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gambrino257 karma

From a scale from 1-10, how stoned were you guys when you came up with this idea?

4twentyTV20 karma

Thanks for asking! If we assume 10 is completed toasted, then we were probably at 0. Then again, we do consume a lot of snacks day-to-day...

lewishoodmusic3 karma

Don’t lie!

4twentyTV15 karma

Not a lie—we destroy snacks. Specifically peanut-butter pretzels.

HyFikz30 karma

Why does smoking weed need to be such a lifestyle? Is it not possible to just smoke weed without a pot leaf tattoo, online gamer tag to have 420 in it, talk about it constantly, now a streaming service. It's honestly getting comical.

It always reminds me of the SouthPark episode of the biker gang where they need to be louder and louder so people think they are cool, until Cartman tells them shut the fuck up because everyone thinks they are annoying.

DanWillHor13 karma

This. Weed culture is both juvenile and hurts its own cause of making the use of it normalized.

Wanna know why a cop will still give you shit when you have a medical card and just left the dispensary with a bag? Because it's labeled "Purple Nurple Killer Bin Laden" instead of "medicine".

420TV sounds like the invention of an annoying, barely high 14yo. No offense to them, btw.

Edit for relevance: https://youtu.be/UHvoxxd3tAg

4twentyTV2 karma

That's why we are attempting to get away from the usual stoner culture and show the positives about cannabis. For example, one of our shows, Medical Marijuana Miracles, is all about the healing qualities of cannabis and how it has helped people nationwide. It is heartfelt and moving, and absolutely not juvenile.

4twentyTV4 karma

we are just loud smokers, what can we do? lol In reality, yeah, there is a ton of people whose identities are closely intertwined with cannabis consumption. There is also a ton of people who smoke quietly. And there is a ton of people who hate weed and anything related to it. Whether you are one or the other or the other other, we love you!

son_of_the_monarch20 karma

I get it but I don't get why. Do you guys provide content that other streaming service don't?

4twentyTV13 karma

Yes, we want to provide a mix of exclusive and curated HQ content. Our goal is to have a full line up of our own shows - we've already launched many, with more on the way - and really just any show that fits our audience. So you tell me: What do you want to see?

itty5321 karma

You really think there's enough content and demand to do that?

I mean there isn't a TV channel for, say, beer drinkers. Unless you consider ESPN to be that.

But there's more drinkers than stoners.

It just seems... I dunno, reachy, and kinda patronizing. I mean I'm a stoner, completely. Every day. Have been for about fifteen years. Every other adult stoner I know (excepting those "in the industry") really, really eschews the whole image of "stoner". They don't want to be associated with this guy. I'd argue most stoners avoid the rasta-fied image that is commonly associated.

4twentyTV9 karma

Totally hear you on that. That's why we strive to show that you can be a stoner and a successful well-rounded person. We have some cool shows coming up that feature super successful cannabis entrepreneurs and global aspects of the weed culture.

itty534 karma

I can definitely see some successful programming around the actual industry of it. Having been a large-scale grower before, indoors and out, it's quite interesting. Especially today, getting into the oils, extracts, etc. Hell, I'd love to see the labs of one of these newer major-scale extract producers.

You guys might also consider checking out AGE, the American Glass Expo. Went last year in Vegas, it was some of the most amazing glasswork I've ever seen, and I include pictures I've seen in magazines and such in that statement. Top of the top.

4twentyTV2 karma

Duuuude, we have so much cool content coming your way in the next couple of months about everything you listed above. Stay tuned!

RrentTreznor-1 karma

You certainly can be a stoner and live a fulfilling, successful life, but you can also be a stoner and get to the point where you're simply going through the motions of day-to-day living, complacent with merely having a pulse. And, to be perfectly honest, the majority of excessive marijuana users exhibit the symptoms of the latter, not the former. However, they rationalize to themselves that, just because they aren't arrested, dying, and can maintain employment, the marijuana isn't really an issue. It really comes down to gauging standards for success for marijuana users, and those standards will fall in line with whatever it takes to justify your usage.

4twentyTV3 karma

Excessive use of anything shows unhappiness and deep emotional issues. I don't think marijuana is to blame. I hope that those who fall into the overdoing group can find something relatable in our content offering and find some motivation for themselves. Heck, maybe it's even worth to think about a show about the dark side of weed... Would you want to see that?

RrentTreznor7 karma

Excessive use of anything shows unhappiness and deep emotional issues.

Listen, this is just coming from someone who overcame a decade of heavy, heavy marijuana usage. I was certainly an addict, as much as that terminology is frowned upon with the community.

But, what I learned about myself after the fact, is that I simply have an addictive personality. My addictive personality manifested itself through the path of least resistance, which turned out to be marijuana.

