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Are medical professionals required to present dying with dignity as an option to a terminally ill patient?

I would guess the answer is “no”. If so, do we have any idea of what percentage of terminally ill patients are informed of this choice? And what percentage of those elect it?

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Not OP, but I’m curious, why carry your social security card with you? I’ve never understood why some people do this...

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I wonder if the pay drops because you’re literally doubling the applicant pool?

Let’s say you have to be a Japanese man to be a Karate Sensei. I would imagine that those men would make a lot of money.

But if you changed the rules to “anyone can be a sensei, doesn’t matter your gender or nationality”. Then I would expect the pay to drop precipitously.

I guess I would only expect the pay for jobs to drop as more people are available to fill those jobs. I would expect pay to be higher when their are less people available/able to do a job.

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And it should probably be noted that as per the constitution, the census is required to count all persons, regardless of their citizenship status, correct?

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**shakes fist** those damn democrats won't let me pump almost certainly contaminated water out of the bottom of a silver mine for human consumption!