JB SMOOVE aka Leon Black from Curb aka Crown Royal Man Vanilla and Apple aka One-Stop from Barbershop aka Real Husband of Hollywood aka Trucky from Pootie Tang aka Dr. Ray De Angelo from GTA, husband, lover, father, brother, son, and natural fool.

Get out and grab The Book of Leon: Philosophy of a Fool (https://www.amazon.com/Book-Leon-Philosophy-Fool/dp/1501180711). It's good bad advice. Leon Black... He ain't wrong... he just ain't right - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFD96n250Ik

Love you guys ask me anything that will help you get your shit together!!!

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TFaust7531 karma

Huge Curb fan. What's your favorite Curb scene you've done? Mine is "Get in that ass, Larry."

Honorable Mention to "She didn't come upstairs because she was coming downstairs."

Misterknoweverything38 karma

I love both!!! This car chair is a fuck machine!!!! LOL!!!

VoteForRollins22 karma

WTF is a-jak-a-lit??

Misterknoweverything18 karma

One of my favs!!!!

Porky79917 karma

Hey JB,

Huge fan of you as Leon in Curb. I got two questions:

Do you see yourself becoming more like Larry or is Larry becoming more like you as time goes on?

What’s your ideal breakfast?

Misterknoweverything25 karma

Leon is rubbing off on Larry... shrimp and grits!

pdxscout14 karma

Any funny stories from the set of Pootie Tang? I have to imagine working so close with Chris, Louis, Wanda, etc.. must have been ridiculous.

Misterknoweverything12 karma

Crazy ass movie... Wanda was funny as shit!!!

Vikkunen13 karma

Hey JB. On Curb, was Leon's character originally conceived as a recurring role, or was it a one-off for the "Meet the Blacks" arc that just kind of evolved into a main character due to the obvious chemistry that you have with the other cast members?

Misterknoweverything24 karma

I gotta get that answer from Larry and the producers. I do believe you make a job. You give 200 percent and things come. I always go hard.

jaf2711 karma

Hey. What is your favourite Curb or Leon quote?

Misterknoweverything33 karma

Someboy gotta get fucked up Larry!!!

hitting_a_new_low11 karma

Love your work JB, the combination of Leon and Larry is genius. Have you ever seen Larry get into a real life awkward situation?

Misterknoweverything29 karma

Yes indeed. Always. Especially at parties. He was the first one to arrive at my big birthday party. Too damn early!!! Hilarious! Then complained that I was late to my own party. SMDH!!!

asz8b779 karma

Outside of Larry, who on the show makes you laugh the most?

Misterknoweverything28 karma

Funkman!!!! He is amazing!!! Great guy. A lot of great stories too!!

Daftpunk1078 karma

How exaggerated is Larry's character? Is he at all like that off camera?

Misterknoweverything19 karma

He's not that bad but interesting dude.

jaf277 karma

Hi. What has your experience been like working with Larry David?

Misterknoweverything19 karma

Amazing guy since we me at the audition!!!! I talk a lot of shit to him. He loves it!!!

LilSebs_MrsF7 karma

JB, you are the best on Curb!!!

Do you do any writing for the show or just acting? And/or how much of it is improv?

Misterknoweverything15 karma

Always appreciation!!

Just acting... with curb though all the dialogue is improvised... so i guess its kinda like writing for your character!!

QuadriplgicLeviathan7 karma

What was the hardest line in Curb to deliver with a straight face? Your delivery is hysterical. Cheers!

Misterknoweverything22 karma

When I know Larry doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about!! That dude never heard of "Get in that Ass' in his life!!! Funniest face the first take Ive ever seen!!

socialassassin4206 karma

Is Larry David dating anybody?

Misterknoweverything20 karma

Don't know... Would love to double date with him to see his moves.

Murray966 karma

Hi! Who's been your favourite guest star to appear on Curb?

Misterknoweverything17 karma

Jerry and the crew... the Seinfeld Season!!!

Spacedzero5 karma

Hey, JB! What’s the best curveball you’ve thrown at Larry and/or another cast member while improving and vice versa? Also, how do you keep yourself from laughing? Any tricks? Great job, as always, this season!

Misterknoweverything23 karma

I try and give Larry something new he didn't know about Leon every time we shoot. Gotta be the first episode this season when I slipped in that I did a porno constipated!!!

Murray965 karma

Hey JB, if Leon ever got his own spinoff show what would you like it to be about?

