My short bio: Went to a taping of The Price is Right, and after the interviews ended up getting picked first and went all the way to the Showcase Showdown

My Proof:me winning the car-

full episode-


edit: more videos

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Johann_Gauss139 karma

Is it true they have people outside the studio welling to give you like 20% in cash of your car’s worth so that you don’t have to pay taxes?

marky_mark301149 karma

that is not true

SaintPatrice37101 karma

Awesome! How’s the car?

marky_mark301219 karma

haven't picked it up yet, getting the money together for taxes and ill be picking it up and promptly selling it

cards_dot_dll78 karma

Do you have a buyer lined up? What price are you looking at/for?

marky_mark301106 karma

I do not, $15,000 USD

R2theAY228 karma

I’d say the price is right.

OprahsSister74 karma

I’ll say $15,001.00

noholdingbackaccount14 karma

Didn't your sister already give you a car?

marky_mark3015 karma


noholdingbackaccount6 karma

Look at who I was replying to.

marky_mark30116 karma

wow im dumb

cards_dot_dll23 karma

How does that compare to MSRP? I think yours is the ideal case to test the estimates of how much value you lose by driving the car off the lot -- nobody has any reason to doubt that the car is new nor to think you're trying to pass off a lemon.

marky_mark30148 karma

its about $3k off MSRP, it will be towed on a trailer from the dealer to my house and never be driven

indiaalphaxray34 karma

A friend of mine won a Prius and contacted the dealership she was to be picking it up from and asked about selling it back to them. They went back and forth a bit and eventually they reached an agreement. It worked well for the dealership as it could still be sold by them as a new car “never driven off the lot” and worked out awesome for my friend as it was more they could’ve got if they sold it privately. You may be able to negotiate a good price that would be difficult to get on your own and with less hassle of conducting a private sale.

Congrats and good luck with your sale!

marky_mark30116 karma

thank you so much for that info!

Great_Chairman_Mao14 karma

So are you paying taxes on receiving the car and then paying again to sell it? Seems like a lot of lost value.

marky_mark30134 karma

it's technically income here in the U.S.

YouNiqueUser9 karma

What is the total cost you need to get them to sign the title over to you officially making the car yours?

(I know at the end of the year it will increase for taxes, not questioning that)

marky_mark30111 karma

about $2k

Jesus_Faggot_Christ13 karma

Do you already have a car or do you just want the money more? I know a lot of people who win cars sell them, but god damn I love those little Fiats.

marky_mark30112 karma

i am looking to sell it, are you in or near Southern California?

stalkythefish6 karma

Do you get the car pictured on the show or do you pick your own of equal value from a dealer's inventory?

marky_mark3017 karma

you are given one from a dealerships inventory

ueeediot6 karma

Why not just take the cash value?

marky_mark30111 karma

its not an option

saml016 karma

Maybe you can get a dealer to take the car directly and that way they can ensure that the car doesn't have an owner before they sell it. It's a win for you and them.

marky_mark3014 karma

good idea!

alligatorterror2 karma

Can you pay the taxes at a later date or montg my payment?

marky_mark3015 karma

you pay taxes on anything other than cars at the end of the year, you pay tax and title before receiving cars....everything is mailed to you

yfunk386 karma

Can you opt for a cash payout or do you have to reject if you can't pay the taxes?

marky_mark30198 karma

you have to reject

IMayBeSpongeWorthy23 karma

Anyone have to reject while you were there? I wonder how many prizes go unclaimed because of the taxes.

marky_mark30126 karma

everyone accepted

uboat5780 karma

How long do you have to pick up the car? Is there a limitation of how long they will hold it for you to get the money together?

marky_mark30166 karma

10-30 days

ThreeLZ33 karma

So if you went in at 8 days they would tell you to leave and come back next week?

marky_mark30128 karma

no, but its an initial, and up to 30 days

ShankKunt4278 karma

Were you acting outlandish or distinguished in the line where they take your name ?

marky_mark30189 karma

yes, very energetic and worked the crowd

NeverThrowawayAcid74 karma

How heavy is the wheel?

marky_mark30180 karma

surprisingly heavy

babycatradio11 karma

But how heavy?

