I'm Lindsey Jacobellis, 10 XGames Gold Medals, 5 World Champ Titles and 27 World Cup Wins. I have raced boardercross for over two decades and I am not stopping any time soon.

I love the "Days of Thunder" feeling when you mix speed and other racers. I'm Lindsey Jacobellis and I have raced boardercross for over two decades and I am not stopping any time soon. I have 10 XGames Golds medals, 5 World Championships Titles, and 27 World Cup wins. I crave the speed and the upredictabilty of my sport. Ask Me Anything!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/1lee3dhrqwfz.jpg

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Thanks for all the great questions, I had a blast and I hope you did too, bye ;)

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nicky_va657 karma

I was watching the Olympics when you crashed on the last jump and took silver after gaining a commanding lead, which seems to be something every article about you will mention. How do you feel about that event now looking back? Do you speak of it differently now than you did back then?

Lindsey_Jacobellis929 karma

the media reports what they want and it is up to myself to remember details that are important to me, but that happened so long ago and I have races some many times since then and achieved so many more titles so it was just a race that happened to not go my way from some silly mistake...just life

nicky_va322 karma

Much respect.

Lindsey_Jacobellis311 karma


vyvratit595 karma

I don't know much of how you get paid for competing on the Olympic circuits, is it all reliant on sponsorships or are the competitors paid a living stipend?

Or, am I likely to run into an Olympian working at Home Depot?

Lindsey_Jacobellis1253 karma

Americans do not get paid at all to be in the US team. The us team provides coaches, techs, trainers, and travel budget. It is up to you to seek other sponsorships and ambassador opportunities to create an brand and a following to help you continue what you love to do.

I go to Home Depot all the time, I love crafting and fixing things ha

vyvratit211 karma

Thank you for clarifying. I knew a Slovak Olympian who taught in-between training sessions and competitions, but I assumed some compensation had to be provided. She didn't make much money teaching...

It must really complicate life trying to juggle money and training needs, especially before you make it to the level where sponsors are interested.

That really changes things in my mind. I think I see how focused and determined Olympic athletes must be.

Thank you again for sharing.

Lindsey_Jacobellis79 karma

you are welcome

moustacher401 karma

Hey Lindsey, I played flipcup with you once, many years ago, and you were the most competitive person I've ever met. Do you know anyone who hates losing more than you do?

Lindsey_Jacobellis391 karma

oh man throwing it back......probably not :)

moustacher104 karma

I didn't think so! Was it really hard to move past the infamous method at the olympics or were you able to shake it off and move forward pretty quickly? For the record, I would have done the same thing!

Lindsey_Jacobellis173 karma

you can only move forward in life

moustacher66 karma

That's a good outlook! Speaking of forward in life, have you given thought to what you will do after competing? Maybe some coaching?

Lindsey_Jacobellis106 karma

personal trainer maybe , yes i have a few ideas in the hopper

Sh0wMeYourKitties373 karma

Hey Lindsey, did you enjoy your time on Champs vs. Pros? It was refreshing to see pro athletes such as yourself compete in silly (but still challenging) competitions. What castmember were you closest to during filming?

Lindsey_Jacobellis317 karma

Champs vs Pros was really fun until I had to eat a pig heart. That was gnarly and by far the hardest thing I have ever had to force myself to do but it was for my charity so I tried my best. I had a blast with everyone, I got to meet all sorts of new people with all different walks in life and everyone relationship created was wonderful

mattrprt34 karma

we love Tia!!!

Lindsey_Jacobellis48 karma

love tia too, I get to see here when we are both not off traveling somewhere and we grab some waves :)

TheNewJasonBourne251 karma

Hi Lindsey!

Does your schedule make it really difficult to find time to date men?

If not, can I pick you up at 8pm tonight?

Aboxofdongbags263 karma

Bold move, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off.

