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Wnurse19498043 karma

Guys Caroline's going to sleep now but we will answer more tomorrow! Thanks for all your questions she loves answering

tamagotchibaby6856 karma

What's one thing we have today that you wish the world had earlier?

Wnurse194916282 karma

Medicine, I had a cousin who died of the common cold in the 1920's. Something you can go to the grocery store for now could have saved him

howaboutthatgod5365 karma

What do you still miss about Frank after all these years?

Wnurse194924440 karma

His aftershave, the way he'd rub his left foot against his right calf when he was falling asleep, the way he'd whistle off key or hum a song when he got up before me, the way he'd say my name when he was exasperated with me. A thousand little trivial things that you miss when the one you love isn't here anymore

tegu53095324 karma

Did you ever think you would see the Cubs win the World Series?

Wnurse194912195 karma

Never, I think Frank pulled some strings he loved the Cubbies

sonic_tower4819 karma

How do you cope with your peers dying? Sorry this is dark, but it is also reality.

Wnurse194913254 karma

It's hard, outliving your friends. Outliving your spouse is hard too. Sometimes I pray maybe I won't wake up and I'll open my eyes and see them again. I just think about the fun times and look back on all the memories.

cobaltcollapse4572 karma

What is something you believe will happen in the next few years that you want to see but don't believe you will?

Wnurse19499468 karma

You know I'd love to have a car drive me around! Sure would be nice to see that

grishacat4284 karma

Tell us about a wild night in Vegas in the 50's. Did you ever meet Dean, Sammy, or Frank?

Edit: for you youngins, I was asking about Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, and Frank Sinatra (not her husband). They were very famous entertainers in the early days of Las Vegas known as a Rat Pack. They were also pretty classy dudes, dressed well, smoked cigarettes (indoors - gasp) and had cocktails during performances.

Wnurse19499500 karma

I did and one night in Vegas I went to dinner with my husband, and met a really nice man named Bugsy. He bought me a whiskey sour, lit my cigarette and told Frank they didn't make many gals like me.

CrunchyDragons3876 karma

My great-grandmother lived to 97 and I hopefully will live a long life as well, do you recommend anything that I should do in my lifetime that you wish you had done?

Wnurse194910176 karma

I wish I could have had kids because if you don't have anyone when your old it gets lonely. Luckily I adopted some and they treat me really good. Just live your life to the fullest dear. Don't be afraid to do anything

freshjawn3384 karma

Hello, thanks for doing this ama. In your opinion, what's been the greatest breakthrough in technology?

Wnurse19496126 karma

I'd have to say probably computers, it's the most frustrating though for an old girl like me. I don't like having to do everything from a screen

LivingInTheVoid3259 karma

Outside of technology, do you think the world is more or less the same as it was when you were younger? Meaning how people treat each other and politics? I always assumed history just kept repeating itself just with different names, dates, and locations.

Wnurse19496804 karma

No it's different, people have changed. They've become harder and more cynical. Some things in politics have stayed the same though. For every food president we have there is four bad ones behind him!

Sylvester_Scott2853 karma

If you were to go to sleep tonight, and then wake up in 1931, in the body of your 16 year old self, but with the intact memories of how your life would played out until 2017....how differently would you conduct your life with the foreknowledge of not only what was to come for you, but for the world?

Wnurse19498205 karma

I wouldn't change a day, I've lived a great life

itaintdatbad2792 karma

What has been your favorite decade?

Wnurse19495010 karma

The fifties

SerPants2586 karma

What's the one piece of knowledge or experience you'd like to pass on to the people reading this now and in the future?

Thanks for the AMA.

Wnurse19496962 karma

Spend more time with those you love, take more photos, do more things. Memories are all we have when we are old.

isherflaflippeflanye2159 karma

Hey there, Jersey born here as well! Thanks for doing this AMA, your pants are awesome. You said you've met interesting and famous people while working in vegas, who was your favorite and why?

Wnurse19494640 karma

My favorite was Sammy Davis, in those days he had to stay in the back of the casino, all the African American show liners did. Anyway he was still the nicest, most down to earth man

sonic_tower2159 karma

What is your daily routine?

Wnurse19495975 karma

Get up at 900 or 1000 am, drink some coffee and eat toast or an egg. Watch the news, go outside sir on my porch, sometimes someone takes me out or they come visit me. More news or entertainment tonight or access Hollywood. Dinner and then my favorite, ice cream. Then I'll doze off on my couch

stugots2009 karma

Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried?

Wnurse19495980 karma

Wouldn't you like to know

Proud_Boy1861 karma


Wnurse19494559 karma

The gold rush in 1925, the world and me fell in love with Charlie Chaplin

WobblyGobbledygook1657 karma

When you were 21, how did you imagine your life would turn out to be?

