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stellarbeing8146 karma

What are your feelings on the notorious Star Wars Christmas special?

PeterMayhew31188 karma

The check cleared

justapoliscimajor7282 karma

What is your favorite memory of Carrie Fisher?

PeterMayhew13909 karma

Everytime I think of Carrie I have a new favorite memory of her. Currently, its her chasing around the other cast members with a squirt gun

Brothererb6759 karma

Grrrrrrrrrr? Hrrrrrrr grrrrrr grrrrrrr?

PeterMayhew9813 karma

huurh huurh raaaaaahhgh

archer-sc6581 karma

What are you up to nowadays?

EDIT: my top comment is me getting bamboozled by Chewie. my life is more and more complete

im not changing the edit. who really cares

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cheluhu6064 karma

Hi Peter - how did you feel when you found out what happened to Han in The Force Awakens?

PeterMayhew12590 karma

Left a burning hole in my heart. It was also very hard to keep quiet about for a year and a half

Platypus2224148 karma

Love your work, Mr Mayhew!

How do you feel about the fact that Chewbacca aged so much more gracefully than everyone else in the sequels? Gotta say, I was expecting some grey fur!

PeterMayhew8321 karma

Well, he was 200 years old in A New Hope....so another 34 years probably wouldnt have added too much grey, right?

iwas99x4010 karma

Peter, can you tell us about how your audition for Chewbacca went and how you reacted when you got chosen for the role?

PeterMayhew8930 karma

I stood up, and they offered me the part. I was excited, and unaware of the adventure that was about to begin

iwas99x3768 karma

Peter, do you do the Chewbacca sounds or is that added in after It's filmed by someone else?

PeterMayhew5749 karma

The wonderfully talented Ben Burtt added the sounds after. There is a few clips on Youtube that show what I made up on the spot to help the other actors

Epileptic_EyeSurgeon3324 karma

Toilet paper roll over or under?

PeterMayhew9591 karma

Over, as the patent states.

iwas99x3274 karma

Mr. Mayhew, how often do you watch the stars wars movies?

PeterMayhew8434 karma

let me pause Empire.

spud_cooker2830 karma

Was the suit hot?

PeterMayhew6204 karma

at times during the Carbon Freezing Chamber the suit did get a little warm. Although, it was glorious during the Hoth scenes and kept me warm in the snow.

iwas99x2681 karma

Greetings, do you prefer to be called Peter or Mr. Mayhew?

PeterMayhew5205 karma

Peter is fine, Mr. Mayhew is fine. Just please dont call me Pete.

verojecsguard2533 karma

Hello, Peter! Thanks so much for doing another AMA! You've seen and retweteed the petition I began on May The Fourth to get you a cameo in the Han Solo movie. I am hoping to reach as many people as possible, because I know a lot of fans feel the same way I do - you deserve it! So my question: what would your ideal cameo be?

PeterMayhew2582 karma

I have seen it, and it is incredibly sweet of you. I honestly would be honored to be included in any way. I suppose a cantina patron would be lovely like Anthony Daniels, or a pilot like Jeremy Bulloch.

iwas99x2349 karma

Peter, how much Chewbacca merchandise do you own?

PeterMayhew5493 karma

I have a museum specifically for all the memorabilia called The Chewie Room.

tobeinafrica2231 karma

Mr. Mayhew what was your favourite part of the franchise to film?

PeterMayhew4512 karma

The Empire Strikes Back, hands down

iwas99x2190 karma

Mr. Mayhew, how tall are you?

PeterMayhew3109 karma


iwas99x2017 karma

Peter, how often are you on Reddit and what are your favorite subreddits?

PeterMayhew3436 karma

I try to be on whenever possible. Mainly I go to the /r/StarWars and look at a lot of the posts there. Sometimes I'll pop into various other posts depending on whats on my front page.

QuiGonnHank1984 karma

Are you excited as I am about Star Wars land at Disneyland ?

PeterMayhew2604 karma

I dont know anything about it, yet. I always enjoyed Star Wars Weekends, though.

iwas99x1963 karma

Peter, how many star wars conventions do you go to per year?

PeterMayhew3380 karma

10-20 based on the year. Its always nice to meet fans

RocketTech991656 karma

Mr Mayhew- Thanks for your contributions to this community, and of course thank-you for your 40 years of effort in Star Wars!
If you are able to say, are you in the standalone Han Solo movie?
What are the biggest challenges, and biggest rewards in your career?

PeterMayhew3293 karma

Thank you for the kind words, they mean the world to me.

  1. No, I am currently not involved in the new Han Solo stand alone film. However, there was a petition started to have me in as an unmasked cameo. It was incredibly sweet, and I would LOVE to be included.

  2. I find it incredibly rewarding to see the love for the character on children's faces, and the stories people have about the first time they saw Star Wars.

