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That part unfortunately is "True" as far as i know to a certain degree. Its not any tom dick and harry that could get those items through. They dont grab someone off the streets, its people who know the system. Who know and use the equiptment everyday.

I do not suggest trying it for yourself, not too long ago a camera crew in newark, NJ. Thought it was a good idea to bring a fake IED (Improvised Explosive Device) into a checkpoint. Needless to say they now are facing federal charges.

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I actually love this question, Alot of people dont know or understand that the TSA is only one piece of the frontline of the DHS operation. There are "Wins" that we have everyday, loaded guns, gun parts, knives, and many many other potential threats to aviation security. Its not all about just crazy terrorists, its about mitigating all threats to aviation security.

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Believe it or not, it happens all the time. Just hold onto your belt loops next time.

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Checkpoint friendly bags are just that, checkpoint friendly, as long as their is nothing. on top or underneath the laptop for example, another laptop, an iPad, a small E-reader, cords, chargers etc. We need to have a clear image of the electronic just as if it had been fully divested from the bag.

And checked baggage, Anything that gets on the plane is screened. Cargo, Passengers, even crew members. It was federally mandated that checked baggage undergo 100% screening.

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Also, i would like to add just because you buy an item (a pair of shoes, a backpack, a belt.) and they say "TSA Approved" Chances are its no true, the TSA doesnt truely Endorse any of these items, they are usually just compliant with regulations and requirements Except for the "TSA Approved 3inch pocket knife" that one is a complete lie.