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If there was no porn and the hottest chick you've ever conceived of at the end of the journey you might make the trip

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haha cheech, nice burn.

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I think the polite thing is to say like, "my condolences " and give a moment of silence. If the person doesn't respond in an open loop it's probably safe to move on

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I love the no bs answer here. Most AMAs will avoid questions like this even after getting hounded by redditors for not answering. No surprise given your background. A+

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Lay people don’t understand that high level of thought.

I say. “Do you shit with the door open in a public bathroom?”


“Cool. How much money do you have in your wallet? Let me see. What do you have in your bank account?”

They usually start to understand then. The key is showing people that their understanding of what privacy means is flawed. They think it doesn’t apply to them because they associate privacy with criminals. We have to re frame the discussion