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/kathleen-kennedy-get-chewbacca-in-the-new-han-solo-film

BryceMuldoon1615 karma

Who is your personal favorite character from the Star Wars franchise?

PeterMayhew4483 karma

Chewbacca. I maybe a bit biased

SloBro71578 karma

How often are you recognized?

PeterMayhew3965 karma

pretty frequently. Once at Disney I was mistaken for Howard Stern.

iwas99x1549 karma

Peter, outside of Star wars movies and TV shows, what are your favorite movies and TV shows?

PeterMayhew3117 karma

The Walking Dead, Longmire, The Crown, DIY shows, and anything with nice cars in it

IAmTheFlyingIrishMan1302 karma

What was your favorite moment while working on TFA?

PeterMayhew3307 karma

Seeing the Falcon in all her glory again. They did a wonderful job. Every screw was in the right place, all the knobs and panels were correct. It was wonderful!

ifedthefish1266 karma

Peter, serious question here: how much chew could Chewie chew if chewie could chew chew?

PeterMayhew4546 karma

How many Lowes could Rob Lowe rob, if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes?

ddramone1241 karma

Cheers, Mr. Mayhew! When you were filming A New Hope, did anyone on set know the film would be so huge when it opened?

PeterMayhew3023 karma

I love Carrie's answer, "The only one who didn't know was George. We kept it from him because we wanted to see what his face looked like when it changed expression."

WattWattWatt1241 karma

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?

PeterMayhew1889 karma

member Chewbacca?

those_pesky_kids1225 karma

Hello, Mr. Mayhew!

From my husband: Do you still enjoy being Chewbacca?

From myself: What do you enjoy doing on a rainy day?

PeterMayhew1885 karma

  1. I cherish every moment.
  2. I nap.

SamNoelLee1215 karma

Did you enjoy Rogue One?

PeterMayhew2793 karma

I did. It was a different take, and good addition to the Star Wars universe.

Oh, Alan stole the show for me.

iwas99x1147 karma

Mr.Mayhew, have you ever seen the Family Guy version of Star Wars? If so, what do you think of it?

PeterMayhew2090 karma

Yes, and I thought it was very clever.

iwas99x1060 karma

Peter, what would you do for a Klondike Bar?

PeterMayhew4242 karma

Shoot Kylo Ren in the gut

theseekerofbacon1048 karma

Arruuuagh, grug ghraaaugh grghhu gah?

PeterMayhew1514 karma

huurh huuguughghg aaaaahnr huuguughghg huurh

greenbottletime1019 karma

why should we let the wookiee win?

PeterMayhew2472 karma

Limb preservation

chazc99954 karma

Out of all scenes in the original trilogy, what do you remember being the hardest to nail down?

PeterMayhew2227 karma

Putting C3PO back together.

iwas99x884 karma

Peter, do you play any of the Star Wars video games?

PeterMayhew1931 karma

No, they dont make controllers big enough. I have watched my children play many of them, and I quite enjoyed it.

Jsm1427830 karma

Peter, what does it feel like to know and see daily how much joy you've brought millions of people across multiple decades? Is it overwhelming sometimes?

PeterMayhew1249 karma

It warms my heart.

iwas99x827 karma

Peter, how great would Chewbacca be handling a lightsaber?

PeterMayhew1913 karma

a "force" to be reckoned with it.

iwas99x802 karma

Peter, how often do you talk about stars wars with your friends and family?

PeterMayhew1329 karma

All the time. Especially when there's a Star Wars marathon on at TV.

druddy1985744 karma

Peter this is the greatest honor of my life. I attended the 40th Anniversary panel and it blew me away. Do you have any fun stories about the going-on's backstage before or after?

Many thanks for all that you do.

PeterMayhew1157 karma

After the panel, there was a photo taken of an entire group. We waited an hour for Mark to finish with the fans, and we got spend a lot of time catching up. Angie, and I had a great conversation with Harrison about us rebuilding our barn.

TenNineteenOne677 karma

How do you like your eggs?

PeterMayhew1524 karma

scrambled with corn beef hash

FloydMarley654 karma

Mr. Mayhew, do you watch Sci-Fi/Fantasy outside of Star Wars? If so, what are some of your favorites? I like the idea of Chewbacca watching Game of Thrones and Firefly in his downtime.

Edit- punctuation

PeterMayhew1426 karma

I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. The kids bought me Game of Thrones, I havent watched it yet.

Thulm--643 karma

A friend told me the possibility of successfully receiving a reply from you, Peter Mayhew, was 3,720:1 -- Thoughts?

PeterMayhew1633 karma

Never tell me the odds

PsykoPhreak582 karma

Have you seen the "Chewbacca mom" video? If so, what was your reaction to it?

PeterMayhew1204 karma

Yes, I met her in Dallas. The video was infectious

FatFreddysCat573 karma

Hi Peter,

This is my dog, Chewie. He weighs 5 pounds. What do you think? He's a good boy.


