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ProjectOcoee88 karma

Sold the car, kept the lawn equipment, took the trip. The rest was cash. After all was said and done after taxes I walked away with lawn equipment, a trip and about $15000 cash. Not bad for a long days work. ;)

RVA2DC6 karma

You have to get there really early right? As it’s first come, first admitted? Or is this not the case anymore?

ProjectOcoee5 karma

You’re half right. They have two types of tickets. Way in advance they give out Priority tickets. These guarantee you a spot in the audience as long as you’re in line by a certain time. Closer to the taping date they give out Standby Tickets and those who have these do get admitted on a first come first serve basis after the cut off time for Priority tickets.

RVA2DC1 karma

Interesting. That’s actually a really good system. Which tickets did you have?

ProjectOcoee1 karma

I had standby and was the 10th person in that line and ended up being contestant 212 out of 300.

ProjectOcoee83 karma

I went over the top getting the crowd to clap and cheer. I actually thought I overdid it as they sat us on the front row. After 8 of 9 contestants are selected, I came to the conclusion that I’m so exciting they want me to lead in from every break, but he’s a little to crazy and Drew doesn’t feel like being bear hugged or thrown from the stage today. I had given up hope, and told my Mom it was okay as we had a lot of fun that day(Drew has even came off the stage and gave her a hug for her birthday). Then they flip over the last contestants name and it’s ME!!!

mimibrightzola9 karma

So you think that preference gave you an advantage somehow?

ProjectOcoee16 karma

I think they choose super excited people and people that would simply be entertaining. Ultimately they want a good show with good energy. Makes for good ratings.

pixeldorff76 karma

Would you be interested in hearing about my not pyramid scheme?

ProjectOcoee100 karma

So your telling me I can own my own business?

jankadank42 karma

Did you do anything out of the ordinary during the audience interview to get selected??

ProjectOcoee86 karma

First off we had matching shirts. My said, “I love my Mom so much I flew her to The Price is Right for her 75th Birthday” and her’s said “My Son loves me so much he flew me to The Price is Right for my 75th Birthday.”

I went over the top getting the crowd to clap and cheer. I actually thought I overdid it as they sat us on the front row. After 8 of 9 contestants are selected, I came to the conclusion that I’m so exciting they want me to lead in from every break, but he’s a little to crazy and Drew doesn’t feel like being bear hugged or thrown from the stage today. I had given up hope, and told my Mom it was okay as we had a lot of fun that day(Drew has even came off the stage and gave her a hug for her birthday). Then they flip over the last contestants name and it’s ME!!!

Stick out. Be the one they recognize. Be the one they remember. Some people could care less, while others are doing their best to get to Contestant’s Row themselves. Have a great shirt and a great personality and kick those peoples butt. Lol

BabyFartMacGeezacks39 karma

Did you have your pet spayed or neutered to help control the animal population?

ProjectOcoee20 karma


the_byrdman27 karma

What does Drew Carey smell like? I bet it's a heavenly wash of whiskey and aftershave!

ProjectOcoee25 karma

I never could quite put my finger on it, but I think you’ve nailed it. Lol

ProjectOcoee23 karma

Stick out. Be the one they recognize. Be the one they remember. Some people could care less, while others are doing their best to get to Contestant’s Row themselves. Have a great shirt and a great personality and kick those peoples butt. Lol

TopHeauxmeaux22 karma

1) what is something about being on the show that caught you off guard that a person who has only ever watched wouldn't think about? 2) were the prizes of good quality in terms of how long they lasted?

ProjectOcoee61 karma

1) The studio is really small, and there are at least 10 people on the stage at any given time. You can’t here your name being called. They actually hold up a piece of poster board with your name on it. Drew tells jokes and talks to the audience during commercial breaks.

2) They are brand name items and they are brand new. The quality is good as the brand.

EldeederSFW11 karma

I never understood this. It’s far from a live show. How/why do they ‘record’ commercial breaks?

ProjectOcoee25 karma

Gives them a chance to set up the next pricing game. Actual edited for TV time you would AE is about 40 minutes but takes about 2.5 hours to get that 40 mins.

Rosterbattle16 karma

Do you have top pay taxes on that?

ProjectOcoee83 karma

California takes 7% before you receive your prizes. Say you win a $20,000 car. You have to submit payment of $1400 before you would receive it. On top of that you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year where you will have to pay federal taxes. This could be up to another 20%. So you might be in your new car for around $5000. Still a great price for a new car. However a set of Jetskis and you live in Nebraska or a pool table for your one bedroom loft may not be an easy sell even if you get it for a 75% discount. The good news for me is I won cash so that covered my taxes.

Rosterbattle18 karma

That's awesome! You have to pay the taxes up front? What if you lack funds

ProjectOcoee61 karma

You forfeit the prizes. The lady that won the $15,000 trip to South Africa on my episode declined her prize.

