Hi, Reddit! I'm Gail Simone, writer of comics, games, and animation. You might know me from comics such as Batgirl, Secret Six, Wonder Woman, and Deadpool, and creator-owned series like Clean Room and Crosswind. I'm here to talk about comics, games, representation, mutants, monkeys, pogs, or anything else you might like to ask about (except pogs). Ask me anything!

EDIT: THANK YOU all so much for coming to my first AMA! It was huge fun, even if we didn't talk about Cyclops enough! Love you all!

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simdaisies247 karma

How does one recover from Olicity?

Gail_Simone382 karma

There is no recovery from Olicity. I knew a guy who had Olicity and his butt fell off.

HalcyonTraveler49 karma

What inspired your unique take on Bane for Secret Six?

Gail_Simone80 karma

It's interesting, I like to sort of add to characters, rather than simply reboot them. And I took a couple small hints from Chuck Dixon's work on the character...for example, Chuck had Bane 'court' Black Canary, and I found that interesting, that a big dangerous killer would also have a gallant side. So I just extrapolated that. It was fun, DC did not quite understand the concept at first but then jumped right in. Only one scoop of ice cream, Scandal!

Laconium41 karma

How did you achieve such mastery in Twitter shit posting? It's honestly magnificent and the reason I follow you. Aside from being a reliable source of porg memes.

As for actual comic questions, what's been the most unexpected thing that a subsequent writer has done with the material you wrote after you left the book? Do you sit down with writers to get them up to speed on the transition or are you just as surprised as the rest of us?

Gail_Simone64 karma


Twitter is a lot of fun for me. People think I sit and tweet all day long, but actually, I am almost always doing something else and just tweet nonsense when I spare a sideways glance. I'll be writing, am stuck for a moment, tweet something ridiculous and go back to writing.

I like Twitter. I am amazed at some of the things that have happened on my timeline. You can tell heartbreaking stories, you can make people laugh til they cry, you can discuss serious issues, and you can post nonsense shit, which is my favorite of all.

The most upsetting thing for me was the killing of Ryan Choi to make Deathstroke seem like a badass. It was a lousy scene for a lousy story, and I still haven't really forgiven anyone involved. I thought it was a genuinely mean-spirited thing to do to an optimistic, happy character that a lot of people loved, for a series NO one loved. So I'm grumpy about that still. And no, most writers don't really talk to previous teams, I think it's bad manners, but most don't.

rim26134 karma

Hey Gail, who is someone that you'd like to write for but haven't yet?

Gail_Simone68 karma


long-box_jockey28 karma

Hello! Thanks again for doing this!

Are there any resources (publishers, networks, even production tools) for comic creators that you think should get more recognition?

And, completely ignoring moral judgments of their characters: Who has the better mustache, Floyd Lawton or Ned Flanders?

Gail_Simone28 karma

I am having a great time, this is way more fun than I thought, thanks!

Brian Bendis had an excellent resource for new creators, can someone help me out with a link?

And Floyd's is better because his mustache is an E ticket.

Gail_Simone16 karma


Misgunception26 karma

Any concerns about the upcoming Batgirl movie or do you think its in good hands?

Gail_Simone94 karma

Hoo boy. This is tricky.

Okay, first, I don't watch very much television, so I don't know Joss Whedon's work outside of a few movies and the first episode of Buffy. I like what I have seen.

I know there's a whole personal issue and it's sad to contemplate.

At the end of the day, I want a great movie. A great Batgirl movie would mean so much to so many. It could build on Wonder Woman.

I feel like the correct answer is that I ALWAYS have concerns about these movies, because the characters are precious to me, and I know that's true of a lot of readers.

Hollywood, don't fuck this up, please!

coryrenton20 karma

when you create a new character that is used in a marvel or DC book, how are the rights handled for that character? is there some threshold to meet to be considered a full-fledged character rather than a background person? are there guidelines for character names so that you don't inadvertently name a super villain after some random insurance broker in Poughkeepsie who might sue for defamation?

