Hey reddit, Simon & Milo here! We just released our first new album in 12 years today called 'FOREVER 1999'.

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music or purchase here on iTunes.

Watch the video for our new song Love Me Tinder.

We're answering your questions on the way to Toronto for our sold out album release show tonight.

Tell us favourite song from the new album and Ask Us Anything!


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Does it still suck to be you ?

prozzakofficial11 karma

I still can’t seem to figure out how to hold onto love.  I think I do everything right but as usual the initial excitement of a new relationship always has disaster around the bend as outlined in our song Can’t Lick this Love thing on the new album. - Simon

Bears_On_Stilts14 karma

Prozzak has always sat on the fine line between the ironic/satirical and the deeply sincere in its treatment of pop music and love. Is it hard to maintain both the ironic detachment and the heart on sleeve realism at the same time when you write?

prozzakofficial10 karma

Thanks for such an insightful observation. For me, it's a very natural thing to do. Nothing is off limits to find humor in for me. There's also an acknowledgement of the sheer narcissism of being so self contemplative as to write a song about your own heartache.

Breakspeed9 karma

I've had a great time catching back up with Prozzak (I saw a live performance last June in Toronto, unfortunately had to miss out on this tour...) Thanks for coming back for the fans - I hope you're have fun on the road again.

For a question: You have both been very heavily involved in the music industry for (the majority of) your adult lives. Do you think there will need to be a change in the way Simon & Milo connect with modern audiences? What about the lapse of time throughout your careers has impacted your writing and inspiration most significantly?

P.S. Congrats on the engagement Jay - I don't recall if a wedding date was set and passed or is in the future.

prozzakofficial10 karma

I'd very much like to do a Prozzak musical theater production and I think the project could translate well in that medium.

MrSkoo9 karma

I'm Ethan, I use to comment on your MySpace profiled long after anyone else as I've always wanted more music from you guys. You've always been one of my favorite bands! A life long goal of mine was to go to a Prozzak concert but was a poor collage kid back in 1999. This Sunday, I'll get to accomplish that dream by being at your show in London, ON! My question is, will there be more albums coming our way? 5 year's ago, I never thought I'd see today, another Prozzak album release. But here we are and I'm thrilled! Thank you so much for making today possible!!! Now I hope this will not be the last! :)

prozzakofficial7 karma

Thanks so much Ethan. We're super excited about this body of work and playing the songs in concert. Whenever James and I are inspired to breath life into Simon and Milo we find a way to make it happen! See you in London.

1mana55ho138 karma

Why haven't you made in album in 12 years?

prozzakofficial12 karma

James (Milo) and I have been living in different cities> I was in NYC and now LA and James was in London and now Toronto working on many different projects. We were inspired to get together and write another album after the amazing response we got at the Atomic Lollipop festival in Toronto (summer 2015) and also because Simon had so many life experiences and emotions to express after such a long time.

Alecohol8 karma

I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. You were the first concert my brother and I ever went to back in 99 I believe. I was 11 years old. After that I was inspired to start playing around on a Casio keyboard my mom bought me from a garage sale. Fast forward to now I'm still fiddling around with synthesizers and making music. Hearing you on CBC the other day excited me for the new music. Can't wait to see you on tour!!

If you could collaborate with anyone alive or dead who would it be?

prozzakofficial5 karma

Good question. I'd love to do a full score for a Wes Anderson film.

TuckRaker7 karma

Legend has it you guys didn't get along that well in a previous band. Was there a reason behind this and how did you get past it?

prozzakofficial14 karma

It's true we were at odds when we were in the Philosopher Kings. I was not happy in that band because I thought the music was really lame and boring and we were all doing way better projects on our own. I had a pretty cutting sense of humor and James had enough one night and I took a very well delivered punch in the jaw which in retrospect I deserved! But Prozzak brought us together and we've been great friends ever since .

Oroborus817 karma

Great work on the new songs, especially Love Fools Anonymous. And well done on the Love Me Tinder MV. Brings back the memories. So glad you guys are back.

