What’s good, Reddit! Lil’ Flip here showin’ up and doing my first IAMA! I wanted to share with you all what I’ve been up to and answer any questions y’all may have!

I’ll be in Austin on the 17th at ScratHouse from 1pm-5pm and Ironwood from 9pm-2am if y'all want to see how the Kinglife Family does.

Kinglife Family party flyer

Let’s stand for art over drugs!

Yo, ask me anything! Oh, and shoutouts to /r/music and /r/hiphopheads - I’m a big fan!!


Yo BTW, top 3 questions selected by me get free grillz - top 10 questions get a free year of Spotify.

Lil’ Flip


Kinglife Family


edit 1: be back in a sec to answer more questions y'all

edit 2: got some food and I'm back

edit 3: I will be back 2morrow to pick the grillz and Spotify winners. And answer mo questions

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lilflipgivemegrillz66 karma

If you could pick the best reddit username made today, whose would you pick?

lilflip71368 karma

urs iz dope

i_just_like_to_argue50 karma

Who went platinum with one video?

lilflip71352 karma

i did!!!! #blessed

WestMittenRoads36 karma

I remember how frustrated I was that I couldn't get your braids on my custom character in Def Jam: Fight for NY. Sup with that? You call for a braid monopoly?

lilflip71348 karma

lol idk but that game was dope as hell

Green_Bay_Fappers29 karma

What's going on Flip? I don't know if you remember we did a track called Don't Let It Make You about a year ago, and shot the video. I just wanted to say we appreciated you and your verse came out super dope. We getting ready to put it on a project we dropping later this year. We ended up not using the video we shot out there and it crossed my mind to ask, how you'd feel on coming out to Cali, to reshoot the video and perhaps work on some other things?

lilflip71331 karma

man thank you... yea just hit me up and we will figure it all out.

TacO_Tudesday25 karma

Who they want?

lilflip71357 karma


postman99318 karma

I'm a female producer from/living in Houston, can I send u beats?

Barvoucher18 karma

How different was DJ screw when he was sober versus when he was drankin? (Hope you don't mind me asking in an ama about you, I figured it would fit in the thread)

lilflip71331 karma

Honestly he was the same person no matter what.

JayGrandRoyal16 karma

Who was the fine VP at Jive Records that you wanted to smash?

lilflip71336 karma

hmmmmm... i plead the 5th!!! lol

jimmydushku15 karma

Is this the first AMA from a Rolls Royce?

lilflip71327 karma



JDRJR12 karma

Why'd you decide to go into DJ'ing? Sunshine was my jam fool.

lilflip71324 karma

I still do music im doing dub step, edm and rap. i been touring with marshmellow and crichy crich. i manage mma fighters and boxers as well. i appreciate everything though! Sunshine was my biggest record.

JDRJR6 karma

Damn, you accomplished a lot. Much respect. I'm surprised you went that route musically. Can't wait to hear the new album, don't know what to expect!

lilflip71315 karma

yeah bro i love doing festivals and frat parties the energy be super dope. i also have a jewelry store in austin called TJ JEWELRY & CO. YEAH THE NEW ALBUM will be super dope.

TuckerMcG12 karma

What kind of "flip" is your namesake derived from? Front? Back? The bird?

lilflip71359 karma

Basically it is fuck living in poverty

nd2011 karma

  • Who is the most underrated rapper to you?

  • Do you feel that Houston gets enough props in terms of being a force in hiphop?

Swing by /r/hiphopheads after this AMA and say wassup to the people there too!

lilflip71324 karma

i feel i am the most underated but that will soon change. i have many visuals and epic movies coming soon that showcase my word play. i feel like joey bad ass is underated. he super dope. as far as houston goes i feel plenty people steal our culture and slang but dont give us props. but we all know who started the diamond platinum grills and double cups!! ME thats who.. #yadig

Hype2Def10 karma

Did you and T.i. ever squash your beef?

How influential were video games to your music?

If I send you my copy of U Gotta Feel Me will you sign it? Edit* I bought this album when it came out in 2004

lilflip7139 karma

yea we sat down and ironed everything out like grown men. video games are influential to my life yes i will sign it for you...

leefx10 karma

Who was the coldest freestyler (besides you, the freestyle king) at those sessions in Screw's house?

lilflip71318 karma

Fat Pat, Big Pokey, Big Hawk, Big Moe.

