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We are Arkane Studios, creators of Prey (releasing Friday!) and Dishonored. Lots of us will be around answering your questions today - including Raphael Colantonio (President and Creative Director), Ricardo Bare (Lead Designer), Susan Kath (Lead Producer), Seth Shain (Lead Systems Designer), and Stevan Hird (Lead Engineer).

You can find us at:






We’re all excited to talk about creating games, playing games, and of course, Prey – releasing this Friday, May 5th. Ask us anything!


Proof pic for added excitement

EDIT: Thank you guys so much for your questions! We had a lot of fun. Our time is over, but we may hop on from time to time to see what else we may have missed. Don't forget, Prey comes out this Friday and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it (or more of it if you've been playing the Demo)!

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Everything's not going to be okay, is it?

ArkaneStudios30 karma

(Susan) Maybe. Probably not. You should check that coffee cup.

putinsbookchest14 karma

In regards to the art style of Prey, what can you tell us about some of the influences used? Specifically how hard was it to blend retrofuturism with modern day architecture?

ArkaneStudios14 karma

(Eric & Karen) We had several influences such as Syd Mead, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Stanley Kubrick films. You can see these influences in the architecture, texturing, and lighting throughout the game.

HorizonStrider13 karma

Which department ordered the most pizza and what are your favorite toppings?

ArkaneStudios14 karma

(Amber) The Neuromod Division, obviously

ArkaneStudios12 karma

(Eric) and of course the pizza is topped with Siskak Eels!

matomiku12 karma

Oh oh can't forget the most important question. Whats a memorable/hilarious glitch you found during Preys development?

ArkaneStudios28 karma

(Stevan) Oh, what to choose... There was a time when the shotgun was shooting smaller shotguns! Oh, and the recycler charge went through a brief period where it would spew out about a thousand fragments at high velocity :)

ArkaneStudios24 karma

(Susan) or the period when, if a character was missing an emotional tag on their facial animation, they would use a look of psychotic surprise as a placeholder. So characters would be having these deep, intense, dramatic moments, and then suddenly break character to a lunatic nightmare for 2 seconds before going back to intense drama.

Hynox12 karma

How viable exactly is the "Turret Lord" playstyle?

ArkaneStudios18 karma

[Ricardo Bare] If it has "Lord" in the title you know it's legit.

CorvusPlays12 karma

Dishonored 2 DLC WHEN?

But seriously, how's the Prey PC version coming along? I can imagine you learned a lot from the Dis2 release.

ArkaneStudios17 karma

(Emanuel) The PC version is something we've always had, as we develop primarily on PC. We have done a lot of testing with many outside groups to make sure our performance is what we want it to be on the various hardware. I think folks will be pleased with how Prey looks/runs on PC. I know I definitely am (I am the Lead Technical Engineer)!

Egalotry11 karma

Okay, so:

Zippers on the space suits. Aesthetic? How do the suits maintain a seal outside the ship with zippers?

Are the suits vinyl or leather?

And why are female Morgan's eyes blue in a lot of the art but brown in the game?

(PS I love this game so far, I'm all sad I can't get it release day but I LOVE THE DEMO)

Also, sorry, I'm silly: Will there be an option for no HUD? and/or aiming down sights for weapons in the future?

ArkaneStudios13 karma

(Jessie) Much of it is aesthetic, however the suits are fictionally more advanced than modern space suits. Current suits rely on pressurization, hence the puffy look. Ours could be imagined to be based more on constrictive technology or layers to maintain protection. This also allows for a more form fitting look.

xacta11 karma

How fun was it to come up with the concept of January? I love the character and the idea of it (I'm looking to work in psychology & AI in the future) and really love all the writing behind it that I've seen so far!

ArkaneStudios12 karma

[Ricardo] Very fun. He/She/It went through a lot of iterations early on and (without giving away spoilers) sorting out timelines was as interesting challenge. And thank you!

oMOOoCOWo11 karma

Hey everyone! Coming from a programmer's perspective, I understand that Prey was made using CryEngine. On a triple-A level, how is making a game on something like CryEngine different than working on something made in-house like the Void Engine for the engineers? Does the learning curve balance out the time saved from building the tools?