Any plans to do shows in July? Would love to see a show live. Unless you guys wanna come to Hong Kong :)

prozzakofficial5 karma

Who doesn't want to come to Hong Kong> Hook it up!! No plans for July shows at this point. Having a blast on the road right now though!

Oroborus815 karma

Tsunami misses you guys.

prozzakofficial6 karma

I miss her. I'm tempted to call but that was a dangerous love.

rainbowofcrazy7 karma

How's Stacy the computer nowadays? Is she still alive and well?

prozzakofficial6 karma

Thats sweet of you to ask. She went through a hard time for a while. A little acceptance work had to be done because of her giant hardware size and slow operating system but since then she's been upgraded and is feeling a little better about life.

MrSkoo6 karma

Stacey The Computer was so advanced for the time. Is she still around or has she been replaced with the likes of Siri. Also, do you still use ICQ?

prozzakofficial6 karma

haha. ICQ. does it exist anymore? Stacey the computer is also dating Siri right now don't you get the Enquirer here? (She likes Siri's female Australian voice)

MrSkoo6 karma

I named my cat Milo after this wonderful band, he's 14 now. Have you heard of many other people naming babies/pets/etc after Prozzak? My wife wouldn't let me name my daughter Europa. :D

prozzakofficial1 karma

Yeah we love it when people do that!!

RCGNZR6 karma

I know James worked with Nelly Furtado, but have the two of you ever thought about becoming one of those one-stop super producer duos? I think you could write amazing songs for today's pop vocalists.

prozzakofficial6 karma

We do that sometimes but James and I truly connect on all things Simon and Milo.

pepperonious6 karma

Is there a story behind Monday Morning? That song always breaks my heart.

PS. I saw you guys play The Phoenix back in June, and it was a dream come true!

prozzakofficial8 karma

a. thank you for that. b. Yes, a friend of my cousin's took her own life when she was in grade 9 and that song came out of the pain that her all of her friends went through and my observations of it.

shorthanded6 karma

What do you think seperates Prozzak from other Canadian pop groups from the late 90's/00's that faded pretty hard after their first big break? Looking at you, Moffats, Skye Sweetnam, Sugar Jones, Remy Shand, Sky, B4-4, Love Inc, Serial Joe, Bran Van 3000...

prozzakofficial3 karma

I'd love to hear your answer to that question...

Veeology5 karma

To both of you, what is your favourite Prozzak song of all time If you had to choose?

prozzakofficial3 karma

Milo: right now I'd have to say... Lovefools Anonymous when I want to party and Adaptation for those quiet nights curled up with a hot chocolate.

Simon: it changes all the time but right now it's Can't Lick this Love Thing.

Sumidiotdude5 karma

What's your favorite Pavement song?

prozzakofficial6 karma

What does that mean?

prozzakofficial6 karma

Milo-I remember that band! I like Stereo

CharlieGolf5 karma

How does it feel now that your fans are now in their 30s and 40s? See you Sunday.

prozzakofficial10 karma

It's a real validation for me that we did something that had an impact on a certain group of people that survived the test of time. Very grateful.

hermykins5 karma

What does Milo say when his voice fades off in 'Introduction to a Broken Heart' ?

Also, what ever happened to that perfume you had intended on releasing one day? :O

prozzakofficial4 karma

"and we'll buy that ranch that we always talked about...."

If you can tell me what classic literary work that is a parody of I will be very impressed

hermykins2 karma

Of Mice and Men? :)

I'm sure there was more being said ;)

prozzakofficial3 karma

BOOM! Officially impressed .

rainbowofcrazy5 karma

Will a physical album of Forever 1999 be released?

prozzakofficial5 karma

Not at this time. We'll see if there's a demand for physical copies. Possible vinyl.

