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Hi Peter - how did you feel when you found out what happened to Han in The Force Awakens?

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The Chewy cry was real! I really felt Chewy's pain when it happened.

Thank you for answering!

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Hi Scott!

SCF premium subscriber! Found you here on Reddit about 2 years ago and so far have been to (ready?) Honolulu, Bangkok, KL, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Auckland, Wellington, Papeete, Copenhagen, Malmö, Madrid, Denpasar, Munich - and upcoming Sydney, Cancun and Tokyo. All from your emails! (yes, I submitted for most frequent traveler but didn't make it :/ )

My question for you is - when will you start Scott's Cheap Stays? With all this travel, also need some cheap options for staying (but not hostels - nothing against those who like them but I want my own room and bathroom!).

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