Gail_Simone37 karma

Oh, this is a tricky one and both companies handle it differently.

I have to say, DC in particular has been very good to me with the characters I have created.

Basically, it works like this, generally. If your character is completely new, you sign an equity agreement and you may get paid a fee if your character is used in the title of a book or on a tv show or whatever. If the character is a spin-off or legacy character, then it is much less likely. So if I create Fungus Girl, I will participate in equity. If I make a new Element Lad, I won't.

BlondieShanks17 karma

Who would be your dream cast for a Birds of Prey movie?

Gail_Simone42 karma

Oh, I'm sorry, I am terrible at these because I don't watch tv and don't keep up with actors. So...let's see.

Carrot Top...Barbara Gordon Debbie Harry...Black Canary Stephanie Beatriz...Question Harry Styles...Misfit


Yserbius17 karma

What was your favorite slammer that didn't have a Batman logo on it?

Gail_Simone23 karma


Coobreedan13 karma

Hi Gail! Recently I've been comparing your Wonder Woman comics to those of Greg Rucka as part of my English Language coursework. What would you say is the biggest difference between the way you and Greg write Diana?

Gail_Simone31 karma


This is a tough one, because I feel the difference keenly, but it's hard to express. Greg is one of my two or three favorite WW writers, but he writes a sober, more somber Diana, and I try to give her a bit of a whimsical side.

I wanted to be more respectful to Greg's run in my run, but he asked that I not use Veronica and DC asked that I not use his versions of the gods, so it didn't seem as connected as I would have liked.

Greg Rucka is badass and writes a KILLER Diana. I think mine is a little more light-hearted.

erikalovestodd13 karma

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Gail_Simone20 karma

It takes a week of planning and several days of writing. I have to have a couple projects going at once.

dmull38713 karma

Which of the Flashes do you prefer writing? I know you wrote Wally as part of JLA Classified, but do you have a preference for one over others?

Also, have you ever had a higher percentage of dick jokes per minute than the Birds of Prey song?

Gail_Simone23 karma

I haven't gotten to write either much, but I love Wally.

And no. :)

IvyVamp13 karma

Hi Gail, So from all of us whacky Poison Ivy fans-- Do you think you might be returning to cape comics anytime soon? Any chance of seeing you write Ivy again?

In your Batgirl Annual 2 issue, a pretty strong relationship was implied/established between Babs and Pam. Do you think Pam has romantic feelings for Babs? We've seen hints of that in other books, and it would explain why Ivy seems so interested in Batgirl's opinions and presence.

Thanks in advance, we're huge fans, love you!

Gail_Simone21 karma

I am returning to superheroes, yes. I missed them.

It's not a big diva move, I just wanted to try some other things, and had some real struggles during the New52, with the tone of how superhero comics were going. I felt they were getting too monochromatic. I like dark stories, but it can't ALL be that or it's just really boring.

So I stepped away to do some other stuff, and have really enjoyed it. But I have superheroes in my blood somehow. So watch for cool announcements soon!

aDeadGay13 karma

Did you gain any monetary compensation after Ryan Cho became DLC for Injustice 2?

Gail_Simone22 karma

I don't think so, again, he's a legacy character and those are generally not compensated. If I'd called him Little Dude, I would. It's weird, but I get it.

HalcyonTraveler12 karma

If you could write a film for DC, who would it be about and how would you handle it?

Gail_Simone106 karma

Without question, it would be Birds of Prey. I think the time is right, people are hungry for cool female heroes, and I think the idea of a female buddy cop-style story is still very fresh. Plus, I love those dames. Black Canary needs a chance to shine, and Huntress and Barbara are just amazing characters. I choose BOP!

HalcyonTraveler8 karma

Would you include Zinda, or do you think the focus should be entirely on the main trio?

