I'm Mike Swick: 15x UFC vet, an original AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) team member and cast member on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. In 2014 I founded AKA Thailand, a supergym located in Phuket, Thailand, where I now live full-time.

AKA Thailand is one of the largest destination fight gyms in the world, and we regularly cater to some of the biggest names in combat sports. We also cater to everyone from complete beginners to aspiring fighters and athletes. Needless to say, this is my life-long passion project. :)

In December 2016, I relaunched MikeSwick.com, this time with a focus on fight news, media and unique content. It's still a work in progress but my goal is to build the most comprehensive and multifaceted fight enthusiast site on the web by using my relationships with both fighters and MMA industry authorities to bring fans closer than ever to the fighters and the sport.

This is just a short summary of what I've been up to since retiring from fighting. I'm always on the move and always looking to take on new challenges.

I'll be here for a few hours and will try to revisit this thread to answer as many of your questions as I can. Super excited to interact with you all so, AMA!

My official website,


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dodsfall166 karma

Was Thailand your primary choice or did you just say Phucket?

MikeSwick64 karma

I was goingto do a gym in Manila once but I was always going to do one in Thailand for sure. Its the mecca and Phuket is the heart.

The_5th1 karma

What gym were you planning in Manila?

MikeSwick7 karma

An MMA gym.

Mowglyyy1 karma

What are your thoughts on Connor McGregor?

Also, what's it like living in Thailand?

MikeSwick2 karma

He is the man. Much Respect. Thailand is great!

arcticpoppy16 karma

Phuket is pronounced Poo-get, so he might not get/acknowledge this.

MikeSwick40 karma


arcticpoppy2 karma

Same same

Mr_Evil_MSc4 karma

Sam sam

burritoburglar3 karma

But deefrent

MikeSwick2 karma


THC21H30O2141 karma

Mike 'quick' Swick? Love your fights man. I have watched you since you first entered in. Absolute mad man.

Do you think the new breed of mma fighters are really that good, or just that marketable?

MikeSwick92 karma

Thanks! Rest of the answer below on your second question. Duplicate.

THC21H30O229 karma

Do you think the "new breed" of fighter is really that good, or just that marketable?

I only ask because A good friend who had a few smokers and than went 4 and 0 in Kotc. Never even got a shot. Just wondering if you had any insight?

MikeSwick49 karma

It depends. Some are amazing athletes with years of world class experience. Some are more the showmen. Others have both. My fighter, Amir Aliakbari came, to me with no MMA fights, but World Champion level wrestling, and he has had his last 5 fights in RIZIN and carries a 6-1 Pro record.

THC21H30O215 karma

Thank you so much for answering. Mad inspiration for me to get back in shape after a bad back injury. I hope to one day meet you and maybe even hit the bags. Thanks again Mr Quick Swick.

MikeSwick19 karma

No problem bud, hope to see you at AKA Thailand one day!

Theresia111 karma

That's a redundant nickname. I've heard swick is a portmanteau of swift and quick.

MikeSwick3 karma

It started with me. I invented both swift and quick and then did a combination invention of swick.

citizenfool29 karma

Hey mike another big fan here. What made you get into fighting? What's ur gym in Thailand? Do DC and them train there?

MikeSwick40 karma

Hey bud thanks! I got into fighting after watching The Karate Kid.

My gym in Thailand is called AKA Thailand. You can see more about it at AKAThailand.com. We are building it to become the largest gym in the world so its still a work in progress but moving fast.

Luke Rockhold and Javier Mendez have been out here training but not DC yet. He trains full time at AKA HQ in San Jose.

citizenfool12 karma

Awesome thanks for answering dude! 1 more if you have time. Is your gym open all the time? Is 2 weeks enough time to learn anything? Looks amazing and I'm on vacation soon!!

MikeSwick30 karma

Yes we are open 6 days a week and we have many people who come for just 2 weeks and have a great time. Email [email protected], ask for Marc and mention Reddit, and we will give you a 10% discount. ;)

captaincasimir2 karma

I am interested in becoming an entrepreneur but have become aware of the depressing amount of funding required to start a business, at least in my field. How did you come up with funding for starting the worlds largest gym?

