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Wait, what? Do you mind sharing some context about this?

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I found out from an aunt that I am one sixteenth Native American. Now, I know that in American terms everybody is 1/16 everything (ha), but I'm wondering what the etiquette is on looking into ancestors and possible family members through that connection. I mentioned this to a friend, who told me that NAs probably would regard that poorly, like I was a poseur of some sort, and I was confused. Is that a thing? Is it rude to mention that you have Native American ancestry if you're not a certain percentage or looking for any sort of tribal rights or something like that? Am I just being silly, or is my friend's concern valid and i should just let it go?

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So you're more or less doing a guided presentation, not an AMA?

I feel like the best way to do this kind of thing is with complete transparency. That is, ask people from your community to mention that they are a member of your community or that they had been following the game in their posts so it doesn't seem like you're trying to make it look more popular with random people.

Either that or mention in your replies that you recognize them from whatever place. "Hey Jen, glad to see you made the trip over from Facebook! Here's the answer. " "We didn't go into this in our discord chat, but..."

By doing that, it looks like people are so interested that they're coming from several different platforms. By pretending that they uniquely found this post, it looks like a set up.

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I have to point out the this kind of thing may sound like a good idea on paper, but it can turn off players who perceive your marketing campaign as fake.

For example, I was kind of intrested by the description. As soon as I started looking at the people making comments and reading the thread, I was no longer intrested because I didn't feel like I could trust any of the reviews or feedback.

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My service dog is obsessed with socks. Obsessed. He's a Very Good Boy otherwise but will always carry socks around and once had to have surgery to remove one.

We have worked with the trainer on several strategies- exchanging the socks for a toy, ignoring him, etc. Nothing works. Any advice?