For the next hour we will answer anything. Our YouTube channel got it's start from Reddit (thanks bebs) we also do podcasts, TV and live shows. Our first North American tour is beginning May 31st and running through June 20th.

Tickets are available here:

Proof lol:

Much love, Mark, Zach, Broden, Tom and Sam (Max isn't in Perth with us the dog)

Update 1: Thanks so much this was a real blast. We're gonna stop answering questions actively now and go have some breakfast. We might check in through out the next few days so keep asking/ upvoting questions.

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elliiot1347 karma

What do you think

of this?

weareauntydonna1625 karma

I think thats pretty cool. Pretty cool. But hey, here's a question - what do you think of this?



elliiot527 karma

If anything I would probably like something a bit more like this


Can't wait to see you boyos in Manhattan. I'll try to come up with an actual question before then 😙😙😙

weareauntydonna656 karma

Not bad, Not bad. But what do you think of this?

💃💃🎶🎶💃💃🎶🎶 💃

weareauntydonna280 karma

Legit, we are so excited for Manhattan, and all of US and Cananda. We gonna eat so much fucked food. - Zach

elliiot72 karma

Oh hey now that I'm thinking about it - do you think you'll be hanging around after the show?

weareauntydonna218 karma

We'll hang round and take some piccies ey

fjellse23 karma

When you're not forgetting Canada, you're misspelling it?

weareauntydonna147 karma

I'm genuinely sorry I sometimes say US Tour rather than North American tour, it's because our promoter is based in the US and for a while we didn't think we'd be able to make it up to Canada on this tour - so it was the US Tour in our head for about a year and I just sometimes get muddled. We're actually so so excited to go to Canada, and super glad it can happen on this trip, not just because of poutine (though we do love poutine), but also because we've received so much love from our Canadian fans from the the very start and a lot of our favourite comedians come from Canada (John Hastings we're looking at you!). I get the vibe that Canadians have a very similar outlook, sense of humour and natural resource based economy to Australia, so I cannot wait to get over there and perform. Also v pumped for the poutine.

Also, sorry for the misspelling, but tbh I couldn't spell banana with the right amount of Ns till I was like 18.

  • Zach

EDIT: I'm aware I prolly misspelt Canada in this post. Sorry in advance.

bfisher91866 karma

Yesterday there was an AMA with a guy who had a micropenis, has Mark considered doing a separate AMA about his chode?

weareauntydonna1506 karma

I have a big flat chode penis that looks like a dinner plate. Often I can't go out to dinner without pants on as waiters / chefs put delicious selections from the menu onto my chode in a hilarious mix up that makes for fun banter at parties. xox Mark

twoverend634 karma

I would like to ask a series of very Melbourne-specific questions to alienate my fellow redditors and implicitly suggest I have some kind of deeper connection to you guys because we're from the same place.

1) Do you think the horses on the corner of Swanston Street enjoy their jobs? If not, how can we improve their work environment?

2) Which is the best 'Centre'? The Arts Centre, Highpoint Shopping Centre, or Melbourne Central Station? Explain your reasoning.

3) You reportedly enjoy 'Bevvies with the boys'. Please indentify your favourite craft-brewery within 7km of the CBD?

4) What the fuck is the point of White Night?

5) How do you intend to incorporate David Wenham into your act, in accordance with standard Victorian Arts practice?

weareauntydonna455 karma

1) I honestly doubt those horses are very happy. As a normal human, I don't enjoy hanging around that part of the city at all. It's full of drunk fuccbois and has some of the most messy McDonald's and KFC you'll find in the world. Apparently their stables are really far away too so that's real fucked. 2) I used to go to the Arts Centre a lot when I was at uni to see theatre. It's great, it feels like you've travelled back to 1989, the home of a thriving theatre scene. I'd never been to Highpoint, or as everyone calls it 'Knifepoint' until recently, I just moved nearby, I go there so often now. I saw lego Batman there with my gf. 5 stars. Melbourne Central is fine. I reckon Highpoint 3) I think beer is OK. I like coffee substantially more. I would say for Beerskies I like Francesca's Bar in Northcote, it's where we shot our series Trendy and also the sketch 'What Did You Do Last Night' 4) Never been. From what I gather. It's to fuck up traffic for fun. 5) I would love if David Wenham was in our act. I'd have him just doing the 300 narrator voice while we do shit. Then I would tongue kiss him for 15 minutes. -BRODEN KELLY

ibcamwhobu481 karma

How often do you get sick of each other’s shit? And how do you deal with it when there’s writing or something that needs to get done?

weareauntydonna904 karma

Hey great question. We get sick of each other as much as anyone would in the situation we're in. We're six people that see each other more than a lot of people in relationships would. And anyone that's been in a long term relationship knows that it involves a lot of work.