MikeSwick5 karma

You have to invest yourself(be committed), make a solid business plan, then find a solid investor/partner.

CalvinsStuffedTiger3 karma

What was the process like negotiating with owners of AKA to use their brand for your gym in Thailand? Did u start this path knowing you wanted to have it be a subsidiary of AKA? Does the deal effect your bottom line in a significant way?

MikeSwick2 karma

I was an original team member of AKA and Javier Mendez was my head coach. He is the founder of AKA and he is also my business partner at AKA Thailand. We are all the same family. This gym in Thailand was just my dream gym so I naturally carried the name and training curriculum.

NoClueDad-9 karma

These marketing accounts are ruining Reddit. Might as well just make an infomercial with actors in the audience. I am curious how they work though. Does the fighter's manager set them up? Does Reddit? Are there companies for this now? Maybe there should be r/infomercial.

MikeSwick17 karma

Hey NoClueDad, I set this up myself to answer questions to fans and followers who are interested in my life. I cannot predict what they will ask and I am answering everything.

That being said, if you are ever in Thailand and need a place to train, please check out AKAThailand.com. Also, if you need some shirts printed for your event or clothing line, check out SpartanScreenprinting.com, and lastly for all the latest MMA and fight news, check out MikeSwick.com. ;)

hussain30019 karma

Sup Mike! Big fan here, ever since I saw you KO Gideon a few years ago. You were one of the first fighters I got to see who actually had both real KO power and slicckkk jits.

My question for you is: who's your favorite fighter/fighters to watch in the UFC today?

Wish you the best with your gym and life man!

MikeSwick21 karma

Thanks Hussain! I have so many favorites now. My teammates at AKA of course.... Cain, Luke, DC, Thomson, Khabib, etc... As well as so many others! I like the fighters who go out and put it all on the line and go for it. Thanks for the kind words!

hussain3007 karma

Thanks for the reply! You were definitely one of those guys who put it all out on the line. I'll always be a fan. Good luck in the future man

MikeSwick8 karma


isshebait16 karma

How's your Thai?

MikeSwick45 karma

Not that great. Luckily most of my staff speak english! Its a tough language to learn and all the guests that come and train at AKA Thailand are from outside Thailand. I speak decent Russian and that is our biggest demographic here.

ferengiprophet5 karma

Russian and that is our biggest demographic here

How come?

MikeSwick13 karma

Because its not far from Russia, its cheap and beautiful.

bartgus14 karma

How tough is the average Muay Thai fighter really? I believe they are extremely tough.

MikeSwick37 karma

Tougher than Chuck Norris.

bartgus9 karma

Get outta here!!!

MikeSwick68 karma

Muay Thai fighters can blow bubbles with beef jerky.

bartgus11 karma

hahaha I see them as the Honey Badgers of the fighting world

MikeSwick58 karma

If you go to MikeSwick.com, you can see a recent article we did on a transgender Muay Thai fighter that is kicking every male's ass here now. Sh'he is scary!

Reion200511 karma

Holy crap! I never actually thought I'd get the opportunity to ask this, but at what point did you know you really wanted to step away from fighting, and are there days that you see your guys training and miss it?

Also, for a person that one day wants to go to Thailand and train, how difficult is the language barrier and is there any kind of time frame where you start to pick it up?

MikeSwick15 karma

Hey Reion, it was when I realized that I couldn't put 100% of myself into the fight camp and fight. I started setting myself up for a post fight career early and that just grew and grew so for the longevity of my life and future, business is just the best thing for me right now.

There is no issue with the language barrier at AKA Thailand or in Phuket. 90% of the people you interact with will have some understanding of english or speak it natively. Its a very diverse location due to tourism.

Reion20053 karma

Thanks for answering my questions, and I'm really glad you've set yourself up for success.

It always worries me thinking about fighter burnout and injury rates (especially TBIs), and really how many fighters have a plan after they're no longer able to step in the ring/cage.

