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johnchapel4 karma

Why do lesbians masterbate with plastic penises and not vaginas?

TSAthrowawayforAmA9 karma

Im gonna leave this comment here in case anynody has an answer to that.

penny_eater3 karma

Recently a firearm was stopped at the checkpoint at my airport (source) and the passenger was allowed to check the weapon and then rejoin the flight. What on earth did that guy say to get out of trouble for trying to put a gun through security?

edit: story w. more context https://www.10tv.com/article/tsa-finds-loaded-handgun-carry-bag-columbus-airport-June10-2018

TSAthrowawayforAmA2 karma

He will still undergo investigation from a Transportation Security Inspector, and will still most likely pay the fine incurred for such incident.

Our job isnt to keep you off your plane. We understand that accidents happen. Hell yesterday i found 6 rounds of ammunition and a knife in a carry on bag. If the law enforcement officer think he had any intent to actually harm anybody on the plane, they would not have let him go. The security comes in layers.

sammoorhouse8 karma

a gun

accidents happen

You’re all fucking insane.

TSAthrowawayforAmA1 karma

Its true, some people use the bag to go to the range think they unpacked everything and use it for their flight the next morning. Its sad, but it happens.

willbo20133 karma

What's the naughtiest item you've had to confiscate?

TSAthrowawayforAmA2 karma

Contrary to popular belief TSA Doesnt confiscate anything, other than Ammunition from your carry on, and even then. We dont even take that, the Airport law enforcement will.

Anything that cannot go through the checkpoint, can either be turned over to your checked bagage provided you choose to go out and check it in or if the airline will retrieve your previouly checked bag, you can take it out to the car, some airports have an option to mail it out, you can always take it back out to a family member who dropped you off, or the last option that everybody sees as confiscation, your option to Voluntarily abandon the item, and let us dispose of it for you. Either into the locked drop box for knives, tools and other sharp or hazardous objects, or into the Voluntarily abandoned liquids container that gets taken out to a dumpster every day.

dj2short7 karma

Didnt the TSA just confiscate an old man's life savings?

TSAthrowawayforAmA7 karma

Definately CBP. TSA doesnt go looking for drugs or large ammounts of cash. However, if drugs are seen in a bag they are to be reported to a supervisor, who will call airport law enforcement. Who will have a chat with you.

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What's your favorite burger joint?

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Currently, (and shamefully) Im on a Rally's kick.

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How do you import in a horse from abroad ?

TSAthrowawayforAmA3 karma

You ask CBP.

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Do you play video games? If so, what game(s)?

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Overwatch! i dabble in sea of thieves, i plan to get into D&D. Their are nerds among us Lol