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Marmalade692 karma

How many consecutive steps can you do on your feet? I think I can do more than 36.

lilonglong134 karma

More than a 100 probably

Zomg_A_Chicken41 karma

Do you put pineapple on your pizza?

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night_chaser_29 karma

How long did you train for this? What did you once you won? Do you think you will be going for another record ?

lilonglong38 karma

I have been doing this for 7 years now, and I didn't really do much after I won it, It was normal feeling. I don't think I will be able to go on for another record

PartyboobBoobytrap1 karma

How do you normalize this behaviour?

lilonglong2 karma

Being chinese i suppose. Or it’s because i actually set the previous record so it was nothing

DillonSyp3 karma

Please answer all these as well as - what inspired you to set your mind to achieving this record ?

lilonglong21 karma

This trick was something I had learned for performances. In performances of course, I only have to climb 8 steps. But we thought it would be cool to try and push the limits of it, and that was what happened

DillonSyp5 karma

Are/were you ever scared you would break your neck ?

lilonglong21 karma

Yes it has come into my mind before, and was something my coach told me when I started learning this as a risk. But luckily I have never fallen off the wrong way, and only got a few sprains

mjonat24 karma

How did you realise you had a talent for climbing stairs on your head?

lilonglong38 karma

It wasn't discovered, but it was trained. I had to learn all this, and because I was lighter than everyone in my troupe at that time, i learned headstands and tricks on it for performances

happystamps16 karma

Your upside- down stair climbing troupe?

lilonglong18 karma

its just a regular acrobatic troupe

Valongatz22 karma

Has using the line " I am a Guinness World Record Holder" in a bar ever gotten you laid?

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MouldySalsa17 karma

How do you stay ahead of the competition? Were you drug tested?

lilonglong22 karma

Im drug free

LawnmowerX15 karma

What is your favorite ice cream?

lilonglong45 karma

Mint Chocolate

RonniePetcock11 karma

Why would you do such a thing? Stop it!

lilonglong21 karma

For the enjoyment of my audiences :)

pdwHu9 karma

Will you be sad if someone does 38?

lilonglong25 karma

Well yes, but I would be happy for that person (maybe). But i haven't heard of anyone even planning to attempt this any time soon

smurferdigg8 karma

Could you have done more than 36? Why not have some longer stairs. Like you had to stop because you got to the top..

lilonglong15 karma

The stairs were built based on what I could do, and I couldn't go further than 36 most of the time, and 36 was actually pushing it already, so we didn't get longer stairs. It was logistical issues too

gilbertthefishx6 karma

How did you get into this ? PS: I've never seen anyone attempt this before, that was really awesome .

lilonglong8 karma

I am in an acrobatic troupe, and because I joined when i was young, they wanted me to learn something new. And this was one of the tricks i learnt. But of course in normal performances, it's not so long (8 steps only)

DAWGER1233 karma

How old were you when you joined the troupe/when you started to learn?

lilonglong4 karma

I was 10

I_give_pats1 karma

Were you forced into the troupe or made to join by your parents?

lilonglong1 karma

i was forced into it, never a path i expected to get into

djcrodjcrodjcro6 karma

Do you suffer from any neck or spinal injuries?

lilonglong9 karma

Not that i know of. But I have sprained my neck before, and I know that some problems with my neck and spine will only show up later on

djcrodjcrodjcro5 karma

It's amazing you can do this. You would win in a lot of breakdance battles.

lilonglong7 karma

Thank you!

omgdonerkebab6 karma

To get upward momentum to move up to the next step, do you mostly use your back or hip muscles, or do you use your neck? Do you have to keep your neck really stiff?

lilonglong16 karma

To actually jump, i use the lower body (my legs) to get the jump upwards, and shoulders to try and swing forward if you can imagine it. So i use pretty much my muscles below my neck. But when I land, it will be the head and neck that takes the weight, so i do need neck training too

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gm4n224 karma

How many, if any, concussions has this resulted in?

lilonglong8 karma

0, luckily. Maybe i did have but not that i know of. My head is quite protected with the donut

Jon_Targaryen0 karma

I don't know how often you do this, but what they found out with the NFL, is that the damage is more caused by your brain bouncing around. So even smaller hits like linemen bumping into each other on every play can build up. So jumping up 38 stairs is probably equivalent to 38 helmet to helmet hits. I'm not a doctor but I can't imagine it would be good to keep it up. Not trying to hate on you or anything, I think it's cool you set out and did this but, I hope you're OK.