ArkaneStudios15 karma

(Emanuel) Very good question!  Having done both in my career, the amount of work is high in both cases, but the work itself is different.  Ramping up on an engine you didn't write is time consuming, but it gives the content people something to start prototyping with while you (as an engineer) are ramping up.  You also have the company you purchased the engine from helping you by answering questions, fixing bugs, and just overall helping you as much as possible.  We did do a lot of customization, as is expected as no engine you get will be exactly what you need for your game.  What the outside engine gives you is a head start, but a lot of the work after that is about the same.

tommytheindian11 karma

Is the coffee cup your favorite thing to mimic as?

ArkaneStudios14 karma

(Gary) Coffee cups are fun, but toilet paper, turrets and operators are fun to mimic too.

ArkaneStudios13 karma

(Eric) Toilet paper roll. It's hilarious and aerodynamic!

ArkaneStudios12 karma

(Susan) Is mimicked toilet paper environmentally friendly? No trees were killed...

FlyingDadBomb11 karma

Is the name Antoine Sokol in Prey a reference to Anton Sokolov from Dishonored 2?

ArkaneStudios28 karma

[Ricardo Bare] This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the developers' imaginations or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons (in Dishonored), living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental (except when it's not).

wrigleyirish11 karma

If the aliens were to come for us would this game prepare me properly?

ArkaneStudios26 karma

[Ricardo Bare] How do you know that isn't the purpose of the game? Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by TranStar to defend earth against the Typhon! ;)

ArkaneStudios17 karma

(Jessie) That depends, did you fabricate your wrench and gloo cannon yet?

FlyingDadBomb11 karma

Does a game like Prey even need New Game Plus? It seems like you will be able to backtrack any and everywhere on the ship. Will it be that kind of open sand-box style game?

ArkaneStudios13 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Si.

Cellphoneman10 karma

Any chance on being able to buy one of those fancy golden TranStar mugs?

ArkaneStudios19 karma

(Susan) You might see something soon... Maybe a coffee cup. Maybe a mimic.

DeadlyName10 karma

Hello Team, I'm afraid of mimics, what should I do? :D

ArkaneStudios25 karma

(Susan) Attack everything. All of it.

ArkaneStudios17 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Careful what you pick up.

VeldinGamer10 karma

Hey team, were any of you ever spooked by the Mimics during testing?

ArkaneStudios15 karma

(Emanuel) I keep a drawer at my desk stocked with clean underpants.

ArkaneStudios13 karma

(Eric) All the time. Trust nothing.

ArkaneStudios12 karma

(Gary) Yes and even now they still catch me off guard.

ArkaneStudios11 karma

(Jessie) I've done at least 4 play-throughs, and even now they still get me from time to time.

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Karen) I have a reputation of being very jumpy. Mimics constantly scare me...but it was when I was super low on health and finally made it to a medbay that I literally screamed out loud at my desk because a Phantom jumped out from behind a cabinet.

notkade10 karma

Hey! Prey looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it Friday! Prey has some homages to other games such as Bioshock, System Shock 2 and Half Life 2. What are some other works of fiction you drew inspiration from?

ArkaneStudios14 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Hey Notkade. Some of us read some classic works like the novel Solaris, or the some of Robert Heinlein’s stories, like The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. But, I’d add that a TON of inspiration came from actual science and history.

DudeTheGray9 karma

I've heard that the full game takes anywhere between 16-22 hours. Seeing as the demo, which was heavily marketed as the first hour of the game, took me 6 hours to complete, how long should the rest of the game take me? That is to say, how big a part of the game is the demo?

ArkaneStudios15 karma

[Ricardo Bare] You probably will spend way way more than the 16-22 hour range then.

Dishonored_Harvey9 karma

Is it true that Raf is like 60?!

ArkaneStudios12 karma

[Ricardo Bare] No. Raf is MUCH older than 60. But the Toughness Neuromod subtracts several decades.

Beloth9 karma

A good friend of mine works at your studio but divulged no information on the game no matter how much I pried. How do you keep your employees so tight lipped?

ArkaneStudios15 karma

[Ricardo Bare] We have real live mimics in the office.