How do we deal with it? We just try to bring positivity into the space, remember why we're doing it and have lots of little coffee breaks to cool down. We also have friends and hobbies outside of Donna, which helps to keep us level headed. - Zach

Also lots of fucking. - Sam

Sam LOVES to fuck - Mark

Toowoomba96 karma

Wait who are the six? I thought there was five of you

weareauntydonna363 karma

  • Zach, Mark and Broden - Performers and writers.
  • Sam Lingham - Writer and Live show director.
  • Tom Armstrong - Music.
  • Max Miller - Film Director and Editor.

  • xoxox Zach

RPapa_P415 karma

Hey Aunty Donna! My friends and I are huge fans of you guys. Can't wait to see you in June when you're performing in NA!

I have a question for Mark. You must be jazzed getting to perform all over the world, and obviously that requires a lot of flying. Has it been easy getting accommodated on planes? I imagine it would be difficult for a quadruped such as yourself to easily and comfortably get on and off a plane. Also what do you do for food? I imagine major cities would be lacking in fresh grasses and hay.

weareauntydonna773 karma

Hey, I started reading this question and thought it was genuine, and then it turned into another horse joke. I think I need to be clear here. I AM NOT A HORSE. I HAVE NEVER BEEN A HORSE. I HAVE NEVER FUCKED A HORSE. I HATE HORSES. I NEED TO BOOK EXITS ROWS AND TWO SEATS ON PLANES BECAUSE OF MY 4 MUSCULAR LEGS AND HOOVES. I DO NOT LIKE NCIS MIAMI. I AM NOT A HORSE. xox Mark

RadioFreeMoscow358 karma

Hey Zach, do you mind when I yell "HEY ZACH YOUR'RE A BABE" whenever I see you outside of Melbourne central going with a coffee in hand?

weareauntydonna358 karma

Just read the mood - Zach (nah lol luv it)

chrt353 karma

whaddidya wish on ya wish crisp?

weareauntydonna399 karma

I wished to have a giant asshole that I could store all my shit in. Not literal shit. Like tv cabinets, a washing line, my garage fridge etc. My garage is currently getting a bit cluttered so I need somewhere else to store stuff. If I could put more shit in my asshole I would do it in a heartbeat. I have no qualms about that at all. - Broden Kelly (fuccboi)

chris14b312 karma

A question for Mark: how has ingesting all that sunscreen for the V Skills ad affected your life both positively and negatively?

weareauntydonna651 karma

Hey Chris. I was pretty sick after that for about a week. We had poison control on set incase anything serious happened, we didn't need them for the day, but the next day I went to the emergency room because I couldn't stop vomiting POM Wonderful, which was unrelated because I had some bad POM Wonderful that morning, but I really like POM Wonderful and the vom tasted like POM Wonderful, so as sick as I was I really enjoyed having the taste of POM Wonderful in my mouth so soon after having finishing a bottle of POM Wonderful. xo Mark

garrettastic258 karma

At least his organs are protected from harmful rays!

Tig0r872 karma

RIP Steve Irwin too soon

weareauntydonna1212 karma

Please stop being funnier than us

InterestedInToast216 karma

Do you ever accidentally upset each other when writing by getting too personal, and if so, do you have a safe word so the others know your reaction is genuine and not part of a bit?

weareauntydonna508 karma

We have a thing that we do called "joke hands" - in which if we are saying something in a serious way but joking, we raise our hands above our heads and kind of shake them. It's much funnier in real life that when explained in text. xo Mark

Wanderorbust204 karma

Do you miss Adrian heaps since his death?

In seriousness, what was it like when he said he was going to leave?

weareauntydonna545 karma

Genuinely It was real fucked. We were about 2 years into trying to make this into our full time jobs. We were starting to gain a bit of momentum and things were looking really positive. All of a sudden one day Ad decided his heart wasn't in it anymore and wanted to go do other things. Adrian was my main writing partner and my best mate since I was 15. So it affected me on both a professional and personal level because I felt like I was losing my mate. This absolutely wasn't the case, Adrian and I still hang heaps and he's doing real good studying to be a lawyer.

