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  • What part of being in Congress do you find completely insufferable?
  • What part do you love?

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  • What are your opinions on the later versions of the game?
  • How much input did you have over the various re-incarnations (Amazon Trail, Oregon Trail II, etc.) did you have over the years?
  • Do you still program?
  • If so, do you occasionally nostalgically code for the Apple ][e or punchcards?

My personal story, if you'll indulge me for a bit. As a kid I was a little socially awkward, had only two or three friends, and hated sports. One summer in day camp (circa 1989 I want to say) my counselor had a hard time getting through to me and finding something I liked to do. Once a week we would have computers in a school lab of some old Apple ][s. My counselor and I would spend most of the time playing Oregon Trail and that was how we bonding. A year or so later, my parents got us the DOS version for our IBM 286. My brother and I, along with two other brothers we were friends with, would spend almost every Sunday playing at least one game together.

Thank you.

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Are you aware of the political aspects of Israel and the nuances in conflict? What do you feel should be done with the millions of Jews who were born and raised there, some 3 or 4th generation Israeli?

I find that your misconception is probably the most common when it comes to criticism of Israel. The idea that the land is rightfully theirs due to the Bible is only a concept in the minds of some of the more right wing religious Israelis. Israel was (surprise!) originally started with the intent to be an Atheist haven. The Zionist ideal was to push out religion in favor of a Jewish State, where "Jewish" can be redefined to mean "part of the secular Jewish nation". The Zionist right to the land is not based on religion, nor has it ever been claimed to be by anyone in authority. It has to do with the change in political landscape following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the search for a home for post-war Jewish refugees.

That being said, I'm not at all surprised that you feel that way. Israel is often criticized which is fine. But people like to take it a step further and completely demonize them, which is unfair and cruel. One of the easiest ways to do that is to claim that Israel is a bunch of religious fanatics, claiming the land in the name of religion. The fact that Israel has one of the largest per capita Atheist populations in the world, and is one of the most liberal countries in terms of civil rights, is a fact often left out of these sort of false critiques.

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What's your opinion of Arrow's Deadshot?

Besides, I think even in universe he's considered lame. Don't remember which character said this (it may have been Oracle) but "Deadshot's the guy you hire when you can't afford Deathstroke"

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Not bogus, but very misleading. The "reveal" was that there was a lawsuit filed against the government alleging that immigrant children in detention facilities were given drugs. Except that all the proof is from eyewitness testimony which basically consists of kids saying "They made me take a pill and I felt tired afterwards" or parents saying similar things.