ArkaneStudios20 karma

cemges9 karma

What do you feel about upcoming system shock 3 & system shock remake?

ArkaneStudios16 karma

(Susan) Excited! We are happy for them! And there better be monkeys.

techiesbesthero8 karma

Will the pc version have any special graphics options or sliders?

ArkaneStudios10 karma

(Emanuel) Yes! They are listed out on a wonderful blog post by Jess, our community manager: https://bethesda.net/en/article/6At50JUQPSi0EqGK6qgYya/prey-system-specs-achievements-demo-launch.

23rcw58 karma

What where your inspirations for the design of Talos I? It doesn't look like a typical space station. Was it always envisioned with a skyscraper type look?

ArkaneStudios10 karma

(Jessie) The style of the station evolved along with the production, we didn't solve it at the very beginning. It was an organic process. A lot of choices were informed as interiors were designed and levels took shape. This eventually translated into a tower shape, and surface material treatment was balanced over time between iconic space-type and more luxurious deco materials. We actually talk a bit in-depth about this process in the art book :)

Fairis2208 karma

is it a spoiler to ask if there are Bosses in the game?

ArkaneStudios11 karma

(Eric) Yes it's a spoiler. :)

Nitramit7 karma

Was Cedric Peyravernay chosen to do concept art based off of the work he did on dishonored?

ArkaneStudios10 karma

(Jessie) Cedric is great to work with. He definitely understands our artistic values since he's worked with Arkane for so long. He made a really great contribution to the look development of our characters in particular. Fred Augis was another artist who did several key pieces for us as well.

OutoflurkintoLight7 karma

would you consider Prey as more of a thriller game or an adventure game?

ArkaneStudios5 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Both!

Dubbot217 karma

Got three questions about Prey for you guys:

-Will objects permanently stay where they are placed, whether it be on the ground or stashed in a cabinet?

-If you go through a loading zone, will enemies respawn in previously cleared out areas?

-Is it possible to explore everything without any alien powers, or do you at least need Mimic?

Understandable if you can't get to all/any of them. Looking forward to the game!

ArkaneStudios19 karma

(Susan) 1. Yes, if you stash something, it will remain in place. There are some good spots in your office to place things...

  1. Sometimes. It depends on what is happening on the station and how long you've been gone.

  2. You should be able to go everywhere without using alien powers. It won't be EASY to go everywhere, but afaik, it is possible.

ArkaneStudios29 karma

Also apparently numbered lists are HARD.

bearclones7 karma

Who would you rather have tea with? Corvo, Emily or Morgan?

ArkaneStudios17 karma

(Stevan) Daud.

ArkaneStudios16 karma

(Jessie) Granny Rags.

bearclones3 karma

I don't know if I would drink any tea she made me though!

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Jessie) YOLO.

ArkaneStudios14 karma

(Eric) Not sure, but I definitely don't want to have coffee with Dr. Bellamy

bearclones7 karma

For the people who worked on both Dishonored 2 and Prey, What were the most striking differences for you in terms of the game design and development?

ArkaneStudios15 karma

[Ricardo Bare] That's a very tiny subset of people (like 2 maybe) and none of them are here today. But having worked on Dishonored 1 and Prey, I can tell you a few things: Prey is more open-structured experience vs Dishonored mission approach. Prey has more 'classic' RPG features (inventory, maps, lots of skill trees, etc), whereas Dishonored is more focused around being an assassin.

Left4Donut6 karma

Will there be an FOV slider in the PC release? I played the demo on PS4 and not being able to fix the FOV kinda ruined my enjoyment of the game a bit because I wasn't able to aim properly, keep track of enemies that dart around, and having everything right up in your face is kinda off putting.

For instance, when you first meet Alex in person, you have to step up to him to initiate a conversation. I got close enough to him where the UI popped up with his name and I tried pressing buttons to talk to him but I realized I wasn't close enough. You pretty much have to kiss the man in order for the conversation to activate and I just felt it was a bit strange to have to get so close.

Anyway, my point is that being able to push the camera back a bit would make it a much better experience for me so I was just curious if there might be plans for a slider or not. Cheers :3

ArkaneStudios9 karma

(Susan) At launch, FOV can be adjusted via config file (unsupported feature) and we’re working on implementing it with a full slider post-launch.

