EDIT: Thanks everypony! It was so great answering your questions. Off to catch a flight to BABSCon. Please tune in to the season premiere this Saturday at 11:30 am ET on Discovery Family!!!

Well, you might know me from a lot of things! My IMDb page is HERE, take a peek. You can also follow me on Twitter @tarastrong.

I’m ready and waiting to answer all your fabulous questions about, well - let’s see what pops up!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/rWgvu

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GuyGuy084042 karma

As a voice actress mainly, are you recognized in public often? When you are recognized, do you here things like "do the Timmy Turner voice" a lot?

TaraStrongMLP3388 karma

Yes and yes!

Charsharks2942 karma

Giant snake, birthday cake, large fry, CHOCOLATE SHAKE. Oh man I loved the Fairly Oddparents! What's your most fond memory from the show?

Also, I've been interested in voice acting for kid shows since I was a kid. How was it you cracked into the business?

TaraStrongMLP2556 karma

I started when I was 13 and I always knew that I wanted to be an actress. I took many acting classes, singing lessons and my first audition was for Hello Kitty.

Kr0wl3y2600 karma

Ever catch yourself singing songs from the shows you voiced for?

TaraStrongMLP2152 karma


gladiator06072355 karma

Out of all the characters you've voiced, which was the most difficult?

TaraStrongMLP4131 karma

Terrence on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Garacian002293 karma

Hi Tara, thanks for doing an ama! Do you ever randomly do character voices in public and get weird looks from people? Do they ever recognize you from your voice?

TaraStrongMLP2087 karma

Yes and yes

PurpleSmart42224 karma

Have you ever gotten emotional when voicing a character for whatever reason?

What was your favorite character quote you voiced for Season 7?

TaraStrongMLP3747 karma

I cried when the Joker died in Arkham City.

Knightified1900 karma

Have you ever improvised lines or do you stick 100% to the script at all times?

TaraStrongMLP2551 karma

We get to improvise a lot.

JulieApathy1629 karma

What is your favorite and least favorite part of going to cons?

TaraStrongMLP3275 karma

My favorite part is meeting the fans. My least favorite is getting pretty in the hotel room...and smelly people :-)

jonseitz1141592 karma

How awesome was it getting to voice Ashi for Samurai Jack Season 5? Did you get to record with Phil LaMarr? Will you be watching the next 5 episodes and how excited are you for them?

TaraStrongMLP1442 karma

Super crazy awesome! Yes, I recorded with Phil. I'm very excited for them.

LunaticSongXIV1341 karma

Are there any roles where you use your natural voice, or does every role have some kind of inflection that you bring to the table?

TaraStrongMLP2013 karma

Batgirl is probably the closest to my real voice.

saidos1240 karma

How strong are you? It's a bit bold to just have the last name strong, I feel like you owe it to us to prove you are strong.

TaraStrongMLP1633 karma

I'm pretty strong. You wouldn't want to take me on :-)

Hclegend1202 karma

What inspired you to audition for the role of a magical talking unicorn?

TaraStrongMLP2409 karma

I didn't audition. Lauren Faust came to my house and asked if I could help her out with a pitch presentation.

GedoonS1148 karma

Is Mark Hamill a secret brony?

TaraStrongMLP1901 karma

Yes (but don't tell the internet)

warthog00111124 karma

Hi, and thank you for everything you've done.

Is there a role, voiceover or otherwise, that you didn't get and really wanted or that you took and regretted?

TaraStrongMLP1665 karma

I didn't try out for it but it would be nice to be on The Simpsons!

sgtbradley987 karma

You have always seemed to creep into all the things I like some how, both shows and games. What was it like voicing Harley Quinn in the arkham games? What is your favorite Joker?

TaraStrongMLP2986 karma

I love doing the Arkham games and there is only one joker. His name is Mark Hamill.

ninjew36823 karma

Hi Tara,

How are you in EVERYTHING?

Loving your role in the final season of Samurai Jack so far and my daughter adores MLP and Super Hero Girls.

TaraStrongMLP490 karma

Thank you!

Theandric749 karma

My kids and I love Teen Titans Go! Thanks for your sardonic and wry Raven!

Does Raven's attitude ever creep into your own daily life?