MikeSwick6 karma

Thank you. Yes you have to have a plan before its too late. I try and help as many of my guys as possible setup post fighting opportunities.

MikeSwick2 karma

Thank you. Yes you have to have a plan before its too late. I try and help as many of my guys as possible setup post fighting opportunities.

evlgns8 karma

Hey Mike great to see you doing this I always miss these things. What's your thoughts on fighters trying to come back ie. Chuck Liddell , Tito and now Randy saying he would fill in for bellator. The reason I ask is you seem quite happy and enjoying everything you have done after leaving the sport, I wonder if they just aren't as fulfilled in their lives after the sport?

MikeSwick17 karma

Hey bud, it can be many reasons. I can attest to the fact that you really do miss the fighting itself. The walking out, the fans, the mixing it up, and of course the winning. I think its just hard for fighters to realize when they are too old to do their best.

For me, I am happy and content in business now and operating AKA Thailand. I live vicariously through my fighters and enjoy their highs without any damage to my already damaged brain. ;)

evlgns2 karma

Thanks for the reply it makes sense, I am glad you are enjoying your life after your fighting career so much, keep up the good work!

MikeSwick3 karma


LJBirkdale7 karma

Does the ufc actually measure the fighters height and reach or do you just report it to them ? Hope you're doing Well mike.

MikeSwick16 karma

Thanks bud. Yes they measure us themselves. We go through very rigorous medical testing as well. UFC fighters are some of the healthiest athletes around.

ThatCatisaFish7 karma

Hi Mike! I'm a big fan. What is the craziest thing you ever saw while bouncing?

MikeSwick22 karma

Thank bud! I kneed a guy's tooth out after he was beating up a girl and threw a punch at me and then my friend threw him through a plate glass door. My friend was Christian Wellisch, who also had several UFC fights. He always got me into the shit, since I was the smallest bouncer. Oddly enough, I never get into street altercations, but my bouncing days were crazy.

str8sin7 karma

Wheen is the best time of year for visibility for scuba diving off Phuket?

MikeSwick10 karma

January through March IMO.

voNlKONov6 karma

What fight for you was the most memorable? Both your own and one that you watched?

MikeSwick20 karma

My fight with DaMarques Johnson at UFC on Fox 4 was my most memorable. I had 910 days out of competition and was still not well and it was a huge stage being on the main card on FOX. It was a war 1st round but I got the KO in round 2. ;)

I think most memorable was coaching Mark Hunt to his UFC victory over Bigfoot Silva.

e-rage6 karma

Are you Bangkok ready?

MikeSwick9 karma

I am not a fan of Bangkok actually so no.

j66260686 karma

Hi Mike! I'm travelling to Phuket to train this summer and I'm wondering what sets AKA Thailand apart from the other super-gyms on the island? What would you recommend doing on Phuket that's slightly off the beaten touristy path? What led you to move to Thailand and start a gym there?

MikeSwick12 karma

I can't speak for the other gyms but I custom built this gym from the ground up for 2 years making sure it was perfect in every way. We hold the exact same curriculum as our headquarters in San Jose and have had an amazing run of success in just 3 years. I don't think you will find a more clean, friendly and modern gym in this entire part of the world. Don't take my word for it, check out AKAThailand.com and scroll to the bottom to see what some of the biggest names in the sport have said about it. ;)

Email [email protected], ask for Marc and mention Reddit, and we will give you a 10% discount.

bartgus4 karma

What do you think of bareknuckle boxing? Best thing about living in Thailand?Worse thing?

MikeSwick15 karma

I see the "bare knuckle" Muay Thai events here in Thailand occasionally, but they actually do use rope over their hands. I don't follow actual bare knuckle boxing.

Best thing about living in Thailand for me is just having the gym in such a beautiful location and interacting with such awesome people that come in from all over the world.

Worst thing is that Thailand does not have a Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, In 'n Out, or some other of my favorite American eateries.

jfager163 karma

What's your stance on kids and martial arts? I want to put my daughter in jiu jitsu as soon as she is of the required age. Do you think that instills a sense of confidence and discipline as kids grow up? I want to raise a daughter with self esteem and confidence in herself and respect for her body...and for her to have the ability to defend herself if necessary.