Gail_Simone22 karma

No, I would DEFINITELY include Zinda!

theimankaleldata2 karma

Would Misfit appear in the movie?

Gail_Simone12 karma

Maybe, I love her, but she might be harder to fit in.

Silvana9411 karma

Birds of prey are such an awesome team but they hardly get any recognition outside of comics, why do you think that is? Do you think we’ll ever get a BOP animated or live action adaptation any time soon? Will you consider being involved in such a project if it were to happen.

Gail_Simone17 karma

Well, they did have a series.

I hope for a bop movie. The time is right. And yes, I would hope to be involved.

erikalovestodd10 karma

what is your favorite thing about wonder woman?

Gail_Simone19 karma

I like her compassion, it sounds hokey, but it's true. She'll kick your ass and then go get you a bowl of soup.

I love that, it makes her unique.

AstanaTombs9 karma

Hello Miss Simone! I must say I'm a big fan of your work, and I even follow you on tumblr! Your stories are always so fun, and I respect you very much for continuing to interact with us despite our excesses. Your advice to budding creators is also very much appreciated.

Now for the questions. You don't have to answer all of them since I have a lot.


  1. Which character do you want to work on that you haven't worked on yet?
  2. Who is your favorite character to write?
  3. Out of the various artists you have worked with, who is your favorite?
  4. Catwoman or Talia? Lois or Lana? Steve Trevor or Tom Tresser? (Not saying that you didn't write Tresser well, but it felt like he was a substitute Steve Trevor because he had been taken off the table Post-Crisis)


Also, If I told you under Hal Jordan's cocky confident alpha male facade lurks a traumatized soul as problematic as anyone on the Secret Six, but still as intelligent as guacamole, would you hate him a little less?

Gail_Simone14 karma

  1. Spider-man
  2. Red Sonja, Black Canary, Deadpool
  3. Impossible to say, so many! But Nicola Scott and I have a real brain-meld.
  4. Catwoman, Lois, Steve!

HalcyonTraveler9 karma

There has been controversy about your 2011 Batgirl run, with some fans considering the premise ableist due to both the erasure of Cassandra Cain and the un-paralyzing of Barbara Gordon. How much of that was you vs. editorial, and would you have done anything differently if you had the choice?

Gail_Simone47 karma

I thought we were doing easy questions first!

This is a tough one. I didn't like replacing Cass, but that had already happened, it was a done deal by the time I came aboard. But taking Babs from Oracle to Batgirl is something they were going to do, with or without me. I thought the entire DC line-up was going to be made younger, closer to their origin times, but that didn't end up happening.

I do wish there had been a way to keep Oracle and have a different Batgirl, for sure. I am proud of what we did, but I feel Oracle is a necessary part of the DCU and an important character for many reasons.

LordOfTheLore8 karma

I have two questions, one from me and one from a fellow fan who had to go see Star Wars and would miss this:

  1. What last name does Scandal and the wifes use post-wedding?

  2. What do you think about the trend of you mostly writing redheads? :P

Gail_Simone15 karma

  1. I think it's Savage. Knockout doesn't really have a last name, I don't think, and Liana would choose Scandal's last name, even though her dad is a massive turd.

  2. This was completely an accident and I wasn't even aware that I was writing that many redheads until it was pointed out. But I can't help it! Knockout, Sonja, Oracle, Batgirl, Astrid...the reds got that cool!

dachshundpuppers8 karma

Do you think DC will ever make Babs Oracle again (AKA back in the wheelchair)?

Gail_Simone21 karma

I hope so.

will2bill8 karma

Who is the hardest to turn down character you've ever had to turn down?

Gail_Simone21 karma

She-Hulk. Could not do it in the time allotted.

HalcyonTraveler8 karma

Would you rather fight one hundred porg-sized Cyclopses, or one Cyclops-sized porg?

Gail_Simone13 karma

The problem is, I kind of like porgs and would have a hard time pushing them off a cliff.