Fun fact unrelated fact - but related to PC settings: We will have ultra widescreen support at 21:9 for launch.

chorbanlives6 karma

I noticed Raphael Colantonio was credited on the last 2 songs of the soundtrack. What were his contributions to these songs?

Also, thank you so much for making these kinds of games.

ArkaneStudios9 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Raf is a talented musician on the side. I believe he helped compose the music and write the lyrics. I love the music in the game. Btw - fun fact, Mae Whitman did vocals for Semi Sacred Geometry and is the voice of Danielle Sho.

InvariableSlothrop6 karma

Thanks for continuing the proud tradition of the immersive sim, I wanted to know how the team goes about creating such non-linear and explorable spaces, what design influences or priorities shape the level design? Did having to conform the game to a space station create any benefit or disadvantage in contrast to the more arbitrarily defined city streets of Dishonored?

For a more boring request, there's a sense from the demo that the player model weapon aims off-reticule due to its angle, can this be corrected post-release? It's such a small thing yet disproportionately awkward.

ArkaneStudios7 karma

[Ricardo Bare] We started with some high-level constraints like: this is a space station, the player can backtrack, things can be done in different order, a loose overarching plot / goal for the player). Then loooooong (but fun) brainstorming and planning sessions with level designers to come up with interesting spaces, problems to solve, encounter vignettes and so in. It's like an old dot matrix printer - we keep making passes over it until a solid picture emerges.

[deleted]6 karma


ArkaneStudios10 karma

[Ricardo Bare] At home, in the dark with a good set of headphones. As for powers: Remote Manipulation! Grabbing loot, hacking, etc while I'm safely hiding in the rafters is really fun.

ArkaneStudios10 karma

(Jessie) I personally love using the crossbow darts to trigger charges that I've strategically placed.

ArkaneStudios11 karma

(Eric) Mimic EVERYTHING. Hide, until you get the drop on them....and SURPRISE!

ArkaneStudios10 karma

(Stevan) Setting up turret traps plus using the recycler charge!

ArkaneStudios9 karma

(Gary) Sneak up on enemies then surprise them with the shotgun. Favorite powers are MindJack, Psychoshock and Remote Manipulation.

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Susan) Turret and repair skill. I carry one with me at all times and never have to get my hands covered in alien goo.

FTWiener6 karma

Hopefully I'm not too late to ask a question.

I'm just curious, I know that Ricardo has worked on previous games like Deus Ex and Deadly Shadows.

What are the backgrounds of some of the other members of the team?

I've always wondered if Arkane employed former Looking Glass Studios (RiP) or Ion Storm employees. It seemed likely given how Dishonored and PREY are structured mechanically.

Also, Ricardo, if you're still reading these messages, Brigmore Witches was incredible, 10/10 stuff. Especially the Brigmore Manor.

ArkaneStudios6 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Hi FTWiener. Thanks for the kind words about Brigmore Witches! That was super fun to work on.

I'll let everyone else comment about their background - but I wanted to clarify one thing: For Thief Deadly Shadows my only official contribution was doing some monster voices. Unofficially, I play tested and gave them feedback.

Cellphoneman6 karma

I noticed in the demo that items that contain eel give you Psi points, What are the eels hiding?

ArkaneStudios10 karma

[Ricardo Bare] You'll find out. Keep digging.

ArkaneStudios13 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Actually, scratch that. You might not want to know.

pho-ku6 karma

It felt like for ages the immersive sim was dead, and now there's been this big resurgence with games like Dishonored and Prey and future games like Underworld Ascendant and System Shock 3. Even games that were quite traditional now have experimental systems interacting with eachother like the new Zelda. What do you credit this to? Do you think gamers are just more receptive to this kind of game now? Does Arkane feel vindicated having championed this genre for so long?

ArkaneStudios12 karma

(Eric) We love the Immersive Sim genre here, and we are lucky enough to be developers that make games that we want to play. It's exciting to see that so many others love it as well, and I hope to see more games!

ArkaneStudios6 karma

[Ricardo Bare] I love it. Playing breath of the wild now and really enjoying it. I think it's at least partially due to the fact that the industry is much bigger now. The audience is much bigger and more fluent / sophisticated as gamers.

