Through a series of adventures, I've been attempting to demystify sexuality, while challenging outdated ideas about sex, gender, identity, and love... all while putting myself at the center of the action. From sex robots, to dragon dildos, to the emerging industry of marijuana pleasure products (aka "weed lube"), SLUTEVER investigates intimacy in a fun, sex-positive and immersive way. The goal is for everyone to learn and LOL simultaneously :)

So: I'm here to answer your burning questions about love, sex, and relationships—just in time for Valentine's Day. Ask away!

You can episode 1 watch my show SLUTEVER now, for free, or buy my (slutty) book of the same name :)


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cbs7895139 karma

I am the first one. I feel special. You have been an advocate for the deterioration of sexual double standards. You are also bisexual, to my understanding. Women in our society have the ability to sexually experiment more freely than men. What are your thoughts on the male bisexuality double standard? Would you date a man who identified as bisexual? Do you find bisexual men less attractive?

KarleySlutever195 karma

This is such a great question. I definitely think there is a double standard here, and that we think it's "hot" and "exploratory" and even "natural" for a woman to want to experiment with other women—we are more open to the idea of female bisexual being "a thing"—but with men, we assume even one blow-job from another dude makes them gay. it's not cool. In terms of research into sexuality, it's been difficult to know whether men are truly less bisexual than women or if it's just cultural conditioning. But i would say personally that I am very into bisexual men! I think a man who is bi means he's very comfortable in his sexuality and masculinity and that's hot! I've dated multiple bi guys.

cobaltcollapse119 karma

When it comes to dating, when do you think is the appropriate time to mention I like having my ass licked?

KarleySlutever113 karma


hmm... maybe when the other person is going down on u bc they're already in the area so its really convenient

Jas175113 karma

What is one thing that one gender usually is open to sexually that the other gender really should try ?

KarleySlutever262 karma

I think men should be more open to the idea of being submissive sexually—not just for the woman's sake, but because people can get a lot out of submission. we mostly assume that in bed, the man is dominant and the woman is submissive. but like... isn't that exhausting for the man? to feel like he can never submit to his partner and be vulnerable? also being submissive is fun bc you get to relax and just lie the fuck down while the other person does the work lol. also it's fun to switch it up sometimes! im so attracted to men who are comfortable enough in their masculinity to role play and be spanked or whatever!

UnfoldedSock70 karma

Hey! Karley love your show and blog. So I'm a male who was largely passed over in high school. no one wanted to date me and no one definitely wanted to fuck me. it hurt and I missed out on a lot, but I understand no one owes me sex. Now I'm in my mid-twenties and I'm still being overlooked by people. no matches on dating sites or apps. no one is walking up to me at bars. no one wants me to engage with them in any form of a sexual level. So many people my age are able to have casual flings and/or relationship, but I can't help but feel like I'm missing out. Yeah people say not having a relationship beats a having a bad one, but I've been having nothing for years. Most forums, sites, and podcast love to dump guys like me on sex workers, but i don't think that's the answer. Paying for sex isn't teaching me how to healthily pick up partners or what I need to know when it comes to flirting. It's teaching me the only way have any worth is to have money. and I know walking up to some woman on the street is only going to earn me a slap on the face. How can I express my wants and desires in an age where male sexuality is so repressed and largely ignored. How can I learn how to engage in this culture that's been excluding me before it even started?

KarleySlutever124 karma

I'm sorry that you feel you've been overlooked. i dont mean this to sound like a generic answer, but i think the best way to appeal to other people—to make other people love you— is to get to a place where you love yourself. people who are passionate about what they do, who are active and treat themselves with respect, will always attract other people. also, you're young. you have many years of slut potential ahead of you :)

kittencastle46 karma

Karley, thanks for your work. Where do you get your ideas for Slutever? Do they come to you? Are they just things you find interesting or particularly titillating? Also, why do you think high-powered women are so interested in being dominated? Thanks!

KarleySlutever80 karma

Thanks! I mainly write about things that I'm interested and want to try myself--from sex parties to weed lube to being fucked by those weirdly popular dragon dildos (there's an episode about those later in this season of Slutever on Viceland :)) And I think high powered women want to be dommed because when you're being a boss all day it's nice to just lay the fuck down and have someone else do all the work :)

thirstfollow43 karma

Did you know you have your own subreddit? r/karleysciortino

KarleySlutever57 karma

omg i didn't! Should I read it? I love hate comments. Will I find a wealth of hate comments there? :)

Lush_lush40 karma

Do you prefer to spit or swallow?