Cyclops, it's a different story.

laser_wombat8 karma

Hi Gail! Your Wonder Woman is my favourite take on Diana, you combined her kindness and power so perfectly and I always miss your touch of humour when anyone else writes her. My question is: which two characters do you want to see kiss who haven't kissed already?

Gail_Simone25 karma

Wonder Woman and Zatanna.

theimankaleldata7 karma

Hi Gail! Do you have any new projects starting in the Spring next year?

Gail_Simone11 karma

I do!

I have a couple dream projects, for sure, things that I could never have imagined happening.

The biggest blessing in my career is that readers have supported me enough that if I say, "Gee, I'd like to write a Godzilla story, just one great Godzilla story..." that there's a good chance I can actually DO it. All these wonderful publishers have characters I loved, and I like to get to play in those very special sandboxes.

It's a blessing.

I love doing creator-owned, but sometimes things I love are offered, and I am fortunate enough that I can take them.

I'm not writing Godzilla, by the way, it's just an example.

aDeadGay6 karma

Are you having fun playing as Ryan Cho?

Gail_Simone21 karma

I am a huge fighting games fan, I have every single character in Injustice 2 leveled to their max.

So I can't even explain how fun it is that they chose to use RYAN CHOI, whom I created, in their game as the Atom. They even used my dialogue in spots.

Just a huge honor, and he's a blast to play.

Gail_Simone7 karma

I am a huge fighting games fan, I have every single character in Injustice 2 leveled to their max.

So I can't even explain how fun it is that they chose to use RYAN CHOI, whom I created, in their game as the Atom. They even used my dialogue in spots.

Just a huge honor, and he's a blast to play.

erikalovestodd6 karma

gail what is your favorite thing about Brasil?

Gail_Simone10 karma

The people. I think about them every day.

I was just at CCXP, and every signing I had had to be ticketed, and people came up in tears, or couldn't stop hugging, and it was very emotional, they just treated me like family.

I miss Brazil already and I just got back!

The second best thing is picanha.

upyours1926 karma

Big fan of your work! One of my favorite titles is Welcome to Tranquility. Given that Warren Ellis is curating the Wildstorm universe, any chance you would revisit that title? Also, given that you're writing Wonder Woman/Conan, when is Wonder Woman / Red Sonja gonna happen?!?!?! :p

Gail_Simone9 karma

I am actually trying to get the rights to Tranquility back for myself and Neil Googe, and if we do, there will be more Tranq stories!

And I asked about WW/S, I don't think it's happening right now. :(

ThisIsNotMelTorme6 karma

How should writers write believable romances if they haven't dated for a long time?

Gail_Simone13 karma

Sure, I think 'believable' isn't really necessarily the goal, anyway.

madd746 karma

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"?

Gail_Simone14 karma

I have no idea what this is, it sounds like the world's worst Blizzard flavor at the DQ.

myuuchan6 karma

Hi, Gail! If you could 'improve' Cyclops, what would you change?

I know writing a new, magnitudes better character is a much better option, but I am curious, nonetheless. :P

Gail_Simone11 karma

He needs a bustier.

benihanasteak6 karma

Do you root Wonderbat or not?

Gail_Simone34 karma

I do not.

Merari015 karma

Hi Gail!

Today I was sad because I learned four comic series I collect will be cancelled.

I'm sure this has happened with comics you like as well on occasion.

What series did you feel was cancelled before its time and why?

Gail_Simone11 karma

I wanted All-New Atom to keep going. It was constantly getting affected by weird outside things, the artist changed quite a bit, and it was a struggle to be allowed to tell optimistic stories.

But it was a chance for a real breakout book, and a non-martial arts Asian lead who was charming and fun and loved science.

After I left, they did a drastically different take and I think it just made it hard to keep up.

beary_good5 karma

What aspect of the DC Universe would you love to explore? Do you have any crazy ideas that have been brewing in your head?

And what are your thoughts about pineapple on pizza?