What's are your thoughts?

MikeSwick5 karma

I agree totally with putting kids in Martial Arts but not to defend themselves. I think its good for discipline and respect.

shvwshvnk3 karma

Sup, brudda!! How hot is Arianny in person?

MikeSwick13 karma

You can come to AKA Thailand August 4th through the 12th and see for yourself. MMADreamDestinations.com ;)

Milo_Hackenschmidt3 karma

What's your perfect Sunday?

MikeSwick7 karma

Here in Phuket, its usually hanging at the Beach or taking a boat to the islands off the coast. Sunday is about relaxing and this is a very good place to relax. ;)

Twitstein3 karma

Hi Mike, what's your thoughts? Has what Conor McGregor's done been good for the cause of UFC fighters?

MikeSwick10 karma

Yea he is a stormtrooper and much respect to him for breaking out and taking himself to a level none of us ever dreamed possible.

buzzedaldrine3 karma

is there any chance for an AKA gym in the Philippines?

MikeSwick5 karma

We actually get a lot of requests for this! I was actually in talks to do a gym in Manila before I finally built AKA Thailand. Never know...

MikeSwick3 karma

Hey guys keep the questions coming and I will answer them tomorrow. Its 4am in Thailand now and I have to be at the gym early. Thanks so much for coming on here and taking the time to share your thoughts and ask me questions. Talk to you again soon! ;)

ergoegthatis3 karma

It says [Removed]. Why did they remove this AMA?

MikeSwick2 karma

Does it? I am not sure then. Maybe a MOD can help.....

JustDoitX3 karma

Do you run short term fitness bootcamps ? I might be interested

MikeSwick3 karma

Yes we do all types of training packages. Check out AKAThailand.com for more info.

OnlyRealWhenShared2 karma

Do you think you would have become a better fighter if you had went to Clear Brook? Just joking around but congrats on living out your dream.

MikeSwick2 karma

Clear Brook? Never heard of her. Who is this? lol

O_Kropo2 karma

Do I need to be a fighter to train at AKA Thailand?

MikeSwick6 karma

Absolutely not. Most of the guests we get are not fighters at all and are just either looking for a good workout or to have a fun experience.

Email [email protected], ask for Marc and mention Reddit, and we will give you a 10% discount. ;)

CynicalCanine02 karma

I didn't know that you operate a Print Factory. Do you work in there yourself on the printing line?

Do you still keep in contact with Jon Fitch? You and John Fitch were some of my favorites from AKA back in the day.

MikeSwick6 karma

Yes I own a big print shop in Northern California but I don't work there. I have a great team that runs operations for me. We are about to launch a new updated website soon (SpartanScreenPrinting.com) as well as another sister company, FighterPrints.com.

Yes I stay in touch with Jon Fitch. He has been a longtime friend of mine. We used to be roommates actually. He was up here with me at AKA Thailand a while back as well.

akaZeke2 karma

I trained with Kaensak for a couple years and it was an incredible learning experience. Is he still talked about in Thailand? It seems he was a pretty big figure in a really tough time to succeed in Muay Thai. Also have you considered bringing the vlogs back? I enjoyed the shit out of those videos you made with Huerta back in the day!

MikeSwick2 karma

I haven't heard much new from Kaensak but we now have Lamsongkram Chuwattana teaching full time with us at AKA Thailand.

Not to keep bringing up my site, but there is a huge archive of video blogs and series we have shot from AKA Thailand on MikeSwick.com. All new and very interesting.

Thanks for following!

EPYONtehGundam2 karma

Do you train people who have a background in martial arts with a desire to one day compete in the ring/professionally? Is there a screening process or do you just take anyone?

MikeSwick3 karma

Check out AKAThailand.com and then email [email protected] for all info on our packages and sponsorship info.

Mowglyyy2 karma

What are your thoughts on Connor McGregor?

MikeSwick1 karma

Much respect. He is the total package.