TaraStrongMLP1359 karma


Switchfoot221691 karma

What was your experience like when you were playing Paz in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker & Metal Gear Solid V? Thanks!

TaraStrongMLP938 karma

Those sessions were EXTREMELY LONG but VERY rewarding.

OldColt06624 karma

What's your favourite part of voicing Raven on Teen Titans Go?

TaraStrongMLP1105 karma

Being with the cast. We have been together for about 16 years and we all really love each other. Plus, I get to slack off with my vocal chords.

monkeyclawattack607 karma

Did you get to hang out with Mark Hamill while doing voice work for the Batman: Arkham City game? And if you did, what was it like working with a Jedi?

(Sorry if this question was asked already)

TaraStrongMLP711 karma

Yes and he's super cool.

TheGreatSwagsby506 karma

Hi, Tara! What was it like working on Drawn Together? Do fans ever still mention the show to you? It was a fun series that deserves more of a cult following.

TaraStrongMLP470 karma

YES! I wish we could do more. It was so much fun!

Gabba901397 karma

Will there be any guest VA's in Season 7?

TaraStrongMLP672 karma

Yes! William Shatner and Felicia Day.

MetroWolf351 karma

Did you ever think you'd be ringing the Nasdaq opening bell in the name of My Little Pony? What was that like?

TaraStrongMLP403 karma

No and it was honestly the most thrilling day ever! It was very magical.

EdwardIsTheMan1993294 karma

Will Crocker ever catch a fairy?

TaraStrongMLP594 karma

I think he has caught fairies before. The question is...will he keep them?

ninjew36262 karma

Hi Tara!

When you record, are you typically with your castmates or do you record alone? I've seen a bit of both through behind the scenes of Archer, Moana, I Know That Voice, etc.

TaraStrongMLP253 karma

It's a mix.

Gabba901255 karma

Can you share some details about the movie?

TaraStrongMLP509 karma

It's going to be VERY cute. We have a lot of wonderful guest stars and great songs. The coolest part is that we're going to have sea ponies.

Gabba901251 karma

What is your favorite part of the fandom?

TaraStrongMLP459 karma

How adork-able they are. How generous they are. How inclusive they are.

DTSpy227 karma

Out of the shows you've been in, what's your favorite?

TaraStrongMLP408 karma

The Little Mermaid 2!

Excessumaddo217 karma

What was it like working on the Sabrina Movies?

Also super excited for the new season of My Little Pony and thanks for being the voice of just about everybody.

TaraStrongMLP197 karma


IKingJeremy215 karma

Who is your favourite pony?

TaraStrongMLP420 karma

Twilight duh!

AKGAKG211 karma

So glad you're here Tara! You were my childhood! My little sister adores you as you voice Twilight, and Raven who are her favourite characters!

  1. Who is you're favourite background pony?

  2. Will you be attending any fan conventions in Canada such as Fanexpo 2017?

  3. Do you have an order of EG films that you like?

TaraStrongMLP243 karma

  1. Derpy
  2. Possibly
  3. No

EdwardIsTheMan1993203 karma

Tara what is the best part of being a voice actress?

TaraStrongMLP392 karma

Getting to play all kinds of different roles that I would never be able to on camera.

ImagineHeart199 karma

Are you ever invited to do voice work? For example, with Ben 10, did you have to audition for the latest show or did the producers call you?

TaraStrongMLP256 karma

I had to audition.

Gabba901198 karma

What are the chances of a Derpy Hooves episode?

TaraStrongMLP296 karma

I think pretty slim although I would like one :-)

JediHalcyon178 karma

how often do you recognize one of your voice actor peers on TV/radio/games a day?

TaraStrongMLP235 karma

I recognize them all the time.

Time_To_Accelerate178 karma

Hey, Tara!

Do you think that Raven and Twilight could get along if they were to meet?

TaraStrongMLP325 karma

Of course! Raven loves ponies.

NorthernDen151 karma

How do you prepare your self for the work day? Do you do voice preps? Any routines to get you ready? Also my kids recognize your voice across shows. Thanks for doing this AMA.

TaraStrongMLP213 karma

I like to warm up with my singing teacher's exercises that I have saved on my phone.

LostInThisWorldx145 karma

Omg I love you <3 Can't wait for your Harley Quinn in Injustice 2. What do you think of Harley Quinn?

