Hello Everyone! Ill answer a few questions right off the bat:

How did I get on stage?

I brought 2 small signs to the concert that said “CAN I DRUM FOR REASONS UNKNOWN” & I hid one in my shoe. I was looking for the right moment to lift it up high for Brandon or Ronnie to see. The second Brandon took the bass guitar from Jake and approached the lead mic I raised it and he looked down at it right away. I was in the front row because I bought the VIP early access tickets so I was right in his line of sight. He immediately looked at Ronnie who then signalled for me to come up.

Had you met Brandon previously? I have never met Brandon before, came close many times but missed him by a few minutes.

Do you play in a cover band or just practice ti the music (something else)?

I dont play in a cover band or any band. I have been drumming for 12 years and the killers are my musical inspiration. I play for fun and I practice all of the band’s songs as often as I can. For Reasons Unknown is one of my favourite tracks and its one that means alot to me for many reasons... some will remain unknown.

Why did Ronnie Vannuci hang around the drum kit while you were playing? Was he saying anything to you

Ronnie was cheering me on the whole time and saying “YEAH, YEAH” and he then started playing a tambourine close to one of the mics on the kit. He then gave me a shot of Jack Daniels and let me keep the sticks I was using.

Here is a link to the the video of the night : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WJ_xKnf9q8&t=190s

My Proof : https://twitter.com/TheBrandonMohan/status/950015528822870017

EDIT: Thank you all so much for the questions and congratulations I feel alot of love :)

If you would like to follow what I do here is the link to my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9XGQC2GUL9XWgQnM9ptXmQ/featured

I make videos & take pictures.

Thanks for all the support!

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Genghis_Khannor24 karma

How nervous were you playing drums for so many people? Or was it just like working through the motions to the music?

BrandonMohan29 karma

I wasn't nervous while I was on the stage. Once I sat on that kit and had all those wonderful people cheering my name I felt comfortable. Surprisingly, I only felt nervous before I held up the sign.

OyeYouDer17 karma

Buddy... I want to believe, so very badly, that this wasn't something pre-planned, as I just lived my dream vicariously through your video. How in the hell did you not cry little fanboy tears of joy at pulling that off??

BrandonMohan30 karma

Well I can confirm that it wasn't pre planned and I felt like crying afterwards. Rocking out with The Killers distracted me from crying on stage haha.

OyeYouDer6 karma

Well man... Good for you, then! It's super cool, and you totally killed it. I was impressed at how well you all melded...You nailed all the cues. Did they invite you backstage or anything after the show?

BrandonMohan8 karma

Thank you so much! and no right after the show I had to go home and pack my case. I had to leave really early for the Montreal show.

jammi_lee_curtis16 karma

What a crazy experience!! Have you ever tried putting a thumb up your butt while you jerked off?

BrandonMohan9 karma

Thank you! Cant say I ever have haha

BackwoodsMarathon15 karma

The best part of the video for me is when the singer is playing the crowd and you start slowly building a drum roll. Is that something they do regularly, or was that improvised?

BrandonMohan24 karma

The build up is something they have been doing since the Day and Age tour, its just something I practiced while learning their live rendition.

Drach8813 karma

Where did you go after you went off-stage? Was there any follow-up from the band afterwards?


BrandonMohan27 karma

I went to the back of General Admission to enjoy the rest of the show. Ted Sablay (the touring guitarist) messaged me afterwards saying " Way to go tonight!"

Whit3Rhyme12 karma

So are they human or dancer? Still not sure about this...

BrandonMohan12 karma

Ronnie is for sure a Dancer haha

crystalkeyss6 karma

I love the Killers! They sound like a chill band irl. A little bit of clarification-- did you take a shot after the show or after you played for them (still on stage)?

BrandonMohan13 karma

When I finished playing the song Ronnie gave me his cup of Jack Daniels and said "Take A Shot".

zmanofkool5 karma

Man way to step up and own that song. If you could step in for one other band/song what would it be??

BrandonMohan12 karma

I would love to tackle Green Day's "Jesus of Suburbia"

Raiden11564 karma

Can you post the selfies? Really want to see those.

OldEars3 karma

Brandon, thanks so much for responding to my request and doing an AMA (which I'm just now seeing 9 hours later). I though it was really fantastic, and while you played like a ringer and like the whole thing was set up, it just didn't seem that way. You should be in a band. What do you do in "real life?"

BrandonMohan2 karma

I’m a Department Manager under the Loblaws banner by day, gorilla filmmaking drummer by night!

BrandonMohan2 karma

and thank you very much :)

mrshemingway3 karma

It seemed like Ronnie was talking to you while you were playing. What did he say?

BrandonMohan4 karma

The few times I glanced over he was cheering me on "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

Thrillhouse7633 karma

What kit do you have at home?

BrandonMohan5 karma

I have a Yamaha Oak Custom.

HeadphoneJackal3 karma

What does Brandon Flowers smell like?

BrandonMohan5 karma

He smells like flowers. Specifically tulips.

appliedstudio2 karma

Any regrets? Or nailed everything perfect?

BrandonMohan2 karma

The only thing I would have done is hit a little harder and added more of that beastly bass drum.

appliedstudio2 karma

Do the sound engineer guys just adjust for this on the fly?

BrandonMohan2 karma

I’m not to sure, but I dont know how much adjusting they really would have had to do since it was the next song in the set list!

Farkerisme2 karma

Why did the drummer say to you during the hug after the song? Do you remember?

BrandonMohan7 karma

He told me I rocked it and gave me his drink

coryrenton2 karma

was the drum setup unusual or of higher quality than a typical drum setup in say a guitar center showroom?

BrandonMohan3 karma

That drum set up was top notch quality!

ugh-yes1 karma

OMG i just realized this was only a couple days ago! how are you feeling now? I probably would still be shaking!

(I'm a huge Killers fan, luckily I get to see them in a few months!)

BrandonMohan4 karma

As of right now I’m still processing that this actually happened. I’ve been getting so many messages from fans and everyone has been so kind to me so over all I’m feeling infinite joy! Enjoy the show, this tour is wonderful!

___Edward___1 karma

Have you listened to MGMT?

BrandonMohan3 karma

I have only heard Kids!

___Edward___1 karma

Check out the entire Oracular Spectacular album and for more drum/jazz check out Bonobo - Animal Magic.

I'll check out The Killers.

edit: Oracular Spectacular

BrandonMohan3 karma

I will look into that for sure

wowzers0021 karma

Come a long way from eating burnt popcorn in the back of our office! Lol but seriously congrats was surreal when I saw that post of you on reddit.

I'll ask a question too that is usually always asked in these types of things on this website:

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Brandon flowers or 1 Brandon Flowers sized duck?

BrandonMohan1 karma

I would rather not fight Brandon Flowers, so I’d fight the Brandon Flowers sized duck. Haha thank you though this whole experience is surreal.

novelty_bone0 karma

do you ever wonder why we're here?

BrandonMohan1 karma

I wonder that all of the time. Someone or something somewhere knows the answer!