KarleySlutever114 karma

swallow--its only polite!

KarleySlutever33 karma

OK guys, my fingers hurt and my brain is getting lazy. I'm so honored that you asked so many interesting and thoughtful questions! This was SO fun! Happy V-day to everyone and also WATCH SLUTEVER TONIGHT: 10pm on Viceland :) Later sluts!

cuzyoureinhollywood28 karma

Are men intimidated by you sexually? And how do you find someone to keep up with your sexual knowledge/pleasure in real life?

KarleySlutever59 karma

I haven't really had that experience. maybe the ones who are just dont talk to me? lol. currently im dating someone who i feel like i have to keep up with, because he's so good at talking and sexual/romantic communication, and thats not something im the best at. so i feel like no matter how slutty u have been, it's always possible to learn something about sex (and about yourself) from a new partner

PreviousCheck28 karma

What is the most Hardcore/ Sluttiest thing you've ever done? Did it make the "regular courses" less "tasty"?

KarleySlutever111 karma

Hmm... once I had sex with 5 people in one day, which I write about in my new book (link up top). lol--a very productive saturday! that was a special case because it involved multiple group sex situations over the course of 24 hours, but still... impressive? insane? probably both. and no i dont think being hardcore makes "normal" sex less appealing. i still think the most appealing sex is when im able to truly connect and have true intimacy with someone, which is usually the hardest type of sex to find, funnily enough!

thewendywilliamsshow27 karma

Your style is killer! I follow you on both Twitter and Instagram. I dress in a relatively similar way as you with the coquettish/girlish buttoned-up cardigan thing. What fashion and beauty tips do you have? Where do you shop? What motivates your style? Fave beauty products? How does your style relate to your sexuality?

KarleySlutever46 karma

Thanks! I like to think of my style as "Senator's wife on her way to a sex party" :) I love to shop on the Real Real, that consignment website. I love style that has humor in it, really. im so drawn to very loud clothing--when i see other people who look like they really dressed up, and took a style risk, it puts a smile on my face, so i try my best to do the same. As style refs I love Elle Woods, Samantha from SATC, also all the characters in Gregg Araki movies, Clueless and Heathers (duh), 90s Versace, vintage Escada, power suits, etc

CharleyBrucato17 karma

Hey, I helped you demonstrate BDSM for begginers two separate times. Once was at a weird hippie love show in Brooklyn, and the other time was at an art opening for Petra Collins in Manhattan. They actually just used a picture of us from that in the NY Post. But anyway, my question is: After the second time we did the demo at the art show, I was totally getting the vibe that we should have banged. Is that true? I just thought it would have somehow been "unprofessional" to make a move since I was volunteering for the sake of education. But, in reality, I wanted to fuck you against a parked cab. Anyway, good times.

KarleySlutever19 karma

hahahhahah of course I remember you! i was thinking about u the other day bc i saw that pic in the post. lol at thinking sex is unprofesh after i dragged u around on a leash in public. that's probably true! u were so progressive even years before #metoo lol. i think i had a gf at the time tho? anyway #memories

this_is_my_rifle_16 karma

Hey Karley! We're name twins. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be as confident with sex as you? I love sex, but I never seem to feel like I'm the sex goddess I want to be.

KarleySlutever58 karma

love our name :) genuinely i think i feel most confident when im with a sexual partner who makes me feel safe and uninhibited--someone who's not squeamish or uptight, who makes me feel like i can really let go, and that they won't freak out and get weird if something gets awkward, ya know? and i think that type of sexual personality is contagious--like if you're giving out 'up for anything, sexually resilient' vibes, your partner is more likely to return them. confidence comes from feeling comfortable, i think. Also its just important to remember that its just SEX. its supposed to be fun, silly, clumsy, etc. it nice to remind ourselves not to take it so fucking seriously

thirstfollow15 karma

What kink/fetish have you not experienced but want to. What's next on your bucket list?

