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/u/oliverbabish this is my new favorite reddit interaction ever.

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Anyone who says Cedric was a Ravenclaw deserves detention from Umbridge.

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Voldemort, The Second Wizarding War, The Order of the Phoenix.

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My friend keeps trying to tell me Impractical Jokers isn't a good show. What knowledge of the universe do I have that he doesn't?

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Here is a question from the other side of things. As a post doc psychology resident in pediatrics with a focus on autism, in the past few years I have seen the referral's for ASD SKYROCKET.

What can we do as a field to help teachers, parents, and other medical professionals such as yourselves to better identify possible cases of autism?

We have been having a huge problems with kids coming in referred for ASD and our waitlist for testing is going on 3 months, but a lot of the cases I end up seeing are very clearly being categorized as ASD inappropriately.