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What was Rodney Dangerfield like to work with on Caddyshack?

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His silence speaks volumes.

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Did you and David O. Russell really make up with after his meltdown on the set of I (Heart) Huckabees or was that a pretense you had to keep up for the sake of the movie?

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Interesting. I was in Israel ten years ago and could not get bacon anywhere. Bit of a deal breaker for me in terms of living somewhere. I mean, I love hummus, but it doesn't cut for breakfast when I'm hungover.

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The hotels you stayed in, restaurants you ate in, ski facilities you used would all have been owned by the government. So the money you spent would be going directly to fund one of the most evil regimes on earth. Did you give much consideration to the ethics of what you were doing? (No judgement, I'm just curious.)