KarleySlutever37 karma

TBH I kind of want to role play as an adult baby. lol

LucasTurner1715 karma

Do you know if/when slutever s2 will be available in the UK? I loved season one!

KarleySlutever22 karma

Thank you! It will be available in a few months—I'm pretty sure in May :)

masobob12314 karma

What's your thoughts on pubic/body hair?

KarleySlutever56 karma

Hey! I'm neutral! I would say I do prefer that people do some "management" down there, if they expect me to spend any time down there, lol. Like, I don't want to stick my tongue into an untamed jungle. But beyond that I don't really have an opinion. Oh and p.s., I don't think growing out your armpit hair makes you more feminist than anyone else, lol

tourboi13 karma

Can you take my virginity?

KarleySlutever56 karma

Lol... I can't but I hope you find a generous slut who will fuck you senseless.

freshints12 karma

I've followed your blog since I was around 15 years old and it really opened my eyes to the world of sex and my interest in fetishes and kinks. Just started reading the book but I wanted to know what fetish you've found to have a big stigma but is actually super common?

KarleySlutever21 karma

Thank you! OMG Definitely pee! SO many people love to be pissed on and also love to drink pee. Who knew?! (well maybe a lot of people knew, but I didn't...) When I worked in a dungeon as an assistant to a dominatrix, SO many of her clients wanted watersports. I think it has something to do with submission and degradation, but also has a lot to do with just getting at what's INSIDE someone--wanting to be close to someone. What's closer than literally consuming someone's insides???

oomchu11 karma

So, in a way, Donald Trump does represent the common person. Weird.

KarleySlutever16 karma

he's part of the zeitgeist at least LOL

Chichochle11 karma

What are your thoughts on the girls from Guys We Fucked? I’d love to see you as a guest on their podcast!

KarleySlutever21 karma

I love them! They are so slut-positive and I love that they talk about sex with HUMOR. I think humor is really missing in convos around sex (especially for women). So often women talk about sex like "UGH THIS GUY WHO WAS AN ASSHOLE." Or we talk about all the ways in which sex can be dangerous. It's nice to have a reminder thats ex can be FUN, and even when it's sort of awkward and drunken, it's still a learning experience, and they are great at that. I want to be on their podcast! I don't think they want me lol

Chichochle7 karma

Love it! I’m going to tweet a pic of your response to them and see if I can set it up if you don’t mind?!

KarleySlutever3 karma


thirstfollow9 karma

In an interview you've said you liked Joe Rogan's podcast even though you're sure his audience is full of bros and on Instagram you showed you got Jordan Peterson's new book. Have your friends who lean more to the left given you grief about such things?

KarleySlutever77 karma

Yeah i get shit. I've always been attracted to the more dissenting voices on the Left--I love Rogan, Camille Paglia, Jordan Peterson. I feel like, often, the Left really lacks rational, strong voices who speak out against the self-victimization and the increasing insanity of PC culture. Also Peterson gets labeled as anti-trans, but literally anyone who's actually read/listened to ANYTHING he has to say would learn in one second that that's not true--he's just been defending free speech, and doesn't believe people should be able to be put in jail for not using someone's preferred gender pronoun (just like we shouldn't be put in jail for calling someone an asshole)

Tarantino09 karma

I've always wanted to know this - Did you fuck Hamilton Morris?

KarleySlutever21 karma

He was my boyfriend for over two years so yes lol

BurntBlues9 karma

Do you have plans to cover sex and sexuality in poor nations or even just among impoverished Americans who are more likely to be women of color and often have different views on sex and sexuality, and experience/perform gender differently?

Vice and Vogue are often criticized for supporting only a bougie white woman's version of feminism. I'm wondering if you're taking steps to avoid that with your show.

KarleySlutever12 karma

We definitely want and try our best to make the show as inclusive as possible and to have voices from people of different races and genders. The show is only shot domestically, but i hope we did an OK job including the sexualities of people outside of just white girls! As for my Vogue column, that is more complicated because it's a personal column that mainly discusses my own sex life and relationships, but in terms of who I interview I always try to get the perspectives of people of color and queer people. but i can always do better, of course

midnightsax878 karma

At present, what style panties do you prefer you or your partners to wear?

