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That inspirational coach speech with Peyton Manning was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Where did that come from?

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Is John Oliver's nose as epic in person as it is on TV?

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How important was Def Comedy Jam to you and your contemporaries?

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I applied to a couple UCs in November, but I made a mistake. Long story short, I had previous college experience that I didn't put on my application. I wrote about the experience in my statement, so it's not something I am hiding, but it was 14 years ago and it never really occured to me to put it on there. Anyway, somebody asked about it, I explained myself through the response website, and never heard anything again. The next day I started getting "thanks for applying!" emails so I assume whoever called me on it passed me through the screening.

My question is about hwo I should handle it moving forward. I'm not sure how proactive I should be about it, or who I should even direct my proactivity towards. My GPA is high enough to make me a good candidate for any of the schools and it would be a bummer to miss out because of a boneheaded mistake I made.