After he left, we were all in a bit of shock. We genuinely had no idea if the group would work without him so there was this vibe that we'd potentially wasted two years of our life and the Aunty Donna was going to end. A lot of the credit for us continuing on has to go to our old producer Trish, who really backed us to make the group work as a trio.

I remember when we did our first show as a trio, we were expecting the everybody to be like 'OH MY GOD YOU'RE A TRIO. WOW'. The truth was that nobody really gave a shit. So we just continued on.


janeventure201 karma

Broden, you sexy man-beast, do you get recognised now more for AD, or for the Coles commercial still?

weareauntydonna467 karma

I genuinely like this question. I get recognised for Donna pretty regularly, but I have NEVER EVER been recognised for the tv commercial that plays across Australia, daily. It's bizarre. I've been into Coles and stood next to posters and staff members don't even realise. The only people who ever mention it are Donna fans at our live shows or my Dad. -Broden

LegsideLarry183 karma

Hey cunt, long time listener first time caller. Im headed to La Porchetta later on, what would you recommend?

weareauntydonna221 karma

Garlic Bread for the table, Entree Veal Scollopine, Gastro-Stop, a medium Quattro Gusti pizza and a jug of Coke.

MyNemmaChef160 karma


weareauntydonna230 karma

Cum! -Sam

Rooka942156 karma

Does mark need his hay replenishing?

weareauntydonna382 karma

I, Broden, have been tasked with answering this question. I don't know why. Here's a little behind-the-scenes info; Mark is not actually a horse. He's a hairy boy from Melbourne Australia. I met him studying at University. He eats a lot of polystyrene bowls of ramen. wot a cunt.

GetSchwiftyInHere317 karma

Well Broden, if he isn't a horse then how do you explain this?
The math just doesn't add up to me.

weareauntydonna287 karma

I can't explain that. You've got me. You win. - Broden

chris14b133 karma

What will you do if someone actually hires Zach to DJ at their house?

weareauntydonna355 karma

This has actually come very close to happening a few times. If someone is fucked up enough to pay that amount of money we'll do what the description says, which is use the money to train Zach how to DJ, fly him to the person's house and make him do it. It will be a massive waste of time and money. -Broden

lordkabab183 karma

My fiancé and I have seriously considered this for our reception, if you guys still offer it in a few years there's a legitimate good chance we could hire Zach.

weareauntydonna314 karma

oh god no

MattFiler113 karma

Will you guys be doing About Tonight again this year? The last two have been awesome.

weareauntydonna195 karma

That's awesome you've seen them and enjoyed them, they are a fucking mess haha. We have plans to do a third one, because we really love doing it, but the community station in Melbourne it's hosted on (Channel 31) is being shut down by our shitty government. It's awful because so many aussie comedians got their start on that station (including us, Rumpus Room, our first web series, originally aired on there), so after we get back from out North America tour we are hoping there is enough time to do another hour special before they are taken off the air for good. Fingers crossed. xoxox Mark

slowhamz112 karma

Has Manbeast since had his landyard replaced? "Manbost" is probably a cause for concern.

weareauntydonna361 karma


FluffeeDream100 karma

Hello big boys, I went to see you cunts in wellington with some friends and during the anythings a drum sketch my friend ended up properly drumming on Mark's willy and touching it. My friend claimed that Mark was pushing his hand towards his willy and that it wasn't his fault but I don't know if I believe that. Could I please know the truth?

weareauntydonna200 karma

Hello this is Mark. No, you touched my willie on your own. I don't encourage that. Most people see that we are pretending to drum things in that sketch and don't touch my willie, but every now and then we get someone who actually touches my willie. Like you. You touched my willie because you wanted to. That's okay. But you just need to know that.

Fun Fact: Last night in Perth for the first time ever an audience member refused to drum my willie. I really wasn't prepared and I didn't know what to do, so I jumped on his seat and drummed his face with my willie (no touching).

cameronm66 karma

I was really really tempted to give your willie a real good whack to see what kind of noise that drum/you would make without Tom's help. But luckily I realised that you're a real person* even if you're performing and actual physical violence isn't really OK, especially on the ol' willie.