TheInfinityGauntlet9 karma

You and Chamillionaire still talk much?

lilflip71324 karma

Like once every three months. He is a smart dude he fuckin' with Mark Zuckerberg.

Clkorge7 karma

Is Southside and Southeast still holding??

lilflip7138 karma

damn right

Seenick70707 karma

What more can you say about the art over drugs movement and it's impact?

lilflip71322 karma

we teach kids how to paint, act or how to play instruments. we want kids and the youth to use art as an outlet to make money instead of selling drugs. theaartoverdrugsmovement.com

iamonelegend6 karma

How badly did the legal issues surrounding the song "Game Over" affect your career? Word on the street was Namco came after you pretty hard...

lilflip71315 karma

it didnt affect anything, the label paid them not me.

DJPre-K6 karma

How did the Clover G'z & Dipset "Super Ball Weekend" mixtape come together?

lilflip7137 karma

man i was doing so much music and shows with dipset we just get in the studio and work and we choose what we go use the song for later.

iChef5 karma

What's your favorite food and is it better with rice?

lilflip71311 karma

Shrimp but i dont like fried shrimp with rice just grilled shrimp with rice.... i never tried fried shrimp with rice though so ima try that shit.

Sumidiotdude3 karma

damn dude youve been answering questions for six hours? you're the man, really appreciate you responding to all your fans.

lilflip7136 karma

I appreciate y'all.

ceeriver923 karma

If you could go back in time and redo anything, would you ?

lilflip71310 karma

hmmmmmmmm i wish i did more tapes with dj screw

TheJordanian3 karma

You got any plans on collabing with Maxo Kream ? Cause you should

lilflip7132 karma

I haven't heard his stuff yet but that's possible.

postman9933 karma

Can you tell the people on here that don't know about u calling in on freestyle Friday on 979 the box in Houston before everything?

lilflip7136 karma

i use to battle as well them was the good ole days

610loop3 karma

do you still make DVDs light up in your coupe or have you moved on to blu-rays / streaming?

ps. htine hol it dine!

lilflip7134 karma

I dunno man I still use DVDs.

Sumidiotdude3 karma

Any chance of a vinyl reissue of The Leprechaun? Would love to have it in my collection.

lilflip71311 karma

hmmmmmm thats a good question. that may be possible.

Sanc73 karma

I know you! You're that guy with baguettes and princess cuts all around his roll E! Right?

lilflip7136 karma

i am!!!

AmericaGreat3 karma

Do you write and/or produce your own music?

lilflip71316 karma

I write 30% of my lyrics and the rest i freestyle with no pen and pad. i also play piano, drums and the guitar. i help make the beats most of the times as wells. it just depends on the vibe i'm in!

Sumidiotdude3 karma

Can you teach me how to ball? Please?

lilflip71313 karma

sure, my advice is to always try to make the money you spend right back. thats what i do. and i also always save money.

Jmichael263 karma

Do you still live in Houston permanently? Favorite rapper from back in the day fa sho. Attitude and Sunny Day was my favorite songs from back then.

lilflip7135 karma

im still in htown but i live on the road!!!

captainkool33 karma

Was there ever a time you felt like you wouldn't make it big, is there anything about ur hustle or personality that you think helped you the most to get onto the big spotlight?

lilflip7136 karma

i never doubted myself

putitinmychooter3 karma

Who makes your favorite grillz?

lilflip7137 karma

a lady did mine

DreamsOfNeonCities3 karma

When do you evolve into Big Flip?

lilflip7134 karma

prob never the lil flip is already branded

toshirotf3 karma

you still got twenty inch spinners on ya drop?

and if you had to create a Houston supergroup consisting of 3 producers and 6 rappers to make the next H-town anthem who would you pick

lilflip7135 karma

I got rid of em.

