My short bio: Heyo I'm a Canadian who was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the simulation group in question is the largest of it's kind, AGS (American Government Simulation)

My Proof: this is my official instagram for the character I am impersonating in the simulation: Official website of the simulation:

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evenios253 karma

whats the biggest scandal in your simulated government?

Longtail336 karma

Biggest scandal is when we had our own little Watergate situation and got the president impeached

_snoop_209 karma

How much would it take to buy you off to agree to a plan to start a war based on false evidence of weapons of mass destruction?

Longtail33336 karma

about 271 electoral votes

jfarrar19135 karma

Is there anything specific you are trying to simulate within the government, or is it a general sim?

What got you interested in doing this?

Longtail33110 karma

First question: As of now the simulation is just that of the United Federal, State, and Local governments, but we're planning on adding more nations into the mix such as Britain and Canada.

Second question: I remember when I was 10, we just moved to Canada and there was an election on. Wanting to learn about the country I was so sour to enter I began learning about the politics of that nation, after which I moved on to that of my birth nation. I wanted to participate in those politics while still pursuing other careers, and I found quite a few others who shared my interest. We decided that a simulation would be perfect for such a goal.

El_Chapotato65 karma

Are you aware of /r/ModelUSGov (americans) and /r/cmhoc (canadians)? It's reddit political simulation and I'm pretty involved in both (I'm the head mod of the canadian version).

It does seem like we are way more relaxed than your simulation though.

HaydenMaines2 karma

As a Canadian thank you so much for this! I had no idea these existed!

Longtail331 karma

No problem!

Longtail331 karma

I'll consider looking into it

happinessjug62 karma

Not American and have never heard of a government simulation. ELI5?

Longtail333 karma

Basically LARPING for civics nerds

Longtail334 karma

it was failed

DangerousPuhson2 karma

How about "kill all the poor, lower VAT?"

Longtail332 karma

Wow that might actually work!

Tripodbilly36 karma

Is this sim going to be playable like republic? (Cos that was awesome) or just a tool for stupid news corps

Longtail3345 karma

It already is playable actually! I myself am the ghost of Adam Smith (cause fuck actual politicians)

TexAg098 karma

With the face of Michael Dukakis! Love it!

Longtail331 karma


TheWhiteBBKing4 karma

“Because fuck actual politicians” ... yeah you’ve got my attention.

compyface2861 karma

Is there a part where I pretend to suck off Donald Trump?

Longtail332 karma

Oh yes

jeremyRockit33 karma

A Canadian who was born in the US? Sounds like an American-Canadian.


Longtail3322 karma

No vowels, M'rc

Tuatha-an32 karma

Do you have any systems in place to prevent trolls/outside groups from joining and sabotaging the simulation?

Longtail331 karma

The simulation itself has grown so complicated that it would be impossible to sabotage all of it. Sabotaging one part is what one person tried to do recently, and response was super quick. The irl equivalent of what we did is exile

dogememe29 karma

Based on your simulation experience, just how fucked are we?

Longtail3351 karma

If you consider having Connor McGregor as president then very fucked. McCain was also president in the simulation for about 10 years (2 years after a president resigned + two terms)

dogememe18 karma

What about law making? Have anyone tried to change the constitution yet?

Longtail3342 karma

Like 30 people have. We have so many amendments to the constitution now that it's hard to keep track of lol

ThePotate013 karma

Can we hear some notable amendments please?

Longtail332 karma

XXX (failed) tried to move marriage licenses over to state governments. (that was our most controversial one)

z4cc22 karma

What the hell is that!?

Longtail333 karma

A government simulation?

dogememe20 karma

Another question:

Have you guys considered marrying this with some kind of monetary reward system, for instance using your own cryptocurrency? I'm sure you would get some very interesting behavior and mechanics if all the agents who are playing has a motivation to work in their own self interest. Perhaps it would also reflect the real world better? Edit: spelling

Longtail3327 karma

we actually have our own system of currency that acts just as you've described, but to my own experience it works as a monetary incentive only with new members

gkiltz15 karma

What do you simulate??

spikus934 karma

Looks like it's all on Instagram. Check the website. Seems that it similates US government from as low as local level to State and Federal. Everything from Mayors to Senators and Supreme Court Justices.

Longtail331 karma

best answer

PhotoQuig12 karma

Are we also one of your simulations? If so, how have we been doing?

