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chrisflemingfleming62 karma

Making them drive around with a ham flag on their Kia sends a loud and clear message

chrisflemingfleming61 karma

I don't think we ever gave my mom any direction, my sense of humor comes from her so we had an Elliot/ET thing going on all throughout GAYLE

chrisflemingfleming60 karma

I would love to. I have a bit of a fear of comedy clubs though, lot of cruel, well-dressed divorcees trying to use my laughs as momentum to give them the courage to try an*l for the first time..but maybe a theater around there!

chrisflemingfleming58 karma

I've never actually poured milk into my cereal, fear of wet foods. I eat it dry like a socio!

chrisflemingfleming56 karma

Thank you! There's a script but I'd spend a long ass time in my car usually parked outside someone's home trying to get the Adventure Dad lines just right and whatnot, lot of making stuff up in a hot car and having people tap on my window asking if 'everything's cool'