Gail_Simone14 karma

Yeah, I want to do a cosmic DC story sometime. And LEGION!

And I like pineapple on pizza! The salty and sweet, baby!

GoldHealingGenji5 karma

What is your dream Justice League roster?

Gail_Simone19 karma

It's mostly the classic line-up, but add Zatanna and Plastic Man.

GoldHealingGenji5 karma

What character missing from the DCU right now most needs to come back?

Gail_Simone19 karma

Oracle, and Plastic Man.

HalcyonTraveler5 karma

Would you ever want to write a Star Wars comic? If so, what would it be about?

Gail_Simone26 karma

ACK. This almost happened.

I said on Twitter that I wanted to write a story about Leia running an army of wookies as their general, and Lucasfilm and Dark Horse got really excited about that. We were about to start, and Disney bought Star Wars and all DH books were canceled.

So it didn't happen. Someday. I loved Last Jedi!

idrinkismokeitscush5 karma

Hi Gail, Do you have plans to come to Northern California and/or the Bay Area in 2018? I would love to meet you and get some signatures!

Gail_Simone7 karma

I will be in California for sure, but can't say where yet!

jlitwinka5 karma

I'm a big fan of what you did to Bane in Secret Six, it really fleshed out the character and moved him away from a one note, constant knightfall callback villain.

If you could do this for any other characters, either Marvel or DC, who would it be?

Gail_Simone12 karma

I see a lot of potential in the Mad Hatter. I love writing him.

I also feel like there's a lot of unexplored territory with Medusa.

Jon_Kent5 karma

Hey Gail, huge fan of your Batgirl run!

What is(are) your favorite thing(s) about Babs?

Gail_Simone14 karma

Smarts. That's it, I think she's the smartest in the bat-family.

Psychlone234 karma

Will DC be re-launching the Legion of Super-Heroes soon? Would you like to be involved in it if the Legion comes back?

Gail_Simone10 karma

I don't know, but we almost had a LEGION relaunch happening. Sad it didn't go through.

aDeadGay4 karma

A lot of comic book professionals seem to be very fearful of calling out their peers, cause that could result in the end of them being singled out of future projects and mainstream comics in general. Do you think that fear is justified, and how do you deal with that?

Gail_Simone15 karma

Sure it's justified, comics is a small business. But if a pro is being a douche, I think it's fair to expect them to be called out.

I think, out of kindness, you try to give people a chance to explain or clarify what they've done, assuming it's something simple. If it's a situation where there's harassment or something, I feel like the gloves are off.

erikalovestodd4 karma

Gail What is the first book that made you cry?

Gail_Simone11 karma

HA! I cried at the end of the first comic series I ever followed! It was a Justice League story and a minor hero died and I WEEPED.

ThatMrLulzGuy3 karma

What's the best Injustice 2 character?

Gail_Simone15 karma


dcnewbie213 karma

Hi Gail!
Any chance you've heard of any plans to reprint your run on Wonder Woman or Birds of Prey? I've always wanted to read them, but they're out of print and fairly difficult to track down!

Gail_Simone7 karma

I think they are doing Chuck's BOP first, they might do mine after. And I have heard rumors of WW being reprinted.

It's very tough to know at DC, even editors don't know in advance what gets reprinted.

KingKittan333 karma

What were your plans for Cassandra Cain before you were told you couldn't use her during your second Birds of Prey run and, if given the chance to write her now, would you want to?

Gail_Simone5 karma

I think there are others who write her better, I would want them to write her so I can just be a fan!

DaemonStalley3 karma

Hi Gail! Huge fan of your work (I’ve loved Crosswind so far), and thought you'd like to know that I brought a few friends several of your comics for Christmas because they wanted to get into your work.