Longtail333 karma

You've been doing poorly

PhotoQuig1 karma

Haha! Well thank you for this, ive become a fan of your work.

Longtail331 karma


divineprofanity11 karma

What is government simulation?

spikus9310 karma

Check their website. It's basically a game of pretending to be a politician and then reacting to scenarios. This can change things like the Simulated US Congress passing amendments to the Constitution, or paying off politicians and sending the military to war. There was even a scenario I saw in there about a man being arrested for hiring a prostitute from Nebraska to have sex in Las Vegas (where it's legal) and appealing up to the Supreme Court.

SimplyCmplctd3 karma

So it’s people pretending they’re in an official role and reacting to scenarios? Or a highly sophisticated and specialized algorithm program that runs scenarios?

Longtail332 karma

A mix of both

gsfgf10 karma

So what exactly is this thing? An instagram-based government doesn't really make a lot of sense. Do you just try to get as many IG accounts to vote for you whenever there's a mock election?

Bearpunchz3 karma

Many other replies answered, its essentially presidential LARPing online

Longtail331 karma


Balaguru_BR59 karma

How did you guys decide you had enough data to run the simulation with relaible and realistic results?

Longtail3315 karma

We were confident when in tests it turned out to be playable. It took a lot of time and work, analyzing everything from obscure congressional races to exact measurements of county population rates based of race/religion etc. It took about a month of constant work to make the first version of the simulation, 2 years and 1000 players to perfect it into what it is today.

josh_t_bone6 karma

Have you seen the Verne Troyer sex tape?

Longtail338 karma

I have not. Should I look it up?

El_Ma3stro6 karma

Have you ever played NationStates? If so, do you see any similarities/differences with that sim?

Longtail331 karma

Many, it was actually one of our inspirations for AGS

definitelynotcole3 karma

Hey I used to be a part of this like 2 years ago! I used to be on the SCOTUS, and I ran my own satire newspaper called The Daily Libel. Do you recognize any of these (probably really old) names of people? I haven't been on in a long time and I don't know if any of these people are active.








Longtail332 karma

I recognize Boyle, Goldberg, Harper, Jameson, and Orozco

uniuniuni112 karma

Is simulation a hobby or is it supposed to provide some sort of behavioral analysis for the real government?

Longtail331 karma

A bit of both

slider5012 karma

Hey! I'm interested in joining the simulation. Do you have supreme court justices as an option? How much time does it demand for you to have a meaningful experience?

Longtail331 karma

Oh it's very easy to join and fall in love with. Do you have an Instagram account?

USMCpresfoco2 karma

This seems pretty cool. I'm in my schools model UN so we kinda do stuff like this. How do I join?

Longtail331 karma

Do you have an instagram account?

USMCpresfoco1 karma


Longtail331 karma

Then DM @americangovsimulation

USMCpresfoco1 karma


Longtail331 karma

My pleasure!

asapmatthew2 karma

If you were born in NH wouldn’t that make you an American too?

Longtail332 karma

Yeah, though I revoked my American citizenship recently

nat2r2 karma

You guys ever think of partnering with groups like American Milsim or MilSim west? I imagine that would be a good way to emulate military action.

Longtail331 karma

We've considered it but Milsim won't have any of it

fuzzer372 karma

Why not just participate in actual government? You're probably more qualified than a lot of people, after simulating it.

Longtail331 karma

I want to finish my Economics degree before I go for a shot at office

rowdy9812 karma

Do you need to have scales and a forked tonge to be involved?

Longtail332 karma

Yes, it's part of our background screening process

boating_accidents1 karma

Would you say that there's a bit of crossover with Megagames?

Do you feel any of this could be applied to realistic simulations of political organisations, or is it more of a 'just for fun' type thing?

Longtail331 karma

It's a bit of both so it could work

boating_accidents1 karma

Could you expand on this answer?

Like, when you say that this is a simulation of government, are there any systems in place that drive a mechanical simulation of a government? Do you have to worry about party finances, people not doing what they're told, polarised bases and stretched resources?

Longtail331 karma

We tried to make it as accurate as possible to the real US government so yes, all of those things would be a problem and must be taken into account. However it's primarily a hobby so while all those things are a problem there isn't tons of paperwork that goes with it so that the simulation can actually be playable

boating_accidents1 karma

I'm looking at some of your other responses and this feels like- a hobby grade thing, like you say, rather than a simulation grade thing? I might just be coming at it from the point of view of someone that's taken part in large scale simulations run by governments and civil services. What's the kind of granularity in simulation that you're hoping to find in this?

