karma

How did you and the gang meet?

AWAKENEDnovel7 karma

Freshman yr of HS

JayZeld3 karma

Hi Murr! My wife and I love the show, die hard fans since Season 1. I have two questions for you: what is the one food you WILL NOT eat, and what was your very first job?

AWAKENEDnovel10 karma

I will not eat calamari. Party City w/ Joe on Staten Island.

ShaidPhoto3 karma

Hi James and Darren!! I can’t wait to see you both on #JokersCruise 3! Are you excited for the cruise? Loved your book!

AWAKENEDnovel5 karma

Cannot wait!

RedditUserCommon3 karma

Hey Murr! I have loved impractical Jokers from the beginning and it’s always cool to see people from your favorite shows thrive in other environments!

Your my girlfriends favorite on the show by the way, anyway she could get a shoutout?:D

AWAKENEDnovel15 karma

Yo, girlfriend!!!

jenmom842 karma

What can we expect for next summer?. Can we ask that already?.

AWAKENEDnovel2 karma

Book #2 next June

haha802 karma

What was it like having Hugh Jackman visit the Awakened Experience?

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

He's a dreamboat

hlybrwn2 karma

Murr- what's your favorite place to eat in the city?

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma


jenmom842 karma

Murr, how can your voice change like that in the adiobook version?.

AWAKENEDnovel2 karma

I'm not good with accents!

jeersandtears2 karma

Hi Murr and Darren! I'm a huge fan of the show and an avid reader, so I can't wait to get a copy of the book! My question: do you feel like your persona on the show is honest to who you actually are? If not, what does IJ fail to show about you?

AWAKENEDnovel5 karma

It is, but there's lots more to all of us

HopeLesleigh2 karma

Was there any doubt in your mind that this book may not publish even after signing with Harper Collins?

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

Once Harper Collins bought it, I was confident it would get published

MrsMurr2 karma

Will you guys be doing else together besides #Awakened?

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

We have six books planned.

Hufflepuff942 karma

Hi guys. Me and my friend love the book! We've even met up, just to talk about the book! When you started writing it, did you know who was going survive? I'm surprised anyone survived!

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

I didn't know the ending!

jenmom842 karma

What made you write awakened?.

AWAKENEDnovel4 karma

I wrote it on a dare

2_Smokin_Barrels2 karma

After the episode where you lost and was left standing naked in the park, did you go online to find the pics people were taking with their cell phones?

Edit: I wanted to add that my wife and I love the show!

AWAKENEDnovel5 karma

Not many people knew the show back then, so no nudies appeared

doubleohkevinnnn2 karma

How did the haunted house/escape come about? Did you get assistance from prop people from Jokers that helped make it come to reality, or was it all new people?

AWAKENEDnovel4 karma

I thought it would be super cool to actually experience the book visually. I did not use our prop people, I collaborated with Blood Manor.

TechWalker2 karma

To Murr: What inspired you to write a book? Were there any challenges involved that you didn't expect initially?

AWAKENEDnovel6 karma

I wasn't prepared for the amount of research needed.

jenmom842 karma

Do you think you will write more then awakened?. Like another book?.

AWAKENEDnovel6 karma

Darren have 6 books planned. 3 of Awakened, 3 standalone horrors

frayedwings2 karma

Hi Murr! Just FYI, out of all the jokers, you're my favorite!

What's your favorite mythical creature?

AWAKENEDnovel5 karma


preppyhellraiser2 karma

Murr, you went to catholic school, what was the extent of your sex Ed/ abstinence training?!

AWAKENEDnovel5 karma


cardsyanks522 karma

Hey Murr, What was your hardest punishment on the show? Just watched the one where you put out people’s cigarettes and can’t think it can be much harder than that. Murry Christmas!

AWAKENEDnovel8 karma

Winnie Cooper

bemidjipaleale2 karma

Was there a different working title for the novel or another option that you had besides Awakened? Ps. Reading it now! Really enjoying it so far :)

AWAKENEDnovel6 karma

The original title was Sub Terranean

ndgtoxic2 karma

Hey Murr, love you and the show! Just curious, what would you be doing right now if you never met the guys? Would you be writing books like Awakened?

AWAKENEDnovel4 karma

Yes, I would have written the book

jerseydan19772 karma

I read Awakened and loved it. You’ve stated before that this was initially written many years ago. What did you have to change from the original to keep it timely?

AWAKENEDnovel8 karma

I had to change flip phones to iphones!

cheekiestmate2 karma

Yo murr, you’re a goofball. What’s your favorite movie?

AWAKENEDnovel9 karma

Airplane and Naked Gun

AWAKENEDnovel9 karma

Naked Gun or Airplane

jenmom842 karma

Are you guys going to be doing the book reading ever summer at the book store?

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

I would love to.

jehc762 karma

Hello, James and Darren! Congratulations on the release of the book!

To both: how did your collaboration come about?

James: Thanks for the video for my son's birthday adventures! Will be giving it to him soon, along with the copy of the book, and tix to Cranjis! Do you plan on venturing out on your own as an author? Will you stick with sci-fi, or are you interested in other genres? Also, congrats on the opening of the IJ exhibit at the SI Museum!

AWAKENEDnovel7 karma

I love thriller, sci-fi, and I may write a rom-com.

qmracer012 karma

Hey Murr! I love the show and I am a huge fan! What was the hardest part of writing the novel?

AWAKENEDnovel5 karma

The research needed!

coryrenton2 karma

what are your favorite novels that you think have not done well because they have been classified into a genre that they don't actually belong to? if you could get away with it, which incorrect genre would you want booksellers to place your novel in?

AWAKENEDnovel6 karma

I love the novel MEG by Steve Alten

haha802 karma

Do u have titles for the rest of the books?

AWAKENEDnovel8 karma

Not yet, but I kinda like Awakened: Evolution and Awakened: Extinction

jenmom842 karma

Will you guys you, and Darren be doing more book reading all though awakened??

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

Yep - I'll be doing book readings / signings in every city that the Jokers are on tour!

jojojeggings2 karma

Murr! My almost favourite of all the jokers! If my wife and I come visit NYC, can we stay with you to save money on a hotel?

AWAKENEDnovel4 karma

Sure. I'll get the guest bedroom ready now

vqgu2 karma

Are either of you working on any big projects right now besides the book?

AWAKENEDnovel3 karma

We're developing 6 books and the accompanying tv series / movies based on these projects