Has anyone hurt you?


weareauntydonna68 karma

No one has hurt me, but people have REALLY gone for it. xox Mark

[deleted]2 karma


weareauntydonna10 karma

Please don't unless prompted to do so in a sketch comedy play. xo Mark

s_med90 karma

Hey boyos! Big fan from Switzerland here, I stayed up until 3 a.m. to ask you guys some questions. I’ve been enjoying your content for quite a while now (came in during the Great Bikie Wars Migration) and your podcasts have become something I’m looking forward to every week! Anyways, I’ve prepared a few questions if you don’t mind:

  1. So you guys are known for your absurdist humor. It’s so far out there sometimes and I absolutely love it! I guess it’s not for everyone though, so do you ever feel like that limits your popularity and have you ever considered changing the way you do comedy in order to appeal to a bigger audience?

  2. If you could have any person in the world on a podcast, who would it be?

  3. Will you ever do a poddy with Tim Minchin? You guys mentioned you’re friends with him at some point.

  4. Do you prefer writing sketches for YouTube or for live audiences? What are some of the differences?

  5. What are yous cunts personal favorite sketches to perform?

  6. What do you call a diverse underwater ecosystem held together by colonies of marine invertebrates, serves as a habitat for a lot of animals like sea anemones, sponges and fish, is endangered by global climate warming and also likes to watch its romantic partner have intimate sexual relations with other men?

Sorry for flooding you with questions right from the start, I prepared this in advance so I can go to bed soon! Thank you for making me laugh so much, I really hope I’m able to catch one of your shows at some point! Love you guys kissy!!!!

weareauntydonna111 karma

Wow!!! So many questions!!! Thanks for staying up! Let me answer your questions frem.

  1. Great observation. As the years have gone by we've always tried to reach a larger audience. We haven't done this by changing the absurd silly stuff but by trying to communicate the idea/ joke/ observation in a clearer more accessible manner so more people can 'get on board'. And then we'll take them for a ride on the absurdity train. Doing this has allowed us to do even sillier stuff which is the best.

  2. Theresa May, I reckon she's got the time.

  3. We'd love to do a poddy with Tim. However he's a very busy fellow and we're a bunch if cums.

  4. We enjoy both equally. In our live shows we try and make everything as 'live' as possible. We do through bits of impro, eye contact, live music and audience interaction. With YouTube we try to make everything as filmic as possible. We use the editing, camera, lights and production as much as we can to communicate the joke we're doing. Our style is one that involves a lot of irony and is very aware. So if we're performing in front of you we acknowledge we're in front of you and if we film a sketch we acknowledge that it's a filmed sketch. (Sorry for the ramble)

  5. Opening mime/ dance from our new show - Mark. Lord whoopee - Zach. Trendy Cafe - Broden.

  6. A cuckle reef??

Kissies from Sam xo

mightyfyy72 karma

Why won't mark show us his bare face? I love big bushy beards but I want to see what that boy has hiding on his special face!

This is the one question I wished for one my wish crisp

weareauntydonna99 karma

Look up our sketch Worst Prank Phone Call of All Time - xo Mark

Moekazool71 karma

I was at the show in Melbourne where Tom's music stopped working and we all sang Whiz Khalifa until he fixed it, just wondering how often stuff like that happens and if you rehearse for it?

You guys handled it brilliantly.

weareauntydonna90 karma

Great question. Thank you for saying we handled it well. It's taken six years of doing shows that are always a little too tech heavy where shit fucks up constantly to get comfortable with it happening. We very much learnt that "on the job" so to speak. Basically, we never ever plan for any of that, but adore when it happens. We like to write and rehearse a very tight show but really embrace whenever there is the slightest fuck up. It can be a really hard line to walk, because it can totally derail a show, but it can also be the best part of it. Our audiences seems to love when we let our guard down and see us fuck things up, and we love being in that moment where we have no idea what's going to happen or how it's going to go. It's pretty thrilling, as doing a show 70+ times can get a little stale, so those moments as a performer are just the best. xo Mark

Edit: With this show, little thing happen a lot because there is so much tech shit going on with having Tom on stage, but major fuck ups like that have only happened 4 or 5 times this season.

sithrules70 karma

Could you do an episode of the podcast with just Tom, Sam and Max?

weareauntydonna70 karma

Yeah, I definitely think we should do more of that. Max is very quitely one of the funniest people I know. Sam and Tom are as well, but y'all see a fair bit of that on social media and Vlogs and stuff. So more of that for sure.