Unapologetic_Canuck3 karma

I just bought the album from iTunes and would gladly buy it again if a physical CD was released. I have your other albums on CD and it feels wrong not adding this one to the collection that way! Perhaps a limited edition run, for those of us who still buy CDs?

prozzakofficial5 karma

Yes but we'd have to charge 100 dollars a CD :)

fatass6664 karma

Hey dudes! Super excited you're back, hopefully you can help me out with this. Why does Simon not have a neck and Milo never opens his eyes? (:

prozzakofficial6 karma

Simon has no neck because his head is constantly bouncing to the beat of his own music. (a little self centered) Milo's positive attitude and consistent state of happiness may just depend on him keeping his eyes closed. (what he doesn't know can't hurt him)

BeeBubmble4 karma

I saw you guys at Atomic Lollipop and at the Danforth Music Hall - Did the show at Apop help in the reunification of Prozzak?

prozzakofficial3 karma

Yes it did. Especially talking to the fans and hearing about the personal ways the music impacted their lives as teenagers.

juggilinjnuggala4 karma

do people ever confuse you with the rapper Prozak ?

prozzakofficial3 karma

Hum not yet :)

weeman214 karma

I'm looking forward to see you guys again in Saskatoon. Would it be possible for me and my friends to take some pictures with you?

prozzakofficial3 karma

for sure!

asquall4 karma

Will there be more continuation on the Simon and Milo story like videos this time around? Cruel Cruel World left us on such a cliffhanger especially when the way they changed their look so suddenly.

EDIT LMT has such a great throwback to flash videos when that was the rage. Props for that!

prozzakofficial2 karma

Thanks ! Yes there will be more!

thunderk6664 karma

I loved you guys back in the day and got a tape with all of your music videos for my birthday. I watched it so much to the point where it didn't work. Do you have any lying around that I could have?

prozzakofficial4 karma

thats awesome. I don't have any unfortunately :(

BellaBizarre4 karma

What was your favourite memory from 1999?

Can't wait to see you in Calgary! What are the chances of hearing Lonely American Nights live?

prozzakofficial2 karma

We don't have room in the set for that song but we are playing 4 songs from Saturday People. Memory from 1999: Breaking out of less than perfect musical situation into a project that was truly me! What's your 1999 memory?

grozamesh3 karma

This brings me much joy. Was confused for a sec at the proof pic. In my mind, you are just cartoon men.

prozzakofficial3 karma

in my mind too

TinjaNurtle3 karma

I loved prozzak growing up, any chance there is a backup somewhere of the old flash game hot show hot rods? Any plans to ever visit the maritimes?

prozzakofficial4 karma

Hi there. Oh I loved that game. We may develop a new one. Yes we are coming out east after this tour at some point.

Jim1053 karma

I loved your cover of Wild Thing.

Any other covers you have done or plan on doing?

prozzakofficial3 karma

thank you. I've got some ideas. What would you like to hear us do?

Jim1051 karma

Wow, that is a tough question for me to answer. I love all kinds of music.

How about "The Man Who Sold The World"?

I listen to different versions of this song (David Bowie, Nirvana, and Midge Ure), and it seems to be a different song with each version.

prozzakofficial2 karma

I want to do "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle

adorablesexypants3 karma

Loved you guys back in the day and enjoying the new album.

I know you are focusing on this album but do you see yourselves making more music in the future?

Also, what was your inspiration for the third album's tone shift?

Keep up the great work guys, I always love Milo's songs as well!

prozzakofficial2 karma

We always write from a combination of where we both are musically as Jay and James the writers and producers and balance that with what Simon and Milo need t express in their character arcs.

rainbowofcrazy3 karma

What music have you been digging lately? Have there been any artists that have influenced your sound?

prozzakofficial3 karma

Milo: Miles Davis , the Smiths and Jimmy Hendrix

EchoPanPan3 karma

I finally found the love of my life but there is another person who keeps trying to tear me away! (I'm not going anywhere, though) how would Simon and Milo act if the girl they finally got, was trying to be ripped away by a horrible tone deaf villain?? also I was at your concert last night and I have to say you guys are amazing~ my brother thanks you so much for the video <3

prozzakofficial2 karma

If you were to learn from Simon's mistakes than you would do the opposite of what he does. He would toy around with the person who was trying to tear his new love away because he wouldn't have the guts to make a strong decision to love one person and cut the other one off in case he may be making a mistake. So don't do that.

torieo3 karma

Saw you guys play in Ottawa last night! I've been wanting to see you live since I was 10!

