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UnsolvedParadox9 karma

Hey Tommy, I'm a huge fan of Video Games Live!

I also really miss hearing your reviews on the Electric Playground, do you think you'd ever do game reviews again (even sporadically as time permits)?

UnsolvedParadox4 karma

Hey Supergiant team,

Love the games you create, everything from the gameplay and world to the atmosphere and music are breathtaking.

My question is, do you have a long term plan to expand into another medium? A Transistor film, Bastion TV series etc with the wonderful storytelling in your games would be amazing.

UnsolvedParadox2 karma

Hey Gail,

Big fan, especially for Birds of Prey! My question is, have you ever considered starting your own imprint like Mark Millar (Millarworld) or Brian Michael Bendis (Icon) have?

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Hey Vincent,

Love your work! I still listen to the Flower soundtrack which is tremendous, will definitely be picking up the CD.

I'm quite interested in your role with USC, do you have any advice for me as someone who wants to eventually teach at a university while working in another professional role simultaneously the way you are?

UnsolvedParadox1 karma

Hi Lauren! I'm curious, how would you like Gretchen to evolve as a character in season 2 and beyond?