  • Zach

bfisher9116 karma

Oh god please no

weareauntydonna47 karma


chris14b55 karma

During the podcasts, you always joke about having to cut bits out because they were too offensive. Have you ever actually had to cut anything out? What was it?

weareauntydonna114 karma

Yes we've cut out a few things because sometimes impro can take a real dark turn and things just slip out that are awful and hurtful. For that reason I won't tell you what they are now. Sorry for being a stickler - Sam

mattyboy424250 karma

I've been in love with your guys content for the past year, and finally got the chance to see your show and meet you in Auckland last week (I'm the guy with little hair on the right)

I just wanted to say (as pathetic as it sounds) thanks for doing what you guys do.

Whenever I'm sad or down, I instantly jump on Youtube and watch a few of your sketches (30 dollar bottle of wine is my absolute fav), and they always make me feel better :)

Each Thursday I drive home from work and religiously listen to your new podcast two or three times. I swear I've nearly crashed my car several times from how hard I've been laughing!

I guess my question for you guys would be, how much of a strain was put on the group when Adrian left?

Thanks guys

weareauntydonna47 karma

hey mate, broden gave a great answer to a similar question, it's up in the feed. love you, so happy to hear we bring you joy in any which way. xo Mark

cassiebanaszek49 karma

What does one have to do in order to have "bevvies with the boys" in LA?

weareauntydonna89 karma

Hey mate, this can absolutely be arranged. When we do Largo in about a month, come along, we do meet n' greets afterwards, if you're holding a beer I guess you could technically say you're having a bevvy with the boys...... -Broden

sithrules43 karma

Hey guys.

What do you think of this?

weareauntydonna34 karma

That's real full on - Sam

Castigated43 karma

Would you consider auctioning one of Marks cum socks for charity?

weareauntydonna126 karma

Have VERY rarely cum into a sock. Maybe once in my whole history of hiding cum. Once I did a cum and hid it on the bottom of my tracksuit pants then folded it up like you would a sleeve on a t-shirt. I wasn't as young as you'd think when this happened. xo Mark

Wootsaur42 karma

You and a super intelligent snail both get 1 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you. It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you. What's your plan?

weareauntydonna72 karma

I will answer this but first I have some follow up questions. You say this snail is super intelligent yet it is always crawling towards me with the intent to end my life. Why does it want to kill me? It seems a rather base and arcane thing for a super intelligent being to do. Also how does the 1 million dollars make this hypothetical situation more interesting? -Sam

Wootsaur24 karma

Well for one you can use the money to aid yourself in escaping from the snail. And if you're immortal I guess the snail would be trying to kill you because immortality sounds kinda lame tbh

weareauntydonna59 karma

Yes but the snail has the same money. You're right about immortality, I would let it touch me to feel the sweet kiss of death.

dddanmar42 karma

Is everything a drum?

weareauntydonna73 karma

Everything's a drum

melbbourne38 karma

Would you rather fight one duck-sized Mark, or one hundred Mark-sized ducks?

weareauntydonna48 karma

One duck-sized Mark -Sam

Hothlander36 karma

Hi Aunty Donna! Huge fan from Singapore here. Met Mark at PAX Aus last year at the Insert Coin booth when I volunteered, where I got quite possibly the best photo of Mark ever.

I've got a couple questions.

  1. As a fan from Singapore who unfortunately can't visit you guys in Australia or in the US this year, there's no chance for me to see your "Big Boys" show. Is there any chance that you guys are going to film your entire show and maybe you could distribute it yourselves on your website? I would pay so much money for this.

  2. Alternatively, could you guys come perform in Singapore? It's like 5 hours away from Melbourne. Unfortunately I can't guarantee it's going to be a packed house.

  3. I contribute $15 every month to your Patreon and I love the content you're giving, with the super secret podcast and a behind-the-scenes look at Aunty Donna's formative years, but at some point, you guys are probably going to run out of "history" to tell your frems. What sort of content will you give then?