I missed the meet and greet, so I just wanted to say thank you for being you. You guys were a big part of my childhood, and I'll never forget how you made me feel when I had no friends and I'd just listen to Hot Show & Saturday People on my purple Walkman. ❤️

I guess the only question I have for you is, what are your plans after the tour?

prozzakofficial4 karma

We are releasing another single after the tour and we may do a musical theater production of Prozzak.

HongKongDisco3 karma

Will you ever come back to Edmonton, Alberta? I missed you guys at Taste of Edmonton ):

prozzakofficial2 karma

We're playing Edmonton on this tour!

whomwhom3 karma

How come you're not coming to the East Coast? Can you play Pop Explosion or something?

prozzakofficial1 karma

We're going to come out there soon!

LittleGreenSoldier3 karma

Now that we're all living in a post-Frozen world where we're aware true love doesn't have to be romantic, how long until Simon realizes that the actual true love in his life has been the friendship he and Milo have built?

I mean Milo came to rescue him from a Tinder date in the wee hours, there's an act of true love right there.

prozzakofficial3 karma

Haha. Simon appreciates Milo's friendship very much. Although he has a very hard time showing it.

Karlociraptor3 karma

My wife wants to know...where is Milo from? She's never found anything other than "somewhere in Europe"

Also, apparently your music shaped her life in grade 8; thanks for that from the both of us.

prozzakofficial3 karma

Milo doesn't know the answer to that. They didn't keep very good records in the 1500's and he was orphaned at a very young age. His earliest memories are of playing an early version or checkers using fish heads as playing pieces in the bowls of a Bavarian tall ship.

ninjordan3 karma

Your song Get A Clue was in a Disney Channel movie of the same name and the video was featured pretty heavily on the channel for a while. How did you end up getting involved with them?

prozzakofficial2 karma

we were signed to Hollywood records at the time and they brought us the opportunity to write the theme song for that movie.

minebuster933 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for playing such a rad show last night. My boyfriend doesn't normally do concerts but I had to drag him to this one. As a young gay growing up in a small town "Be As" meant the world to 13 year old me...it was my first exposure to music about gay being okay. Getting to hear it live with my first long term boyfriend 11 years later meant the world to me. So thank you.

A question I guess...What's your favourite song to do live?

Also shout out to Catey for bringing the energy on stage! You all look like you're having so much fun. :)

prozzakofficial2 karma

Thanks so much for that. I love that that song helped people be proud of who they are! Live right now I'd have to to say All of the Feels is doing it for me the most but they are all fun to play.

rainbowofcrazy3 karma

There was a brief moment when Simon grew a neck. Did he borrow it from someone? Did it cost him his heart?

prozzakofficial3 karma

I think if you look closely at that image it's really just a zipped up collar not a neck. but if it is there's going to be a big shake up on our animation staff!!

rainbowofcrazy3 karma

It looks like Simon will always be on a quest for true love. But what about Milo? Is he looking for love or is he focused on helping Simon?

I have so many questions! Thank you for answering them. I've been a huge fan since Hot Show and never got the chance to see you guys live so it was a dream come true when you came back! Super excited for tonight's show :)

prozzakofficial2 karma

Milo has a very healthy but private relationship. Simon's quest for true love might need to turn inward so he can figure out what the hell is wrong with his foolish self. When he learns to truly love himself maybe he'll be able to hold onto a healthy relationship instead of constantly needing to prove his self worth in the arms of another and ending up alone .

BoHorvatsHead3 karma

I never imagined I'd ever see a new Prozzak album again, and couldn't be more thrilled about Forever 1999. It sounds great, thank you.

Can we expect more new Prozzak music in the future, or was this album your goodbye to your hardcore fans?

prozzakofficial10 karma

Not a goodbye at all! Simon and and Milo must live! I'm deep in the church of Simontology

Gamedeals3 karma

Hey guys. It was great to see you on tour last year, it was remarkably nostalgic that it was so similar to your shows back in the 90's (most of my friends at the show weren't old enough to have seen you then). I saw you guys in downtown Vancouver, late 90's, and I recall there were a lot of teen girls in the crowd super excited about the opening band (that I think got really big soon after). So my question is, do you remember what band it was that opened for you at that show because I can't? Thanks for the new music, keep being awesome.

prozzakofficial1 karma

Hum no I can't remember :(

RobotRumpShaker3 karma

Hey Simon and Milo! Thanks for fueling the music part of my life for over a decade. I love you guys so much that it is almost pathetic.

