I am LaughingQuoll,

I am a software developer from Australia. I've been coding for around four years now. In particular I've made several websites for small business.

Recently, around the last year or so, I got into Jailbreaking iOS. And I loved it.

I've been making iOS Tweaks since December 2015 and my first public release was late January 2016.

One of my more notiable tweaks is Noctis which is a dark mode for iOS.

So go ahead, ask me anything.

I'll try my best to answer as many as I can!

EDIT: Wow, this blew up faster than I expected. I'm taking a slight break, keep those questions coming. I'll try and answer as many as I can when I get back!

EDIT: I'm back and answering more questions. Keep them coming!

EDIT: That's all folks. Thanks for the questions.

Proof: https://twitter.com/LaughingQuoll/status/857185012189233152

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Clark_Kent_Was_Here1117 karma

I haven't jail broken my iPhone in well over 3-4 years now. Has the scene diminished as iOS has added more "Jailbreak Tweaks" into the core iOS framework?

LaughingQuoll1042 karma

I wouldn't say the scene has diminished, I would say that the time period between new jailbreaks has increased, which is understandable as iOS keeps becoming more and more secure.

But there never has been a lack of tweaks, every day new tweaks are made, it's amazing the creativity of other developers to come up with new and inventive ideas.

It is true that as iOS progresses we see Apple "borrowing" more and more tweak ideas but unless Apple make radical changes and allow the user to better customise iOS there will still be reasons to jailbreak.

PloraX850 karma

Why is it so complicated to change the font color of the Widgets to white? I love Noctis, but it bothers that it is hard to read the black font..

LaughingQuoll763 karma

They are remote views, and something happens that converts them to uiviews instead of uilabels, so it's really hard, fixing it for one app can break others.

iwas99x376 karma

What critiques and suggestions do you have for Apple?

LaughingQuoll1245 karma

Let me do what I want with my device, without having to rely on someone else to hack it.

kajnbagoat327 karma

What do you do for a living?

Is this your hobby or main passion?

When did you start this tweak developing?

LaughingQuoll974 karma

I don't actually have a job, I am in high school.

I do this in my spare time, I love doing it and I hope I can make a job out of programming.

I a little over a year ago.

iwas99x249 karma

What is your favorite beer?

LaughingQuoll395 karma

Not allowed to drink.

iwas99x240 karma

Okay, Coke or Pepsi?

LaughingQuoll454 karma


The_Money_Face-2 karma

So you are of a religious background?

LaughingQuoll4 karma

I can't drink due to age... plus when I do become of age, I don't really think I'll want to.

MavEtJu244 karma

Your Twitter picture shows a piece of code. Line 33 and 36 have a different style after the "if", one with and one without the space before the (. Line 36 has no space before the {, line 44 has a space before the {. No indention on line 37. Line 37 has " + 5" with spaces and "+17.5" without spaces.

What is the consistent style in your coding?

LaughingQuoll298 karma


iwas99x181 karma

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

LaughingQuoll439 karma

Ham and Pineapple.

dhabsot592 karma

You are banned from /r/italy


LaughingQuoll115 karma


iwas99x166 karma

What are your favorite apps that you didn't make yourself?

LaughingQuoll263 karma

Clash Royale!

NaFoton160 karma

I've never jailbroken my iOS device, what does jailbreak offer to me?

LaughingQuoll210 karma

Awesomeness! Think android rooting but for iOS.

NaFoton131 karma

I'm a total idiot. What can i customize

LaughingQuoll171 karma

Customise anything you want. If you want to change something 9 out of 10 times there will be a tweak for that.

NaFoton65 karma

Sounds interesting, can I jailbreak my iPhone 7 by myself following some kind of a guide?

LaughingQuoll112 karma

You can, it's simple, relying of course you are on iOS 10.1.1 as that is the latest that any jailbreak supports for that device.

josephclarke333139 karma

Why not just develop for android, which natively supports more tweaks?

LaughingQuoll315 karma

Good question,

I love iPhone and iOS as a platform, there is just something about how fluid and clean it is and how it works seamlessly with all my other products.