  4. I wanted to ask if you guys ever "switch off" because in every single interview I've seen you guys give, you guys are always "on". But then I listed to The Comedian's Comedian podcast yesterday and got a huge insight into how you guys operate, which is pretty amazing. In the podcast, you guys mentioned what you guys thought about the future of Aunty Donna. Is there anything we can do to help make that future vision come true? Because I don't want to miss the opportunity to see you guys perform live.

  5. I've visited Melbourne twice, but I don't know too much about it. Could you guys recommend me your favorite places to go to in Melbourne?

Thanks guys! Sorry for the long questions.

weareauntydonna39 karma

MATE! Firstly, thanks for being an absolute legend! I'll do my best to answer these... 1) We will absolutely film it soon and put it up somewhere. Exactly how and when we have no idea yet. We are currently just brainstorming exactly how we want to do it.

2) We would love to perform in Singapore. It's actually not that crazy a notion, there are some very genuine avenues for us performing in Singapore, so stay tuned.

3) Firstly, thanks for donating man. Genuinely, it makes such a difference for us. Thanks so much. We have about a years worth of history for monthly newsletters I reckon. After that we'll have to find something new to write about. What kind of stuff would you like to know about?

4) You're a lovely guy. Early on when we started getting asked to do interviews we used to do them very shitty. We just answered the questions genuinely and they weren't very funny. So we decided to make each interview we do little sketches. Sometimes people get mad at us but we think it's a better way of going about it.



SpamKappa28 karma

Favourite stone fruit? (directed at all the boyos).

weareauntydonna56 karma

Peach/ Nectarine - Zach Nectarine - Tom Nectarine - Sam Avocado - Broden Anything as long as it's real hard and you can break a window with it - Mark

checkpoint11925 karma

What is the writing process you guys use when writing sketches and live shows, is it different or similar? Much Love <3

weareauntydonna40 karma

We're self taught as writers, so there's no hard and fast rules in regards to our process, every show/project/sketch is different. But here's a general vibe:

For all our projects we start with an idea or an observation, most of our initial ideas are really not all that different to the core of most stand up or other forms of comedy (for example, the second Haven't You Done Well was from an observation about food envy and people trying each others meals at restaurants). From there, our process is slightly different depending on the medium/project.

For live shows, we tend to then play with the ideas through improvisation in a rehearsal space. Swapping parts and throwing around ideas, and keeping whatever sticks. We then write a draft based on that. Rewrite a few times with different memebers having apass. We then edit it down to the most efficient version of the sketch we can, so that the loosness comes through play in front of audiences, rather than anything too scripted. The sketch will then evolve throughout a run - through a combination of keeping improvisations we liked from the night before, working on it before the show or coming back to the script.

For film, it's a similar process, but instead of improvaisation its more about round table brainstorming. Throwing out the funniest things that could happen and writing from there. Different members doing rewrites. And then a lot of play during the shoot. To which Max edits it back into some sort of form. With something like the 'Haven't You Done Well' sketches though, we just write dot points for the structure of the sketch and so the arts department knows what to get. Then completely improvise and fuck around, and they are very much constructed in the edit by Max, like a collage.

For the podcasts, we've started going in witha single idea. And then the rest is just fuckheadery.

  • Zach

Argon141824 karma

I find it hard sometimes to introduce you boys to new people. Which video would you recommend as a gateway to Aunty Donna?

weareauntydonna60 karma

That's a good point Argon1418,

That's fair for your friends not to like us. We are weird. I would say this sketch 'Mr. Moustache Man' is super accessible and I think everybody can relate. Share this with all of your friends and I promise you'll be the belle of the ball. -Broden

bluishink22 karma

Does Broden have a girlfriend?

weareauntydonna91 karma

Hello. Yes I have a girlfriend called Annie who I've been with since I was at Uni, she's an actor. She has a cold at the moment and has taken the day off work.


MeVsMaradonaVsElvis621 karma

Broden, all the other boys say you're fabby at basketball.