Longtail331 karma

Well it's a simulation, but it is an enjoyable simulation and I would consider it a hobby still

Bearpunchz1 karma

What's your most favorite/interesting event that took place in your simulation?

Longtail331 karma

Dropping a nuke on Turkey because our president was dumb and power hungry

wake6n9bake1 karma

Soooo model UN?

Longtail331 karma

Yeah basically

zaphodakaphil1 karma

Does the simulation include scientists? I mean, what if scientists assume the roles of some politicians?

Longtail331 karma

Scientists usually make up the CC (a sort of layer above the federal government in charge of regulating elections and the actual simulation part of the sim)

Coocoocuhchoo121 karma

Soooo.... digital risk? Sweet. When's the world exploding?

Longtail331 karma

in 2135 (that's when our calendar ends)

Coocoocuhchoo121 karma

Whats the reason of ending in 2135?

Longtail331 karma

It's when our calendar ends lol

Stone_d_1 karma

What would the writers of the Constitution have done differently with today's technology?

Longtail331 karma

They would have made it a google doc

navhaz1 karma

This sounds eerily similar to something I was a part of many years ago. Started off of a Star Wars RP forum of all things. Just curious, what is the development history of this project?

Longtail331 karma

It began as a political simulation and stayed as a political simulation

moemfie1 karma

Have you ever tried a simulation where all members of government get elected by sortition from the population of an entire country? If so, how'd that turn out?

Longtail331 karma

At the very beginning we tried it. Didn't work though

Adsyoung1 karma

Can you add Australia? Also great job.

Longtail331 karma

Thank you! And yes we are considering Australia

Wizardsxz1 karma

How accurate do you think your game is? If it is a simulation, what data is being fed into the simulator when politics is not a solved system and is in no way deterministic?

Longtail331 karma

It's part game/part simulation, and i'd say for the most part that it's pretty accurate

Wizardsxz1 karma

Can you elaborate on why you can claim that?

Longtail331 karma

Through my experience all results that came out of the simulation could be plausible irl

TheProfessor_Reddit1 karma

What’s your favourite event that has happened throughout the simulation?

Longtail331 karma

When we had a "watergate" situation but with Bernie Sanders that led to him being impeached

SchrodingersHipster1 karma

When is it over?

Longtail331 karma


TheSasquatchMan1 karma

What is a government simulation group and whats your favourite adam sandler movie?

Longtail332 karma

Political LARPING. And my favorite sandler film is Click

MacFive551 karma

Are you guys going to create a military?

Longtail332 karma

We have!

HarryPretzel1 karma

Which deodorant do you use and why?

Longtail331 karma

I use Old Spice because I like how it can last for a long time even when applied hap-haphazardly as deodorant usually is in mornings

Domino68381 karma

I'm in one too and I got into it by being approached by some shady guy, how did you get into yours?

Longtail331 karma

Do you have an instagram account?

t33nw17ch1 karma

How does this work logistically? Do users primarily use Instagram to communicate/campaign/whatever? I feel like that's not the easiest platform for communication or party organizing?

How much of this do you take seriously, as like an experiment with how the political system works, and how much just feels like a game.

Also, what's the most interesting scenario you've run into during the simulation? Any really good stories?

Longtail331 karma

It's a very serious endevour for it's creators (such as myself) and Instagram is mainly just used for communication and campaign work. We had one scenario recently that set the whole country into a deep recession, it was fun seeing people try desperately to pass any legislation that would any way help the problem, which just made it get worse, much like the real US government

clatterore1 karma

Using your system can you find out how to turn the inefficient American government system into something more beneficial that is run by people who know what they're doing? I mean how can we get there?

Longtail331 karma

It's very ineffective at regulating pollution, due to lobbying groups Florida's water supply is now 20% waste. The only way pollution controls can be enacted is if one party who is set on doing so has a supermajority

SekaMaka1 karma

When does the world end in the simulation and why?

Longtail332 karma

It ends if participation goes under 50 people a month, or if we reach the year 2135 and the CC doesn't nullify it

SekaMaka1 karma

Thanks for your response :)

Longtail331 karma

No problem!