Lindsey_Jacobellis154 karma

ha ;)

Lindsey_Jacobellis242 karma

it makes it challenging and hard when you are not easily tied down

Lindsey_Jacobellis419 karma

....sorry have plans

AustralianHandstand202 karma


Lindsey_Jacobellis477 karma

mt Baker in Washington. It is a small family owned and they keep it far from the commercialized classification ;)

twoscoop138 karma

I've never snowboarded so im not really knowledge based.

Are you afraid of being trapped under a mountain of snow and if you were, would you be able to survive and create a new underground city with the snow people till spring comes?

Lindsey_Jacobellis153 karma

avalanches can be terrifying but it is always best to have the proper knowledge if you venture out into the back country. But i think I could survive in an underground city for a bit, as long as I was the events coordinator for the community ha

twoscoop62 karma

Would you allow yeti and snow trolls to live in your underground community?

Lindsey_Jacobellis102 karma

all would be welcome

twoscoop37 karma

Snow miser and heat miser?

Lindsey_Jacobellis61 karma


Matty_e6395 karma

If you could be any animal, which animal would you choose to be? :)

Lindsey_Jacobellis119 karma

hummmm.... a wolf

Matty_e6347 karma

Awesome! I love wolves :)

Lindsey_Jacobellis84 karma

me toooooo

Matty_e6323 karma

Such beautiful majestic animals, they get a bad reputation which is undeserved :( it's amazing to think that all domestic dog species in the world today, evolved from the wolf :)

Lindsey_Jacobellis41 karma

so true, like all predators they get the bad rep

AGCRACK91 karma

Hey Lindsey, what is a regular problem for pro snowboarders that none of us would expect or ever think about?

Lindsey_Jacobellis216 karma

that you get stereotyped a "punk" or a lazy athlete. Truth be told boardercross has some of the highest physical demands of any winter sport. You need endurance, strength, power, quickness and only 15 minutes between each run that can last up to 2 minutes for a recovery. We average about 6-8 runs on race day. That doesn't take into account training day on the course as well as time trials day. Those few days can be rigorous and the next weekend you have to do it all over again. That is why I would out year round. :)

xXnewuserXx71 karma

How to you make a living. Is it solely on sponsors paying you for being awesome (and I guess talented)?

Lindsey_Jacobellis99 karma

sponsors and prize money

xXnewuserXx59 karma

So you get those really big checks like in Happy Gilmore?

Lindsey_Jacobellis117 karma

sometimes, they are fun but hard to bring home

SeacattleMoohawks67 karma

Would you ever do another MTV show?

Who was your favorite male and female Challenge cast mate on 'Champs vs Pros'?

Lindsey_Jacobellis97 karma

i could be convinced, would you like to see me in one again?

Barca2462 karma

Hi Lindsey!

What is your favorite mountain on the East Coast?

Lindsey_Jacobellis110 karma

I grew up at Stratton mtn in VT and I love it there. Great family atmosphere

true_spokes60 karma

I'm sure you encounter fans on the slopes occasionally. What are the dos and don'ts of riding around one's idol?

Lindsey_Jacobellis93 karma

i would just be super happy and excited, i always like taking pictures with happy people

rickmuscles54 karma

3 questions: Do you do any type of meditation to train your mind?

Do you have any dieting tips for aging (I apologize for implying you're old) athletes?

Do you do any type of unconventional training?

Lindsey_Jacobellis67 karma

not so much meditation but it is a controlled breathing and making sure I am not being too high strung in the present moment and remember it is just a race. With my age i just have to make sure that i am getting to recovery that i need and that is just trial and error really

rickmuscles26 karma

Any recovery tips or is it just make sure to sleep a lot?

Lindsey_Jacobellis50 karma

sleep is my go to, but there are cold tubs, massage, spinning on a stationary bike, cupping all sorts just have to find what works for you

HemaG3349 karma

Hey Lindsey, how do you generally prepare for races? Physically and mentally.