Misterknoweverything26 karma

A prequel would be amazing... Where did Leon come from? Life before he came to Larrys door.

rachfitz5 karma

What's the craziest thing you've ever done while consitpated in real life?

Misterknoweverything15 karma


thebarkingduck5 karma

Hey JB! You've been the best addition to Curb since you joined. I've read there's basically no set script on set, so how do you prepare for each scene?

Also, what's your favorite sushi roll?

Misterknoweverything12 karma

I don't. I get to set put my Leon outfit on and ask the writers whats the scene about. The freedom feels amazing.. no memorizing lines.

coryrenton5 karma

which production had the best food, and what was the weirdest thing you've seen a fellow performer eat voluntarily?

Misterknoweverything10 karma

When I did Mr Deeds!! Thanks Adam!! Amazing!

VballHerk5 karma

Hey Dr. Ray, big fan! How's Cheryl?

Misterknoweverything12 karma

Great lady!!! She has her issues but still great lady!! GTA all day!!

primalth0ught4 karma

What music do you have in heavy rotation right now?

Misterknoweverything10 karma

Old school music guy!! I was bumpin Big daddy Kane today!!

GoldenToothGaming4 karma

What percentage of JB Smoove would you say is in Leon Black? Also, favorite Knicks player of all time?

Misterknoweverything12 karma

I always say... Theres a lot of Leon in JB (maybe 45 percent) but no JB in Leon. Crazy right?

i-0__0-i4 karma

Is “lampin” a real thing or did you make that up for the show?

Misterknoweverything13 karma

It is a thing... it has been for years. Maybe early 90s. Have you ever heard Cold Lampin?

Teacha263 karma

Hey JB! I'm a teacher and was wondering if you could come in and start answering our phones for us? We need someone

Also, favorite basketball team?

Misterknoweverything7 karma

Would love to... set it up!! Knicks fan all day... give us time!!

Eoiny3 karma

Have you any stories/memories from shooting Pootie Tang?

Misterknoweverything8 karma

I remember it was hot as shit in New York and that silk ass shirt Trucky had to wear was sticking to my chest skin all damn day!!! Plus the pay was low!! You gotta start somewhere I guess!!

Eoiny3 karma

Did the cast think the movie sucked or was going to be a hit? (I think it's a classic but can also understand why some others don't get it.)

Misterknoweverything6 karma

We loved it! Laughed our asses off!! I think thats with any movie or actor... some folks don't get it. And its all good.

BuckRussell613 karma

JB! My guy, what is your ideal thermostat temperature?

Misterknoweverything11 karma

82 is mine!!!

Murray963 karma

Hey, do you ever stay in character when approached on the street?

Misterknoweverything16 karma

When they beg for it I give it to them... Leon lives!! A little good bad advise from him makes their day!!

wholesomeusername263 karma

My question is 'What da fuck is goin on, Larry?'

Misterknoweverything7 karma

LOL!!! Love it!!

JulianneLesse3 karma

What has been the most challenging scene in curb for you to film? And by challenging it can be whatever be it struggling not to laugh or struggling for the right jokes in the moment

Misterknoweverything6 karma

Oh Snap!! Sometimes I go too hard. Leon is a outspoken character. I don't ever want him to come off the wrong way and I always want his views to differ for Larry's but still be funny! So I guess its always a challenge.

hellomymellowfellow3 karma

Hey JB,

Who has been the easiest director to work with in your career?

Keep up the great work.

Misterknoweverything15 karma

Camron Crow!! Did We Bought a Zoo!! He plays music to set the tone for scenes and communicates so well with what he needs from his actors.. Matt Damon was cool as shit too.

drdrizzy133 karma

hey man love your work bro what would you say the possibility is of you getting a spin off?

Misterknoweverything10 karma

How amazing would that be... only thing is there is a certain energy and chemistry that Larry and I have on set that cant be matched. Maybe it is what it is. Still would be fun to cross that bridge.

arhanv3 karma

We've all seen LD on screen but what's real life Larry like? He always seems to be playing a character in his shows and movies but what's he actually like - in the most raw, personal way?

Misterknoweverything9 karma

Very nice guy... although I wouldn't recommend rolling up on him for a hug!!

TFaust753 karma

How often are you recognized in your everyday life? Do people yell Leon quotes at you?