1) - who you think is gonna win NBA playoffs (do you care?) 2) - do you wanna come and shoot some hoops on the mean streets of central edinburgh this fringe? (Costs £2 per session/ 85$ AUS)

weareauntydonna43 karma

Yes I love basketball. It's great to play with your friends whilst keeping fit at the same time. I unfortunately think the Warriors will get it this year. This based on absolutely no expertise. I would love to come play basketball with you in Edinburgh. I will fuck you up. Lemme know bro. -Broden

didzsa2220 karma

Most unexpected audience reaction to a live sketch?

weareauntydonna74 karma

Sometimes when we're testing new sketches people won't laugh. They are wrong. We are gods of comedy. -Sam

iKobo19 karma

Mark, how does one grow such magnificent facial hair?

weareauntydonna89 karma

I'm just a lucky little italian sausage from Sicily who has great follicle growth cumma outta ma face. xox Mark

TheGoldenSnidget17 karma

How's Stuart Daulman going, is he still with that girl? I must know.

Also, and a bit more seriously...what's the goal for Aunty Donna? The ultimate goal.

Saw your show in Auckland (and was also lucky enough to be part of your live podcast), absolutely incredible show, I had a headache from laughing so much. You're doing amazing work, keep it up, all six of you.

weareauntydonna25 karma

Stuart Daulman is doing just great! I dunno if I can say whether or not he's with that girl. We gotta save that for the next podcast he's on. The funny thing about Stu is he is super weird as a comic and we've known him for a really long time, so we could do some of our weirdest podcasts with him, yet for some reason we've ended up doing our most normal, conversational podcasts with him.

As for your second question. Ultimate goal is a tough one to answer, as there are six of us. So all of our goals are slightly different. Overall, we would love to keep getting to do more live shows all over the world, in really cool venues. We would love to do a movie one day. A couple of TV series. We would really love to get to a position where we can help elevate other comics that we love, whether that be through helping them make their stuff or expanding the Donna universe past the three of us. Our mantra has been and always will be "Whatever's Funniest" - so our goal really is to do more and be better but within that.

  • Zach

agentjenning16 karma

Fucken huge cumming fan of you bois, I'm gonna be seeing you in New York City June 2nd, and I have to ask, what're the chances of me gettin Mark's balls in my face?

weareauntydonna23 karma

high. xox Mark

TemperedJack16 karma

Hey boys, where did you get those amazing shirts you were wearing in your Aussie Christmas Carol's video?

weareauntydonna20 karma

Our costume designer, Charlotte made them herself. they're fantastic. The best bit was that we actually got to keep them after the shoot and I wore mine to xmas. -Broden

Moekazool15 karma

Hey guys, huge fan here, saw two of your shows in Melbourne recently and they was fucking phenomenal, good job cunts.

What was the hardest sketch to film?

weareauntydonna44 karma

Hey I really like this question because I don't have an immediate answer and it's forcing me to think.

All of the Haven't You Done Well sketches are hard because you end up covered in something uncomfortable, like beer, or wine. Also we've done a few one-take-sketches where it takes a fair bit of rehearsing to get right (like 'I Dance Like This'). Personally I actually found the sketch 'Manbeast Returns' quite hard to shoot. I had to do heaps of acting and I had big doubts about whether if I was doing an OK job. It ended up being OK but for the whole day shooting it I was super stressed. -


TheLeftoverTrailMix15 karma

Mark, I really enjoyed your snaps about Radiohead. What did you think of A Moon Shaped Pool? Will you also be getting re-release of Ok Computer?

weareauntydonna23 karma

I think AMSP is their best work to date. It's beautiful and haunting and incredibly sad. TKOL, Amnesiac and AMSP are my equal 1st fav albums. I bought the re-release the instant it came out because I felt like there was no other option. Radiohead and Nintendo are the only things that make me spend money without thinking. xox Mark

kingsplantbarn12 karma

what is your favourite Taika Waititi film?

weareauntydonna21 karma

Boy -Broden

bfisher9111 karma

Can you guys pretty please do a podcast with Bart Freebairn? The ones with Demi were great so I feel like he'd also be great

weareauntydonna15 karma

Yes! Yes! Yes! We can do a coffee podcast with Bart Freebairn! Yes! -Sam

ungratefulfrem10 karma

Do you have any advice about how to best get into film/tv or comedy? As in, is Drama school worth the time/cost or is it better to just wing it with some friends?

weareauntydonna17 karma

Depends what you wanna do. Drama School is a good place to learn how to act (mainly for the theatre) but once you get out you still need to do an many web series and short films as you can. I liked drama school because I knew nothing about the entertainment industry and it was a great entry point for me. If you wanna be a film maker go to film school and do as many web series and short films as you can. Comedy you can only work out by doing it. Just start and keep going there is no other path. -Sam

digitbh10 karma

Hey you cunts, I'm a huge fan of your work and just want to take this chance to say yous are some of the funniest boys out there and and I wouldn't mind grabbing a cold bevvy with yous sometime. I'm ecstatic to see yous at the Edinburgh Fringe this year and your podcasts have gotten me through many long nights at the library.