Lindsey_Jacobellis56 karma

Mentally I think is the most important for me, I tend to listen to my music and get a good warm up in and start going through the course in my head to think of great passing spots

HemaG3321 karma

Cool, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of music are you into?

Lindsey_Jacobellis60 karma

classic rock, folk, all over the map really, just depend on my mood

abceasyascuntpuntme46 karma

How often do you think about your 2006 Olympic final?

Lindsey_Jacobellis149 karma

not really at all, the media is the only group that brings it up, how often do you think of your 19 year old self? truth be told there are way more fun and interesting things happening in the "now" to be caught up in the past

Dunderchief9846 karma

Any thoughts of marrying Shaun white and having a snowboarding super baby??

Lindsey_Jacobellis105 karma

that might be a little too much snowboarding DNA ;) kind of like a pure bread dog, the best pups are the mixes :) hahaha

Drugstore_Loudboy65 karma

Damn sorry shawn

Lindsey_Jacobellis173 karma

shaun is a cool guy and great competitor, but i just hate to think of myself as an athletic baby factory... weird right?

Dunderchief9820 karma

lol I'd love to see what color that curly hair would come out :)

Lindsey_Jacobellis29 karma

that would be something

xSuperZer0x44 karma

Will you be in Korea for the Olympics this coming year?

Lindsey_Jacobellis77 karma

that is the plan

Zaffan32 karma

Oh man boardercross is my favourite sport of the Winter Olympics, so exciting! How do you see the sport develop in the future? Are there many new athletes getting into it?

Lindsey_Jacobellis43 karma

i am trying to grow the sport on the female side of things in the US esp., and i feel it is gaining exposure and people are enjoying watching all the action

hsaak731 karma

Did you act in the movie the Saint along side Val Kilmer?

Lindsey_Jacobellis20 karma

haha no

Playisomemusik25 karma

Do you know Caroline Lalive? Haha....heres a funny story for you. Well as you know, shes a very beautiful woman.. When I used to live in Steamboat I was out dancing somewhere. I had a hat on that said Canadien snowboarders team. Well, I did not know Caroline at this point, but she walks up to me at the bar and says...oh so your on the Canadien anowboard team huh? No....why, are you. Yep. And she just sashayed away with a little piece of my heart.

Lindsey_Jacobellis30 karma

would she have said "a?" instead of huh? haha

rollie8223 karma

Hey Lindsey! What features make your favorite mountains your favorite (i.e., parks, cornices, back country, steep groomers, etc)? As an aside, if you ever come out to Japan, I'll bet you a beer I can beat you in a race :D

Lindsey_Jacobellis45 karma

steep and deep terrain, pow never gets old

Frajer20 karma

What got you into snowboarding?

Lindsey_Jacobellis39 karma

My brother got the whole family interested in snowboarding actually. We all started off as skiers and it was just something that my brother wanted to try out and when you are a younger sibling you tend to follow suit

travelgalhere18 karma

Hi Lindsey! You are awesome. What is your favorite place to surf?

Lindsey_Jacobellis36 karma

I like Lower Trestles in San Clemente

spyglass4516 karma

Oside native here! Awesome

Lindsey_Jacobellis21 karma

oside can be super fun, had some days last winter that is was firing and i buckled my board :(

moustacher16 karma

How often do you get recognized out in public? Is it hard to go public places without people bothering you or do most people have no idea who you are?

Lindsey_Jacobellis25 karma

it is not as crazy as you would think

mattrprt12 karma

who of the girls on the circuit are you most competitive with?

Lindsey_Jacobellis24 karma

all the girls are really stepping it up from all nations as well

IcySpace12 karma

Hi Lindsey, where's your favorite mountain to hit on the east coast?

