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Played by a somewhat younger David McCallum...

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This may or may not be on your wheelhouse. What would make the cranial sutures on someone’s skull (middle aged, not losing weight) become significantly more prominent over a 1-month period?

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Brandon, thanks so much for responding to my request and doing an AMA (which I'm just now seeing 9 hours later). I though it was really fantastic, and while you played like a ringer and like the whole thing was set up, it just didn't seem that way. You should be in a band. What do you do in "real life?"

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Thanks. She lives with a doctor. Nothing raised—more prominent depressions. No other symptoms other than her chronic ones. Almost like the muscles over it are wasting, but nothing anywhere else. Strange!

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I hope you're still responding to these. 38 years ago I did research at MIT on clearing opacified corneas. We used a ex-vivo opacified cornea model and infused in monoacrylamide into them, which allowed the stromal ground substance's index of refraction to match that of the collagen fibers (which were no longer in a stable matrix--that is what caused the opacification). By eliminating the variations in index of refraction, the corneas became dramatically clearer. The acrylamide was then polymerized to stabilize it, but acrylamide is a potent neurotoxin so not usable clinically. We proved the concept, and I left to attend medical school (I did not choose ophthalmology). The project was taken over by a PhD candidate but he never completed it. Do you have any idea if this ever went further, or if there was a search for a benign material with which to match the index of refraction?

Thanks for the work you do!