TaraStrongMLP283 karma

I love Harley Quinn, puddin'

toxicbox109 karma

Care to share any thoughts on S7 of MLP? Maybe a small spoiler?

TaraStrongMLP264 karma

Sure. It's going to be super adorable...lots of new songs...the premiere on Saturday is two back-to-back episodes. This season, we get to meet Rainbow Dash's parents, may adorable niece Flurry Heart and of course, William Shatner and Felicia Day are joining the herd.

TairenarScarlett102 karma

Just a random question, but how big is your wardrobe? (I may or may not want to borrow a dresses few for mine ;D)

TaraStrongMLP168 karma

You can NEVER have enough cute things to wear.

Dalek_Kolt100 karma

So a lot of people have been posting fanart of Ashi and Jack together, either as a couple or as stepdad/adopted daughter. Where do you stand on Ashi/Jack without spoiling too much?

TaraStrongMLP137 karma

I really can't say without spoiling :-)

Foxlust97 karma

Hi Tara What's your favorite batman movie ?

TaraStrongMLP209 karma

I really like the original 1989 version.

kuroneko1424581 karma

Hi Tara! I'm a big fan, and I practically grew up watching your work!

I have a couple questions for you, If you don't mind answering!

  • What are your thoughts on Teen Titans Go!, in contrast to the original Teen Titans series?

  • Which character has been the most fun to voice?

  • Who is your favourite villain that the Titans have faced so far?

Thank you for taking the time for doing this AMA!

TaraStrongMLP130 karma

I love them both. It's a toss up between Power Puff Girls, Fairly OddParents and Raven. Probably Slade.

manster1476 karma

Hi, Tara! What is your favorite Teen Titans moment or episode?

TaraStrongMLP225 karma

I love Lady Legasus and the colors of Raven. In the original series, I loved stuff with Slade and Trigon.

WolfFarwalker74 karma

What moment was the highlight of your acting career so far? what are your thoughts ont he vast majority of your fans?

TaraStrongMLP139 karma

I have to say, ringing the Nasdaq Opening Bell earlier this week is definitely up there!

suaveitguy62 karma

What sets people like yourself or Cree Summer apart in the animation voice over field?

TaraStrongMLP102 karma

We're very versatile, easy to work with and not too shabby looking. :-)

artfella36 karma

What was your most memorable experience you've had during your years as a voice actor?

TaraStrongMLP107 karma

Probably singing with Jodi Benson in The Little Mermaid 2.

thisismymoniker27 karma

What do you think of "Bronies"?

TaraStrongMLP51 karma

I love Bronies!!!

artfella20 karma

How do you prep/condition your voice for those recordings where it's hard on your vocal chords? Do you drink teas or anything before hand/during to help you power through it?

TaraStrongMLP57 karma

Yes. I often bring different kinds of drinks with me and I never smoke (and never have).

docbrony17 karma

I am a huge fan thanks for everything :) what's the stangest fan encounter you have ever had?

TaraStrongMLP62 karma

I've had a few...one guy fainted at my autograph table. One guy said he hated me but paid for my autograph three times. I had one girl ask me to sign her butt so she could have my signature tattooed.

ProjectCarthage17 karma

Hi Tara! Question: Would Ben Tennyson be a fan of MLP? (Maybe a secret one if he didn't want Gwen to know?)

TaraStrongMLP21 karma

It's quite possible...

Krak251114 karma

Who is your favorite superhero/villain? (I guess excluding Raven and Harley)

TaraStrongMLP23 karma

My favorite villain is The Joker. Superhero is Batgirl.

ElecManEXE14 karma

After working with MLP for a fairly long time, do you ever accidentally "ponify" your words during other VA sessions or in your everyday life?

TaraStrongMLP42 karma

I do not.

sftwlkr12 karma

Does the amount of older men obsessed with My Little Pony bother you?

TaraStrongMLP52 karma

Not at all. Does it bother you?

Sponge-worthy8 karma

Do people often tell you that you have a nice badonkadonk? Does it bother you when they mention it?

BTW, you have a nice badonkadonk, and Ashi is awesome.

TaraStrongMLP15 karma

Have you seen the music video?!?! The lyrics are hard to learn. :-)