My short bio: The previous schoolmate work who did a research in similar topic, in same lab and with same tutor had her research published by national news agency. She even entered in international school students research contest. My aim is to get a workplace in WHO. My english might not be the best, but it should be understandable. For my research I got a scholarship from science agency.

My Proof: Reason why I'm posting under the casual Christmas is because I'm not sure if that proof is enough.

E: added bit bio

E1: Going to sleep, but don't be afraid to leave a comment because I'll answer more tomorrow

E2: Going to meet with my friends. In 7 hours I'll answer more

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HideMyRealAccount230 karma

I am also a 17 y/o Eastern European and my greatest accomplishment was probably going to a party that my friend was invited to. How are you with other people your age, socially speaking?

Keegipeeter90 karma

I know that the most of the people (even at my age) are "homies" and aren't afraid with speaking them. What is the worst that can happen? Basically nothing. Even though I have heard that I am speeking "too much."

HideMyRealAccount34 karma

Ah. I live in the US and I’m pretty bad at just about everything, plus the “just speak” culture doesn’t exist in the US so my social life is terrible.

Where do you live rn?

Keegipeeter62 karma

Estonia :P

HideMyRealAccount20 karma

How did you learn English?

Keegipeeter75 karma

I learned english in school, with PC and especially with help of YouTube. English is must-know laungage

HideMyRealAccount5 karma

If I remember correctly, Estonia is Russian-speaking. I am Russian-speaking, is you Russian-speaking?

Keegipeeter45 karma

Yes I can speak russian and approximately quater are russians, but the new generations are comming and it's extremely slowly losing importance.

BearKurt8 karma

"Just speak" is that like small talk with a random person so it's not awkward being near them in silence?

Keegipeeter12 karma

Sometimes it's better to be in silence than have an awkward talk

lutzsunstream2 karma

Yeah, English speakers are more reserved, especially if they are English to begin with. If im interpreting that correctly. So Estonians say pretty much whatever is on their minds?

Keegipeeter6 karma

Not always. I would say that I'm just not afraid. I have even wrote a letter to the President

lift_spin_d230 karma

why do we eastern europeans always start off, "I'm from eastern europe. . ."?

Keegipeeter276 karma

I think that the "other" world thinks that we can't escape from the past of USSR

Nebula_Forte125 karma

will these bacteria only biodegrade raw petroleum or any and all of its byproducts?

Keegipeeter165 karma

All of its byproducts. It even eats cyclical bensene.

altmethods48 karma

What does the bacteria biodegrade the oil into?

Keegipeeter81 karma

Simpler products. End results should be carbondioxide and water. They are using oil as carbon source

altmethods15 karma

Are these in any way similar to exoelectrogens used in microbial fuel cells that convert a carbon source to (usually) carbon dioxide and water as an end product?

Is the oil in direct contact with the bacteria or is it in a separate chamber as seen in MFCs?

I've also done some research at high school on MFCs specifically so I might just ask you a lot of questions :P.

Keegipeeter18 karma

Should be. The oil, hexadecane and phenole are in same vial with bacteria(s)

altmethods16 karma

What exactly is the mechanism which allows the bacteria to degrade the compounds? You can link me to an article if you want to save time, I'll read it.

Also,what exactly does your research entail? Which variables are you looking at exactly?

Keegipeeter16 karma

A schoolmate did research on that, but sadly only the resume is in english. Sending a link in PM

flashnet4 karma

How fast is the degradation process happening at? I would assume it is rather slow, but I would hope it is fast enough for commercial applications.

Also what are your hopes for commercial uses other than cleaning oil spills?

Keegipeeter7 karma

With out natural plasmids the phenole was consumed in about 12 hour. The hexadecane degraded over the day. Crude oil took the longest time. Over 2 days and the bacteria with crude oil was still dividing.

KJ6BWB26 karma

So, I'm sure these would be great to scatter over oil spills and let the bacteria clean everything up. How easy is it to stop/neutralize the bacteria? For instance, if a bunch of it was dumped into some wells in Iraq, would it basically "destroy" the wells forever? Just go on eating everything deeper and deeper?

Keegipeeter5 karma

pound. This would theoretically prevent then spreading/taking over an ecosystem and as soon as the job is done they

These two bacterias are aerobic and the oil wells are underground so there isn't much oxygen. The anaerobic degradation is slower than aerobic. As far as I know, that might be possible, but bacterias are everywhere and there are kinds of bacterias for example that can reduce pH, but yet there isn't a static pH everywhere.

typemeanewasshole21 karma

I'm 28 and and all I've done for the last two days is smoke pot and play Wolfenstein. Where did I go wrong?

Keegipeeter9 karma

Maybe that you didn't manage to think clearly through your life goals and the same what the u/Janus96Approx said

Dled7018 karma

Do people not take you seriously because of your age?

Keegipeeter7 karma

Extremely few people.

crazycrawfish11 karma

Give it to me straight Doc, are the oceans fucked?

Keegipeeter11 karma

Yes. Not just oil spills, but the pollution and much more, but there is hope.

coryrenton10 karma

are there promising similar bacteria that perform the reverse process efficiently enough to replace current extraction and refinery methods (convert waste matter into oil)?