lilonglong2 karma

Thanks for you concern. Well i actually do this alot

sglville3 karma

Did it hurt?

lilonglong8 karma

It doesn’t hurt like a sharp pain. But, it’s tiring and the kind of pain is more like an ache

sglville3 karma

It would definitely hurt me, congrats on your world record!

lilonglong6 karma

Thank you! :)

CarlTheKillerLlama2 karma

Why does that video seem so... Evil? But then I am baked

lilonglong1 karma

haha but why does it seem evil?

peacelovetree2 karma

So In the video, was the red step the previous record? Or was that just so you knew when you were close to the top?

The_BeastFromTheEast3 karma

Red step was when he equalled the record. The first step after meant he broke the record (which you can tell by the cheering in the crowd)

peacelovetree2 karma

Thought so. Thank you. So that answers my other question: are there really other people who do this??

lilonglong1 karma

Not many, less than 10 people do this, and no one ever does this as an endurance hahah no one does more than 15 steps at once

lilonglong1 karma

Yes the red step is the previous record

ey512 karma

What is your main occupation?
How much money did you land breaking the Guinness world record?
Why is the staircase so narrow? Have people fallen to the side while attempting?
Do you have sponsors? Could probably sign Advil, New Balance, HEAD, NEC, and more...

lilonglong1 karma

I am an Acrobat! And i didn’t really get much money from GWR, i still get paid the same from my work. The staircase is so narrow because it is a guinness world record standard requirement, the steps couldn’t be wider than that. And yes i have fallen off many times.

No sponsors

lylet2 karma

Do you worry about damage to your brain?

lilonglong5 karma

I'm more worried about something going off with my neck and spine which scares me.

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Megatoasty2 karma

Are you worried about future neck/spinal issues?

lilonglong3 karma

yes of course. Based on people who do these they always encounter problems when they grow up

lefttheovenoff2 karma

If you could break or make a different record,what would it be?

lilonglong1 karma

Most stairs climbed balancing a man on the head

enziarro2 karma

What are some other acrobatics that you perform which we might not be familiar with? Any chance of / any interest in achieving a second world record for other acrobatic feats?

What was it like arranging the validation with Guinness? Did they just accept your credentials as an acrobat or did you have to submit proof of your ability to hop up stairs on your head?

lilonglong2 karma

My other acrobatics are pretty normal, but i do other more local stuff like bending a metal bar around my neck, and just the basic shock stuff like lying on glass etc. Currently have no plans for other world records.

i applied to go onto the Guinness show, so i went on the show and they had adjudictors who would verify your record live. But i had to show the TV studio that it was possible i could break the record before that

A_Blunt_Object2 karma

Whats your favourite Chinese food?

What do you think of "Americanised Chinese food"?

lilonglong2 karma

I just enjoy dumpling noodles. Nice and simple.

Never had it before, but i have to say i have never seen orange chicken in china

bennylima1 karma

Are you a butt or breasts man?

lilonglong2 karma


Goyteamsix1 karma

Is pee stored in the balls?

lilonglong1 karma

bladder its the bladder

Foxttotheaven1 karma

When and how did you discover this was a thing, and how good were you when you started?

lilonglong2 karma

I had to learn this from scratch, and i only became so good... well because I had to try to push myself to hit this goal.

G7421 karma

Does your username check out do you reckon?

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Boosty-McBoostFace1 karma

Have you ever experienced any serious neck injury while training?

lilonglong1 karma

Not serious, but i’ve had sprained necks and broke my arms falling off the stairs. Luckily nothing to cause or even had the risk of paralysis

Drakthae1 karma

Did you take the attempt just for the sake of it or had it advertismentish tones?

lilonglong11 karma

No there was no advertising or sponsors that made me do this. It was for more personal achievement and to push myself towards a goal

Thrannn1 karma

are you a good breakdancer? you already got the neck muscles for it

lilonglong1 karma

i have never breakdance actually but i could try

alegendaryfisherman1 karma

How much wood would a wood chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

lilonglong11 karma

Just one

nuclearwasted0 karma

Seems like a pretty shallow rise on those stairs. How many regular stairs can you do?

lilonglong5 karma

Haven't tried it before haha

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lilonglong6 karma

I'm an acrobat and performer. This is what I do (although not so extreme, i don't have to climb 36 steps every day lol)