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As a software engineer, I dislike the term 'recommends' in this context. If I recommend a restaurant to you, I think you should go there. Algorithms have no ability to 'care' what you do; they aren't saying "read Mein Kampf", they are saying "Statistically, based on other books you've read, you are likely to be interested in reading Mein Kampf".

It's just like Amazon: you bought shoes every week for 2 months? You will see more shoes on Amazon.com. It doesn't make it a shoe store, even though your view of the site may suggest so.

People (kids) need to be taught to understand that seeing lots of videos, news articles, what have you about alien abduction doesn't mean it's real, or even a popular theory - it means that you are seeing more because you watched a few.

And armed with this knowledge, people should be accountable for their own viewpoints and actions, rather than trying to blame a (faceless and so easy to hate) algorithm.

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Hey Lindsey! What features make your favorite mountains your favorite (i.e., parks, cornices, back country, steep groomers, etc)? As an aside, if you ever come out to Japan, I'll bet you a beer I can beat you in a race :D

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May I ask how you define "toxic masculinity"?

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Do you ever feel you are taking advantage of lonely guys that feel they just aren't good enough in the normal meat-market?

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I kinda got that impression as well, but the following clause "overly-image conscious" is generally not something as often leveled toward men. Nonetheless, I think you are correct - it is an issue, and I believe why men are far more likely to commit suicide. I think there's an element of expectation as well; you must be the "breadwinner" to be a real man, and those that choose to be the homemaker are sometimes ridiculed.

Thanks for the confirmation /u/throwawaybae69 :D