I am a male that has hormonal imbalance and very low testosterone. And because of that, I haven't gone through puberty. I am still making blood tests and visiting the endocrinologist and I don't know why am I like this. I was reading the IAmA of u/20yearsyoung (We have simmilar conditions) and decided to do the same IAmA because i thought you guys will be interested in asking me questions because of the slightly different life that I am living. (Sorry If there are mistakes in my English, it's not my native language)

Normal testosterone range for male is 5.5 - 22,9 , i have 2.02
( i want to stay anonymous so I e-mailed the proof to the mods )

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Ryan_is_my_real_name5704 karma

Have you have an MRI on your pituitary gland yet? I just had one on mine as my testosterone level was 1.1 which is of course very low. The scan showed I had had tumor on my pituitary gland which had reduced it's size to a third of normal. Pituitary gland controls testosterone, thyroid and your bodies natural steroids. As a result I'm on testosterone replacement therapy and have to take thyroid medication for life. No biggy lol

19yearoldnopuberty6253 karma

No, I didn't get appointment for MRI. I only got appointment for blood tests and they still don't know what is causing this.
Oh man. Thank you alot for informing me about this. I am gonna tell my doctor about this and I am gonna try to tell her to get me an MRI appointment If it is possible. I wish everything goes well for you mate.

Ryan_is_my_real_name2382 karma

You'll be fine mate. Ideally you'll find a solution to get your natural testosterone production going. If not worst way you're in for two reandron 1000 (a slow release testosterone) injections in your ass cheeks every 10 weeks. Don't stress about it being a tumor. They're not that uncommon and are usually always benign. Benign being non cancerous as opposed to a malignant tumor. Yeah I definitely get the doctor to check out your pituitary. I'm 99% certain that's where the problem lies. Look on the bright side you're gonna look fucking awesome at 40. The rest of us will be ready for the retirement village in you'll be like Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button looking 25 at 50. Trust me mate you going to be glad this happened later in life!!

19yearoldnopuberty1369 karma

Whew... That is a relief. Hahahaha^^ Thank you alot for the support mate.

Sir_Teetan4035 karma

How's your voice sounding? I'm quite curious if it's gotten deeper anyway!

19yearoldnopuberty14570 karma

It sounds like a 12year old kid. or a girl. When I am talking with my grandma on the phone, she always thinks its my sister talking.
I am playing a lots of CS:GO (video game), sometimes my teammates flirt with me because they think I am a girl...
So i am using a voice changer software to make my voice deeper. lmao.

basicallynothin3022 karma

Alright serious question. Do you masturbate at all? What’s your sex drive like as a whole?

commander-obvious703 karma

This is an actually important and interesting question, it's a shame OP isn't answering it. Guess we'll have to wait for someone else to do an AMA with the exact same condition who is less self-conscious.

19yearoldnopuberty27 karma

I think my sex drive is a little bit lower.
Unlike some other people with low T that don't have it, I still have it, but it is lower.
I mean, I get horny sometimes but not as much.
One thing is for sure, and that is that It was a lot higher when I was 14-15years old.
I don't know what happened.

19yearoldnopuberty566 karma

Yes, I do. However my sex drive is lower than a normal 19 year old. But hey, it is still there! :)

thedunstin1811 karma

My brother lost his testicles during an ATV accident at a very young age (11 or 12 I think) and was put on testosterone treatments to help with puberty and the like, are you taking any treatments?

19yearoldnopuberty146 karma

No, I am still making the blood tests so I don't know what is causing it. Once every test is done, they will probably give me a treatment.

daparplayer1422 karma

Do you feel your sex drive is lower than most men?

19yearoldnopuberty2025 karma

Yes, definitely lower. I still have it. But it used to be higher when I was 14-15years old. So I don't know what happened, lol.

UpSiize1247 karma

Strange, as that sounds just like puberty.