KarleySlutever18 karma

I like a good white cotton high waisted panty for me and i like boxers on a guy :)

JungAmerican5 karma

Are there any mainstream TV shows/films that you think have accurately explored sex-positivity?

KarleySlutever16 karma

I love EASY on Netflix! (I'm bias maybe bc i play a kickass escort in one episode, but i liked the show way before that!). It's sex positive and real, but in a way where u dont feel like you're being beaten over the head with sexual politics. Also I love Broad City.

TrampleMe5 karma

Soooo. My name mean anything to you or.....

Ok my question is do you still do sessions? If not, would you?

KarleySlutever17 karma

Yo! I'm not a domme anymore but you should reach out to Mistress Lucy Sweetkill from Slutever episode 2 lol. She's a true sadist and will trample the fuck out of you

ereid35 karma

How input did you have with Joe Swanberg on your character in season two of Easy?

KarleySlutever13 karma

I loved playing that character! Joe is a friend of mine and he came to me with the idea of featuring a sex worker with agency in the show, and then we had multiple conversations about what that character would be like--some of her story was pulled from my own life. Also that show is structured (and the story is written) by Swanberg, but the lines themselves are improvised, so i got to put all the words in her mouth, so to speak :)

pkngtnbr4 karma

What are your thoughts on your no budget porn videos being on the internet now that you're more 'famous'? And are there any more? Hopefully.

KarleySlutever13 karma

lol "budget porn." I don't mind! I like them. I'm generally lucky I think in that I don't feel regret very often. I'm sure when I'm older I'll be happy to have videos lingering around online of my boobs before they got super saggy! Also I just don't think being naked is that big of a deal tbh

Tommysrr4 karma

If we weighted everything that's ever been in your vagina, do you think we're breaking into the tonnage range?

KarleySlutever9 karma

i hope so

ExpandThineHorizons4 karma

As a writer about sex and sexy topics, I'm curious how you would describe getting spanked so good you turned italian

KarleySlutever4 karma

hmm idk what that means but ive been italian my whole life, both pre and post spanking :)

andwhatmary974 karma

Hey Karley what vibrator would you recommend for a woman in need of self loving ??

KarleySlutever9 karma

Tenga iroha. its soft!

FrodoFagginz694 karma

Hey Karley, loving the new season of Slutever so far! Would you ever consider doing an episode on the Trans community in kink/sex-work/ or dating in general? <3 Your Slutty FTM-Sub here from SF ;)

KarleySlutever9 karma

Hey! Actually we have an episode coming up (I think next Wed actually) about people opening up the conversation about sex and pleasure in the trans community! I really hope you like it. Also we have an ep coming up about cam girls that explores sex work to an extent (it's very sex worker positive, to say the least).

EnthusiasticSlob3 karma

What advice do you have for a young suppressed slut like myself? Or what advice would you give to your younger self?

KarleySlutever40 karma

i would say: "in society we have this outdated idea that, by having sex men are GETTING something whereas women are GIVING SOMETHING UP, and that's fucking outdated and tragic. we all get something out of sex. just because youre a woman doesnt mean that you lose a part of yourself when u fuck someone" :)

nstern23 karma

When is the best time in a relationship to open up about weird sexual fetishes? I'm obviously not opening the first date with it, but I've never really known when I can drop what will probably be an awkward conversation about sex so I never have.

KarleySlutever10 karma

i think once you're fucking, it's all game

bareluke3 karma

hi karley! love your presence on Vice! which other vice reporter/program do you love to watch?!

KarleySlutever8 karma

I love Krishna and his show Weediquette. He's such a kind, knowledgable, and empathetic host and i love the tone of his show.

laceyblair2 karma

Aside from being awesome and doing an AMA, what are your V-day plans?? 💞

KarleySlutever9 karma

I think I'm going to the movies with my boyfriend. I don't care that much about v-day tbh. Also episode 4 of Slutever airs tonight at 10pm so i SHOULD be watching that but i dont have a fucking TV lol

exc0wboy2 karma

Hey Karley! Loving your book so far, audio version is definitely the way to go. Super funny! My question is: I've always been curious about the last video you did for (titled 'Slutever'). IIRC the dude in it was your ex, Hamilton. Was he chill with being included, given the narration painted him in a pretty bad light?

