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Hey Bob, did you enjoy hosting America's Funniest Home Videos?

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How long do you have to pick up the car? Is there a limitation of how long they will hold it for you to get the money together?

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1) What make/model Sherman was it (M4A4, VC Firefly, etc)? 2) What position (Commander, Gunner, Driver, etc) were you in your tank? 3) Did you give your tank a name? 4) What was the scariest moment you experienced during the war? 5) What were interactions with allied forces like? 6) How much did the tank affect your hearing (how loud was the main weapon?)?


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Is the west (America) being too passive? And what is the crime rate among the protestors? Has it gone full out mob rule with raping and pillaging, or can people still go about living relatively normal lives?

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Was there a specific unit you were part of when you were in the Soviet army (ex: 1st Rifle Division, 74th Motor Rifle Brigade, etc), and second, could you provide some expound a bit on what battle conditions for the Soviet army were like (ex: if you fought in trenches or not, supplies and lacks there of, and what a general day was). Thank you very much, it is really an honor to be able to ask this of someone who was in the Soviet army.