With that said, I've got a couple of questions:

  1. When's the Steve Gobs movie coming out?
  2. How often do you boys visit La Porchetta weekly?
  3. What are your favourite things to do while visiting Edinburgh?
  4. What are some of the funniest moments to happen to yous while touring?
  5. Do any of you have a comedy idol that you took inspiration from?

Would love to here back! Lots of love from Scotland x

weareauntydonna21 karma

Thanks so much for your kind words! We love Edinburgh, and cannae wait to get back there (see what I did there, I said cannae, like scottish people do).

  1. There's currently some turmoil over at Sony on the Steve Gobs movie, as Leo Dicarpio (who is half 90s heartthrob, half carp) doesn't want the role. It'll happen when they find the lead.
  2. 9 times on average.
  3. Legit, love walking through the meadows. Just chilling. It's a really beautiful city, and just important not to forget that in all the hubbub of the festival.
  4. When we're fucked tired and jetlagged, and out for dinner after a show. Our riffs can be off the chain. Like more fucked than any podcast we've done. No specific answer, but those nights are awesome. After six years together, when we make each other properly laugh, it's a pretty great vibe.
  5. My biggest comedy idol, without a doubt is Shaun Micallef [more specifically, everyone that worked on the show The Micallef P(r)ogram(me) - if you haven't seen it go watch it]. He actually came and watched our show in Melbourne last month, and it was real cool/nerve wracking. Marks biggest is Tim and Eric. Brodens is his Dad. (also Conan). Sams is Python and the creators of Peep Show. Max's is, at a guess, Edgar Wright (but he's not here). Tom really likes Brooklyn nine nine.
  • Zach

midnighthunting9 karma

Broden how do you like your kebab?

weareauntydonna22 karma

I'd go a Halal Snack Pack over a Kebab. But Chicken across the board -Broden

spicymemfarmer9 karma

Hey Mark, would ever consider doing more dick related music videos to iconic theme songs? I can feel a mini-series potential.

Love you boys xx

weareauntydonna5 karma

yes. yes i have. yes i should. yes i will. xo Mark

mcharlza8 karma

Do you guys go back to Ballarat often?

weareauntydonna16 karma

YEAH! we go back now and then. Last year one of our University lecturers retired so we went back and performed at his retirement thing. Whenever I go back I try and get to gravy spot as well as beechworth bakery. I love the shit out of ballarat. I didn't like it when I studied there but now I like it heaps. -Broden

hopsmax1017 karma

Dear Mark,

I always wondered why you doesn't wear shoes while on stage. In a Podcast, I think you mentioned that you have some back issues. Is that why?

I can't wait for your LA show boyos! I am so gonna go to both if the second has open seats close to then (don't wanna deprive someone from seeing yous cunts).

Also for Mark, how does Guardians v2 compare to v1 and fit into the greater MCU in your opinion? And do you use product in your beard to make it so luscious and shapely?

weareauntydonna7 karma

I do have back issues but that's not why I don't wear shoes. I have a weird spine it used to cause me a lot of pain growing up, I couldn't stand for more than a half hour without being in a lot of pain because I was "growing". Yet I'm still the shortest member of the group. Fuck you doctors. I'm not a MCU fan (however I LOVE the first Avengers movie, and GotG2 is probably the best movie since that), so I don't know how to answer that question. I sometimes use beard oil but it's expensive to keep buying. I'm lucky as my beard is naturally quite soft. xo Mark

Slothz1lla7 karma

What is your favourite breed of fish?

weareauntydonna8 karma

Harpuka - Broden

Tato70695 karma

Are you the only comedy group from Australia as the title suggests?

weareauntydonna7 karma

Nah. There are a number of groups and individuals making awesome comedy in Australia. We try to feature just some of our favourites in our YouTube videos and our podcasts - but there's heaps more that we haven't gotten around to working with yet. You should google them and watch their stuff - some awesome, awesome comics down here.

  • Zach