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Are there any other comedians you look up to or would like to collaborate with? I feel like you would do a great job voice acting on "Bob's Burgers".

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Is everything cool?

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You're being too broad with your label of "GMO's". Sure, modifying genes isn't at all inherently dangerous but there's a different story when it comes to crops with accompanying pesticides (that they there were modified to survive with) and crops with arsenic (that they were modified to survive with). The issue of GMO's is nuanced. Similar to how "organic" can mean different things for different crops "non-GMO" corn and rice makes an important difference.

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Filming actually has bigger problems as it is illegal in some states to film inside animal farms. MFA members have actually gone to jail for blowing the whistle on animal cruelty.

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I'm a republican voting you up. Please support economic freedom if you get elected.