Mike Dean Havok Sean Solo

Me Z-Ro Fat Pat Scarface Devin the Dude Big Pokey

Quantum_Hispanics3 karma

Just one question, WHO DEY WANT??

lilflip7137 karma


DJPre-K2 karma

What are your craziest Kappa beach party memories? Much respect from Ft. Worth!

lilflip7137 karma

man i remember the one when i filmed i can do dat music video. and my fav was when kanye west and scarface was there

hctlen2 karma

Who did you most enjoy collaborating with-creatively?

lilflip71310 karma

man me and zro have a super dope energy in the studio and me and bizzy bone had a blast as well.

astro_world2 karma

Who dey want??!! Been a fan since Leprechaun and purchased several bottles of Lucky Nites! What up and coming artists in Houston do you recommend I listen to?

lilflip7135 karma

Shermo , Da Original AJ & FREON ICY COLD they super dope

Baconmoontwist2 karma

What did you have the most fun doing?

lilflip7136 karma

painting actually shooting pool and bowling..

DJPre-K2 karma

What has been your favorite music video to shoot?

lilflip7138 karma

game over sunshine and knockin doors down with pimp c

raptor982 karma

If you could choose 3 artists to create a band, which 3 would you choose, and what genre would you make the band play?

lilflip7132 karma

j cole me and jadakiss would be dope. it would be rap and dub step and edm

TurkeyRage2 karma

When will the next Houston Rap Festival be and will you be attending the next one?

lilflip7133 karma

idk yet

TheMidgetMaster2 karma

Who were your biggest inspirations and helped/inspired you get into DJing?

lilflip7134 karma

dj screw dj red alert funk flex dj clue dj kay slay ed lover

MrHardR2 karma

Would you rather have a dorsal fin on your back, or a blow hole on the top of your head that periodically spews water 18 feet into the air?

lilflip7132 karma

I take option number two.


How does it feel knowing you were basically the soundtrack to every sports videogame I ever played? Do you get to pick the songs that make it on the soundtrack?

lilflip7133 karma

thats dope . i get to make the type of music i want

DJPre-K2 karma

84's or Blades?

lilflip7133 karma

hmmm depends on the whip

Jumbo_Cactaur2 karma

Who would win out of a freestyle battle. You or Cassidy? And also what is the longest you've ever freestyled?

lilflip7134 karma

that would be dope i freestyled like 12 hours

Tikiking1232 karma

What are your life goals?

And where do you see yourself in 10 years?

lilflip7136 karma

to get a billion

GodCanCatchThisFade2 karma

What's your favorite cartoon show? Also, if you could work with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?

lilflip7136 karma


Javale2 karma

If you could go back and spit a new verse on one old song of yours, what song would you choose?

lilflip7134 karma

That is a hard one. Just for the simple fact i love all my versions but there are certain tracks that i hear and im like damn i could have slowed down on that word or i rushed that word. So there are a few records where i feel i coulda done better in a few words. Sometimes i write three or four versions of one track or one verse. That is just the competitive spirit in me.

raindogzwaits2 karma

Who is the most humble dude (or dudette) from the Houston rap scene? Have a great day my man.

lilflip71315 karma

Devin the Dude.

Julius-n-Caesar2 karma

What's your favorite Nas song?

lilflip7137 karma

It's like three. Rewind, Mastermind, A favor for a favor.

VersaceBeanbag2 karma


What's your most favorite restaurant in Houston?

I stay in the H I'll hit it up

lilflip7136 karma


fam3asian2 karma

What is your favorite album of 2016? Doesn't have to be rap/hip hop

lilflip7136 karma

J. Cole 4 Your Eyes Only.

Quantum_Hispanics2 karma

What do you prefer, regular or super poke 84s?

lilflip7134 karma

Regular regular.

Quantum_Hispanics2 karma

What car so you refuse to put texanwirewheels on? Or you rollin wheels on everything

lilflip7133 karma

Rolls royces.

MistaFotso2 karma

What rapper are you inspired by the most? In terms of style, flow, lyrics, whatever. Who is it?

lilflip7133 karma

Jadakiss, Fabolous, Beanie Sigel.

Quantum_Hispanics2 karma

Yo Flip Gates! I spoke to you on instagram before and you hooked me up with your dubstep album. Ive always wanted to know where youre getting your logo put on your double cups? #WhiteCupGang

lilflip7132 karma

Man we do em ourselves.

DJPre-K2 karma

If you could only listen to 3 albums, what would they be?

lilflip7135 karma

50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin', Lil' Wayne Lights Out, Sade The Best Collection.

Quantum_Hispanics2 karma

You still got 30k around yo neck? Thatd be nice but the only ice i need is a WHITE GOLD GRILL!

lilflip7132 karma

It just depends what day of the week.