JMSarDev6 karma

First of all, thank you for all these years of amazing games, rocking in my case since Dark Messiah of M&M.

What do you do to think about those virtual boundaries we have regarding interaction? I've seen some really weird ideas (Like the toy gun with the computer) that I could not come up with. How do you get those ideas?

Also, how do you feel regarding the "Prey" name? Probably this is more a Bethesda itself related question, but I would like to know how do you feel when using that name regarding expectations from people who played the last one, the cancellation of the sequel and so.

Pd: Just want to put it clear that this is not a "Hate message regarding the use of the trademark"

ArkaneStudios14 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Believe it or not a lot of our best ideas come from dealing with constraints. Sure, you can come of with some interesting things if someone hands you a blank piece of paper, but 9 times out of 10 you'll come up with something MORE interesting if you have constraints and resource limitations. (Smart creatives put constraints on themselves even when there are none).

Germangunman5 karma

The demo had a lot of hidden safe and passages and mysteries to solve and find, is this a theme you stuck with for the entire facility and story? Love the game BTW.

ArkaneStudios8 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Yes. Lots of goodies like that all over the place. And thanks!

ThatFergusonKid5 karma

Any particularly interesting design/programming problems/solutions you guys had? I always love hearing about the behind the scenes

ArkaneStudios4 karma

(Emanuel) My answer is similar to a previous answer I gave, which has a minor spoiler if you didn't play the demo: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/691ze4/hi_reddit_we_are_arkane_studios_creators_games/dh354l8/

StarkEx5 karma

  1. Have we seen all the main types of Typhon in the game, or are there some creatures that haven't been revealed in trailers/articles?

  2. Are Weavers an enemy we actually engage with in combat, or do they only work in the background?

Very excited for this game!

ArkaneStudios9 karma

(Gary) You can engage with Weavers in combat if you choose or let them work in the background and try to avoid them. Up to you.

Hankster9345 karma

Hey Arkane Studios! Glad to see your doing a AmA, a good way to get in touch with fans of your latest game. Alright here's my question. How was it designing the exterior of Talos 1? Pretty large from the size comparison chart I saw! Can't wait to explore it in Zero-G!

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Karen) The Exterior was a beast. There were early researches done to start defining the style...but it definitely was influenced as the layout of the interior of the station came together. It was also a technical challenge - since it's roughly the length of 8 football fields :)

ArkaneStudios7 karma

(Jessie) On the plus side, the zero-g and large size give it a special ambiance and makes it a really different experience from the rest of the game. There are some unique encounters and exploration opportunities scattered everywhere, you can get lost out there for hours.

AlleyCrawler4 karma

What was the biggest hurdle you came across during the production of Prey?

ArkaneStudios13 karma


From a technical standpoint, the Looking Glass was a very cool, challenging problem. I won't spoil it by describing it, but the challenge was how to get that super cool tech, but performant enough to keep everything else we wanted in the game. Plus, it is a main feature and something super important to the story! We had to do quite a few iterations and a lot of performance work, but we are happy with it. Shout out to Chris who did pretty much all of this feature!

ArkaneStudios13 karma

(Susan) I'm pretty sure that our physics engineer would be happy if no one ever says the word gloo around her again.

matomiku4 karma

Each individual person has a role in developing the games that you guys put out there for us, what are some personal fears you guys have about showing off your games to the public?

ArkaneStudios18 karma

[Ricardo Bare] I think any creative person can relate to that tornado-like mix of anxiety and giddy excitement (and maybe sometimes abject terror) at finally showing someone what you've been working on for the last X years. If I could summarize mine it would be something like: I'm really proud of the game we made. It's the kind of game I would want to play. So, my hopes and fears are all wondering if people will resonate with the same things that I appreciate about the game.

xXDeltashXx4 karma

  1. Is there newgame+?
  2. Will there be DLC?
  3. How do we claim our preorder bonus in game?

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Susan) Right now we're focusing on launching the game first, so can't speak publicly about NG+, DLC, and any other post-launch plans. Sorry!

