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Mr Mayhew- Thanks for your contributions to this community, and of course thank-you for your 40 years of effort in Star Wars!
If you are able to say, are you in the standalone Han Solo movie?
What are the biggest challenges, and biggest rewards in your career?

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Was joining the US Armed forces a consideration for you? If so, what factored in your decision between the two? If not, what drew you to the IDF?

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Alan doesn't seem to have a good lifespan in SciFi movies. If he's in the next Alien, we know who gets it.

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Can you share any memories from that?

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Can you talk about the movie Identity- were you aware of the entire premise the whole time, or was it a surprise at all? Any thoughts or recollections you wish to share would be appreciated!
Also a huge fan of 1408 and many of your other works.
Which comic book hero would you want to play in an Avengers style film?
What role would you want in a Star Wars film?