marky_mark3012 karma

its hard to describe

mordecai9869 karma

What does Drew Carey smell like?

marky_mark301124 karma

ralph lauren

easyaspiez47 karma

So you smelled Drew but not Amber? God damnit.

marky_mark30164 karma

she didn't really smell like anything

easyaspiez58 karma

Did you get to hug Amber and what did she smell like? Congrats man.

marky_mark30148 karma

i did!

jsach348 karma

Nice! I’ve always wanted to know, is the show really made from duct tape and plywood on the other side?

marky_mark30171 karma

its made well, but obviously built for the cameras

squishynurse47 karma

What’s your favorite kind of cheese 🧀?

marky_mark301109 karma

im lactose intolerant

maskedferret_98 karma

Fellow lactose intolerant here. There are many cheeses that have very little lactose in them to the point that it doesn't really have an effect. A particular favorite of mine is sharp cheddar.

marky_mark30165 karma

omg youre the best

maelstromofsorts44 karma

If you win something, like a car or something that you don't want or need, can you just say "No thanks!" to the Price is Right people??

marky_mark30152 karma

you can!

d4nkkkk43 karma


marky_mark30159 karma

yes, what you see is pretty accurate

TheRockingHorseLoser33 karma

What was the interview like? Do the select contestants based on personality?

marky_mark30150 karma

they just ask basic questions like where you are from and what you do. they just listen to how you respond

rolledrock32 karma

Still haven't answered what we all want know, how much do you have to pay before getting the car?

marky_mark30143 karma

about $2k

TrumpJuice27 karma

so did you have to pay a luxury tax on the car? or how does winning work?

marky_mark30150 karma

yes, taxes and title are due at time of pickup...also, you have to pay income tax for the items you won the year of the air date. so for me, its 2018 taxes for a car and some jewelry

leahcim221126 karma

Do you get told to act overly hyped and excited if your picked?

marky_mark30145 karma

not really, but you will anyway

exit14314 karma

Where do you go after your segment while waiting for the showcase showdown? Is there a green room? Do they have snacks? What kind of snacks?

marky_mark30117 karma

you sit in the front row to the left of the stage

Cooleosis13 karma

Can you decide to take some prizes and not others to save the taxes? So could you say 'I want the car, but not the jewelry' or is it all or nothing?

marky_mark30111 karma

you can deny certain prizes

tvansmack12 karma

Are planning to take The Funky Bunch on a joyride?

marky_mark30122 karma

Yo it's about that time To bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme I'm a get mine so get yours

Mcbadguy10 karma


marky_mark30110 karma

thank you so much, i was 23

about an hour or so away

i got tickets for free online a couple days before, showed up that day and won

Mcbadguy7 karma


marky_mark3015 karma

thank you so much!

MiaYYZ9 karma

Was your heart pounding while you were on stage playing the game, or were you calm?

marky_mark30115 karma

my heart was absolutely pounding

MiaYYZ8 karma

In retrospect, anything you wish you did differently?

marky_mark30111 karma

not at all

Criollo229 karma

How does the getting picked process work? Do you stand outside and hope to get picked to site in the audience for a chance? Do you buy tickets for a certain show and your name goes into a lottery? Or do you know your going up on stage before hand and just act surprised.

marky_mark30131 karma

you get interviewed in batches of 50-60 one by one for maybe 20 seconds each. the guy spoke to me for close to a minute. I worked the crowd and was energetic but not overly. They dont actually say Come on Down! in the studio, its added after, also the set is pretty quiet. They announce you are chosen with a Posterboard with your name on it. You find out while they are taping

edit: that post made no sense wtf

IMayBeSpongeWorthy11 karma

That makes so much sense that they don’t hear “Come on down” by the reactions they show. The delay and their eyes when the name is announced.

marky_mark3016 karma


Sr_Underlord7 karma

I hope this can be answered,

If someone is unable to pay the taxes and they can't accept the car, does that mean they get absolutely nothing? Nothing at all? No compensation or anything?

marky_mark3017 karma

i guess so

Sr_Underlord2 karma

Thanks for replying!

marky_mark3015 karma

you're welcome!