SnappersMcCreepy2 karma

Hi Mike, bjpenn.com and entimports.com are two of the worst MMA news websites today. Nothing but click bait articles and re-hashed content from other MMA news sites. They're a running joke amongst knowledgeable MMA fans.

I must admit, so far I haven't been too impressed with your website. Take this article from yesterday for example. How is it different from the original TMZ article?

What steps will you be taking to ensure that MikeSwick.com doesn't follow the same path as bjpenn.com and entimports.com?

MikeSwick12 karma

Sorry to hear that. Many others do not feel this way, as our ranking is soaring up right now. We are not a predominantly news site and we focus on the entertainment, media and lifestyle side of the fight world. We are not a click bait site and we post interesting content like knockout and submission highlights, as well as share many unique videos and media that are not found anywhere else. Check out the video page. We are also starting a Podcast that I will host this week.

We will eventually be moving into more video production where we will focus on fight related films and series.

petriomelony1 karma

hey Mike, if you had to give advice to someone starting a business, what would you say?

MikeSwick4 karma

To work hard, never quit and accept your failures. There will be many, but you must pick yourself back up and push harder. I failed at building a gym in Thailand 3 times and lost well into the 6 figures of my life savings before I finally built AKA Thailand. It was so bad that my teammates at AKA HQ were really starting to feel bad for me failing at building a gym in Thailand and everyone was begging me to stop already and come home. I couldn't quit and took the UFC on FOX 4 fight to make the money needed to start AKA Thailand. Lastly, surround yourself with good people. Jim Rohn famously said "You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With". I think that is true and I had to learn the hard way. Be around the people that push you forward and are successful themselves.

Twitstein1 karma

Mike, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently if you were starting your UFC career today?

MikeSwick3 karma

Don't sweat the small stuff. I overthought too much and added pressure that I shouldn't have.

Mrmathmonkey1 karma

Wow you're a busy guy. Were you always this industrious even though n high school??

MikeSwick2 karma

Yea pretty much. Always had a busy life.

AlleycatPalette1 karma

How can I submit a résumé and reel tape? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

stewedpickles1 karma

Hey Mike! Big fan, used to love playing as you in the old ufc undisputed games. What was it like to have your likeness put in a video game? Did you love it or hate it?

MikeSwick2 karma

Hey Stewedpickles, thanks and I loved it!

Petern871 karma

Was there any fighter you hated that you fought? Do you still hate them now?

Who's your least favorite fighter nowadays?

MikeSwick3 karma

No not really. They talked a lot and many said they would beat me but most of the big talkers lost. I have a good relationship with all of my past opponents now and don't harbor any real hate towards any MMA fighters.

SpattsDisease1 karma

So you're in a job interview. They take a quick look at your resume and ask, "Why haven't you stuck with one thing?" What do you tell them?

Is having such a diverse work history become a detriment?

MikeSwick2 karma

I tell them that I am sorry, I thought I walked into a Starbucks for a latte.

Seriously though, I don't sleep. I try and take on as much as possible because as most people know, you fail a lot more than you succeed. Its a numbers game and I enjoy the challenge of chasing success.

Gregorois1 karma

Hey Mike, are you still contractually connected to the UFC at all? If not is there any chance we get to see you have any more fights or have you completely retired from active competition? Would love to see you give Dan Hardy one last fight.

MikeSwick12 karma

Honestly, I like Dan Hardy and feel no need to beat him up at this point. He is doing his thing and I respect that.

I am still contractually obligated to the UFC if I come out of retirement but it would take a lot to make that happen. I would have to get a fight with McGregor. ;)

The_Krylon_Kid1 karma

What are your thoughts on MMA without a cage or ring? like the giant metamoris mat with a steep incline before the front row

MikeSwick3 karma

I prefer the cage. I fought Butch Bacon on a huge open, and angled, mat in a promotion called Shootbox and that was very weird.


yashwinusa1231 karma

Favorite movie?

MikeSwick5 karma

Too many to name but I am very much looking forward to the new Baywatch and Tupac movies.

lkdomi1 karma

Is Dana really such a jerk???