As for my question - I've been trying to create a pitch for a comic for quite some time, but I always seem to stumble when it comes to creating something substantial for it. I have the Idea, the plot, the characters and the key moments all scripted and fleshed out in my head, and I know that I'm capable of writing and drawing it myself, but... every time I try to start, I can't. When I'm trying to write a script, I fumble with words, or can't summon the rights ones and just leave a mess of half-finished thoughts, or I feel as though everything I write is subpar, pointless, that it's all been done before - the same when I try to draw. I worry that it'll be hated for the style, that no-one wants a comic low on dialogue, that it's too generic, that no-one will publish it, let alone read it. I also worry that I'll succeed, and have to give up a stable job for a riskier one with no guaranteed wage, or even guaranteed work. Do you ever feel this way, and how do you overcome it? Does the stress ever get to you? Do these thoughts go away?

PS: Your dog is adorable. Please give her some hugs for me.

Gail_Simone16 karma

Okay, first. Let's take a step back.

When you hit a wall, don't keep banging your head against it.

You are allowed to take a step back and regroup.

Second, don't worry about what MAY happen. You can do everything right and have a project fail, or everything wrong and succeed. The future is a big black mystery. So let's take it off the table.

As for Imposter Syndrome, almost every good creator I know has it. It's not unusual. People succeed with it all the time.

What you need to do is give yourself smaller goals, things you can finish. Say, today I write a page, today I write a scene. Then finish that. That's what builds confidence and momentum. Don't worry about the HUGE PROJECT, worry about the small goals.

You can do it.

boldstreet3 karma

How do you know Scott Aukerman?

Gail_Simone7 karma

If I remember correctly, Scott's amazingly funny and talented wife, Kulap Vilaysack, mentioned me on her wonderful podcast, Who Charted? I wrote back and said thank you, and we ended up becoming friends. As a treat, I made Kulap a character in Batgirl, and she ended up putting me in her movie. Other than that, I am a huge fan of both of them, especially Comedy Bang Bang, Bajillion Dollar Properties, and Between Two Ferns.

erikalovestodd3 karma

gail what are your favorite comic books of the year?

Gail_Simone11 karma

My favorite graphic novel of they year was Bingo Love, by Tee Franklin. It's her first gn, and it had me in tears, big sobbing baby tears. I can't recommend it highly enough.

I love Mister Miracle. I love Monstress. I love anything by G. Willow Wilson.

Those are the first things leaping to mind.

teff-pixie3 karma

Hey, you! got a question: if you had to choose someone else (not Kate Bush) to write about for Femme Magnifique, who would you choose and why?

Gail_Simone6 karma

Oh, man, that's a good question, and all the way from Argentina!

I might do Margaret Atwood, in that case. Gloria Steinem.

Shonda Rhimes. Lynda Carter. Carrie Fisher.

What can I say, I'm a huge nerd.

grilledonionsaregrea3 karma

Do you ever listen to music to get in the mood/mindset for writing?

If so, does the sort of music ever change depending on what you're currently writing - like for example, how does the Secret Six playlist differ from the Birds of Prey playlist?

Also what does Cyclops like to eat?

Gail_Simone10 karma

I actually don't, I have to have complete silence.

As an experiment, I started listening to the CONAN movie soundtrack while writing Wonder Woman/Conan. It worked okay. But silence is best for me.

And Cyclops loves plain spam, cold from the can.

boldstreet3 karma

Have you ever had to justify your love of Deadpool to people that couldn't understand how a character like that fits with your consciousness of social issues? How did you/would you do so?

Gail_Simone26 karma

Oh, mostly by saying characters are not supposed to only be mouthpieces for my opinions. If I'm writing Punisher, I'm going to write the goddamn Punisher, you know? I don't want Frank Castle spouting my theories on gender issues, I want him terrifying weirdo killers.

Deadpool is a strange case because as fucked up as he is sometimes, he also has compassion at odd moments.

No justification needed!

HalcyonTraveler3 karma

I know you're a fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine, who would you say is your favorite character on the show?