And you can claim your pre-order bonus via a redeemable code. Once you're in the game, you can find your goodies in Morgan's office. Conveniently located next to the Fabricator and Recycler for all your crafting needs.

FlyingDadBomb4 karma

Beyond swapping pronouns, will any plot points or lines of dialog change depending on if you choose to play the male or female Morgan?

ArkaneStudios7 karma

[Ricardo Bare] A few things here and there, but they're subtle and I don't want to give any spoilers.

trapasuoris_rex3 karma

I know they prey was inspired by sc-fi film's. What Movies inspired the the game. And how were the inspiration implemented in the game?

ArkaneStudios4 karma

(Jessie) For the art department we found Kubrick inspiring. Pacing, lighting, mood, tension, framing - there's a lot of mastery to be found in his films.

DivineSisyphean3 karma

Are there going to be more conventional weapons that we haven't seen yet?

ArkaneStudios7 karma

(Susan) Depends? Which ones have you seen? I'm pretty sure there are weapons that haven't been viewed in any of the twitch feeds yet, yes.

ImFastTom3 karma

Hey Arkane,

Really enjoyed the Demo, Looking forward to playing the full game. Was there technical limitations in using the Void engine for Prey and thats why you chose to use CRYENGINE?

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Stevan) Glad you enjoyed it! When we started working on the project, CryEngine was a good fit for our needs. The Void Engine was still a work in progress back then.

Greyzen3 karma

Got a couple of questions here.

How often are we going to be encountering human enemies? and are there lethal and nonlethal ways of dealing with them?

Also are there narrative choices and consequences based on what we do?

ArkaneStudios7 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Yes, there are nonlethal ways of dealing with any human survivors (or enemies) you encounter. As for narrative choices, absolutely.

FlyingDadBomb3 karma

How long is Prey, in terms of hours played?

ArkaneStudios13 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Kind of depends on how you play. People who've tested the game for us have taken anywhere from 16-24 hours to finish the main story path. Gary, our animation producer, took something like 34 hours to play the game.

aceduude3 karma

That Prey t-shirt looks so badass. How can I get my hands on one?

ArkaneStudios5 karma

(Susan) The one in the proof photo at the top? That one is the team dev shirt, so you'd have to know people who know people. (But I know there are Prey shirts already up on the Bethesda store, including a cool one I want that has the Axiom Program logo on it.)

namienist3 karma

I know you guys said the PS4 input lag would be fixed upon release, but people with early copies have shared patch notes and it mentions nothing of that. Will there be an additional patch release day to fix that or will it come at a later date? Regardless of that, I'm super excited to play the game! The atmosphere you all managed to create is top notch.

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Susan) The patch notes are culled down from a big master list of every bug fix and polish adjustment. We try to pull out the key ones as best we can, but some changes end up under the umbrella of "other fixes". The controller adjustments are present - they were just one that didn't get called out in the list.

thomas78903 karma

Cats or dogs?

ArkaneStudios10 karma

(Stevan) Tamed mimic wearing a top hat!

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Karen) Dogs! (3 of them...2 labs and a shepherd)

ArkaneStudios8 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Dogs inside. Cats, chickens and sheep OUTSIDE.

ArkaneStudios8 karma

(Amber) Bugs!

ArkaneStudios7 karma

(Emanuel) I have both. But the cats pee on my damn bed. So my dog wins right now.

ArkaneStudios7 karma

(Susan) One old, smooth, chill cat and one rambunctious little twerp of a kitten.

ArkaneStudios6 karma

(Eric) Cats!

Hellguin3 karma

How do you guys feel making me spend Opening Hour just hitting every damn thing I find with my wrench while crying silently (otherwise I will die)... I downloaded the demo not knowing a thing about this game. I am still lost other than "Everything is not as it seems Morgan" or "See that cup? It isn't a cup. See that chair? That isn't a chair!" , I also saw a nod at The Matrix in a book towards the start of the demo.

ArkaneStudios7 karma

[Ricardo Bare] I've got joy down in my heart, deep deep down in my heart. Also, which book are you referring to? Just curious.

ProudNitro3 karma

Dear Arkane,

Thanks so much for your games. Back in 2012 when Dishonored released I was so so excited for it but I couldn't afford it on launch. I'm proud to say I've preordered both Dishonored 2 and Prey, and I absolutely love your design philosophy.