19yearoldnopuberty1183 karma

Yes, I know. It is strange. But the doctor said that I haven't hit puberty. + I look exactly the same as I did back then. I've only grown in height quite a bit since then. Everything else is the same.

ItscalledaT-square500 karma

No acne then? That's at least one upside.

19yearoldnopuberty902 karma

Yeah, i have no acne. No hair on the legs, My eyebrows are perfect. Girls be jelaous of me. XD

LaenM1220 karma

When/how did you find out about your condition? For me, puberty was such a gradual and unnoticeable process, so I'm not sure I understand how it can be quantified or measured.

19yearoldnopuberty1685 karma

My trainer at the gym told me that I might have low testosterone because I didn't get the expected muscle mass after 2 months of lifting. So I told my parents about it. (They still thought I was gonna grow up naturally because males grow to 20years so I believed them. They told me that my father didn't grow up until 17, so I had a hope. Foolish me.) and I went to the doctor.

cicadaenthusiat633 karma

I didn't stop growing until I was about 25. Definitely follow up with your doctor and take their advice. I'm just saying I don't think there is one set age where growth stops. Some of my friends had full beards and were done growing at 18. It took me to 25. Best of luck to you man. I hope you get the results you want!

19yearoldnopuberty243 karma

Thanks for the support mate! :)

mudbutt201066 karma

Did your testicles and penis grow? Sorry, I don't know how else to phrase it.

19yearoldnopuberty476 karma

Yeah, it did but not as much. but the doctor said It's still gonna grow :3 Hooray.

McDiezel742 karma

Do you work at buzzfeed?

19yearoldnopuberty496 karma

no 😂

Topoverance587 karma

How much does it affect your everyday life? Such as in public?

19yearoldnopuberty2736 karma

Well i will explain this in pros and cons^^ :)

Pros- I ride the buss for free because the controllers think I am Elementary - High School. (saves me lots of $$$)- There have been few times when the Taxi Drivers drive me for cheaper price because they think I am a kid.

- People are usually kinder with me when i accidentaly do something bad because they think I am kid.

- Sometimes i get free stuff.- I visit some places for cheaper price e.g Zoo, Theater. I don't even tell my age and they give me cheaper tickets.

Cons- Can't find a girlfriend (feelsbadman)- Can't buy cigarettes and alcohol (Sometimes they don't even let me when i show them the ID, they think its fake)

- I always need to carry my ID to go to Night Clubs. ( Once the bartender didn't give me a drink cuz he also thought the ID was fake, lol)

- Some people avoid me because I am not "normal".- I can't make lots of friends because of this.- Everytime i meet a new person, they think I am 12years old minimum and my confidence hits the bottom.

bpfitzny503 karma

Is there treatment for your condition? Or at least something to get you close to where you want to be?

Most importantly, have you come to terms with it?

19yearoldnopuberty621 karma

Yes, the endocrinologist said that there is a treatment and I can still grow a little bit. However I am still in the process of making blood tests so I don't know what kind of a treatment am I gonna get.
The thought of having a treatment is giving me hope... I used to be very depressed about it. Sometimes I still am, but rarely. However i don't think i've come to terms with it.

sphven500 karma

This may seem like a strange question but are you able to smell normally? Do you ever not notice a strong smell when others complain about it?

19yearoldnopuberty156 karma

Yes, i can smell normally.

SGT_PRICE82279 karma

Biggest challenge?

19yearoldnopuberty666 karma

Finding a girlfriend.

slpgh265 karma

If you don't mind me asking - how comes the workup is only starting now? I was under the impression that pediatricians and doctors raise the alarm early on delayed puberty (e.g., by 14-15) though this may be a US thing.

It sounds from the description though that you've had at least partial puberty. Those T levels also don't seem all that bad even though they're low, though I am not a doctor.

Also, Total T levels don't tell the whole story, there are several other numbers that affect how the body uses it. For instance, you could have low levels but have your body be completely fine by binding more, etc.

