I am the 2017 National Curling Champion and I throw rocks at houses! I was born in Anchorage Alaska and figured an ice sport would be perfect for me. If you're not familiar with curling, check out my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/curlupwithjamie) for some fun tidbits and insights into my life on the competitive curling tour. Now, Ask me anything!

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RyanTheQ15 karma

Curling has always been my favorite part of the Winter Olympics. But I've always wondered how it's structured. How is competitive curling organized?

Are there leagues and seasons, or is it more like a series of tournaments? How does one qualify for the Olympic team?

jamiesinclair216 karma

There is a competitive season (September - April). During the season there are a series of tournaments that you go to with the hopes of winning and gaining points. Points are what rank you on the world curling tour. Every country qualifies their teams differently but in the US, we have an Olympic trials. Its a triple round robin and then best 2 out of 3 in the finals. The winning team will be the team to go to the Olympics.

herbtarleksblazer8 karma

As a Canadian, my question is this: How do you possibly think you can compete with the Canadians?

jamiesinclair2111 karma

Good question! Well I played in Canada for 10 years so I have an idea of what it takes. The US is taking all the right steps in order to grow the sport and get our top teams on the podium more often.

katehawks8 karma

So do Curlers need to work out of your sport? Thanks!

jamiesinclair218 karma

definitely! You need to build leg strength for when you push out of the hack and sweepers need to have really good upper body strength.

CBerSpace7 karma

What do you think are the main concepts that kids should focus on in order to build their delivery as they get started with curling?

jamiesinclair216 karma

BALANCE. Check out my video on my YouTube Channel Curl Up With Jamie. I cover a lot of concepts that beginners should focus on.

preed907 karma

Big fan! How did you end up in at a curling club in North Carolina?

Also, after growing up in Canada, how did you decide to compete for USA?

Love the youtube channel by the way, really looking forward to anything you might put up in the run up to trials and the Olympics.

jamiesinclair216 karma

When i was asked to try out for the National Program in the states i had to put down a curling club as my home club. Having grown up in canada for the most part, i didn't have any connections to any US clubs other than Charlotte where i taught a clinic and played in their summer spiel. So i put them down as my home club!

jamiesinclair216 karma

Sorry I'm late! Technical difficulties. Im here now, fire away with the questions!

brothertaddeus6 karma

I only watch the Winter Olympics for Curling. It's addictive and highly entertaining and I don't fully understand why. That said, I don't think I've ever seen it outside of the Olympics. What's a good way to stay up to date with the sport the other three and a half years?

jamiesinclair217 karma

You can watch Curling Night in America on NBCSN starting october 10th! You can watch all our games live on TESN.com or you can follow everything on worldcurl.com

Doublution3 karma

Are they televising any of the Olympic Trials this year? I feel like they aired a couple games pre-Sochi.

(Also it’s tesn.us)

jamiesinclair213 karma

I believe they are but i haven't seen a schedule yet.

brothertaddeus2 karma

Awesome, I'll be sure to check that out. I do have another question: Why do curlers yell "HARD" while sweeping?

jamiesinclair215 karma

to encourage our sweepers to sweep harder! The more intense i yell, the more intense they sweep

SixAlarmFire5 karma

Do you have a day job, too? Or do you just curl all day, every day?

jamiesinclair217 karma

I do not. Right now i am a full time curler preparing for the Olympic Trials. With all the time spent on tour it would be near impossible to hold down a job right now

digitaljedi425 karma

Jamie, I'm looking forward to watching your team compete at the Olympic trials in Omaha next month! What are your thoughts on the five rock free guard zone?

jamiesinclair217 karma

I love it. More rocks in play, more fun shots. Better for viewers. Read my blog about it! www.jamiesinclair21.com/blog

Alexjessa0203085 karma

OK, so what is Curling? I have watched it but I can't say I understand the sport at all. Looks fun though.

