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I know they prey was inspired by sc-fi film's. What Movies inspired the the game. And how were the inspiration implemented in the game?

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Do you show like foreign movies? Like cult classics like battle Royale, or ichi the killers or newer ones like as the gods will? Because I would die to see those on the big screen the way they were meant to be screened. Not digitally compressed or on Blu-ray on a 50 inch tv. And I know you're been asked this but where is this heaven located and Lilly what kind of movies do you normally show oh and how do you get your film prints and keep them in good condition oh and I promise last question. Do you show like exploitation movies or like grindhouse movies from the 70s and 80s?

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Escape from LA counts as a grindhouse film? Huh I wouldn't of never thought. But i been dying too see a grindhouse movie in actual theaters. Something out of the 70s like cannibal Holocaust or a nazipoltation movie. Hell maybe even a blackpoltation movie. Because unfortunately there was a theater by me. But it's been close down since the 90s. Only a few old posters exist on the outside now. So I unfortunately have no way to see these movies. Which I would of gladly paid like 15 bucks to see. If it was in its original format. But it would be really cool to see a cult classic Japanese movie in theaters. It's as close to seeing a Japanese movie as you can get without actually going to Japan.