PeterMayhew550 karma


RacksDiciprine572 karma

Hey Peter. Could I possibly be written into your will?

PeterMayhew1387 karma

It'll be an invoice....you're in, though.

stunt_nuts535 karma

Was there a zipper in the suit for peeing?

PeterMayhew1199 karma

No. Timing was everything

suaveitguy521 karma

You get to see Jim Henson in action? He is a hero of mine, what do you think of him and his legacy?

PeterMayhew994 karma

It was a true honor to work with such a lengend, he inspired me. Watching Jim and Frank Oz give instructions as Kermit and Miss Piggy was truly a highlight of my early years.

eyesearskneesandtoes507 karma

Is there any movie production that you were a part of that the catering really blew you away ? what food or service made it so memorable ?

PeterMayhew888 karma

I always remember the desserts. Any time there is a creme brulee. Or any good British Puds

arinthegreat502 karma

what is your favorite movie?

PeterMayhew1191 karma


iwas99x411 karma

Peter, what is your favorite beer and pizza toppings?

PeterMayhew771 karma

In England it's Old Peculier. In Ireland or the States its Guinness


Peter, how do you celebrate may the 4th?

PeterMayhew1128 karma

This last May 4th I went to a local Children's Hospital with the Star Garrison of 501st Legion

A_Link_to_your_Pants390 karma

Do you have a favorite charity? Why?

PeterMayhew816 karma

Make-A-Wish and the Peter Mayhew Foundation are my top.



rucknovru2364 karma

How hot would it get in the suit? Did it have any kind of cooling device?

PeterMayhew770 karma

it was hot in some scenes. There was a cooling unit added for the suit for Revenge of the Sith

c_the_potts363 karma

Hi, Mr. Mayhew! How are you today?

PeterMayhew1456 karma

We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

Kleoes279 karma

Ive heard for years that you lived in my hometown of Granbury, Texas. Is this true? What did you you think of the town?

PeterMayhew431 karma

Yes, for a time we did live in Granbury. Huge house, I miss it a little bit.

cosmicknight279 karma

How much tail did you get during the original saga?

PeterMayhew1063 karma

Chewbacca didnt have a tail.

dumbunfounded275 karma

Who would win in a cage match chewie, the Sasquatch or the wrestler Kane?

PeterMayhew534 karma

Chewie for sure.

Julps2273 karma

I'm aware Chewbacca's answer to this question would be biased but who shot first in the infamous cantina scene Han/Greedo confrontation?

PeterMayhew785 karma

I don't know, I was prepping the Falcon.....although do you think Han wouldn't shoot first?

AnswerMeNow1235 karma

How was it like wearing that Chewbacca costume constantly AND getting in and out of it?

PeterMayhew386 karma

Getting in and out of it was incredibly easy, and it wasnt too bad to wear either

ekoth233 karma

Peter, do you have any pets? And if so, what kind?

PeterMayhew607 karma

Dogs, cats, guineas, goats, macaws, and Sarah Connor (chicken).

LurkingDolphin228 karma

Who is one of your favorite actors to be around on set?

PeterMayhew447 karma

Kenny and Carrie

MKultraS7168 karma

Dear Peter, If you had to be stuck in an elevator for an hour with anyone famous who would you like it to be?

Best, Melissa

PeterMayhew552 karma

none of you lot

Sirmixalott133 karma

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?

PeterMayhew307 karma

Grilled cheese with tomato and mayo.

LadyStarnsington128 karma

Mr. Mayhew, did you keep any souvenirs from your time filming the movies?

PeterMayhew266 karma

I may have stolen Harrison's "Boots" Thermos.

kitty_bread99 karma

Hi Peter, I love your work. Could you say hello to my brother Daniel?

PeterMayhew207 karma

Hello, Daniel. I hope you and your brother are doing well


How is Star Wars integrated to the decor of your house?

PeterMayhew201 karma

I have some posters in my house, and a few small items. Most of the other memorabilia is out in The Chewie Room, a little museum I own.

CannibalEwok88 karma

When Chewbacca goes to the bathroom, does he pace in circles like a dog and then squats with his hands up front like an ape? Or does he grab a pipe, read a newspaper, and does his business in a toilet?

PeterMayhew155 karma


icebong42073 karma

what do you think about chewbacca having the ability to speak?

PeterMayhew147 karma

uughghhhgh raaaaaahhgh

shoktar55 karma

how you doing, Peter?

PeterMayhew175 karma

We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

Tjam2943 karma

Hello Peter, What is your favourite movie in the franchise?

PeterMayhew115 karma

The Empire Strikes Back

dont_smoke_pills27 karma

Besides doing film, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

PeterMayhew46 karma

Woodworking, Travel, food and cars.