Since then, I've channeled that addictive personality into other, more healthy alternatives such as sports and exercise, cooking, and music production. And, as a stoner, the hard truth is that I would have never been able to achieve what I have in the past three years of sobriety.

This is entirely anecdotal, and marijuana affects individuals differently, I simply don't want you guys to neglect the fact that, there are a ton of people out there like me -- lost in their addiction, willing to come to the defense of marijuana as not the underlying reason for why I hadn't achieved in (in my case) that ten year span. I was relatively healthy in that time, had a successful relationship, but man was I at a complete stalemate in my life. And every other stoner friend I knew was in the exact same boat, as much as they refused to admit it to themselves....that's the thing with marijuana addicts, they have the ability to rationalize so much better than an addict of a more dangerous substance.

But, that first comment you made, about excessive use of anything shows unhappiness and deep emotional issues -- that's sort of what I mean when I am talking about rationalization. That's a blanket statement which you shouldn't use in general terms. I'm not saying anything about you, in particular, as you guys are clearly extremely ambitious, but don't discount that your audience would consist of many folks like my former self.

So, yeah, a "real-life" show documenting an addicts attempt to quit would be pretty neat, and groundbreaking, if you ask me. Even a sitcom depicting the darker, addictive components of weed would be refreshing to see, rather than seth rogen stoner comedies that reinforce various stoner stereotypes that aren't necessarily true.

4twentyTV6 karma

Huge respect! I'm glad to hear that you were able to turn your life around. And thanks for reminding about the other side of this. We'll definitely continue this conversation internally.

BigUptokes10 karma

Surrealist animation.

4twentyTV5 karma

4twentyTV2 karma

If that’s the case, we highly recommend you check out THE GATEWAY on 420tv.com.

Not might be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s 420TVs more creative and abstract show.

Lilloller5 karma

Trailer Park boys. If you are making your own shows. An american version of Trailer park boys.

4twentyTV6 karma

RIP Mr. Lahey

Sgeng14 karma

“For the converted and curious” converted from what? To what? Curious about what?

4twentyTV6 karma

Converted meaning a cannabis user.

Curious as in a person interested in cannabis itself or the industry surrounding it, but not necessarily a user.

Sgeng3 karma

Appreciate the reply.

So what sets you apart as a service and what value does being centered around cannabis bring to a streaming platform?

How much does the platform revolve around cannabis? Could I find something like family guy on your service (if not now then eventually)?

4twentyTV11 karma

We are passionate about cannabis and the value it brings to the society either recreational or medical or even business to those who participate in the industry. Our goal is to show weed culture from all angles and removes stigmas associated with it. While doing that we are also not forgetting to have some fun. You can find comedy specials and stoner classic movies in our apps. We don't have family guy (yet) but we have produced some hilarious animated original shows. Check it out for yourself.

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We have a cool innovative CEO - Dan Goman. But guess who made a guest appearance in one of our shows?

cosmos_jm9 karma

Who is your lawyer?

They forgot to change "Arizona" to "California" under the governing law provision in the privacy policy when he or she copy/pasted your policy from their last client. (hope you didn't pay more than a couple billable hours for that one) The current choice of law provision in the privacy policy suggests actions arising under the TOS could be governed by AZ law which would create a conflict and possibly invalidate your choice of governing law in the actual TOS (which says Cali).

More concerning is the third-party user tracking that you seem to have no control over - but thats just me.

4twentyTV2 karma

Thanks for catching that! We just moved our headquarters from Arizona to California, and we are in the process of changing it.

huntersayat6 karma

Is How High 2 a thought? Or other sequels to other famous stoner movies?

4twentyTV4 karma

To create something like “How High 2” in-house would be a dream come true for the channel’s future. We do have fans of the first one on our team (or the one really happy dude in the picture).

Tylertooo6 karma

Been a smoker since the '70s. Never had an ounce of trouble despite living in a conservative state. I have been able to do so because I stay way tf away from any 420 lifestyle nonsense. Do you wanna smoke in peace, or do you wanna smoke and make sure everyone knows it?

4twentyTV6 karma

Exactly. We want to open up closed minds and allow everyone to smoke in peace whether they want to be left alone or scream from the rooftops. Imagine how many people live in conservative states and want to participate in the 420 lifestyle nonsense but are afraid to do so... We want love, peace and respect to all.

nympheminist5 karma

We can’t ignore the fact that marijuana arrests account for a significant amount of drug arrests in the US. Most recently, ~88% were for simply having marijuana. However, there is significant racial bias when it comes to drug arrests. Both are about equal usage rates, but black people are nearly 4 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana. What’s your opinion on the incarceration of minorities with minor possession charges while others are capitalizing on the industry?

