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BrandonMohan30 karma

Well I can confirm that it wasn't pre planned and I felt like crying afterwards. Rocking out with The Killers distracted me from crying on stage haha.

BrandonMohan29 karma

I wasn't nervous while I was on the stage. Once I sat on that kit and had all those wonderful people cheering my name I felt comfortable. Surprisingly, I only felt nervous before I held up the sign.

BrandonMohan27 karma

I went to the back of General Admission to enjoy the rest of the show. Ted Sablay (the touring guitarist) messaged me afterwards saying " Way to go tonight!"

BrandonMohan24 karma

The build up is something they have been doing since the Day and Age tour, its just something I practiced while learning their live rendition.

BrandonMohan13 karma

When I finished playing the song Ronnie gave me his cup of Jack Daniels and said "Take A Shot".