Gail_Simone10 karma

I love almost all of them but it's definitely Diaz.

bn008803 karma

betty or veronica ?

Gail_Simone22 karma

Any smart person goes for both, ask Archie.

will2bill3 karma

What is the most over the top romantic thing you have ever done for someone, and what is the most that is been done for you?

Gail_Simone12 karma

I once decorated our whole house with roses when my darling hubby was returning from a long business trip.

I am very lucky, I have a husband I adore and he adores me and I know not everyone has that. We try never to take that for granted.

TheMainMan33 karma

Big secret six fan here. I really enjoyed the arcs in both secret six and the atom featuring dwarfstar. Any chance of you using him again and is it something you would want to do?

Gail_Simone10 karma

Yeah. You know, sometimes you create a villain that even YOU truly hate. For me, even Junior had some sympathetic moments.

Dwarfstar, no. I flat out hate that guy. It's fun to write him getting punched.

StealthHikki23 karma

Any Marvel work in the near future for you?

Gail_Simone8 karma

One never knows!

CrudeBark3 karma

is the future of comics female? if so: can you make a whole comics team with new names for us to check out?

Gail_Simone41 karma

I definitely think it's MORE female, but my thing has never been 'I only want comics for girls,' I just feel that's a terrible path to go down. I want comics for everyone. I want everyone to be able to make comics, I want everyone to have comics they want to buy.

I certainly don't want talented male creators to be pushed aside. I want there to be more room for new voices, is all.

And the last whole new comics team I did sold about eight copies. :) But I took a break from superhero comics for a bit and have been missing them a lot, so...maybe!

ThisIsNotMelTorme3 karma

How should male writers write women as believable characters?

Gail_Simone24 karma

This is a perfectly fair question, but it also makes me a bit sad because I hate to have people's creativity messed with, regardless of gender.

I would say, just try to write people unlike yourself as human. That seems to be a good first step. I write all kinds of people who are not like me, a straight, white former hairdresser who lives in the boonies. I do ask for advice from friends sometimes, about what they feel is missing from comics. That gets in the mix.

Try to write people, it usually works.

ThisIsNotMelTorme5 karma

How do I write people? Do I have to go out and observe?

Gail_Simone17 karma


Listen, I have a story quickly. Charles Schulz used to doodle to learn to draw, and he purposely drew everything three times, exactly the same. When he was done the third time, he knew how to draw that thing forever. His notebooks are full of it, three hands, three trees, three shoes.

Writers are the same. Observe, observe again, and observe one more time.

AtLeastImGenreSavvy3 karma

Is it possible for an aspiring comics writer to get a foot in the door without an agent or an illustrator? If so, how?

Also, how many pogs to you have?

Gail_Simone8 karma

Well, I did. A lot of writers come to comics now from blogging or criticism. It's a legitimate way in. If editors see your name and think you can write, that's halfway there.

And none, but I might double that soon.

erikalovestodd3 karma

will you come back to Brasil next year?

Gail_Simone5 karma

I will definitely come back, but they usually rotate their guests. But that was one of the nicest cons I have been to, ever. Other cons will have to catch up!

theimankaleldata3 karma

Have you read any of Sam Humphries's Green Lanterns run? I'm curious what you think of newest Green Lantern Jessica Cruz!

P.S. The world needs more Kho!

Gail_Simone6 karma

I love KHO, the only GL I think I created. I keep begging GL writers to use her!

I am behind on GL, but I heard it's great!

Gail_Simone2 karma


ciggypopculture2 karma

Is there any chance of you coming to hawaii for comic con?

Gail_Simone3 karma

If they ask, I will come for sure. I think they asked a couple years ago and I couldn't make it that year.

totallynotalunatic2 karma

Based on your experiences, what advice do you wish you would've been given when you were first trying to break into comic writing?

Gail_Simone5 karma

Don't punish your artist, try to give them things they like to draw.