Lindsey_Jacobellis21 karma

Stratton mtn in VT

JMGMT10 karma

Who takes all the photos? Event and comp images I get since there are photographers there, but the lifestyle/social/travel/casual images? You're all over the globe but rarely are these selfies so I'm curious how this happens

Lindsey_Jacobellis14 karma

we have a few people on tour that carry there own camera gear

JMGMT9 karma

Hi Lindsey! How long have you been surfing and how is the transition from snow to surf?

Lindsey_Jacobellis7 karma

I learned when I was 19 but I did not really get a chance to do it regularly until i moved to so cal for a summer in 2010, now I get to spend a lot of the summer in the water and have met some great people out in the water too

JMGMT4 karma

Nice! Mostly Lowers or do you get up (and down) the coast?

Lindsey_Jacobellis8 karma

i cruise up and down all the time, mexico to malibu

jjh01028 karma

Is there a moment you remember most out of all the medals and awards?

Lindsey_Jacobellis10 karma

World champs medals are always a great memory. The anthem plays and there is an emotional moment for a second and then you get really jazzed again

mattrprt8 karma

where is your favorite place to race?

Lindsey_Jacobellis14 karma

I like traveling down to South America for races, I really like the culture and the people are really nice

behv7 karma

Hey Lindsey, who is running all the softball question accounts for the winter Olympic team AMAs? I say this because for every AMA for the winter Olympic team there have been many accounts made to just toss easy questions like "do you watch tv?" and such. If you could real quick just address the fact that it's happening and try to avoid those accounts it would be appreciated.

But in the spirit of AMA and as a fellow snowboarder, rocker, camber, or hybrid when you're just riding for fun?

Lindsey_Jacobellis15 karma

sorry my first time doing this, I will try to avoid less exciting questions.... I prefer the original camber, it is the best and most responsive, the only time I can ride reverse camber is when I am in pow but that is not an everyday thing.... too bad it is not

docteddy746 karma

Are you ever worried you'll end up with on of those horrific back injuries you hear about snow boarders getting all the time?

Lindsey_Jacobellis25 karma

cannot think that way, there are risks with everything in life

Matty_e635 karma

Hey Lindsey, how are you? I think you're an awesome snowboarder, and also you love animals too, which makes you even more awesome :)

If you wasn't a professional snowboarder, which career path do you think you may have followed?

Lindsey_Jacobellis5 karma

Ever since I learned to surf, I am obsessed with it so I would have to say surfing, but if you want a non-sport related job, then I would want to be a personal trainer

Travelingman04 karma

Did you compete in USASA back in the day? If so, what were some of your favorite years at nationals?

Lindsey_Jacobellis8 karma

ha yeah i did . I loved the telluride nationals, that was my first one I had ever been too

Matty_e633 karma

What do you like to do when you just want to chill out/relax. Do you like to watch movies, TV shows, video games?

Lindsey_Jacobellis5 karma

it is hard for me to just chill out really, i have too much energy ha. but after a long trip or long travel I will watch a movie or read a book before I fall alseep

katehawks2 karma

Hey there Lindsey! I follow your hair on Insta. Just wanted to say best hair. OK, hair secret? And are you brunette?

Lindsey_Jacobellis8 karma

dirty blonde - but the salt makes it more streaky. I always have leave in products everywhere, my car, beach bag, gym bag, you name it. it is how I keep this crazyness under control but that all goes out the window if I go to a tropical place and my hair grows by the minute

TheQuickSilver0992 karma

Favorite Salad?

Lindsey_Jacobellis5 karma

beat salad

Alexjessa0203081 karma

Hey Lindsey. Thanks for doing these. Where will you train before S. Korea? Do you always train in the same place before the Games? Do you stay there before the Games. Thanks again.

Lindsey_Jacobellis2 karma

I still travel on the World Cup circuit and that is mainly how I train.

JohnWad1 karma

What is your favorite place to snowboard in CO?

Lindsey_Jacobellis2 karma

keystone, and telluride

Matty_e631 karma

Will you consider doing one of these AMA's again? :)

Lindsey_Jacobellis3 karma

only if my fans demand it :)