I'm a comedian and video maker, of such videos as 'Gigi the Christmas Snake' and the 'GAYLE' series on YouTube, and I recently recorded my standup special "Showpig" and streamed it live from Thalia Hall in Chicago, which you can watch here: https://www.facebook.com/chrisflemingfleming/videos/2056782114337563/

Proof: https://i.redd.it/3sxq97jz1x701.png

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blueberryjones59 karma

"I'm Afraid to Talk to Men" led to one of the most sincerely revealing chats that I (a cis gal) have ever had with my (cis male & pretty masc) husband, wherein I learned that he is also, similarly, afraid to talk to men. As am I. My question: do you think that, deep down, everybody is afraid to talk to men?

chrisflemingfleming44 karma

I dunno but I sure am!

therealdanconnor55 karma

Your mom was perfect as Bonnie. Did you have to coach her on how to deliver the lines or did she just intuitively understand the character?

chrisflemingfleming61 karma

I don't think we ever gave my mom any direction, my sense of humor comes from her so we had an Elliot/ET thing going on all throughout GAYLE

chaoticnature7739 karma

Hi Chris, in love with your whole Gayle concept. It’s absolutely hilarious. My favorite one is “mall kids.” Will you be doing more Gayle in the future? Also, where did your inspiration for Gayle’s character come from?

chrisflemingfleming43 karma

mall couples is my fav too! thank you I believe we will return! I'm exploring other things right now. I got too consumed by that as did my family and friends. Everyone wanted me to do something else but we're all starting to miss it a little...we'll see

knita4life32 karma

How should I punish my family for disrespecting my beach towels?

chrisflemingfleming62 karma

Making them drive around with a ham flag on their Kia sends a loud and clear message

Foxannemusic32 karma

Your car rants are beyond amazing, but besides your masterful quick edits, do you write everything out beforehand, or is there an element of ad-lib?

Also, do you plan on working with more outside musicians after the success of showpig? (asking for a friend....me)

chrisflemingfleming56 karma

Thank you! There's a script but I'd spend a long ass time in my car usually parked outside someone's home trying to get the Adventure Dad lines just right and whatnot, lot of making stuff up in a hot car and having people tap on my window asking if 'everything's cool'

techn0scho0lbus20 karma

Is everything cool?

chrisflemingfleming47 karma


AdmiralZhaoorAckbar25 karma

Since your SAT tutor is in Stranger Things does that make the Gayle series also within the Stranger Things Universe?

chrisflemingfleming49 karma

Gayle would have a HUGE problem with Stranger Things, especially the cop who everyone thinks is hot now

ilovemyficus24 karma

I grew up in Acton MA and LOVE the accuracy of your depiction of the neurotic suburban Massachusetts house mother.

I have been scrutinizing all your GAYLE videos to figure out which town you're from.. WHAT IS NORTHBREAD IN REAL LIFE?!

chrisflemingfleming28 karma

Northbread is right above Southbread, and southeast of Groton/Dunstable

betsyricelong23 karma

Chris, what's the point of slithering slow so you won't wake if you're just going to shout your sexual orientation later?

chrisflemingfleming47 karma

I think in hindsight it's poor planning by someone who's just barely holding on

HoosierUsername21 karma

Hi Chris! Love all your stuff. My fave is the polyamorous video (and Gayle of course). Will you please come to Bloomington Indiana? We have a really good comedy club here, The Comedy Attic. I would force everyone I knew to come if you did!

chrisflemingfleming60 karma

I would love to. I have a bit of a fear of comedy clubs though, lot of cruel, well-dressed divorcees trying to use my laughs as momentum to give them the courage to try an*l for the first time..but maybe a theater around there!

HoosierUsername6 karma

We've got lots of venues! I hope you do come! Most of my divorcee friends are really sweet. But I can make them stay at home if it makes you more comfortable.

chrisflemingfleming12 karma

no no please do bring them ;)

mdshew18 karma

When you pour milk into cereal, does the milk then become a soup, a broth, a sauce, or a salad dressing? Asking for a friend.

chrisflemingfleming58 karma

I've never actually poured milk into my cereal, fear of wet foods. I eat it dry like a socio!

vromz17 karma

hi chris!

first of all—what are your pronouns?

mostly though, I’m here for the beef. what is your usual process and how do you collaborate? who is your dream musical collaborator?

my friends and I are from NJ and we love beef hutchins. you nailed that glorious assault of arena rock from 101.5 in every fucking grocery store and podiatrist’s office. you know what it’s like to get a wart cut out with Springsteen (PBUH) in the background?