Wnurse19493914 karma

Well I certainly didn't think I'd live this long! I thought maybe I'd help run my parents gas station, or I'd meet a nice Irish lad and get married. It wasn't until I was twenty nine and I met a handsome Italian man that I knew my life would be anything but normal!

dopedupvinyl1539 karma

In all your years what do you think is the worst tragedy and the best thing that has happened to society?

Wnurse19494626 karma

Worst tragedy, there's been so many but I'd have to say probably September 11, all those folks dying. One of the saddest days I had to live through

Best would be when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. Until then we only dreamed of space but then it became possible

Nickthedick551517 karma

What is your favorite meal?

Wnurse19494432 karma

A hamburger with French fries and a scoop of brutes vanilla ice cream after

Juge881477 karma

What's the biggest transition you've noticed?

Wnurse19493179 karma

I think the last ten years has been the biggest transition

grishacat1433 karma

Tell us your earliest memories, what stories did your grandmother tell you?

Wnurse19493159 karma

I remember watching my mother get ready for a Dance, I was three. She sprayed some of her perfume on me and let me play with her pearls

Hippy_Witch1383 karma

Are there any alcoholic drinks that went out of style that you think us young drinkers should know about?

Wnurse19492633 karma

Old fashioned, whisky sours, and the Americano

Jonten4511321 karma

How do you feel about the modern day pop music as compared to the music you grew up with?

Have you seen a decline in quality, morality, or content in media in general over the years?

Wnurse19494630 karma

I can't stand the noise that people consider music these days. It doesn't make sense! Give me Sammy, Frank, dean any day. Although I do like that lady Gaga

People aren't as genuine these days, you can't trust anyone. I remember when I first moved to Vegas even up until the 1980's early 90's no one locked their door, people took time to say hi to their neighbors. These days it's me me me. No one cares about anyone besides themselves

projectvko1278 karma

Do you drink coffee?

Wnurse19493422 karma

Black with two coffees

sonic_tower1237 karma

What is the coolest thing you have ever seen?

Wnurse19492719 karma

My fathers car, it was a model T and the first car my family owned. And maybe the first television set Frank bought us I still remember watching it

SAM-0001177 karma

Do you attribute your longevity to anything in particular?

Wnurse19493946 karma

Not really my mother died in her eighties my father his sixties and my only brother in his thirties. I've smoked up until my seventies and drank, mind you I didn't over do it. I love my hamburgers and French fries, and have a sweet tooth. When your my age you can eat a candy bar in the morning and no one bats an eye!

sonic_tower1095 karma

These days, it feels like scandals are a dime a dozen. Does this feel strange to you?

Also , do you use the internet? Do you think it has changed the way citizens interact with institutions and the government?

Wnurse19493173 karma

You would be surprised the scandals we had back in the day but back then folks were quieter about it. I thinks folks are way to much in everyone's business these days.

No I don't use the internet, I leave that for the young folks. Now a days everyone's on their phones, no one talks anymore. I heard someone say the president is on twitter I have no idea what that is!

ant19921053 karma

What do you think of today's music? For instance, rap, edm (electro dance music), and pop in general?

Wnurse19493012 karma

I don't get the music today it's noise, I remember when music meant something. (But she does reiterate she loves lady Gaga)

annoyedcoder1803 karma

What (so far) is the most memorable time period of your life?

Wnurse19491893 karma

The fifties through the nineties, I came to Vegas, met my best friends Annie and Denise. Got to see their kids grow up, and have kids of their own. Denise's three grand kids were like my own grandkids. It was a very happy period of time in my life

william_fontaine545 karma

What's your favorite song from any time in the last 100 years?

Wnurse1949465 karma

What a wonderful world

mikipast476 karma

Sorry to ask so explicitely, but was your spouse part of the Italian mob?

Wnurse19491187 karma

Well put it this way he knew an awful lot of them mobsters (She gives us this answer every time we ask her)

tombie_harris387 karma

Thank you for doing this. What main you lose faith in humanity? What's something that made you gain it?

Wnurse19491181 karma

WW2 what they did to the Jewish folks

This Reddit, there's a lot of people who want to ask questions to an old woman (she's tickled pink by this guys)

daemonflame347 karma

Thanks for doing this ama, I have so many things I would like to ask, but I shall stick to one. What, in your opinion, is something humanity has lost since you were a kid?

Wnurse19491007 karma

Class nobody has class anymore.

mrimdman161 karma

During WWII, what was the perception of you being with an Italian husband? Were you treated differently?

Wnurse1949307 karma

Well my family didn't think much of him at first, but he didn't care. We weren't treated any better or worse

PangolinMandolin158 karma

What was the public mood like when the first rumours/reports of the holocaust started to filter through in the news? How long did it take until people understood the true scale of what had happened?

Wnurse1949336 karma

People didn't believe it was as bad as it was until photos came out showing just how bad things were.

dingo_bat152 karma

I don't know if you're still answering questions, but here goes:

If it were possible, would you want to live forever?

Wnurse1949431 karma

Heavens no! I'm ready now

RedditUser0345145 karma

What was something you weren't expecting to get invented?