4twentyTV2 karma

It's an absolute travesty, and it just goes to show how much more work needs to be done both inside and outside of the cannabis industry to stop this kind of injustice. We here at 420TV are champions of diversity and seek to represent people of every background. We believe that if we can help erase the negative stigma behind cannabis through our positive content, then it will help push for decrimininalization nationwide. Thus, ending the need to make cannabis related arrests at all- especially those unfairly targeted at minorities.

iatethecuriousity2 karma

Being champions of diversity, what are your plans to hire people of color to your team?

4twentyTV1 karma

The picture we posted is not representative of our whole team, which does consist of people of various ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, if you check out some of our shows, you will see that we strive to cast people from all different ethnicities and sexual orientations.

DrFahad5 karma

International?, or just America?

4twentyTV9 karma

Totally International. We even have a whole original show dedicated to Amsterdam weed scene. More fun stuff to come...

quze5 karma

Hey guys, love the platform! If I would like to watch only one piece of content, which would you recommend?

4twentyTV4 karma

We love all of our shows, but if we had to single one out, it'd probably be "In Amsterdam". It's perfect for binging!!

Very_important_user5 karma

So this is like Netflix but worse. Got it.

I see that you got the VCs for $27mil. Pretty nice. That's like what? At least 5? years of pretending that this is a business model?

4twentyTV2 karma


satan6644 karma

That Asian chick is hawt! Single?

anushy76 karma

Dude, I think the only Asian in their photo is a dude....

4twentyTV14 karma

Lol he is single though...

shitstainedteeth3 karma

Does your company drug test? And are you hiring?

4twentyTV3 karma

Hellllll no... and yes we are, but there's already a line out the door :)

Luckyslice3 karma

How long did it take you guys to develop everything? My friends and I have been working on an app for like a year and feels like it is taking forever

4twentyTV6 karma

We planned it for about a year, development itself took about three months.

DowntownJob3 karma

Are you guys able to get blazed at work?

4twentyTV7 karma

Oh boy, we wish... but our happy hours are a different story :)

pOsEiDoNtRiPlEOg6 karma

Are you not able to blaze and work? I've yet to find a job I couldn't do blazed

4twentyTV2 karma

Tssshhhhh our boss is reading this

DanWillHor2 karma

So, like, how super sconed with the dappies on purpnurp? Skunkunkk?

Boxhot or pushpipe that to get even more sconed?

4twentyTV3 karma

Got some goooood bomb ass dank ass from up north

DothrakiBloodrider2 karma

Who is the CEO?

4twentyTV4 karma

Dan Goman-- he's a five star man

Sin_of_the_Dark2 karma

Do you guys have an plans to bring it to Smart devices? I.e., Xbox One, Smart TVs, Roku. I imagine it would be difficult to get them to allow it on their platforms?

4twentyTV6 karma

We are already pushing crazy boundaries. One day I see ourselves on every platform where users want to see our content. We are all about giving ;) You can already Chromecast and Airplay our content btw if you want a more immersive experience. Original shows are in 4K after all

Kowalski4162 karma

Hey guys! What's your favorite strain? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

4twentyTV3 karma

One of the tougher questions of today. Depends on the mood and time of day.

darthbone2 karma

Hi. I don't use marijuana, and I don't really have any intention to, but I don't really care if people wanna use it. How do I support legalization without really exerting myself or putting forth any effort?

4twentyTV1 karma

Yup, bumper sticker and vote!

blipsterrr2 karma

Any plans for creating original content? I’d like to see some weed friendly reality tv. Even if it’s something like dispensery hopping and ratting the weed.

4twentyTV1 karma

We have a couple short-form series on the site already with more along the way—some that’s exactly what you described.


JHFL1 karma

So uh yeah, do you guys need an inventory control manager? I have tons of aerospace experience but it sounds like it would be much more fun to work for you.

4twentyTV1 karma

We might consider someone to take control of inventory of pot brownies everyone keeps bringing here. Are you responsible enough?

RadiantAct51 karma

How much do you earn from releasing this app?

4twentyTV2 karma

We are all about giving ;)

derbyrally1 karma

if you could get blazed with any three celebrities (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

4twentyTV3 karma

Willie, Snoop and Dave Chappelle duuuuuh. You?

derbyrally6 karma

Stephen hawking, einstein, and neil degrasse tyson

4twentyTV3 karma

Still heart broken over Stephen Hawking :(

rowdoge1 karma

Are you guys affiliated with entertainment 720?

4twentyTV3 karma

As much as we all love Tom Haverford, no we are not affiliated, but if you download 420TV you'll sure be treating your self

4twentyTV1 karma

We love scones!

spoofr-2 karma

Ehh do you have permission to use those movies? Because if not, thats kind of against the law...

4twentyTV10 karma

Awe thanks for being such a good citizen! Of course we do :)