chrisflemingfleming14 karma

Thank youu!! Beef is a project I work on with Brian Heveron-Smith, and it is the most fun thing in the world and it gives us a blunt, full body pain that more people don't know about him. And I loooove waiting room music. Just saw Michael McDonald live and wept

zhaoemily16 karma

What's the thing you find most funny? Video/person/gif/whatever.

chrisflemingfleming39 karma

The Mighty Boosh is my favorite show of all time, brings me such peace :)

Mogswamp15 karma

Yo Chris! Used to go to your highschool, although I'm a number of years below you. My friends and I were always obsessed with your old sketches like Tag, the weird bird one, Dayquil/Nyquil and my personal favorite, Old Man Stillborn. My question is: 1. How did you come up with the name "Old Man Stillborn" 2. Will we ever see this incredible yam man's return? Has he been in Shaws all these years?

chrisflemingfleming25 karma

Oh hell ya!! Old Man Stillborn was based on a man I saw in a Greyhound station in Albany. I saw the oldest woman I've ever seen in my life, then I panned over a little and saw her dad... Old Man Stillborn will ride again

left4dogs15 karma

hello chris!! what is the actual name of the dog in Gayle? i'd love to know more about her, she's so damn cute and laid back

chrisflemingfleming46 karma

Her Christian name is Lunch, she's my bichon and she's lying here as we speak!

TurqoiseBlue14 karma

Is there footage of you putting on a winter coat after shooting the walk-and-talk bits in the snowstorm? Also what hair products do you use?

Also before I was aware of you I thought bichon was just a fancy way of saying bitch. That's not a question, I just want to thank you for broadening my mind :)

chrisflemingfleming21 karma

I can't express how cold that was, especially when I'd fall in the snow, wearing nothing but Melissa's mom sports bra from the 80s

brb-eating-cake14 karma

Hi Chris, I just saw you at Thalia Hall and almost threw up laughing, so thanks. I grew up in Westford MA and I love all your references to Mass. Do you think growing up here influenced your comedy style? Also, how do you do some of Gayle's stunts without seriously injuring yourself?

chrisflemingfleming25 karma

thank you and Yes of course! I broke a rib in the last episode falling on that table in the bathrobe, it's usually the least dangerous looking ones where I'd get most damaged. Kicking the ham around in the backyard I thought I broke my foot but that was just a panic

edgor12314 karma

Hi Chris! My boyfriend and I saw you in Columbus and he used a picture we got with you after your show (complete with your can of La Croix) as his “most fun memory” when we celebrated our one-year.

Are you still afraid to talk to men? And do you still hold a beer with two hands?

chrisflemingfleming34 karma

Oh man that night I chugged so many La Croixs I became an influencer, I had to get my stomach pumped. My top button started buttoning itself. And yes, less so, every time I release one of those things I feel slightly better about the problem. Like now I have no qualms about people shrieking Baby Got Back and lighting fires doing so on dance floors

punkmonks12 karma

thoughts on Sufjan Stevens?

chrisflemingfleming52 karma

I just saw him actually in the greenroom at Thalia Hall in Chicago, he was riding around on a pekignese crying about how soft the shirts are at the GAP

alittleshellfish12 karma

I told my coworker Topher how you were my favorite comedian and explained the Gayle bit and tried to summarize your style. He recommended I check out Jim Gaffigan "if I'm into that sort of thing"

Please advise?

chrisflemingfleming27 karma

oh dear

Euphoric_State12 karma

But, seriously - how was the Yanni concert? Can you tell us more details about how it went?

chrisflemingfleming38 karma

I got kicked out! It was soooo hard to get over the barrier that close to the stage. After I rushed the stage, the security guard said to me "Ok honey, you gotta go."

verdemurasaki12 karma

Chris, I’m in the middle of finals and I don’t want to type anything anymore. What do you do when you need a boost?

chrisflemingfleming36 karma

VEGAN DONUTS 3 pm most days, I suddenly realize if I don't get donuts my whole being will unravel and I will be one of those worm succulents Ursula the Sea Witch keeps in her seaweed soul garden

hbrunelle2411 karma

How do you get over the fear of bombing while doing standup?

chrisflemingfleming51 karma

By bombing a lot! And I dry heave before every show

WickedSushi11 karma

Was Gayle inspired by your mother?

chrisflemingfleming42 karma

Gayle's inspired by a lotta people in my hometown/childhood, there was a woman who held her mouth that small, it was breathtaking

lamande11 karma

Im a peace corps volunteer and Gayle literally is the highlight of my day. I feel like I'm with my mom. I literally fall on the floor laughing so thank you. So many questions: what was your exposure to B girls and do you drink coffee, if not, what do you drink the AM?

chrisflemingfleming37 karma

I've never had coffee actually, so I usually drink apple cider...I live off a hummingbird diet because my taste buds never evolved

bridgetmw11 karma

how do you feel about hygge?

chrisflemingfleming20 karma

Is that that thing where people recommit their lives to getting cozy?