Keegipeeter20 karma

As far as I know it is useless for bacteria to create oil, because it needs energy and the majority from oil is created in a long term, because it needs a pressure

rupertpupkin198 karma

How many pats on the back would you like?

Keegipeeter6 karma

A good question. 0 or 1, dunno. :)

Credulous_Cromite6 karma

Do you have any practical applications in mind? I think I've heard of people trying to use bacteria to clean up oil spills.

Keegipeeter7 karma

Yep, that should help clean up oil spills and also increase the efficiency when oil industries are dealing with oily waste water

ashameanshope5 karma

what got you interested in this so young?

Keegipeeter22 karma

I loved experimenting with different things and I wasn't afraid of touching different things until I have gloves or do not feel extremely strong smell. I thought about different scientific careers and realized that in microbiology I will get a good salary can help others and see word

-Gray_Fox-7 karma

Microbiology isn’t that well paid here in Germany, dunno about Eastern Europe doe.

Keegipeeter5 karma

The junior researcher here gets about 1000€ per month, but that's the additional reason why I'm looking froward to work in WHO

Greythegandalf4 karma

Have you looked into fungi?

Keegipeeter3 karma

polymers derived from oi


Keegipeeter4 karma

I use shower to get rid of small speks :D

glwwoodward2 karma

Do you know which aromatic you're biodegrading? Also is your experiment set in an aerobic or anaerobic setting?

Keegipeeter3 karma

Aerobic setting and I have 1,3 mM, 2,5 mM, 5 mM phenol, hexadecane and obviously crude oil.

lurutti2 karma

Is it a realistic scenario that these bacteria can be placed onto oilspill and clean the area? Will it then take a huge amount of time before the oil is gone? How easy is it to multiply these bacteria in a lab?

Keegipeeter2 karma

Yep this is a realistic scenario and it takes a huge time as the current test results have told (unmodified didn't stop multiplying even after 2 and a half days.

ziyaadofficial2 karma

So is your job just to look at a jar all day?

Keegipeeter2 karma

One part was. The other part was to make that bacteria glowing and inserting natural plasmids.

toxichousetony2 karma

I spilled a little kerosene in my car. How can I get the smell out?

Keegipeeter6 karma

Just wash or put vinegar somewhere in the car. It should reduce the smell.

TheAlmightyAsian2 karma

What do you hope to do with this? Do you hope that it could eventually help clean up efforts for oil spills in an efficient and eco-criendly manner? It sounds amazing!

Keegipeeter2 karma

I'm doing it because I'll see, how microbiological works are done and I really enjoy doing challenging things.

The_REAL_flipper2 karma

What was your secret to do more for this planet in 17 years than I have in 37?

Keegipeeter3 karma

Promote science, because it's the only way humanity can survive. :)

suema1 karma

TÜ or EMÜ?

Also, kasuta imguri, lol.

Keegipeeter2 karma

Imgur ei funkand :D Tartu Ülikoolis siiski

ucuzlokanta1 karma

Where you did conduct the research? Like, was it in educational instituition? How much support as scientists and students you do receive from your state?

Keegipeeter24 karma

Because the Estonia is a small country and I'm living in the city where the national university is located (Tartu) and almost everyone is somehow connected with the university. Everyone can e-mail with scientists. The Estonian Science Agency have even coordinator for students who want to do a research they are connecting a scientist and a school student

shrike2791 karma

What do they smell like?

Keegipeeter2 karma

If you had fester, it's alike.

MagnetFlux1 karma

Have you tried Programming?

Keegipeeter2 karma

I have done simple Java password checking program and made in 3th grade my own html homepage (obviously my granddad helped).

PHD_Memer1 karma

well, how well?

Keegipeeter3 karma

I haven't finished trials yet, because the bacteria needs consistency so I'm doing it during the intersessions. Next thursday I will finish with it.

MeIIowJeIIo1 karma

Are you studying dehalococcoides?

Keegipeeter2 karma


gsupanther1 karma

Hello! I'm a PhD candidate at Georgia State researching anaerobic bacteria that can degrade petroleum and its aromatic constituents! I'm just wondering what bacteria you're working with? Nice to see people with a desire to investigate these things.

Keegipeeter2 karma

Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes ICTN13 and Acinetobacter sp. strain ICP1

nnutcase1 karma

How do you identify the bacteria?

Keegipeeter2 karma

The identifying work was already done before I started, but here is a great webpage that should give the answer. The staining helps to identify and also genetic tests are telling, which bacteria it is.

Dirtydancin271 karma

Is tinfoil really the best way to keep the bacteria "isolated"?

Keegipeeter2 karma

Tinfoil is actually quite tight around. The bacteria's aren't super athletes and won't squeeze through. Everything else was also covered with tinfoil

firefly6345-9 karma

Theres no real money in this, why do you do this?

Keegipeeter8 karma

What exactly do you mean with "in this"? If you mean research it is because I like to be in challenging situatuons and I will know more how microbiological works look like. In 11th grade it is obligatory to do a research or a student company, but I would done both even if it wouldn't been a obligatory