  1. Any plans for more music videos?

  2. Are the 4 albums supposed to tell some kind of continuous story? I have always thought that was the case.

It starts off with Hot Show introducing Simon and Milo and all their hijinks. The hijinks escalate in Saturday People and we really see Simon and Milo at the height of their hijinks and wackiness. The third album is a bit darker, and almost hints at the despair of Simon's love quest and how all he wants is to be loved. It also kinda conformed to what music at the time sounded like (a little more emo, a little more edge to it).

The new album is like Simon and Milo saying, "You know what? F it. We are going to be true to ourselves and will continue doing what we've always done no matter what." And you guys sound better than ever. IT IS THE FEEL GOOD STORY OF A LIFETIME! Also, a wonderful message.

  1. Any idea how I could get an instrumental of "How Beautiful"? I want to belt the shit out of that song and record it.

Thanks for everything guys!

prozzakofficial1 karma

haha. Thats awesome. Thank you so much!! I wonder if there's a Karaoke version out there somewhere?

couchthief3 karma

My brother and I grew up listening to your music (quite fondly while playing hours and hours of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on the N64). We lived in a small town in BC, far from any major city, so we never had an opportunity to see you live.

Until of course last year when you guys performed at the Rickshaw in Vancouver! I'm proud to say I was able to get in on the first batch of tickets before they sold out because I'd only been waiting for this for a decade and a half :P and we're jazzed to see you guys again in April at the Commodore!

Now my question. It's been many a year since Milo and Simon were first created, and while we did see a slight style shift with Cruel Cruel World, so far you guys seem to be sticking with the original design and art. Has there been talks about updating the art, especially with the new album and a full tour? Not that I don't love you guys, but I do think there is an opportunity to bring them into the now and potentially even get new fans! I'm not sure if you guys have thought a lot about the future of Prozzak past this album and the tour, but just something that's been on my mind.

On a side note, as an artist, it's definitely been floating around my creative brain. Would you be interested if I managed to throw something together? I figure it's the least I can do for the years of awesome music and sibling bonding you provided <3 cheers and good luck on the tour!

prozzakofficial3 karma

thanks for those observations. We had overwhelming feedback from our fans that they identify with the look of the character's original design so that will remain consent as our music evolves.

GoGoPowerPlay3 karma

Any chance we could Forever 1999 or any of your other albums released on vinyl? That would be fantastic!

prozzakofficial4 karma

we may do vinyl .

mitouriart3 karma

Hey guys! My fiance and I went to see your show in Toronto on Wednesday and it was absolutely fantastic! I have always been a huge fan of your music and the concert seems to have turned my fiance into one too! You guys have such positive energy live, it was a really fun and uplifting experience. Thanks for putting on such a wonderful show and for putting together your badass new album! The album is AWESOME and the new songs sounded sooo good live! Keep up the amazing work!

As for my question: how long does it typically take to write a Prozzak song?

prozzakofficial3 karma

Thanks so much for that! It's hard to say all songs are different. Some of them take one session lasting a few hours and some are hooks and lyrics that are brought to a session form years ago and finally have a life.

PacManDreaming2 karma

Any chance y'all are coming to Texas?

In the early 2000s, I introduced my girlfriend to Sucks To Be You and she loved it. She and I eventually broke up, but we still talk to each other, 15 years later. She'll be happy to hear that y'all have a new album out.

prozzakofficial2 karma

We'd love to come to Texas. No plans to do so yet though :( Nice that you guys are still buds.

