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Are medical professionals required to present dying with dignity as an option to a terminally ill patient?

I would guess the answer is “no”. If so, do we have any idea of what percentage of terminally ill patients are informed of this choice? And what percentage of those elect it?

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Not OP, but I’m curious, why carry your social security card with you? I’ve never understood why some people do this...

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There have been quite a few stories on the topic over the years. From what I understand, they briefly “interview” everyone in the crowd before the show starts. They then select their list of people to call down. Throughout the show they watch the people on their list (before they are called down) and if it looks like they aren’t energetic, not exciting, etc., they will pick an alternate.

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You have to get there really early right? As it’s first come, first admitted? Or is this not the case anymore?

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Does it make sense (or do you understand) why the main proponents for killing net neutrality are republicans?

I ask this because there is a common belief on the right that the media is controlled by the left, and to me it seems that getting rid of net neutrality would only further hurt the right-wing media companies by making their messages less generally available to the public.