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Arruuuagh, grug ghraaaugh grghhu gah?

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The last major plot twist. Seth Rogen is the mother.

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His response, "I am, look. I just granted myself irreversible immortality. Alright, dead-ers."

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Stop messing with the guy.

The comment was "Imogen, you've been truly an inspiration for aspiring artist who want to create alternative music and use unconventional items to make music. That being said, can you help me move?"

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This is seriously why I've tolerated Effie until this movie.

She's been completely 1, maybe 1.4 dimensional. But that was the point. She thought she was serving a purpose.

In Catching fire, you really got to the core of her feeling conflicted, but still trying to live up to her duty.

Great job on that front.