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  • Did you work closely with sniper groups?
  • What kind of food did you eat while deployed?
  • What was the most dangerous situation you found yourself in?

Thank you for the AMA!

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What dictates the bear's environment? I've seen bears in the panhandle near PCB. I've seen bears in the Appalachian mountains. They don't seem to inhabit the regions in between. Why?

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Is there anything you grow that you can't use the seeds from to create another crop? Like apples or some peppers. What do you do in that case? Graft, clone, etc?

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Yes. Hybrids. Thank you!

Sounds like you have a good thing going on. Wish you the best.

I have only been to Puerto Rico twice but it is a beautiful place. Everyone I met there was just as nice as they could possibly be. That was before Marie. I know from going through Michael that the recovery is long and slow. I hope the island is getting back to normal though.

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What is it like working with Casey Neistat?