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I think the question here isn't does a CPAP do the job of a ventilator, but... let me ask a more specific question...

In a worst case scenario, if a ventilator is not available, but a Resmed Autoset 10 is, is it better than nothing and what settings/usage adjustment would you recommend?

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Hey guys. It was great to see you on tour last year, it was remarkably nostalgic that it was so similar to your shows back in the 90's (most of my friends at the show weren't old enough to have seen you then). I saw you guys in downtown Vancouver, late 90's, and I recall there were a lot of teen girls in the crowd super excited about the opening band (that I think got really big soon after). So my question is, do you remember what band it was that opened for you at that show because I can't? Thanks for the new music, keep being awesome.