CredendoVides10 karma

Hi Chris! Saw your outdoor gig in Montreal, offered up a hug post-gig. (I don't care what others thought, you were hilarious!)

  1. What was the genesis of the Polyamorous video? The story from that sounds like it could be something...Also because my non-monogamous friends think it's hilarious.

  2. You regularly refer to a wide variety of gender identities and sexual orientations in your work. (Gigi was not the pansexual character anyone expected.) Is this part of your long-term goal to become a queer icon?

  3. Next time you're in the area, a friendly coffee/beverage of choice or something snacklike? You seem pretty cool.

chrisflemingfleming12 karma

You were there! I had to take my glasses of during that show because it was so hard hahha but for some reason I felt like Kerri Strug after it was over. 1) Polyamorous video was about a feeling I got once with a certain older person and their partner hahhaha 2) Everything's gonna be alright with Gigi 3)Thank you, I only eat mochi though...

shapka-art10 karma

What's your favorite place to eat in the greater Boston area?

chrisflemingfleming31 karma

Veggie Galaxy, where everyone's poly!

waluigi_waifu9 karma

Hi, Chris! I've been a big fan for a few years now and regularly binge your Gayle shows. I was wondering, what was your inspo behind Gigi the Christmas Snake? Also, what's your favorite candle scent and when do you think you'll come to Kansas City next?

chrisflemingfleming13 karma

Last month Gigi started volunteering at an Enterprise Rent a Car but lost his position for screaming his exe’s name “REBECCA!!!” into all of the Kia’s. Now I heard he’s giving unsolicited, rogue tours of Madame Toussaud’s Orlando, getting kicked out daily because he’s not employed by Madame Toussaud’s.’ All the while he’s been working on a screenplay that bears an almost word for word resemblance to every episode in chronological order of Black Mirror and he claims that the Notorious B.I.G. wants to buy it.

candynix9 karma

Who is normally behind the camera?

chrisflemingfleming35 karma

Melissa Strype, or nobody

Reinsworth9 karma

Hi Chris! I love your content! Do you think you'll go on another tour and branch out to new cities?

chrisflemingfleming26 karma

Yes absolutely! I spin a globe in the beginning of every season and stop it with a vegan crueller, and that's where I go.

corvoattano6669 karma

Hi Chris, I’m Al. Two questions, Chris:

  1. That One Sound Effect, the sort of sci-fi ‘ooOOOoh’ sound, is one of my favorite things about your videos. What is it? I’d love to have it as a ringtone.

  2. Where do you peruse for clothing? That one flamingo shirt on your Tour video is entrancing and I’d like to have something that emulates that effect. I’m assuming thrift stores, unless there is a specific place?

chrisflemingfleming17 karma

1) That's a humpback whale doing the pledge of allegiance! 2) Lady Gap in London baby

Charmall3228 karma

Hey Chris! I was blessed enough to see your show last month, and it was amazing. My friends and I have watched you religiously for years now. My question for you is, when did you know you wanted to be a comedian?

chrisflemingfleming25 karma

Thank yoouuu when I saw the show Mork and Mindy when I was very very young! I started signing my papers in Kindergarten 'Chris the Comedian' even though I was too shy to speak to anybody let alone do prat falls

hbrunelle248 karma

If you come to Toronto, I will personally deliver you a briefcase of maple syrup based products. Deal?

chrisflemingfleming25 karma

Yes as long as the syrup is loose in the briefcase

MetamorphosePretty8 karma

Hey Chris! Saw your show at the Wilbur in Boston. You touched noses with me during the "I know it's for babies" bit and it was the greatest night of my young life.