RussianHammerTime19 karma

You can't accept cash equivalent ?

karmagirl31436 karma

A lot of the prizes are “donated” by the brand for exposure/marketing and don’t cost the show anything. The brands are willing to lose the manufacturing cost of the product but they’re not willing to pony up the actual retail cash value.

EldeederSFW6 karma

There was another reddit thread long ago that said basically all game shows offer a cash equivalent. Can’t find it for the life of me, so not sure how accurate it is.

ProjectOcoee12 karma

I can say with 100% certainty you are not offer cash in lieu of prizes. That being said, they gave me the cash equivalent of the iPods and iPads that were in the Showcase.

Axptheta20 karma

I’m confused this statement is a direct contradiction

ProjectOcoee6 karma

Small prizes they don’t give you a choice. Such as the iPods I mentioned. The guy who won a canoe got cash in lieu for his Wii U he won. You can not take cash in lieu of whatever you want. You win a car, you get a car. You win a trip, you win a trip. No cash in lieu of for these items.

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ProjectOcoee13 karma

Same here in TN. I was just using it as an example to say you don’t always win exactly what you want. Plus you can’t take a cash equivalent. So before you get super excited about that Spa, you better think about how it’s gonna work on your third floor apartment.

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ProjectOcoee23 karma

I’m sure they’re there but as I fly over middle America, I don’t see a ton of lakes. Thus the Jet-ski Nebraska comment.

r/TIL Nebraskans are passionate about their jet skis and water sports.

Pennyem14 karma

Do you get to chill with the models during commercials?

And how heavy is that wheel?

ProjectOcoee57 karma

Not really. They were getting ready for the next prize behind the curtain.

The wheel is actually quite heavy. Solid Wood. Looks like some old guy made it in his garage and bedazzled it with glitter.

AHeien8210 karma

What would happen if the price wasn’t right?

Heaviest0fDevs29 karma

Then Bob Barker comes out and punches you in the face. Either that or you don't win anything.

ProjectOcoee49 karma

And he calls you his bitch.

Groovy_Doggo9 karma

Have you been on any other game shows? What would be your dream game show to be on (unless it is the Price is right)?

ProjectOcoee35 karma

Honestly, The Price is Right would have been at the top of my list. Although, I believe I could be successful on Wheel of Fortune given the chance.

The closest I’ve ever been to being on another game show was at Walt Disney World. I made it to the “Hot Seat” at The Who wants to be a Millionaire - Play It. I made it to the $250,000 question. Got shirt, hat, lanyard and pins, but could have won a Disney Cruise.

labmanagerbill2 karma

I loved Millionaire at MDM Studios. I used to go there several times every trip. The one time I made it to the Hot Seat, my entire family was at lunch and didn't get to see me. I was so mad. I didn't even say anything to them about winning , I just wore my winners hat and let them figure it out. I got to $64,000 congrats on hitting a quarter of a million!

ProjectOcoee2 karma

I made it 250,000 but I missed it. Walked with the 32,000 prizes. I now know I should have walked instead of guessed. Those 250,000 point pins are quite rare.

Indecisive-one7 karma

How many times, if you really really tried, could someone get the wheel to go around?

ProjectOcoee11 karma

Would depend on how strong you were. It’s a lot heavier than you would think. Not sue, but I’ve seen some pretty hefty spins throughout the years.

LenyuX7 karma

Before getting on the show did you look up game strategies or study prices? Or was it all fly by the seat of you’re pants?

ProjectOcoee17 karma

I absolutely looked up strategies. Unlike Vegas TPIR actually wants you to win so there are some typical best practices and better odds on certain games. Some games actually have a 100% chance of winning if you follow the strategy. Now and Then for example.

ifindthishumerus2 karma

Were James’ abs as glorious in person as they are on tv? Rachel’s dazzling smile?

ProjectOcoee3 karma

Didn’t see James, but Rachel certainly has a nice smile. :)

Tsanker752 karma

Is there a feel of annoyance when someone bids a dollar more than someone else? Seems like it would be a mood killer to see someone so blatantly screw over the person standing right next to them.

ProjectOcoee3 karma

You could certainly look at it that way, but it’s a game with real cash and prizes. You got to look out for number one. You are there to win, not worry about hurting the stranger next to you’s feelings.

browncoat472 karma

What surprised you the most about your experience?

ProjectOcoee4 karma

Actually getting called to Contestant’s Row. I was the last person called that day, so I had one chance to make it or break it. As I mentioned earlier, I actually thought they sat me in the front row as a consolation for not being called.

kitikitish2 karma

What's for dinner?

ProjectOcoee23 karma

Actually tonight we had Zaxby’s. :)

AzureRay1 karma

I was under the impression that they record several episodes a day is this true?

ProjectOcoee1 karma

They record Monday-Wednesday two episodes a day.

Kongregater1231 karma

How do you get on a game show? Does it require money?

