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Plot twist: Prince requested it be repainted by Michaelangelo

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just out of curiosity, this is supposed to be a really high paying job but they live roomed up with 3 other people? Are you in NYC or SF or something where housing is just nuts?

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obviously not Gordon, but the answer to most would be "have done the recipe at least once without it being a disaster". You cant have a recipe in your box and say you know how to cook it, way too much of cooking is timing and a recipe will not tell you exactly when to start/stop cooking something; you need to use your senses AND you need to employ a lot of trial and error to get to the point where you trust your senses.

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His character is really interesting to me; Tracy Jordan always seemed like a caricature (and that was certainly intentional) just like how in the show, he was portrayed as having roles that were shallow "easy laughs" (like "black cop white cop") but I am sure he was a much more vital contributor to 30 rock than his role in TGS would indicate.

Do you have any stories that can highlight a way he added something deep to the show while still playing "the black guy foil"?