Anyways, Chobani has changed their packaging and it has shook me like a leaf. How do you feel about this sudden redesign? Thanks love you bye.

chrisflemingfleming10 karma

thank you I will venmo you for the eskimo smooch

BloodFleshBones8 karma

You often poke fun of theater kids, which I find hilarious as a former theater kid (and still one at heart). Was the theater a big part of your life growing up which led to your current work?

chrisflemingfleming26 karma

I was a theater major in college but never got cast, but needed credits that somehow pertained to the theater, so senior year I had to BEG to be the Props Master, and convince the theater chair Lary that I was passionate about props.

cloudsdescendng8 karma

If you were to do a Gayle spinoff series, who would be the main character of said spinoff? Is it Bonnie, because she can now text? Would it be the SAT tutor? Dr. Bruce?

chrisflemingfleming41 karma

Rick Gausmann 100%

elfieselfie7 karma

Hi Chris!

Firstly, thanks so much for posting "Showpig". I loved it.

I have two questions: 1- Of all the different characters and personas you put on, which is your favourite? Obviously I love Gayle, but I think my favourite is Nikolas.

2- Who do I have to lock into my basement to get you to do a Canadian tour?

chrisflemingfleming18 karma

Thank you for watching Showpig!! Sorry I was sick as a dog while performing it but it's kinda nice to document a cold isn't it? It's like, you ever get a pimple and then MISS that pimple later? 1) Gayle, Bonnie's Husband Reggie, Toby the 27 yr old dog, and I too love Nikolas aka Casib (his study abroad name) 2) What do we covet Clarice? What we see everyday! (that's from Silence of the Lambs) No you dont have to lock anybody in your basement I'll come to Canada on my own I looove Canada

Adenzia7 karma

Hi Chris! Just want to say my entire friend group adore you and your content. We just want to know, what is Bonnie's last name? (Character not actress that is!)

chrisflemingfleming9 karma


ukulelecaitlin7 karma

After your show in Washington D.C., my sister asked you to autograph her crouton (and you gracefully obliged). What is the strangest thing you've ever been asked to do after a show?

chrisflemingfleming21 karma

A rotisserie chicken in San Francisco

LaffItUpFzbl6 karma

Did you know that Bruce Dern was at the Thalia Hall show? He was sitting across the aisle from me. It was nice, because then I wasn't the oldest person there any more. But he didn't look like he was having fun. Sorry.

chrisflemingfleming8 karma

Bruce D was probably there for Chris Fleming the Ghost Hunter...but in my defense bruce dern looking like he's having a bad time might be bruce dern having the BEST time

Reinsworth6 karma

Also, my friend wants to know: Who is Phil and why is he so tough?

chrisflemingfleming9 karma

a guy I worked with at Cafe Ziba in 2005

Kaiju-and-Coffee5 karma

Hi Chris! Do you have any advice for dealing with hecklers? I’ve thought about doing standup but the idea of hecklers is really intimidating. Thanks! You are one of my favorite comedians and my best friend and I love you!!

chrisflemingfleming25 karma

The wording of this got me a little tripped up at first, I thought you were calling me your best friend which I liked but now I see what you're saying. And my advice is be in the moment, hecklers are ok folks who just need a kiss on forehead and an evite here and there

FoozerFan5 karma

Hi Chris! Big fan here! I saw you in Atlanta and you pulled me onstage because you thought I looked like you! It's already one of my favorite memories that was a great night!

My question is what kind of music do you like to listen to on tour? Or in general?

chrisflemingfleming17 karma

Oh! Were you the one who asked me if I was interested in starting a cult? Right now I like to listen to the National Anthem on repeat JK a lot of Kate Bush/Grimes/the Commodores to calm me down

mohnjossey5 karma

What's the best/worst thing about being a dirty little showpig?

chrisflemingfleming17 karma

best: buttermilk baths/the look in Farmer Zimmerman's eye when I place blue ribbon worst: being transported from fair to fair

imsaria5 karma

what do you find to be the most difficult part about starting out/being succesful in comedy?

and bonus question: what do you use to coif your mane?

chrisflemingfleming10 karma

1)Having access to a good sea salt spray 2) Sea salt spray

LeahSophie8085 karma

Hi Chris! Who are your biggest influences/inspirations? Who is your favorite comedian?

chrisflemingfleming20 karma

Noel Fielding/Robin Williams/Maria Bamford I think? JB Smoove makes me laugh the hardest, I also reallly like Jen Kirkman.

Waterski242 karma

How did your beginnings in standup go?

chrisflemingfleming7 karma

I started at a lovely club in Harvard Square called the Comedy Studio where the clubowner Rick Jenkins encouraged us to go beyond what people expect from comedians

[deleted]1 karma


chrisflemingfleming9 karma

I remember hearing at a cafe in LA a woman talking about Chobani and the way she said the word it sounded like she was talking about a sexual conquest so I wrote that down in my phone hahha