Lighetto2 karma

As a reader, what can I do (beyond buying the book) to help out comics creators? Leaving reviews? Telling publishers we love you?

Gail_Simone8 karma

Both of those things! Spreading the word about a book you like is HUGE! Thank you!

Krypton-1152 karma

Hi Gail! Me and a couple of buddies asked Grant Morisson and Gene Luen Yang this same question on their respective AMA's. We're now highly anticipating your answer.

Cats or dogs?

Gail_Simone13 karma

For me, it's dogs. I am allergic to cats, but we still ended up with one, somehow.

It's dogs, dogs, dogs. Specifically, greyhounds. ROOOOOO!


Do you watch anime, if so what’s your favorite?

Gail_Simone8 karma

I love MONSTER. I haven't watched a lot of anime lately. I like Attack on Titan, though!

zombiebillnye2 karma

Is there anything where if you were asked to work on it, you could never turn it down?

Gail_Simone6 karma

It happens all the time, it was that way with Wonder Woman/Conan.

erikalovestodd2 karma

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Gail_Simone8 karma

It made me aware that tone is important, and variety of tone is vital.

I hate comics that never change their tone.

theimankaleldata2 karma

Is Dan Slott cool?

Gail_Simone7 karma

He's a great writer. He's no Fonzie.

UnsolvedParadox2 karma

Hey Gail,

Big fan, especially for Birds of Prey! My question is, have you ever considered starting your own imprint like Mark Millar (Millarworld) or Brian Michael Bendis (Icon) have?

Gail_Simone7 karma

No, I don't think so, I am terrible at that stuff, I like to tell stories.

andaresa2 karma

Hi, Gail! I've been a huge fan of your's for years and was really excited to learn that Kate Bush, my favorite musician, has been a major influence on your work, such as Clean Room Red Sonja. Have any of your other projects been influenced by Kate? And are there any other musicians who have inspired your work? Thank you!

Gail_Simone9 karma

I talk about this often, but Kate Bush and David Bowie, and perhaps the Who, were as big an influence on my comics as Grant Morrison and Steve Gerber and people like that.

It's a matter about bravery, and insisting on having your own voice.

The very first editor who wanted me to work at DC (he's not there anymore) told me, "Don't do anything too interesting." Seriously, that was his advice.

I like creators who have an inner voice and express it, no matter what.

ciggypopculture2 karma

If you could have one of your comics adapted, which one would you want the most and by who to adapt it?

Gail_Simone3 karma

As a film?

Definitely Clean Room and Crosswind. Not sure about directors, maybe Lexi Alexander for Crosswind and Emily Andras on Clean Room?

idrinkismokeitscush2 karma

Who is top on your list to work with (artists or other writers)?

Gail_Simone5 karma

Any Kubert, Bill Sienkiewicz, Denys Cowan, there's a bunch!

AshleyMorningstar2 karma

Was this scene meant to imply that Diana had become resistant to normal piercing attacks altogether (i.e. she had become bulletproof)--or just arrows?

Gail_Simone3 karma

Neither, in that scene she was pierced by an arrow made from the gods. Godly weapons can always pierce her flesh and some even get past her bracers.

mikeyHustle2 karma

Did you have trouble pushing that Future's End story where Babs (spoilers? Is that possible this much later) trains so hard that she can beat the crap out of Bane? It's one of my favorite things, and even though it's kind-of Elseworlds, I couldn't help but wonder what that meeting was like.

Gail_Simone7 karma

I don't remember anyone being really rough about it. It was my last issue of Batgirl, I think, and I believe they wanted to let me go out on a high note of my own devising.

It was fun, fun issue. Would love more League of Batgirls!

jef-El2 karma

Hey , Gail ! Big fan of yours ! If given the chance to do x-men, what would your roster be ?

Gail_Simone10 karma

Good question!


Cyclops, Cyclops, Cyclo--


Storm, Outlaw, Rogue, Kitty, Cannonball, Sunfire, maybe?