I was so excited this past week that I learned how to code a bit of PHP just so I could contribute to the gamepedia Prey wiki. My best hope for you guys is to have a great launch and for as many gamers as possible to be able to experience Prey.

  1. What is everyone's individual favorite part of the development process?
  2. I know in that in Dishonored 2 you had specific visual pillars in design; what were your visual pillars with Prey?
  3. What was the most complicated Typhon organism to get through dev process?
  4. Any teaser about future projects unannounced as of yet?

I know you guys prefer not to talk about the original Prey, but my question is not a hostile one. I was not familiar with the original Prey at all, and I was surprised when I was looking through social media and seeing comments people were making.


5 Did you expect the backlash surrounding your Prey game simply because it has the same name?

Thanks so much for everything. I hope you guys have a great launch, and I have no doubt you'll prove those 'optimization' whiners wrong. They don't even know what they're talking about.

ArkaneStudios5 karma

(Emanuel) I can only really answer #1 for myself, but for me it is doing R&D on tech stuff, and improving performance. I love digging into the low level code and finding tricky ways to get more of the framerates. These days there are lots of cores so you have to think of ways to run things in parallel.

skullgrater2 karma

Will the enemies get harder as the game goes on (will mimics get more health and do more damage etc) or will they stay the same throughout the game? By the way, loved the demo, I'm really looking forward to playing the game Friday.

ArkaneStudios3 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Thanks Skullgrater! Creatures don't get more HP or anything like that, but the types and numbers change over time.

Egalotry2 karma

Can we see some pics of the cute pets of Arkane? Just 'cause.

ArkaneStudios9 karma

[Ricardo Bare] Here's Env Artist Bryan Shannon: https://imgur.com/a/jnl7s

ArkaneStudios7 karma

[Ricardo Bare] I mean, that's his pet. Bryan is definitely a human and not a dog. Nor a mimic.

ArkaneStudios5 karma

(Emanuel) Nick is in the AMA proof picture

ArkaneStudios5 karma

(Eric) Siamese! (His name is Thief) http://imgur.com/PJoTie9

ArkaneStudios5 karma

(Emanuel) EmanuPets! https://imgur.com/a/vrMzx

ArkaneStudios2 karma

(Jessie) Here! http://imgur.com/a/qMQ8E

legit_khajiit2 karma

I'm a big fan of the strange sci-fi stuff you guys are doing with Prey, and as an aspiring writer I have to ask - how did your writers get to where they are today? Any tips / tricks?

What drives you during the tedious times of game development?

ArkaneStudios10 karma

[Ricardo Bare] The programmers in the room wanted me to say 'I got in my car and drove here' but since I'm not a JERK FACE like them... The short - and slightly trite but still true - answer is a lot of work plus some luck. Keep writing. Write write write. Read other excellent writers. Then write some more. You have to get good at starting something and finishing it.

FlyingDadBomb2 karma

Can you drop any safe codes on us?? Throw us a bone?

ArkaneStudios15 karma

(Eric) No, but I can guarantee 0451 is a code in the game.

underbite4202 karma

I will start by telling you I recently stumbled upon Dishonored. I absolutely love this game. In a few months I will be able to afford to buy an XboxOne. Dishonored 2 will be my first game purchased...and after watching the trailers, Prey will be shortly thereafter.

Did you have to use any outside help? And what was the coolest/most interesting thing you learned from outside help? (E.g. If you're trying to simulate zero G in gameplay would you seek out someone at NASA?)

ArkaneStudios6 karma

(Susan) You may be underestimating the level of science geekery we have on the ground in this studio. I could tell you tales of earth/moon/sun simulators and large Excel spreadsheets of velocity and distance. And extended arguments about the precise location of Talos I in relation to all the above.

But that was long ago and we're all talking to each other again by now.

Hearthofthecards2 karma

What do you think would be more optimal for gameplay, Steam controller or mouse?

ArkaneStudios3 karma

(Emanuel) Whatever you are most comfortable with! I know it sounds dumb but it is true. Use whatever is easier for you to kill mimics with. I'm a mouse/keyboard person, so that is what I'm using.