jamiesinclair216 karma

Im glad you have watched it! Its played on ice, 4 people on a team, you all take turns throwing 2 rocks each. You are trying to get as many of your team rocks as close to the middle of the bullseye as possible. The bullseye is called the House. Once all the rocks are thrown, you count the score, and thats the end of the first End. In a game, you play 10 ends.

rickmuscles4 karma

Now that we have robots that vacuum floors, would you be ok if a roomba entered the Winter Olympics?

jamiesinclair216 karma

haha they could enter but i guarantee they wouldn't do very well!

radaghast114 karma

What is your biggest concern for the Nov. trials in Omaha?

jamiesinclair214 karma

No concerns. We are feeling well prepared and we are anxious to start!

Doublution4 karma

What got you to start curling competitively? I’d imagine you started off just playing recreationally, but something had to happen to get you to start reaching for this level.

jamiesinclair218 karma

My dad got me into the sport when i was about 9 years old and then when i was 14 i won my first National Championship and i got hooked on the competitiveness of it. Growing up with 2 older brothers, I've always been pretty competitive.

sonofabutch3 karma

What got your dad into it?

jamiesinclair217 karma

His dad also played. Its a real family affair.

sonofabutch5 karma

How did his dad get into it? Where is patient zero? :)

jamiesinclair215 karma

My grandfather is from England so he was more familiar with it. He started playing when he moved to Canada because he lived right beside a curling club.

fidens164 karma

Having the hammer at the end of the game seems like a big advantage. What's the strategy for a team playing without the hammer in an extra end?

jamiesinclair214 karma

You have to go hard for the steal. Probably putting up 2 centre line guards and then drawing around and freezing to anything you can. The more rocks in play the better.

fidens163 karma

Drawing around and freezing would mean to get your rock behind and as close as possible to another rock, correct? I've watched some curling and am trying to get a better understanding of the game, but I don't have all the terms down yet

jamiesinclair213 karma

Yes, thats exactly correct! Good job!

ChocolateAndRunning4 karma

I heard you’re a dual citizen who grew up in Canada. Why did you choose curling for the US after competing in Canada your whole junior career?

jamiesinclair214 karma

I was scouted and it was an opportunity to compete at a higher level. Im excited to be back living in the US and competing here!

ChocolateAndRunning2 karma

Cool! Does it feel as meaningful representing a country you didn’t grow up in vs. if you were representing Canada where you lived the majority your life? Just wondering since you went to school there, competed there, lived there.

jamiesinclair213 karma

It would mean everything to me to represent USA. Ive been working so hard for years now and if i am ever so fortunate to represent our country i would stand proud.

cizzlewizzle4 karma

Have you ever had or seen an eight-ender? What's the most number of rocks you've cleared with one shot?

jamiesinclair217 karma

Ive never gotten an 8 ender nor seen one. But i have made 5 rocks disappear with one of mine!

yomaster194 karma

Do you enjoy any other sports? Can you give an outline of your day as a full-time curler?

jamiesinclair214 karma

Recreationally i enjoy golf, tennis and horseback riding. We have a team practice at 9-11am every day. Lunch. Gym session in the afternoon. Sometimes sports psychology meeting also, or video analysis. Then dinner. Then i do a lot of work on my computer woking on stats, plays, emails, sponsors, all the admin work that a team has to do.

jamiesinclair214 karma

Thanks for all the questions! It's been fun! Bye!!!!

shamanthesky4 karma

It looks like a fun sport when watching it but what kind of (special)discipline you need to achieve in order to be successful in this sport?

Thanks and congratulations.

jamiesinclair216 karma

You need to be a student of the game. Watch as many games as you can and learn the strategy. Practice, practice, practice in order to be consistent.

travelgalhere4 karma

Is the ice in Curling the same ice as it is for other sports like Ice hockey or figure skating? Thanks and good luck.

jamiesinclair215 karma

The ice is very different! Curling ice has "pebble" on it. Its like little frozen rain drops that reduce the friction under the rock. It would be extremely hard to curl on hockey ice, the rock would not go very far.