I have to admit I've given a little go at Android Development and it never really clicked like my brain did for iOS development.

josephclarke33356 karma

Would you say you like the simplicity, clean UI and polished overall aesthetic of IOS?

LaughingQuoll145 karma

I would say so, yes. I love the simplistic nature of iOS. It is clean and very well thought out. Each aspect flows together to form a seamless experience for the end user, but like with anything there is always room for improvement, which is where Jailbreak Tweaks come in.

CashWho6 karma

When you say it didn't "click", do you mean you found it harder to grasp or that you just didn't like it? I've dabbled at both types of programming and found IOS way harder so it would surprise me if you had the opposite experience, haha.

LaughingQuoll8 karma

I just didn't like it. I find iOS easier because i'm experienced at how it works.

iwas99x133 karma

How often are you on Reddit and what are your favorite subreddits?

LaughingQuoll172 karma

Almost every hour, my favorite subs are r/jailbreak, r/iosthemes and r/clashroyale.

MValqui131 karma

1.Do your friends know you are into iOS developing? 2.wen eta

LaughingQuoll187 karma

  1. Yes, many of my school folks know.

  2. Son.

MValqui47 karma

Do they know about jailbreak? If so what's their opinion about it?

LaughingQuoll75 karma

They do know about the jailbreak and some even were persuaded to jailbreak after seeing what i could do.

iwas99x114 karma

How old are you?

LaughingQuoll709 karma

Old enough to know that I shouldn't give that out to random people on the internet.

RedditThatOneGuy58 karma

But that's what I say! Do we know each other? Do we go the to same school, are you my neighbor?

LaughingQuoll243 karma

If you go to my school, wait outside the front gate like a loner and i'll say Hi. If you are my neighbor, scream at the top of your lungs for 10 minutes and i'll hear you.

iwas99x34 karma

Worried about identity theft or personal Safety?

LaughingQuoll112 karma


crielan20 karma

If you converted your social security number into pennies how much money would you have??

LaughingQuoll5 karma


iwas99x75 karma

Where did you go to college/university and what did you study?

LaughingQuoll211 karma

I have yet to go to College or University.

iwas99x53 karma

Have you ever been in actual jail?

LaughingQuoll100 karma

Nope, and I don't plan on.

rockstang52 karma

Are you on Apple's radar? Have they ever threatened you legally?

LaughingQuoll121 karma

Nope. I doubt they even know I exist.

CreepyFaggot6951 karma

What does being a twink have anything to do with it?

LaughingQuoll30 karma

Tweak developing is slightly different from iOS app development, Tweaks run on Jailbroken devices and can do anything.

iwas99x36 karma

How do you make a cool and interesting and easy to use website?

LaughingQuoll257 karma

You need to really start off with a list, a list of things it needs to do.

Then draft out on some paper a layout for the site ensuring it isn't crowded and has a nice flow to it.

Then ignore all that and make it up as you go.

coolfool24531 karma

So any resources for new tweak devs? I already made a tweak(ColorHome) and working on a touchr alt. And cant get press function to work😭

LaughingQuoll54 karma

I love it when new people get into developing, some awesome places to start are the iPhoneDevWiki, contains very detailed information on how tweak development and other things work:


Also r/jailbreakdevelopers is also a good thing, you'll find many of your questions will have been asked and answered there.

There are also some awesome tutorials on youtube. Billy Ellis has some good ones.

SageBait30 karma

Why are Photos tweaks rare? Is it hard to modify it?

LaughingQuoll15 karma

I'm not sure, what do you mean by photos tweaks?

SageBait19 karma

as in tweaks that modify the Photos app extensively. I know there's Photo Tools but it's not as good as photo organizer 8. I noticed most of the big devs aren't willing to touch it so I was wondering if there was something unusual about it.

LaughingQuoll11 karma

I'm not sure, nothing special springs to mind.

Brain_Couch25 karma

How long does it take nowadays to jailbreak iOS?