KarleySlutever11 karma

I tried to respect everyone I wrote about in the book—however, I was largely writing about my experiences, and it's difficult in a memoir because it's like... who owns those stories? who has ownership of the story of my past relationships? should my exes be able to prevent me from talking about my own life experiences? its a difficult question, but i felt like it was valid to talk about some of the unsavory romantic experiences ive had, because i don't ONLY want to talk about the fun stuff--sex and love are complicated and i wanted to talk about both the bad and the good

thirstfollow2 karma

What kind of drugs have you done and which are your favorites?

KarleySlutever40 karma

I used to be a low-key ketamine addict when I lived in London, and i still love that drug, but im glad it's hard to find in the states lol. I am a big fan of MDMA, which I also did too much of at various squat raves in my early 20s. Now I'm pretty boring and just black out on alcohol like real adult

Sweetersky2 karma

Do you prefer a monogamous or open relationship?

KarleySlutever5 karma

i think both are good for different reasons and hard for different reasons. ive tried being open multiple times but i would turn into a bit of a jealous maniac. i think it depends on the person and what u are looking for at the time. im monogamous now and it feels really rewarding.

Sweetersky2 karma

When did you first pop that pussy? Also I think everything about you is amazing.

KarleySlutever5 karma

when i was 16!

snoozingmoon2 karma

Hi Karley! I was wondering if you have any advice for someone who wants to do a bit of research in the porn industry/ people consumption of porn. I know these can be private or sensitive subject so I'm wondering how you approach people about interviewing them?

I know my question isn't about love sex or relationships but I admire your work!

KarleySlutever7 karma

i think if u are curious and sex positive, and if u make that clear when approaching people for interviews, many porn performers will want to talk to u, because they want to be active in creating a public narrative that destigmatizes their work

JohnLight9092 karma

Can a relationship work out if my girlfriend doesn't like kink play but I do, I feel like I need it, it's part of who I am but feel like she thinks it's taboo Or should I just hide that part of me and try to ignore that part of me?

KarleySlutever2 karma

I dont want to tell u what to do in your relationship, given that i know only one sentence about ut. but i do think that sex is a very serious part of a relationship, and of personal happiness, so if u think that u need it that u should talk to her about it, and your personal needs. if shes cares about u then she should be willing to invest time in learning about why its important to u

tourboi2 karma

What is sex ?

KarleySlutever12 karma

no one knows

StoodOnLeft_DIED2 karma

How awesome was it being in a Blood Orange music video?

KarleySlutever6 karma

I love Blood Orange. Dev has been my friend since we were 18! He scored the theme music for the Slutever show in Viceland!

ChickenSaladCitizen2 karma

Hi Karley! I loved the section in your book about sugaring. I've tried to dabble in sugaring and have gone on some dates, but I've had a lot of trouble getting myself to feel confident or safe. You do a great job of describing how sugaring is part of life for confident and driven women, and it's not always ending in murder. And the men who purchase sex aren't "hopeless losers" either. But some of the stigmas have some truth to them and do you think that sugaring falls something on the spectrum between empowering and shameful? I think after messages and verbal comments of men saying belittling things to me because they think they can say whatever they want if they "paid" for you, can I still feel empowered through it?

KarleySlutever6 karma

I think it's empowering if you enjoy it. i dont think sugaring if for everyone. (just like no type of sex is for everyone). but my advice is like... if a guy says belittling things to u, just leave. if a guy needs to belittle u it means he has low self esteem. like what type of tragic loser needs to belittle a woman he's paying? a man who hates women—probably because he resents women for not giving him attention. i think just remember that there will always be trolls, but trolls are fucking tragic, and just focus on trying to find someone u like to hang with and ignore the rest of the losers

nie19791 karma

how do you navigate play instances in which rape fantasies are being explored? is there a specific line/boundary you aren’t willing to cross regardless of pre scene talks?

KarleySlutever6 karma

i think exploring rape fantasies is really healthy and as long as u have a safe word, and youre with someone u trust, there's not really anything to lose! the only boundary should be the line where u no longer feel comfortable

eddieaspaghetti1 karma

Do you plan on doing a book tour?