MikeSwick9 karma

He says what he feels and people either like it or not. As far as our relationship, he has done nothing but help me even up until now. He is a guy who will always txt me back or answer my call to this day.

icameforgold1 karma

If you have seen any of the tuf episodes recently. Compared to when you were on it, what do you feel like has changed or do you feel like it has gotten easier or harder or do they now focus more on getting guys drunk to do or say stupid shit with the boiiiz?

MikeSwick2 karma

To be honest, I haven't been able to keep up. I don't even watch TV that much anymore. Its just work and travel and watching the UFC or studying fight tapes.

sunnytimes681 karma

Big fan!! Always enjoyed watching you fight. Thanks! .. What kind of print factory?

MikeSwick2 karma

Thanks! The shop prints T-shirts as well as does Embroidery and Vinyl banners and decals. Obviously fight shorts and banners too.


orozcojoaquin6181 karma

What kind of print factory? Like corrugated cartons?

MikeSwick1 karma

Its a t-shirt and vinyl print shop. SpartanScreenPrinting.com (Soon Will Be Updated)

aao1231 karma

Hi Mike!

I wonder if you classes for kids/teens? If you do I would like to know a bit about your philosophy when it comes to training kids/teens in martial arts. The reason I am asking is even preteen Muay Thai fighters are in a sense professional prize fighters in Thailand.

MikeSwick1 karma

I agree with the discipline and respect aspect. I do not think its a good idea for kids to fight at a young age even though it is very common here in Thailand. This is a special circumstance though as it is sometimes the only means for them to escape poverty and create a future for their self and their families.

NLPEI1 karma

What's your favorite zombie movie?

MikeSwick3 karma

Shaun of the Dead.

brianxv961 karma

Love your fights Mike, How'd you like car sales? I just got in the business 6 months ago. I'm loving it, any tips?!

MikeSwick2 karma

Thanks Brian! It was long hours but good money. I was doing it when the first PT Cruisers came out and they were money makers.

bigdavie901 karma

What do you think is the reason for the lack of Thai fighters in the UFC? Considering the country's strong background in Muay Thai, it seems perhaps surprising that there hasn't been a top, Thai UFC fighter yet

MikeSwick2 karma

There are a lot of Thai Fighters learning BJJ and wrestling now in Thailand so there will be eventually.

OmahaSlim7151 karma

Hey Mike,

I have a journalism degree but have been looking for my opportunity to break into the industry. A good friend of mine is already in Thailand shooting for UFC and I have been looking to get over there. Any advice on how you successfully transitioned over there? Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

MikeSwick3 karma

Hello, I would like to know who your friend is. I may know him. As far as transitioning in, I think you just have to come and start networking. Its an easy place to come and fit in. Good luck!

FiggyDiggz1 karma

When is your first trip to the ISS scheduled? Do you need time to finish instructing the following generation of astronauts first?

MikeSwick1 karma

I still need to get a ticket and learn how to space travel first. Hope they have space for me. Its gonna be out of this world though! ;)

psychopoodle1 karma

How do you feel about Phuket?

MikeSwick2 karma

Its a great place of course!

Jackbruecker1 karma

When will Tom Hanks make a movie about your life?

MikeSwick1 karma

I am gonna guess never on this one.

TheMightyMetagross1 karma


MikeSwick1 karma

Karate, Bando, Tae-Kwon-Do, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and Swick-Fu. Mostly in academies spread between Texas and California and then some on Youtube.

wayne20001 karma

Does you gym have a website of Facebook? Congrats on getting set up after the UFC.

Feels like you have been around forever, thanks for everything you did in the UFC. Anyone you are a big fan of these days?

If you could go back and have 1 more fight who would it be?

MikeSwick5 karma

Thanks man I really appreciate you saying that!

The gym is at AKAThailand.com and yes I have tried to fight Matt Hughes ever since he said he was coming out of retirement and he never responded. That is literally the ONLY fight I would come out of retirement to take.

snowfaller1 karma

How do you work up the motivation and dedication to be successful like this? I am smart but unmotivated and lazy. Were you always this dedicated?