LaughingQuoll38 karma

I wouldn't know but we average around 6 months for new jailbreaks.

yeaigetit21 karma

What do you do when you're not coding?

LaughingQuoll125 karma

Not code.

jay1337s18 karma

When and how did you get into tweak development? Did you have any coding skills before starting with tweak development? Do you have any tips for new coders who want to learn iOS tweak development and maybe tell us where you srated and what books you read if any?

Thanks, really want to get into iOS Development and just started learning C so I can pick up Obj-C later on.

LaughingQuoll18 karma

I got into tweak development because I saw the limitless potential of a jailbreak. I love being able to do what I want when I code and jailbreaking provided that for me.

I didn't read any books but I did have 3 years programming experience prior. I really just made it up as I went.

jay1337s7 karma

What language did you code in before picking up Obj-C?

LaughingQuoll26 karma

Mainly your standard web languages, css, js, html, php and others. I also did some Java and Python.

jay1337s12 karma

So you went straight to Obj-C without learning C first?

LaughingQuoll27 karma

I did.

involentnumberzero17 karma

Because of the way the current jailbreaks work, do you tell your friends to jailbreak?

LaughingQuoll25 karma

Of course I do, I do help them get it all set up and working tho. It can be a little complicated for newcomers.

iwas99x16 karma

Do you have any friends or acquaintances In the USA?

LaughingQuoll38 karma

No personal ones, but if you call people i've met via the internet then yes I do.

absenthecon16 karma

What part of Australia are you from? I myself are from NSW. What pointers would you have for someone wanting to get into jailbreak tweak development?

LaughingQuoll24 karma

Melbourne! I would recommend checking out iPhoneDevWiki as that is a great source of information.

vtfan0815 karma

What advice for someone teaching themselves to code?

LaughingQuoll24 karma

Just start. That's really all there is to it. iPhoneDevWiki has some good information regarding tweak development.

xWalmartCandyx9 karma

And studying open sourced tweaks, apple developer documentation, e-books, etc

LaughingQuoll7 karma

This is also a good one!

bigdaddybeavis14 karma

I've got a pile of the original iPads (the ones before the camera). You cannot update the ios on these. Can they be jailbreaked in such a way as to let me run modern apps??? Or should I just turn them into cutting boards?

LaughingQuoll35 karma

You can only runs apps that are supported on that iOS version, the bigger the iOS gap the more issues you will run into as things change throughout. Cutting boards sound like a good idea, if you post one to me.

ImmortalTechniquez9 karma

How did you get into programming? What was the first step?

LaughingQuoll14 karma

Just starting really, I think people find it daunting and shy away. It's easy once you get started.

iwas99x8 karma

What advice do you have for young programmers?

LaughingQuoll31 karma

Just do it!

bagnastayy8 karma

Would you consider making videos on how you go about jail breaking?

LaughingQuoll35 karma

Would anyone watch them!?

Tim_Cook16 karma

Are you currently working on the settings tweak you said you would work on? Would be very cool!

LaughingQuoll9 karma

In discussions with the designer, it's going to be awesome!

iwas99x6 karma

What type of protection do you have for your phone and tablet from breaking and damage?

LaughingQuoll14 karma

I use an apple silicone case on my iPhone 7, jet black, nothing else. So if I drop my phone i'm screwed but I love the feel.

iwas99x6 karma

What are your favorite Australian stereotypes? And least favorite Australian Stereotypes?

LaughingQuoll21 karma

My favorite is that we drive Kangaroos.

My least is that we are all bogans.

iwas99x5 karma

What other computer and software hobbies do you have?

LaughingQuoll17 karma

I like to pull apart technology and see how it works but that's an expensive hobby.

SuperGear0215 karma

How did you find out about jailbreaking ?

LaughingQuoll28 karma

I saw a youtube video from the man himself, EverythingApplePro!

coolstory00015 karma

What is your favorite part of making jailbreak tweaks?

LaughingQuoll5 karma

All of it.

TurboNoodle693 karma

What do you hate about iOS ? Or about the hardware.

