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I've seen a few exposes in the last couple years of mental institutions that involuntarily commit people who go in for a consultation. Are those related to what you are investigating at all?

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Way back in the day I took Greyhound most of the way across the country and back. Three experiences stick in my mind. I've always wanted to know, so my question is, how common are any of these?

One, waiting in Denver to board the bus, the kid in line next to me (Brad, if he owned the gas station attendant jacket he was wearing) showed me a six-pack and said, "Do you drink?" On the same bus there was an older gentleman in a suit and hat who was doing the cups game. He and Brad (or maybe just Brad) got to drinking and Brad must have lost some money because they started arguing. The police were waiting for both of them at the next stop.

Two, near Dinosaur in the frigid snow we took a bathroom break. Lucky me, I was the last one and when I came out, the bus was pulling away. With some frantic arm waving I somehow got it to stop, and didn't get as much as a peep of an apology from the driver as I got on.

Three, finally mercifully close to getting back home, we were waiting in one of the final terminals but there was no driver. A worker at that terminal who was licensed to drive but didn't know the route ended up getting behind the wheel, and promptly went the wrong way off an exit at a pickup along the way. She found a wide driveway where she figured she could back up and do a multi-point turn, and promptly backed all four rear wheels into a concrete culvert.

This all seemed pretty par for the course to me at the time but I'm curious if these are actually commonplace occurrences.

Edit: Just saw your answer about getting lost. Would still like to know about getting lost AND stuck in a culvert though!

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I'd love to see a real answer to this question.

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I spilled a little kerosene in my car. How can I get the smell out?

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What is the large circular feature in the middle of this image?