ProjectOcoee1 karma

Most require some sort of audition, but TPIR tickets are free. Google On Camera Audiences.

lunari_moonari1 karma

How would it make you feel to buy me a Cheesy Gordita Crunch?

Also, what does Drew Carey smell like?

ProjectOcoee3 karma

Come to Tennessee and I would gladly buy you Taco Bell.

Drew as someone mentioned above smells like a heavenly wash of whiskey and aftershave. Lol

Ewalk1 karma

I live in TN. Did someone say Taco Bell?

ProjectOcoee1 karma

Chattanooga :)

lifeforeveryone751 karma

How do you feel about people bidding $1 more than the previous person?

ProjectOcoee1 karma

I personally love it. It’s smart. The ones that bother me is when someone bids 700 and then someone bids 850. Why not 701? It’s a game and you should be there to win!

MontanaSD1 karma

Strategy like that eludes a lot of people.

ProjectOcoee1 karma

No doubt. I figure it’s nerves and hype. I bid $1000 because over the years I’ve seen quite a few items that were up for bids that were exactly $1000. If that were the case it would have been an additional $500.

vowsandvitals1 karma

Was anyone visibly upset when they didn’t win anything after they got on stage or if they didn’t get called? Were they removed from the studio for it?

ProjectOcoee1 karma

No I didn’t see anyone upset. I’m sure some were disappointed. However, the three other contestants that made it to Contestant’s Row got $250 each as consolation prizes.

peachy_kween1 karma

How did you get onto the show? My mom's watched it since it first started airing, I would love to take her.

ProjectOcoee1 karma

Get tickets at on air audiences. Google it. Tickets are free.

icylurk1 karma

Whats the whole day of productions from a contestant's point of view like? I always imagined it was a bunch of fans waiting outside to get in the studio and once they open the doors you all flood in like sheep. And once you win a game and the prizes, I imagine piles of tax forms and papers for you to sign.

ProjectOcoee9 karma

I explained the day in another question on the thread. However they actually tell you where to sit. They don’t want low energy folks on the front row. They need good lead ins from commercial breaks. There were a plethora of forms to sign for sure. A couple of odd forms included. One asked if you wanted to keep your prizes and if you do, this is how much cash they need from you. Another I had to sign stated that I could not post about winning on any social media platform until the show actually aired. If I did I would forfeit my prizes. I was only allowed to say I was in the audience.

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brittersbear5 karma

Alrighty, thank you! Have a good AMA :)

ProjectOcoee6 karma

Already am. Thank you!!!

TheFuzzyTrumpet0 karma

When you won the 8 grand. Did you think your reaction to winning would be alot cooler if you started blowing raspberries, armpit farting while walking circles around the stage? I think that would be pretty sweet dude.

ProjectOcoee1 karma

Maybe I should, but you have to realize I really lost $2000 and a new car. So there was a certain amount of disappointment as well. Especially when I would have picked correctly and won it all.

ProjectOcoee-6 karma

Unfortunately no.

TractionJackson-9 karma

What's Bob Barker like?

ProjectOcoee14 karma

Never met him, but Drew Carey was a funny guy who made long day enjoyable for everyone.

TummyBurglar-10 karma

Since it was too late to purchase sunscreen, did you at least buy some aloe and set aside a tidy sum for your inevitable skin cancer treatments?

ProjectOcoee3 karma

From going by to Maui or standing in the hot sun all day waiting to get in?

BrainOnBlue-2 karma

You look kinda sunburnt in the picture. I think that's what the guy is talking about.

ProjectOcoee5 karma

It is a loooong day we arrived at approx 10am and didn’t leave until after 7PM and you are outside about 75% of the day.

deadlyhausfrau2 karma

What are you doing outside all that time?

ProjectOcoee7 karma

First you wait to get your contestant number and then you go to a queue in an outdoor pavilion where you sign legal paperwork stating you aren’t in or will be running for public office, haven’t been a contestant on TPIR in the last 10 years or a contestant on any other game show in the last 2 years. Here they also give you your name tag, which is handwritten by a CBS page. They then stick you in front of a green screen and take your picture as if you are standing in front of the big wheel. From there you go to another holding area where they take groups of 15-20 people at a time for a brief interview. While you wait here they come around and try to sell you souvenir photos from an iPad for $20 each(think Splash Mountain at Disneyland). After your interview you are taken to the final holding area, where they take your cell phone from you, and you wait here for another couple hours. From here you enter the Bob Barker Studio.

snowbirdie2-18 karma

So by “loooooong day”, you mean an average work day.

ProjectOcoee3 karma

When you are setting in 90 degree heat it makes for a pretty long day.

Rand0mhero80-74 karma

How do you hide your virginity?

ProjectOcoee65 karma

Unfortunately, I have none to hide, but feel free to share how you have been successful. You may be able to help others.