Jaakkoc2 karma

Can you tell how the joint "Like A Pimp" came together? any story from that era?

lilflip7133 karma

Man that was me and David's like 4th song we did together and so he had came to Houston and been like i got this joint with him drinking his hennesey and we got on it.

Quantum_Hispanics2 karma

James Harden or Hakeem??

lilflip7134 karma

DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN thats a kinda hard one but I gotta go with Hakeem.

CT_5_Holy2 karma

From a co-worker: Do you have a family? What keeps you grounded?

From me: What do you think of the shift from rappers mostly writing raps to mostly freestyling raps? Is is better for the culture and the advancement of the form?

lilflip7132 karma

Yep i have family and my family keeps me grounded.

If youre good at it it is if youre not good at it then i would recommend not doing that.

EducationFool2 karma

When r u coming out with some new music? Last tape was dope

lilflip7133 karma

Me and Killroy got a project called no feelins and we got another one coming around soon. The single came out on V DAY.

EducationFool2 karma

who is the craziest person you met in the industry?

lilflip7135 karma

Hell 90% of us entertainers are crazy.

Quantum_Hispanics2 karma

I seen you been doing a lot of painting ltely. What was your favorite piece to paint?

You the real Underground Legend! Respect from KC

lilflip7135 karma

The Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, all the nintendo shit.

ceeriver922 karma

if you had not been an Artist, what would you be doing ?

lilflip7135 karma

Playin pro basketball. I was the three point and the free throw champion two years in a row.

thinklaughcry2 karma

Flip, what do you believe happens after we die?

lilflip71310 karma

I think people appreciate you more.

krumtastic2 karma

What's the origin of your name? Also, I think you're the only person ever to come out with a soundtrack to a book. Truly transcending, how did that come about?

lilflip7133 karma

Fuck Living In Poverty F.L.I.P i just like to be ahead of the curve, im a mastermind.

kingjamesg2 karma

What's your favorite in studio or out of studio memory of Pimp C?

lilflip7134 karma

When he first got out of jail we was in the studio doing verses for people. We had done six back to back and he kept telling me how proud he was of me.

MrDyl4n2 karma

Favorite Kanye album?

lilflip7133 karma

Hands down Graduation.

[deleted]2 karma


lilflip7133 karma

I didn't know that! I left him a comment. If he ever need me for anything just let me know!

JayGrandRoyal2 karma

Is there really a video of Black Al Capone knocking out T.I. and will it ever be released?

lilflip7133 karma

I plead the 5th. All that is over with. We focused on positive energy only

858adam2 karma

I already own a lot of your stuff but I want to complete the collection, what is the best way to buy classic flip albums in high quality MP3 format? is this something that I can email you about, or should I just go through i-tunes?

Do you get a reasonable amount of $$ when we buy from amazon or itunes?

lilflip7132 karma

I do get paid every time you do iTunes or amazon and that's good.

greenspank342 karma

Favorite Chappelle Show skit?

lilflip7133 karma

The dinosaur egg, and then also the one where everyone thought he got rich.

BozoWantsACookie2 karma

How's life treating ya Flip?

lilflip7136 karma

Man shit I treat life.

Rozzay2 karma

I remember back in 2007 you released that Virginia Tech tribute song and I thought it was a good look and good song. Do you think more rappers should speak on tragedies or stay quiet and continue what they do?

lilflip71310 karma

I really feel like everybody got they own purpose you know. I just feel like that is something i gotta do. Some people are too scared to speak on political shit i dont know what other rappers should do i just feel that is something i should do.

AnUnarmedBlackYouth2 karma

Would you rather fight 100 Bushwick Bill sized Biggies or 1 Biggie sized Bushwick Bill?

lilflip7133 karma

The latter one

1m5pecial2 karma

What inspired you to start making music?

lilflip7136 karma

my whole family does music and movies. so it was a family tradition

An_Insane_Stork1 karma

Who is your favorite member of the Screwed Up Click?

lilflip7132 karma

DJ Screw

xxbeanstaxx1 karma

@lilflip Are you ganna follow tradition and drop a bday mixtape for ur bday?

lilflip7132 karma

I broke it this year. I dropped a video instead. Me and Da Original AJ dropped a video called street doctor. It is time for me to do different shit and I am in a different chapter of my life so that reflects that.