Cuchulane6 karma

Who was that off camera that gave you the 63 answer?

marky_mark3016 karma

actually, Desmond....the guy I was in the Showcase Showdown with

dcpanthersfan6 karma

Do you win the prize you bid on in Contestants Row as well?

marky_mark3017 karma

i did!

CatsPajammies5 karma

Are the nametags written by hand? It looks like it's been written by the same person for decades.

marky_mark3017 karma

there is a person whos job it is to write names on nametags

BuddyPeanuts5 karma

Who was the hottest Barker Beauty?

marky_mark3019 karma

Amber Lancaster

tatleoat4 karma

Do you pose like that for every photo you take of yourself?

marky_mark3013 karma

its my awkward go to

Cuchulane4 karma

Have you filled in the other two check boxes on your shirt?

marky_mark30113 karma

yes, at the beginning of my showcase a stagehand gave me a marker to check them off ON SET! which i thought was awesome. Drew also signed my shirt

jdontevenknow3 karma

Does Drew really entertain the crowd during breaks? What's the process after the show, like do winners go backstage to fill out paperwork? Also is the ticket process first come first serve or you sign up in advance? Oh! One more: do you keep the winners license plate?

marky_mark3015 karma

sorta, mainly talks to contestants...yeah you just go into a room and fill out paperwork...i got the tickets online for free, and YES! its a frame that says "I won this car on The Price is Right"

jdontevenknow5 karma

I actually watched your episode the day it aired. You killed that game. I was wondering what you ran back to the crowd for before going to the car.

marky_mark3013 karma

thanks! i ran to Desmond in the audience, the guy i ended up in the Showcase Showdown with, he gave me the answer

jdontevenknow2 karma

So, as a follow up, if you're selling the car, are you gonna put that on your actual car or keep it as a trophy?

marky_mark3013 karma

keep is as a trophy, for sure...along with the shirt, nametag, posterboard with my name, and my showcase pricetag

beautiful_woman3 karma

Are you going to try out for other game shows? What do you think about the experience overall?

marky_mark30110 karma

YES! now that i know what it takes im going to try it out. I cant win on TPIR for 10 years, and Lets Make A Deal for 1 year

Sh1fty3yedD0g2 karma

Fascinating, I wonder what is the percentage of people who win vehicles on game shows ACTUALLY keep the vehicle vs selling it.

You would think the game show would offer you a check as opposed to jumping through these hoops.

On one hand a free car is a free car.

In the other hand, a vehicle is a VERY personal choice and to have one sprung on you without you having some part in the selection process is only good if you're 16 and your parents are buying out for you.

Congrats man on Both wins beating Cancer and on TPIR..

Is Drew Carey truly as nice as he seems?

marky_mark3015 karma

thank you so much, he really is..didnt feel starstruck at all

NIS3R2 karma

Are you going to try to hype the car as a price is right prize so you can sell it for more?

marky_mark30112 karma

i thought about it, but it just shows i have nothing invested in it and will probably get lowballed

kinglyryan2 karma

what's your favorite colour?

marky_mark3013 karma


Temptress755192 karma

Did you have to pay sales tax or any fees to take possession of the jewelry prizes like you did with the car or did you just get to walk away from the show with the other stuff in hand?

marky_mark3015 karma

you actually dont get the stuff until you airdate, and you pay for the taxes on stuff (other than cars) at the end of the year of that airdate. I went to the show in December 2017, but it didnt air until Jan 10, 2018.

ScrobDobbins3 karma

Oh wow. So if for some reason they decide not to air that show, do you end up with nothing?

I know it probably doesn't happen much, if ever, but I imagine it's possible..

marky_mark3013 karma

i suppose so

ScrobDobbins4 karma

Just asking cause I remember seeing a video somewhere about some guy who somehow cheated at showcases and they said Drew did the outro with no 'pep' because he thought it wasn't going to air, but I guess they did air it since they had the footage. Was kind of interesting.

Anyway, congrats on the win. And being cancer-free!

marky_mark3013 karma

interesting! hey, thank you so much!

Sergeant__Slash2 karma

What was the point where you knew you could get a ton of Reddit Karma too?

marky_mark3015 karma

right now