CharlieGolf2 karma

What can we expect for the concert experience aside from hip-shaking tunes ?

prozzakofficial1 karma

Simon and Milo will be there up on the screen. James and me will be playing the roles below the screen in case someone chooses to glance down from the screen! Catey Shaw will be playing the tracks and extras on her fancy space aged DJ/computer rig while taking instax pics of us and throwing them into the audience.. etc etc

Irisrouge902 karma

Hi guys! I saw your show last night in Ottawa and it was great!! Thanks for Sticking around for photos afterwards. It was probably the most fun show that I've been to. I'm absolutely loving the new album and my favourite tracks would have to be Forever 1999 (I love the nostalgia references) and If We Were in the Jungle.

My question for you is.... What are Simon and Milo's respective musical influences?

Thanks for all of the amazing music :)

prozzakofficial2 karma

Jay (Simon): The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen, Neil Diamond, The Cure.

kroenem2 karma

I was having a (now healed!) spine surgery and missed you guys in Calgary.

That's not happening this time around! But I was wondering if you'll play Sweeping Romance or anything off your last album during this tour?

prozzakofficial3 karma

Glad you're feeling better. We played Sweeping Romance last tour but this tour we don't have room for a lot of Cruel Cruel world. Hot Show, Saturday People and Forever 1999 this time around.

harlojones2 karma

Do you guys produce (engineer+mix) all of your songs yourselves? Do you have a favourite vocal mic in the studio? Also most useful/favourite plugin? What daw do you generally work in?

prozzakofficial2 karma

Yes we do produce and engineer everything ourselves... I use ProTools. James uses Logic. sure SM7 mic - factory compression extra squashed, TLA vocal and always a double.

We don't mix thats a whole other mystery skill.

swarmofpenguins2 karma

Well I stumbled upon this and have never heard of you guys before, but I love new music. So my question is what one song would you recommend in order to win me over as a fan?

prozzakofficial1 karma

Thats a question I'd ask you. You tell me! Much more interesting for you to decide.

Siendra2 karma

I was at your show ate the Gateway in Calgary back in September. The audience was by far the weirdest most eclectic gathering of social groups and age demographics I've ever seen. I think that says a lot about you guys. It was a pretty great show; you played off /u/xbrav's god awful Milo impersonation with commendable grace.

On that note, where did you hear the best impersonation?

prozzakofficial3 karma

Ha. We only did that contest in Calgary because we wanted to give that giant poster they made to a fan! So I guess yours was the best one.

MrMiyamoto2 karma

Hey, Jay & James. Big fan of Prozzak & Today Kid and very glad to have a new album to listen to! Do you guys need a new website or have one in the works?

I'd be happy to help out if you're looking to bring back your web presence. It's the least I could do after wearing your CDs out in the early 2000s. Looking forward to the new music!

prozzakofficial2 karma

DM us your info .

Coldinferno2 karma

Although debatable now, at the time prozzak/hot show seemed to be a band marketed towards kids (cartoonesque; with innocent lost love stories). How could a track like "i like to watch" end up on the album? #iLikeToWatchYourHotBox

Edit: obligatory "big fan" comment. You guys were one of my first napster downloads :)

prozzakofficial2 karma

We didn't try to be for kids. Cartoons aren't always for kids of course. I'm sure you can think of many examples.

Kscriv2 karma

Hey there guys. Be As was is one of my favroite songs of all time wth its message of inclusion. Was there a specific inspiration for creating that song? In addition, I recall my local radio station at the time in Winnipeg did a "local" cut of the song with a different set of submitted Be As messages in the bridge, is there any interest n perhaps doing a modern re-cut of that with a new set of fan-sent messages?

prozzakofficial2 karma

we did an updated production but no I wouldn't change the composition or lyrics. The inspiration was. umm. duh. whats the big deal with owning who you are. Pretty simple.

Katdee172 karma

Are you doing signings sessions at your shows? My boyfriend and I are going to your Winnipeg show. 😊

prozzakofficial2 karma

Yes we are. Looking forward to meeting you!

StanGable69-1 karma

I see you're Canadian (apologies). Has Justin Bieber been a large influence on your music?

prozzakofficial15 karma

NO, although I think his music is good.

-I_RAPE_THE_DEAD--8 karma

I hate you so much. How does that feel?

prozzakofficial7 karma

It feels hot