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Retired Army Vet here. I have a trans brother who's thinking about serving. What's something you would tell young trans folk about mepps, basic, and beyond?

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Wait, what? Do you mind sharing some context about this?

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Based on that, would you recommend that he change his gender legally after basic if he hasn't/ decides against surgical transition? (He's currently doing T.)

Would the drills use the correct pronouns even though you're in the other bay?

Thanks so much for this information, by the way!

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He's a trans kid in a conservative Christian familiy (other than me). He gets misgendered all the time, he's not gonna cry and go home because someone has a small mind. That's his daily reality. I was just asking what he could expect so I could tell him what to tell him to overlook or what he could safely say.

So thanks, I do have that information now.

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I found out from an aunt that I am one sixteenth Native American. Now, I know that in American terms everybody is 1/16 everything (ha), but I'm wondering what the etiquette is on looking into ancestors and possible family members through that connection. I mentioned this to a friend, who told me that NAs probably would regard that poorly, like I was a poseur of some sort, and I was confused. Is that a thing? Is it rude to mention that you have Native American ancestry if you're not a certain percentage or looking for any sort of tribal rights or something like that? Am I just being silly, or is my friend's concern valid and i should just let it go?