LaughingQuoll9 karma

I hate nothing apart from having to rely on someone else to hack it so I can do what I want!

RedditThatOneGuy3 karma

What software do you use to code?

LaughingQuoll6 karma

Atom and a Theos installation on Windows.

DylanG1243 karma

At this point do you think its more worth while to stay up-to-date on iOS updates and sacrifice Jailbreak or always stay a few versions back and tweak? I kinda miss it

LaughingQuoll5 karma

New features can always be brought down via tweaks so I don't see the point in updating.

davidthetechgeek3 karma

What do you think was the best version of IOS from a jailbreaking standpoint?

LaughingQuoll3 karma

iOS 9.0 was da bomb of jailbreak!

iwas99x3 karma

What is the scariest animal in Australia and why?

LaughingQuoll31 karma

Humans. Because we have the absolute power to destroy everything. We need to ensure what we do will still mean there is a world to live in that is safe and free.

Rick-powerfu2 karma

How hard was it initially to get into this niche / possibly illegal line of work?

Also how do you feel about apple products in general?

LaughingQuoll4 karma

It's not illegal, and I love them, seamless integration for all I do, now if only I could afford it.

Rick-powerfu2 karma

Have you ever considered like totally messing with someone and loading iOS on their android or vice versa


LaughingQuoll3 karma

If iOS could be installed on Android devices I would have bought an S8.

iwas99x2 karma

Do you have any pets?

LaughingQuoll3 karma

I have a dog.

iwas99x2 karma

Do you play video games? If so, which ones?

LaughingQuoll3 karma

Not really a gamer, I do like Clash Royale tho.

iwas99x1 karma

Who is your celebrity crush and why?

LaughingQuoll1 karma

I don't really have one.

NKarman1 karma

What are the differences between jailbreak tweak development and standard development? Do your write in Swift or Objective C?

LaughingQuoll1 karma

It's all done with Objective C and there really isn't a difference. Just with Jailbreak Development you can do anything you want.

doitaljosh1 karma

Do you happen to be working on a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1?

LaughingQuoll2 karma

I don't, i'm not really an exploit developer.

iwas99x1 karma

How much time per day do you spend making tweaks?

LaughingQuoll1 karma

School and other stuff come first but I average around an hour, but it all depends on school work.

D3DB0Y1 karma

How did you got into ios tweaking? Where did you start? And with what did you startv

LaughingQuoll3 karma

I started a little over a year ago, and I got into tweak development when I saw the unlimited potential for tweaks I could make.

iwas99x1 karma

Do you work for a company or do you have your own company?

LaughingQuoll2 karma

I don't work for a company nor to I have my own.

iwas99x1 karma

What are the best reasons to use your dark mode app?

LaughingQuoll4 karma

It's simple and easy to use, and it looks awesome if I don't say so myself.

iwas99x1 karma

What are your short term and Long term goals?

LaughingQuoll7 karma

I wish I had some

Sbeaudette1 karma

OUt of all of the apple tv models, why was the Apple tv 3 (the only apple tv unit I ever bought) never been successfully jailbreak-ed?

LaughingQuoll1 karma

I don't know, I don't have an Apple TV.

m_bob011 karma

Any idea on when 10.3 jailbreak is coming? I saw pangu post something about it but everything on the page was in another language so I couldn't understand it.

LaughingQuoll1 karma

I wouldn't have a clue.

iwas99x1 karma

What are your favorite movies?

LaughingQuoll1 karma

Star Wars and Indiana Jones!

iwas99x1 karma

All of the movies in both Series?

LaughingQuoll2 karma

All of them. Every. Single. One.

PetrsGhost1 karma

Do you program in Swift to create software for a jaikbroken phone? Also, what's your favorite programming language?

LaughingQuoll2 karma

Obj C through and through.

iwas99x0 karma

When did you join the Apple Cult?

LaughingQuoll4 karma

My first Apple Device was a Bondi Blue iMac G3 which was given to me in 2006 when I was a young boy. I remember playing Putt Putt, it was my favorite game!