Misterknoweverything16 karma

All the time!! Happy people dig the character!!! Just hate when Im on a long flight to NY and some dude next to me in first is referring to me as Leon the whole damn flight.

T3canolis3 karma

Are you looking for investors for your all-day cigarette?

Misterknoweverything6 karma

Yes!!!! We are also looking at doing cigars and condoms...

senorfresco3 karma

Hello Dr. Harris,

Did you ever reconnect with your Father?

Misterknoweverything2 karma

Getting close!!!

ImNotTheZodiacKiller3 karma

Hey JB, thanks for doing this. What's the most common quote people like to yell at you when you get recognized? How often do you do stand up sets? Can you come to Tampa Improv soon?

Misterknoweverything7 karma

Most common is Thats how I Doozit, Get in that Ass and Bring the Ruckus!!

Always on the road. Tampa soon.

drdrizzy132 karma

how is larry in real life is he cool or stuckup?

Misterknoweverything6 karma

Cool guy. Just don't or say anything stupid that would make an episode.

SlowRexx2 karma

Huge Curb fan! JB what is your favorite episode that you wish you could have made an appearance in?

Misterknoweverything7 karma

Wish I was around with Crazy Eye. Amazing season!!

i_eversaw2 karma

How was working with Tom Holland in that Audi commercial?

Misterknoweverything4 karma

That kid was amazing. Who wouldn't want to be a Marvel hero? I get along with British peeps.

TankinFrank2 karma

Hey JB! Are there any pictures of you in your theater attire from when you went to see Larry's show?

Misterknoweverything4 karma

Sadly, it was just a bit!!

chrisapplewhite2 karma

How important was Def Comedy Jam to you and your contemporaries?

Misterknoweverything3 karma

Very important. It was a amazing time for comedy as well as the edgy raw comedy and no one was excluded. Funny is funny!!

jaf272 karma

Hi. What has been your favourite Curb scene to film so far?

Misterknoweverything15 karma

They all have their moments. "Get in that ass Larry" I love

LivingInTheVoid2 karma

JB! As someone who discovered you on Curb but just found out you were on Def Comedy Jam. Do you have any real x rated stories form back in those days?

Misterknoweverything7 karma

None that i can tell you online... those guys are still friends.

justking2 karma

What's one thing people are often surprised to know about you?

Misterknoweverything16 karma

That I do so much for anti bulling and big Boys and Girls club alum!! Also.. love PB&Js everynight

Bad-Brains2 karma

Mr. Smoove, how important is a good suit? Do you have any stories of how you were treated differently because you were dressed up?

BTW - loved you in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!

Misterknoweverything5 karma

Verrrrrry important!!!! First impressions. When you get with a lady and you gotta get neatly undressed they find it sexy!!!

Thanks I love cars!! Got a 68 Lincoln!!

Bad-Brains1 karma

Thanks for the reply!

Any style tips for us internet peeps?

Misterknoweverything5 karma

Accessorize!! Pick colors that pop your skin tone. Suit jackets with a flower in the lapel. Conversation pieces.. a dope watch. There are no rules.

Clipdodgecharge2 karma

What is your favorite restaurant in the Los Angeles area to eat with Larry David?

Misterknoweverything3 karma

I Love Craig's on Melrose ave.

TurtlesWillFly1 karma

Can you read me a bedtime story?

Misterknoweverything4 karma

How clean does it have to be?

Skbrettbug1 karma

JB! How's it going? My question for you is this: What is the biggest thing that you and "Leon" have in common?

Misterknoweverything4 karma

Going great!! The biggest thing... We are both chocolate. Honestly we are both outspoken we our own way. He's a bit more extreme. Im just aggressive in my business matters.

Shawnheeb1 karma

JB big fan! How long does it take to get through a scene with Larry? I mean it must be hard to commit to one take, or even get a whole take down without laughing.

Misterknoweverything5 karma

I try not to break. The king of breaking is Larry. Only if its so damn funny that we cant get through it do I break. For the most part Im good.

Xeluc1 karma

Around two years ago, a video of you dancing heel-to-heel with somebody at a sunny, summer family gathering surfaced on Vine. The song that you were dancing to has been stuck in my head since then. Do you by any chance happen to recall what the song was?

Misterknoweverything3 karma

What was I wearing? I do love music though!!!

Xeluc1 karma

Shorts and a t-shirt and – of course – sunglasses! The guy you had a dance-off with did, too.

Misterknoweverything3 karma