KarleySlutever1 karma

im doing another reading in nyc in late march but other than that no :(

thirstfollow1 karma

Is it easy for you to orgasm? Are you able to have vaginal orgasms or mostly clitoral? Is there a specific thought/item/thing that gets you off reliable and regularly?

KarleySlutever7 karma

i can come with penetration but only if i have clit stimulation at the same time. literally the idea of being able to come from just penetration alone is so crazy to me! and it wasnt until i was like 27 that i could come with someone inside me, even with clit stuff, so it was a "learned skill" so to speak, lol. In terms of toys i LOVE the Tenga Iroha. its a soft vibrator

PM_yr_cute_clit_plz1 karma

Hi Karley, thank you for doing this AMA!

What has been your experience with exhibitionism? If someone has interest, but hasn't gotten into it yet, what are some best practices that can keep them safe and feeling sexy at the same time?

KarleySlutever3 karma

hey! ive worked out through going to sex parties that im not an exhibitionist--but i worked that out because i was like "wow a sex party is the perfect place for an exhibitionist, hence why i feel so awkward!" i think u should look into kink parties or sex parties in your area bc there u can have a build in audience!

[deleted]1 karma


KarleySlutever2 karma

you should try "switching" - she's dominant one time, and you the next.

-arash1 karma

I am a very intelligent guy. I do tennis and hiking. Have a normal body, little belly, and great butt(exes told me they wanted to fuck me in my ass). I hate bodybuilding and weight lifting.Would a slutty girl like me to work out and build muscles or I am good enough?

KarleySlutever4 karma

I dont think all girls like the same thing lol. i think you should aspire to look however you want, and have the body that makes u feel more confident--girls want a confident guy, mainly

sawslutxox1 karma

I am a big fan and have followed your blog since the early days. I wanna know, do you think it is worth it to have sex with my boyfriend who has herpes? I know there are risks even with protection, and I don't wanna be scarred by the stigma for life. I also am sick of being asexual in my relationship. Follow up question: do you think at 27 I am too old to move to London and find a squat to live in?

KarleySlutever9 karma

Hey! I think you should talk to your dr and having him visit a health professional as well. if he gets on meds he can operate at a place where the amount of the virus in his system is low enough that, with using condoms, you will be at low risk. i dont think herpes is the end of the world, but u should def talk to a dr about making sure that when u do have sex (if u decide to) u protect yourself as much as u can.

also... hmm 27. idk maybe? lol

aeroartist1 karma

first, i love your vision that folks should be sexual and comfortable with being sexual. thanks for talking about sex. in a recent clip of yours, you advocated for people to make friends with "prostitutes" to become better people themselves. my questions: do you prefer the term prostitute to sex worker? if so, why? do you have friends who are sex workers, and can you speak a little bit about the emotional labor they go through on a day-to-day basis?

KarleySlutever11 karma

I know sex worker is more PC, but sometimes i like the term prostitute (or whore etc) because it has more punch—it's being said with a tinge of irony, or for the purpose of provocation. i was a sex worker for a while (through a sugar daddy website) which i talk about in detail in my book SLUTEVER (link up top) and i have many friends who are in the sex industry. i love sex workers bc their attitudes about sex are so practical--they're so sexually strong, they're not fragile, they're not VICTIMS. they have a sense of humor about sex. they understand that sex can be fun but that it can also be transactional, and that an awkward or boring or shitty sexual experience doesn't mean that they're broken--it can even be something to laugh about! i also write in the book that sex work can be fun and glam at times but its essentially a form of labor--like any service industry position

futurecarlos1 karma

What would be the best way for someone to submit a question for your ask slutever column on your blog?

KarleySlutever6 karma

you can reach me at [email protected] and please put Ask Slutever in the subject line :)

Sweetersky1 karma

Whats your measurement ?? Height, Feet and everything

KarleySlutever7 karma

lol. im 5'9'' and i have big size 11 feet

rafisaqer1 karma

What is you funniest high school story?

KarleySlutever4 karma

hmm at my junior prom this popular guy brought a sex doll to the after prom party and wrote my name on it and then a bunch of jocks from my grade mimed gangbanging it--that was... memorable?

thirstfollow-1 karma

Have you ever tried race play?

KarleySlutever1 karma

no should I?