MikeSwick1 karma

You have to visualize things that you want in life. Actually see them. Print them. Feel them. Want them so much that you will climb out of the slump and chase them.

poonter50001 karma

What would you say is the best way to build my future, while trying to attain my dream, even it it seems unrealistic?

Basically, I would like advice on how to not be dirt poor while trying live out my dreams.

MikeSwick1 karma

You have to visualize things that you want in life. Actually see them. Print them. Feel them. Want them so much that you will climb out of the slump and chase them.

thehoneycombtheory1 karma

How did you find your passion?

MikeSwick1 karma

Karate Kid started the martial arts passion. The Robb report made me want to be successful.

dthomp65901 karma

Thanks for doing this! How much credit do you give to the first few seasons of The Ultimate Fighter for both the current success of the sport, as well as your own success?

MikeSwick2 karma

I give all credit to season one! haha ;)

dthomp65901 karma

The good old days of the "swickotine"

MikeSwick1 karma


McGraner1 karma

What's up Mike, always loved watching your fights and got to watch you fight live against Marcus Davis at UFC 85 back in the day. Did you enjoy fighting in Europe and how does preparation for a fight overseas differ to fighting in the US?

MikeSwick1 karma

Thanks McGraner! It was not bad when I won the fights. The second fight in England didn't go so well.

Nuremburger291 karma

Your advice on starting a new venture?

MikeSwick1 karma

Educate yourself on your venture and surround yourself with successful and motivating people that will bring you up and help you.

suqoria1 karma

Do you have any tips for people who have just started doing mma or will start recently?

MikeSwick2 karma

Train hard and embrace the mistakes and failures. They lead to success.

Saagarias1 karma

What would you say is your best performance in an MMA bout?

MikeSwick3 karma

I think the David Loiseau or DaMarques fights.

hausofnichya1 karma

Hi! I'm starting Brazilian Jiu-jitsu this week. I'm nervous because I'm kinda out of shape and not corrdenated as a woman. Any words of motivation?

MikeSwick2 karma

Be a student and relax. There are many like you. Then train hard and embrace the mistakes and failures. They lead to success.

issue9mm1 karma

Ryan Hall's 50/50 technique. Scary as hell, or gimmick waiting to be solved?

MikeSwick1 karma

Honestly, I am not familiar with his style.

60k_Risk1 karma

How shitty is it to do your taxes? It sounds like you would have 1099s from hella places, a mess of different self employment income to repott, etc. Im assuming you probably had a tax accountant do it for you.

MikeSwick2 karma

I have a main accountant in America that figures it all out for me and then adds about 250% rate on top and bills me.

Meaisnthere1 karma

What advice do you give to people when starting their own business?

MikeSwick9 karma

To work hard, never quit and accept your failures. There will be many, but you must pick yourself back up and push harder. I failed at building a gym in Thailand 3 times and lost well into the 6 figures of my life savings before I finally built AKA Thailand. It was so bad that my teammates at AKA HQ were really starting to feel bad for me failing at building a gym in Thailand and everyone was begging me to stop already and come home. I couldn't quit and took the UFC on FOX 4 fight to make the money needed to start AKA Thailand. Lastly, surround yourself with good people. Jim Rohn famously said "You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With". I think that is true and I had to learn the hard way. Be around the people that push you forward and are successful themselves.

Dr_Oetlul1 karma

Do you regret doing something in your life or do you regret NOT doing something in your life?

Also what is your LPT?

MikeSwick6 karma

Of course you want to but if you really think about it, everything happens for a reason and the entire cumulation is what makes you what you are today.

As for LPT, surround yourself with success and never give up.

Roach27911 karma

You fish at all and if so what's your biggest catch?

MikeSwick3 karma

I fish occasionally around Phuket but my biggest catch was a Marlin in Cabo years ago.

Prototype_Hybrid0 karma

Couldn't hold down a job, eh?

MikeSwick2 karma

Nah, usually 2-3.

upinflamezzz0 karma

What makes you think people give a shit?

MikeSwick2 karma

Hard to say for sure but leaning towards the 150 questions I have answered in the last 3 hours. Thanks for taking time out of your day to come and show me you give a shit too. ;)