_What_am_i_3 karma

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

jamiesinclair213 karma


flotador73 karma

I wasn't aware of curling at all until the last Sochi Olympics, and I was hooked!

Canada's teams killed it in the last olympics; If I recall correctly, the women team won all their games.

Is that the rival to beat in the next olympics?

If it is not them, who?

jamiesinclair215 karma

Yes, Canada always manages to produce top level teams. They are definitely top competition but I also wouldn't underestimate the Swedish team, they are currently ranked #1.

BigSchwartzzz3 karma

Do you and your fellow curlers have any inside jokes?

jamiesinclair215 karma

yes... but you wouldn't get it :P

BigSchwartzzz3 karma

Ouch. I feel like I was just 3:16'd.

jamiesinclair213 karma

no no! that was just me trying to be funny. We spend so much time together on tour that we definitely have some inside jokes, always nice to have fun and laugh!

thornatron3 karma

Hi Jamie! My friends and I love curling even though we're in Kentucky. We look forward to the Winter Olympics every time because of it! We're hoping to make it up to Cincinnati for the WinterFest tour in December.

For my question: what is the strategy on the ice like between the team? As skip, how do you handle occasions where there are differences in opinion on how to approach a particular situation?

Good luck, we'll be rooting for you and Team USA!

jamiesinclair213 karma

We spend a lot of time off the ice working on strategy to make sure we are all on the same page. As a skip, ill take into account everyones opinion but i would have the final say. Sometimes when we are debating between 2 shots, ill leave it up to the thrower since they are the ones that actually have to throw and make the shot.

Snapplestg3 karma

Do you have time for a significant other during all your training or no?

jamiesinclair214 karma

Nope! Maybe after the Olympics

pdawg433 karma

Hi Jamie! Big fan of you and your team. Rooting for you all to represent the US in the Winter games.

My question for you is Did you enjoy your time in Jacksonville, FL when the 2016 National championships were held? Was it strange curling in a southern state? Would you like National championships to be held in other non traditional curling states?

I live in Jax and was able to attend 4 days worth of the event and loved it. Wish we had a curling rink here. Thank you!

jamiesinclair213 karma

I loved Jacksonville! It was a fantastic National Championship and the weather was perfect! Normally when we are curling its a snowstorm outside, so Florida was a nice change of pace! I would definitely encourage the Nationals to go to different states because i think it would help grow the sport and get more awareness of it!

MattyGolds3 karma

How did you get into Curling? Did your school growing up have a team? Is it something a lot of people from Alaska partake in?

jamiesinclair213 karma

I started curling when i was 9 years old because my dad put my brothers and i into it. I played on my high school team and my university team!

throwawayswede1233 karma

if you had to describe curling with one word, what would it be? I'd say "neat"

jamiesinclair216 karma

Fun! Sometimes frustrating haha but mostly fun!

GoogleFrenchToast3 karma

Now that you're living full-time in the USA and training down there is there anything that you miss the most from your childhood in Canada?

jamiesinclair213 karma

I mostly just miss my family. And maybe Poutine!

changeiscool3 karma

Since the rock is sourced from United Kingdom, are there any alternates for which you play with?

jamiesinclair213 karma

Yes, the rocks all come from Scotland and every curling club has their own set of rocks so the players don't need to bring any. Also federations and big competitions will have their own sets of rocks

sock20142 karma

Have there been any other songs about Curling besides Jonathan Coulton's "Curl"?

jamiesinclair211 karma

No that i know of.....

CurlingHack2 karma

I know you must be busy, but what would be your favorite TV show or series?

jamiesinclair212 karma

Right now i am watching How to get away with murder and I'm addicted to it! Its so good!

rickmuscles2 karma

Are you ready for curling to go back to it's pure roots or are you ok w/ its current crass comercialism?

jamiesinclair217 karma

Curling always has pure roots. Its a great sport that you can play at any age, at any level of competitiveness.