Wnurse1949352 karma

Every day there's something new! And then I have to learn how to use it! (She has never used a computer, or a cell phone..we've tried lol)

anonymous_212138 karma

how has your spirituality changed through the years? Were you ever religious? My mom is 93 and very frail. Her parish priest told her that she wasn't sinning by not attending mass and she felt relieved. Do you believe in an afterlife? Do you think of it often?

Wnurse1949364 karma

No never religious. I hope I get to see frank, my family and friends again, I guess I'll see

Cobaltwall136 karma

Do you think times were better back then or now?

Wnurse1949375 karma

Times were simpler back then

triface1130 karma

What type of music do you like?

Do you ever have times where you just think living such a long life is kinda troublesome?

Wnurse1949379 karma

Good music! The rat back, Elvis, temptations, are some of her favorites

She says living this long isn't fun the big guy must be making some kind of point

HardCards777128 karma

If you could have had a digital camera/video camera, back in 1920's, what HD picture would you take?

Wnurse1949349 karma

Oh my mother and father and my brother, I'd take a lot more photos that's for sure

Munsterboy92118 karma

Things are pretty tense in the world right now, but as you said you'd live through 7 wars including WW2,Vietnam and even the Cold War. What was the scariest period to live through?

Wnurse1949338 karma

Listen when your as old as me every period is scary, but we got through it. But the Great Depression was pretty hard to live through

thebayallday118 karma

What's the meaning of life?

Wnurse1949523 karma

To give your life meaning

TheDudeLebowsky112 karma

What do you think is the biggest problem in this world today?

Wnurse1949412 karma

No one has respect for anyone, we may not have liked something or someone but we respected them and we just lived our lives. now you have papers and the news and everyone's writing this and that about this person.

(I think she is referring to trump, she's not a fan but she said if she could survive Hoover, Nixon, bush,etc. people can survive him )

Princett102 karma

Hi! Thank you so much for doing this AMA, it's fascinating. What do you think of today's youth? (Teenagers ect.) Are they any different to when you were a teenager?

Wnurse1949329 karma

No because back then we thought we knew everything too except we didn't have those phones in our hand every minute

jell-o_girl97 karma

Has anyone told you that you look good for your age?

Wnurse1949175 karma

Thank you (she does all the time)

Choocher9793 karma

What do you tell your 18-25 year self , when life isn't working out and nothing is going right?

Wnurse1949239 karma

Cheer up the worlds not so bad. Your young and your not old, you have many years ahead of you.

wolfinsnow85 karma

What do you think of the way social norms have changed from when you were a young girl to now?

Wnurse1949149 karma

Oh heavens so much has changed

adamico1881 karma

Are you happy with how America has changed over the years?

Wnurse1949163 karma

Not happy but not sad, it's been interesting to watch it happen

Kommenos74 karma

You've gone through over 100 years, everyone wants to know how things have changed.

To go against that, what has remained the exact same as 70, 80, 90 years ago?

Wnurse1949187 karma

For all the styles and fads that come and go, the nature of kids doesn't really seem to have changed much. Friends, social life, school work, how I look, sports - when I observe kids in school now, I don't have trouble recalling my school days

Ilovemoms21673 karma

Have you ever been in jail? Or arrested?

Wnurse1949285 karma

A lady never tells

Bullzai71 karma

America has been fighting racism for a long time now. It seems that racism was the norm before the Civil Rights movement whereas today it is far more frowned upon. Has your opinion of other races changed over time or has it remained fairly even? Do you think there is hope for racism to be rejected by even more people?

Wnurse1949282 karma

I always treated folks the same way no matter the color of their skin. A nice persons nice no matter if they are white, black, purple. And an asshole is an asshole no mater their color (I wrote this down for her word for word folks lol that's why we love her)

Wnurse194966 karma

Thank you guys for the questions we are going to answer them as we can

bluetay662 karma

How did you know Frank was right for you? How do you know who you should marry?

Wnurse1949122 karma

I just knew it's a feeling you get down deep. I

my_hunt57 karma

When do you think our next war will be?

Wnurse1949131 karma

Soon the way things are going!

bendyarms1246 karma

Do you like cereal?

Wnurse1949132 karma

Raisin Bran crunch with really cold milk

mw967642 karma

If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?

Wnurse194975 karma

No one should have everything they ever wanted in one moment it's what makes you live your life everyday

rockytart40 karma

What was your life like growing up as a child? What entertained you?

My son will be turning two on April 4th, so it's interesting to meet someone that is exactly 100 years older than him. His life is so much different even from mine, I can't imagine what 100 years different is like.

Wnurse194987 karma

We grew up faster back then, let your son enjoy being a kid

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Wnurse194931 karma

I'm almost 102 years old, I'm lucky I remembered to put on pants today. That and my granddaughter made a typo when she wrote it down for me

Wnurse19497 karma

It's her account