I suspect you will get an MRI for your pituitary gland and possibly a testicular ultrasound.

19yearoldnopuberty371 karma

Oh, I forgot to say. Yes i got testicular ultrasound. The Doctor didn't tell me anything. They just said that my testicles are way smaller than average. The doctor told me to visit her once every blood test is done and she will tell me everything about it and what to do next. I am not from the US. We were sent from the school to doctors every 2 years to check if we are developing well. But I guess the doctors are really bad here and I was told that everything is alright with me.

eatmylemontime234 karma

Are your life goals affected by this condition ? What are they ?

19yearoldnopuberty567 karma

Well. I haven't really thought about it.
Now that you mentioned it.
I have few items on my bucket list.
I wanna get fit but i really can't build alot of muscle and the process of losing fat is very slow. My goal was to make 1 normal push up (I can't do it because of the low muscle mass) After 3 months of working out (1 month home, 2 months at gym with trainer), I still couldn't make 1 normal push-up.
Other than that, my other life goal is to travel the world as much as I can and experience lots of adventures so I don't think it affects me that much.

dddaavviiddd224 karma

Have you grown to an adult size/height/weight? What are the physical effects of your condition?

19yearoldnopuberty479 karma

Both of my parents and my sister are above 170cm

I am 164cm and I always get mistaken for a 12-15year old kid because of my looks.
Because of the hormonal imbalance and low testosterone I have harder time making muscle mass and I have lots of fat. I am 63kg.

iNoahPhotography148 karma

Have you considered acting?

GoreSeeker103 karma

Yeah, Andy Milonakis comes to mind...

rockyosockz82 karma

That and how many directors would kill for the opportunity to have an of age actor for younger roles, like high schoolers. Having young actors introduces tons of liability and usually parents need to be present for certain scenes (especially awkward ones like physical or romantic scenes). Iirc for others, that's why high school shows have 20+ year olds and totally skew how we see teenagers.

Op if you've ever considered acting, go for it, because you might be in a niche market until your condition is sorted.

19yearoldnopuberty22 karma

I think I would've considered it If there wasn't a treatment. But now that there is one, for me It is more important to be like the rest of the guys than having a successful job. Anyway I am so bad at acting. I can't even lie properly. I am always getting caught when I do. XD

Dorfinbod77 karma

Is your brain developing at the same speed or is it underdeveloped for your age?

19yearoldnopuberty52 karma

I don't know actually. I am gonna ask the doctor about this when I visit her next time.

Waffletits8361 karma

I know it's taboo'ish, but have you considered any type of testosterone boosters? Not saying I recommend it or whatever, but I knew 2 fellas who were late bloomers, voice changing at 18/19, short, and skinny. Well they both took them and not only gained weight but both grew a lot taller. Like 6 or 7 inches taller.

19yearoldnopuberty95 karma

I didn't know that my testosterone level was low until few weeks ago. I don't know that there are testosterone boosters. I am gonna wait for the endocrinologist to tell me what to do. If they don't give me any therapy that is gonna fix me (which is unlikely) then I might consider them. Thank you.

channahhh61 karma

Did you find it hard to go through your teenage phase?

Does that affect your relationship (edit:or having one*)?

What's make you different physically and mentally from another average 19yo M?

19yearoldnopuberty171 karma

Well, during my teenage years i was bullied alot at school because i was a very shy kid and on top of that i never grew like the rest of the kids, so year it was hard.
I have never been in a relationship and I am mostly friendzoned by the girls. (feelsbadman)
Well, physically lots of people mistake me for 12-15year old kid (I look young and I am short)
Mentally, I am very emotional person and I suffer from Anxiety.

pheyph56 karma

what are some things u enjoy that you reckon other males cant? (or enjoy less of)

19yearoldnopuberty126 karma

riding the bus for free and saving tons of money. ( they think I am elementary or high school )

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I sent the proof to the mods because I wanted to stay Anon, they Verified it